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  1. I will only echo what others have said—the show is incredible. Sad that there are only two episodes left.
  2. I would hope a 70-year old man would be a millionaire, as that amount is normal for retirement.
  3. I still want the following movie: In the mid-21st century the world is at peace. The machine wars were averted thanks to the efforts of Sarah Connor (who is praised as a hero), and non-sentient machines serve humankind and make our lives easy. Human muscle is no longer needed, and pursuits of the body are mocked while pursuits of the mind are praised. Muscly blue-collar people are put out of work by machines and are looked down upon by society. One of them stumbles across a time machine that is being researched, and uses it to go back in time to kill Sarah Connor as a child. Humans, realizing they must save her, send a prototype intelligent machine to save her. So basically a reversal of the first one, with humans being the bad guys and machines being the good guys. Make it a small movie set in the 60s or 70s.
  4. I don't want Biden, but we're also well past the point where a person's history matters. Personality and projection of concerns is the only thing that matters to people. If they can project their own concerns onto the person and it appears that they feel the same way (regardless of their policy to address those concerns), then people will feel invested in them.
  5. But gravity only travels at the speed of light. So if this explosion was at warp speeds, then it wouldn't stop it. Also, only descrete objects can travel through warp since you need to curve space in front and flatten it behind the object. Unless JJ also changed the science behind warp bubbles.
  6. The whole Romulus being destroyed by a supernova is yet another JJ Abrams science bullshit moment. Unless Romulus' own star exploded, it would take a minimum of decades to centuries for the expanding material or even light/energy to reach Romulus. It's like how in The Force Awakens we can see planets in other solar systems in the sky being exploded.
  7. Quite the coincidence that the bill featuring a black woman is delayed while the two featuring white men are proceeding on schedule. Quite the coincidence.
  8. They deserve credit for being able to re-release the same plot 4 or 5 movies in a row. Why can't they just scale back the set pieces and make an actual reboot with a different (and less crazy) machine hunting someone new. Make it cyber horror again.
  9. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-scientists-figure-out-how-to-preserve-vaccines-without-refrigeration-a-potential-public-health-game-changer Big news: How it's done, and where the inspiration came from: Pretty cool stuff. This could be a game-changer for distributing vaccines around the world, and storing them in case of emergencies.
  10. Hey, as long as they combine it with homeopathy then there is no harm done!
  11. Canada has already installed Huawai equipment in our telecom infrastructure...so this is not good.
  12. I like the US is saying "we reserve the right to impose these illegal tariffs again if Canada imports too much metal in the US, even though there is no legal limit under the agreement."
  13. Nice! I loved the book, and this actually looks like a fun adaptation! Too bad Hulu isn't available in Canada!
  14. I can't wait for the batmobile monstrosity they are undoubtedly going to throw at us.
  15. All I need to know is: Is it a fun game to play in 20-30 minute bursts where you can just go around and fuck shit up? That's what I loved about Doom.
  16. https://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/flood-plains-1.5135336 Basically, insurance companies know that climate change is real and that it is affecting their bottom line. To best combat their risk exposure they need data, so they have been working with the federal government to update national flood plain maps. The unfortunate result is going to be the instant devaluation of many, many homes. In Quebec the government has already begun to offer homeowners $200,000 to move away from at-risk homes. People balk at this as they think their homes are worth more...but in reality if you live on a flood plain in 2019 then your home is basically worth nothing due to the massive rise in catastrophic storms. The most telling line: Odd to think that one of humanity's biggest allies in fighting climate change will be insurance companies.
  17. I've now seen this posted twice with the wrong tense for the title - 50% of Americans have used swimming pools as communal bathtubs. When you change it to the correct tense (have used in the past, including only once) then it doesn't sound so bad. How many of us have been outside on a hot day and have jumped in a pool to cool off/get a bit cleaner from sweat? That doesn't mean we use the pool as an actual tub 50% of the time.
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