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  1. At least it's over and done with. They can stop pretending they can get anything done. Just start the campaigning against the GOP in closeish races now.
  2. HBOMax, Disney+, Netflix I'm trying out Hulu now for the playoffs. HBO is included in my cellular bill.
  3. Mine is like the size of a quarter. On Running Cloud Speed Lace is saving me tho. It's transitioned to being itchy so I think it's healing.
  4. I've had this blister on my big toe for 5 months!!!
  5. I was gonna get the Surface Laptop 4 but the specs I want are sold out. The XPS 13 is a good deal but now I'm thinking I'll wait for the Gen12 processors in March.
  6. Spanish Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies | Texas Education Agency TEA.TEXAS.GOV Also a good read TSHA | Bilingual Education WWW.TSHAONLINE.ORG
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