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  1. How about when Luke says "see you around, kid," and then never does. IX would have been amazing if Luke had haunted Ben.
  2. Those are the Chmmr from Star Control 2. They were a merger of sentient machine life (Mmrnmhrm) and silicon-based life (Chenjesu).
  3. The sooner we go extinct, the better!* Especially before we invent uploading our consciousness into machines. *from an anti-natalist point of view. Being born is an affront to agency and freedom of choice.
  4. American factories are desperate for workers. It's a $1 trillion problem - CNN AMP.CNN.COM Demand for goods is skyrocketing as the US economy reopens from the pandemic. But there's a big problem: American factories can't find enough people to do the work. Part of it is wages, the other is the lack of specific skilled workers (which of course could be solved by higher wages to draw people into the trade).
  5. It's unfortunate that India has an incredibly corrupt and inept government.
  6. Ouch, but it makes sense. Here, EI is a national system, and employees and employers both pay into it on paycheques. I don't think it will go up, but that's likely because the government is just taking on general national debt to cover the current EI claims. I think Canada did the better initial job on getting payments out to people with CERB (since it's easier for a single, national government to pivot on social issues, and all you had to do was literally click a box online to get it), but I think the US has done a better job overall, looking back, since it also gave out those bonus cheques a
  7. When I was buying my house this year, I looked into the differences between Canada and America's housing markets...and it's wild. For something you'd think would be so similar, the balances are all out of whack. For instance, in Canada our property taxes (apparently) tend to be much lower, as well as our mortgage rates (I got 1.59% fixed, in March). However, the base price of homes is much higher, as well as sales and income taxes. In the end people pay roughly the same in Canada and the US when you combine all taxes, but the way they are all collected is quite a different balance. Part of tha
  8. One of the things about America that I envy is there is the legal ability to set a federal minimum wage. Here, employment is a provincial matter, so you have a disparity. I think min wages in Canada rage from around $11.25/hr to $16.00/hr. The federal minimum is $15, but that only applies to federally regulated industries (banking, airlines, railways, etc)...areas where few people would be making min wage anyway.
  9. Guy in my city is being charged with assault by anti-mask protestors. He was walking downtown near their "freedom rally," and they provoked him. They yelled obscenities at this wife and then grabbed her phone away when she started recording them, so thy guy shoved/hit the person who took the phone. He posted a gofundme to cover his legal costs (with 50% of donations going to local charity, and 100% in excess of his legal costs). First legal defense I've donated to. These "freedom" types are always recording their interactions to protect themselves...but in this case they say they have nothing
  10. Few Canadians contracting COVID-19 after first vaccine dose: PHAC (iheartradio.ca) Out of 13 million people who have received at least one dose, only 2,274 have contracted COVID-19 more than 14 days after receiving their dose. Of those, 203 were hospitalized, and 53 died. Shows that the vaccines are working quite well, even after a single dose.
  11. Yeah that song is a banger. "Death doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints—it takes, and it takes, and it takes," is such a strong line.
  12. Biden family dogs, Champ and Major, trigger conservative group lawsuit WWW.NEWSWEEK.COM "We have no doubt that Major and Champ are good dogs but politicians and bureaucrats can't be trusted," the Judicial Watch federal complaint reads.
  13. Biden Raises Refugee Cap To 62,500 After Earlier Criticism WWW.NPR.ORG The new ceiling for refugee admissions will be 62,500 — far above former President Donald Trump's cap of 15,000. Advocates had been concerned Biden was not moving fast enough on a campaign promise. Still way too low. Should be at least in the hundreds of thousands. EDIT - Looks like it will be raised to 125,000 in Sept (current number is pro-rated). Still too low. Make it 500k or higher.
  14. Just completed the 2021 census online, took 10 minutes. Some new questions, like what were the household residents' assigned sex at birth vs current declared gender. Unfortunately I was only assigned the short-form census, not long-form.
  15. $100 tax credit applicable to the second $10,000 you make after opening a small business in an underprivileged community.
  16. Google MorningLightMountain from Peter F. Hamilton's Commonwealth Duology (Pandora's Star, and Judas Unchained): A terrifying antagonistic alien that was imprisoned inside a dyson sphere until humanity unwittingly (in our stupid quest of exploration) unlocked it. Great book series!
  17. Just run them over and say "It probably wasn't even my car that killed them. Did they have any pre-existing conditions?!?"
  18. Yes. The only category was age. It started (Phase I) with 80+ and hospital workers. Since then it's dropped by a year or two every few days. This week they also allowed front-line workers of certain categories to book, even if they were below 40 (teachers, firefighters, etc). This is also first-dose only, of course. But we should be able to get 80% of adults fully vaccinated (both doses) by mid July, possibly exceeding the US (mostly based on a lower hesitancy).
  19. Damn, my province just announced we've vaccinated 82% of people 60+, and 64% of people 40+ (43% overall for 18+). The uptake has been incredible, here. My province is a big piece of turd, but somehow it's done the vaccination rollout better than anywhere else in Canada.
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