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  1. But no one would choose the platinum guard undercoating! Think of the madness!
  2. Government of Canada document says best case scenarios include social distancing into July. So yeah, likely into the fall on account of all the bozos out there.
  3. Well if they worked harder they would have a home Due to addiction issues they are not able to financially independent. We can increase funding to get them off, and help them out Well they shouldn't have used drugs They got into drugs because they were involved in dealing on the corner Well they shouldn't have done that! They had no other job opportunities because they were turned away from places due to their skin colour and/or mental illnesses Well I think they should just work harder. I work hard. A mock conversation with the type of people who hate the homeless, and the reason nothing good can ever be done.
  4. State Honoured Hero Elon Musk maaaaay have lied about that gift of ventilators: CPAP machines are being used in place of ventilators right now if they can be, but they are not the same thing at all, and not nearly as useful.
  5. So here is my theory: Way back, people had leaders who believed in stuff (good and bad). Then, in more recent times, leaders became savvy and just pretended to believe in the same stuff, but really were fairly smart either way, just devious. I believe we are reverting, especially on the right-wing, where the leaders really are as dumb as they sound. The true believers are gaining power again from their base, and that is bad.
  6. So now that we have 1,200+ teachers working from home, they are all using skype for the first time and it's horrible (we are an MS Enterprise environment). The worst issue so far is that an admin assistant wanted to be able to book skype meetings in her superintendent's calendar. That should be easy, right? She has full delegate control of the calendar and books meetings for her boss all the time. WRONG. First, we have to enable the ability on our back-end even though the service is in the cloud. Then, the SI needs to give the AA delegate access within skype as well. Then, both users need to be using the exact same build of Office, not even a single update off. After all of this and a dozen other errors...we are informed by Microsoft that both fucking users need to have their computers on at the same time, with both programs open (Outlook and Skype) for one person to book a skype meeting into the calendar of another. What the fuck is that!?! So our solution was to have the admin assistant make her own skype calendar event and just copy the URL into her boss' event, and it works fine. But come on Microsoft, what the fuck. EDIT - Oh, and there is almost no documentation for SfB on MS' support sites or forums. Their official guide for how to give delegate access for Skype links to a fucking page for Lync from 2013.
  7. Nothing is worse than Skype for Business.
  8. I'm surprised the chart doesn't read "Efforts to reduce termination of consumer spending-units." In good news, Canada's curve seems to be flattening rapidly in the last few days. Things can always change, but it does fit with the idea of isolation periods taking 1-2 weeks to kick in:
  9. I wish that places (talking about peaks) would add something like "The peak will be on XXXX, assuming that we keep the shelter-at-home in place indefinitely." Because I think a lot of people believe that once we hit the peak that cases will decline and we will be in the clear to re-open society. But the peak is the peak of new cases (new cases will still come in, just at a lower rate), and this will only continue for as long as the shelter-in-place orders remain.
  10. USPS could be closed by June as stimulus bill provides no funding Can't have elections by mail if there is no postal service.
  11. He claims they will be $3500 cheaper...where does he get that number from? The cost of R&D spread over millions of vehicles? Isn't much of the R&D already done for the medium-term?
  12. Lancet journal just released a study that says the mortality rate is only 0.66%, not higher. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/30/health/coronavirus-lower-death-rate/index.html
  13. Yeah we are prepping a few hundred laptops right now (from our schools) for poor students to have at home to provide equality of access. We might also get airsticks if they don't have home internet.
  14. Saskatchewan's schools (and Alberta, too) have already been shut down for the whole school year. We've also heard rumblings to prepare for online-only in September as well, just in case.
  15. Good thread. Basically: The forces have already been asked to assist for unofficial minor things but have turned the requests down, preferring to keep resources centralized for when "big asks" start coming in, which they have been preparing for with civilian leadership. Military is already sitting in on all provincial and federal planning meetings Military is communicating openly with leadership about what would be possible to fulfill, they don't want to be caught off-guard with a public request that would go outside their operational boundaries Good to see there is a lot of communication and planning in place. The military in Canada is routinely used for large-scale emergencies (wildfires, storms, snow in Toronto... ).
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