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  1. At this point countries should just nationalize/make generic the patent and let anyone make it.
  2. Quick-thinking hikers turn their turbans into a rope to save two men from water WWW.NEWSWEEK.COM "In Sikhi, we are taught to help someone in any way we can with anything we have, even our turban," one of the rescuers said. Pretty awesome.
  3. Charge all those people under whatever Samaritan law you can (yeah, yeah, I know that's not how those laws work, despite Seinfeld). I get not directly intervening...PERHAPS (depending on circumstances, especially if it's 1:1)...but not even calling 911? Fuck those people.
  4. Look, the US is a failed state. The sooner Americans accept this, the sooner the break up can begin and some people in good states (i.e. urban and coastal) can have better lives. The rest of the former US can then continue to spiral into the new world version of eastern Europe.
  5. I wish the same effort had been put into Foundation (in terms of doing the original ideas justice, not just throwing money at it for production values). You need people at the helm that understand the original work...not David S. Goyer.
  6. Lol. The woman asked under what authority could the Parliament make rules about coming into Parliament (needing to be vaccinated):
  7. Yeah a McDonalds location in a small city near me closed indoor dining last week after the new vax passport requirement came into effect. Bunch of doofuses.
  8. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2021/hubble-finds-evidence-of-persistent-water-vapor-in-one-hemisphere-of-europa
  9. FDA proposes over-the-counter hearing aids for Americans WWW.REUTERS.COM The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday proposed creation of a new category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids to be sold directly to the millions of Americans in need of the devices, without expert assistance.
  10. Personally I am willing to wait until kids get a chance to get vaccinated. It's likely that 50-70% (or maybe even more) of kids will be vaccinated by the end of this year, which is fantastic. By that point, spread should be slowed significantly outside the unvaxxed idiot population, and the amount of unvaxxed idiots catching it and being hospitalized should be low enough to not be a concern for the healthcare system (except maybe in dumb provinces like mine, fully of white hicks).
  11. To me, I think some people are just stupid (as this thread shows in some cases). There are a few common reasons I see people oppose getting the vaccine that I will point out as being incredibly stupid: It doesn't work perfectly Yeah neither does chemo, or lung transplants, or advil. But they all work well, as do the vaccines They said I only needed two shots, but now I might need more. I refuse Because you are stupid. If getting two shots was fine, what is wrong with getting three or four (or even once a year for the rest of your life?). This attitude shows to me that you are a privileged asshole who has never had to take anything more than an advil in their life, or real with real, sustained hardship. Sometimes you have to do things forever until you die. That's the human condition
  12. Though I disagree with her on specific things, I think the fear from her is valid. She's a black woman on the internet (and this has been pointed out multiple times when people complain about her). Resetera is bad at some things, but one thing they did well was ensuring that the mod team was very diverse (I believe even majority non-white-male for most of the time). This is partly what led to so many great and diverse communities going there to flourish in the first place.
  13. I've really been enjoying this. The card system really provides some great opportunities for specific builds, especially in longer play sessions.
  14. The entire idea that judges should be partisan (and appointed because of that) and that rulings can be one way or the other based on lucky draws is...disgusting.
  15. If that's in response to Absolut's post, then he was referring to total population, whereas this article is referring to adults. If we're talking eligible population, then: Eligible population fully vaccinated (12+). This data is a week old, so it's probably about 1% higher now, for each: Quebec - 85.8% Newfoundland & Labrador - 85.5% Prince Edward Island - 85.5% Nova Scotia - 83.6% Manitoba - 83.5% Ontario - 82.1% British Columbia - 82.0% Canada Total - 81.9% New Brunswick - 80.5% Saskatchewan - 75.0% Alberta - 74.4%
  16. We were always fucked, because you can't convince large amounts of people to care about any topic for more than 24-48 hours, even if it's life or death, and especially if it involves issues more than a few weeks away. However, the planet itself (and the species) is not doomed, life will simply change. For most that will mean it will get worse, but...well, life has always been pretty shitty for the human species.
  17. Got into an argument with a coworker today about the office thermostat...and it's not what you might think. So normally, most office fights over thermostats result from a common misconception (among IDIOTS) that the higher/lower you set the temperature, the faster it will reach that temperature. So many times in the past I've had to explain to people that no, if you want it to be 22 degrees in the office, you can't set the temperature to 26 and hope it warms up faster. Normal furnaces and ACs have a single speed, and you just set the desired temperature. However, this argument isn't like that, because our office has a dumb and different system. Because our IT offices are inside a high school, we are on the main boiler heating system. So when the heat is on it's on, and there's nothing you can do. Our office then has it's own AC system...so if we want to be at 21 degrees and the school is set at 23C...we have to turn on the AC and set it for 19C, or something like that. Basically, we have cold and hot air pumping in at the same time, averaging out. It's very frustrating because we have to constantly tinker with it because if the heat goes off for a while, we need to turn the AC off. Then on top of that we have a separate AC system for the server racks, etc. I had to explain all of this to a new coworker and they did not understand, and it was very frustrating, and now it's too hot in the office.
  18. Just fyi I was using the daily average from the last 7 days for each of those jurisdictions.
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