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  1. Or, even better, half the field with double the players.
  2. If my understanding of space is correct (and it is), then I think they can open a window and throw an object towards the Earth, and receive an equal push in the opposite direction, if needed. Probably a few spare inanimate carbon rods floating around they can use.
  3. "I don't recognize your gregorian calendar! By the calendar of Xephox (which QAnon has proven to be a celestial entity devoted to stopping child trafficking, opposed only by the cosmic forces of the Clinton Universal Directorate), I am only 1.5 years old!!!!"
  4. Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney Over ‘Black Widow’ Streaming Release WWW.WSJ.COM Scarlett Johansson, star of Marvel Entertainment’s 2021 movie ‘Black Widow,’ has filed suit against Walt Disney Co. over the decision to release the movie on Disney+ at the same time as in theaters. Scarlett Johansson, star of the latest Marvel movie “Black Widow,” filed a lawsuit Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Disney, alleging her contract was breached when the media giant released the film on its Disney+ streaming service at the same time as its theatrical debut
  5. How bipartisanship works in the US: Dem - We want 100% GOP - We want 0% Dem - Let's start discussions at 50% End result - 25% How it should work in any functioning democracy: Dem - We were elected to government and want 100% GOP - We want 0% Other Dem element - We would prefer 75% End result - 89% EDIT - To be clear, this is an indictment of both the Democratic Party as well as the structural system of the US government where it's impossible for the governing party to really govern
  6. Looks interesting! Hopefully it's not just another "the real hero was the man" version of events!
  7. The national party measures success in fundraising, not winning elections. I think this has been clear for about 20 years, now, and is especially true under Pelosi.
  8. The only GB sequel I am interested in is something that combines these two videos:
  9. The national Democratic Party are a bunch of ultramaroons who deserve to lose every election until the end of time. They live in a country where the other side is trying to destroy democracy, yet they insist that the best solution is to "out-organize" to defeat gerrymandering and voter suppression. You can't out-organize gerrymandering...that's why the district lines are moved, to take into account where Democrats live, so that even if they show up 100%, they will just increase the margins in their safe seats, and not the ones that the GOP have decided should be theirs.
  10. Honestly it's likely that Delta tore through the unvaccinated so fast in the last few weeks that they've reached a near-herd immunity level (which they may have been close to already).
  11. Alberta, the Florida of Canada, is declaring victory over COVID... Alberta to eliminate COVID-19 quarantine rules as cases rise among the unvaccinated EDMONTON.CTVNEWS.CA Dr. Deena Hinshaw, in her first appearance since June 29, said the province will shift its public health response and lift a number of measures related to quarantine, isolation and masks. On Aug 16: People who test positive will no longer be required to quarantine People with symptoms will not be asked to be tested On Aug 30: No one will be
  12. Well... Food scarcity is likely to become an issue as we get multiple years of drought in the near future.
  13. Interesting. So the reason Israel's numbers seemed to be bad for vaccinated people pre-July was because Delta was primarily spreading in highly vaccinated areas (meaning it was catching more vaccinated people as there weren't many unvaccinated), but since then it's spread to the boonies and is now really spreading amongst the unvaccinated. The R0 is 4 (!!!) amongst the unvaccinated population with no restrictions, which is batshit insane. This thing is actually going to infect everyone on the planet who doesn't get a vaccine.
  14. Yeah I had to edit an .ini file to increase the POV...but even then, it was claustrophobic, and the gun model looked stupid. At this point I am pretty much writing off almost any game developed first for console, especially shooters. If you can't even include FOV sliders, then I am not supporting you.
  15. This is a really issue for me. I love 4X games, but the two parts I hate the most about them (which are interlinked) are the end game as well as combat. In most games you really need to wipe out everyone to win, or take their territory (with the exception of some culture-type victories), and I've noticed a big move away from games that allow for tall civs instead of wide. It's a tough thing to balance, but I don't think I've ever played a 4X game that hasn't gotten extremely boring after the mid game. I have fun exploring the galaxy/world and growing and expanding...and then as soon as that's
  16. I bought Metro Exodus recently after hearing it was pretty good, and...it was not. I refunded after playing the first hour, which was effectively a movie on rails. I know the game apparently gets better, but I can't stand those types of games where you effectively just follow the plot word for word and have no real exploration control, it's just a glorified cutscene.
  17. You and I disagree (cordially, I think!) on a few things, but this is something we are 100% in tune on. People are free to refuse vaccinations, but they shouldn't be allowed to go everywhere the vaccinated can. You have a right to refuse medical treatment, but there is no right to be a teacher, go to a bar, etc. Ironically, the anti-vaxxers (which I lump anyone unvaxxed into at this point) were always saying "if you're so scared of the virus, then stay at home and let the rest of us live!" Now, they are insisting on being given the same privileges as everyone else, even though they are afraid
  18. Congrats! I "asked for permission" by calling my wife's dad and letting him know that I'd be proposing. I didn't pose it as a question, just gave a courtesy call so he felt more respected. I'm not fucking asking permission, her and I both made the decision to get married together, it was just the timing of the proposal that was up to me! Could you phrase it like "I wanted to let you know that I intend to ask your daughter to marry me"?
  19. Apparently Hobby Lobby has illegally smuggled in thousands of ancient artifacts into the US, and this is only the most recent case against them: Hobby Lobby smuggling scandal - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Several shipments of the artifacts were seized by US customs agents in 2011, triggering a years-long struggle between Hobby Lobby and the federal government that culminated in a 2017 civil forfeiture case United States of America v. Approximately Four Hundred Fifty Ancient Cuneiform Tablets and Approximately Three Thousand Ancient Clay Bulla
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