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  1. Daily deaths, yes. Oct 21: 1208 Nov 25: 2313 They've almost doubled in a month, so 50% will be easy. I mean, it could double.
  2. Just assume that it traces back to a decision by the French or English to draw a line on the map somewhere it shouldn't have been, and you'll probably be correct.
  3. Also I highly recommend playing it on Tabletop Simulator on Steam. My friends and I have been doing this since March, since we haven't seen each other due to the pandemic. It works very well, and is much easier than playing the actual game (since it auto-sets up scenarios, tracks stuff, gives out coins, etc). Very cool.
  4. I can't wait until next episode when it is revealed that a start-up company on Tatooine is designing a mega-transponder that could theoretically be used to call all the ships in the galaxy to a single planet, even if it's located in the unknown regions on a planet with lightning everywhere! Oh, and it's owned by the Darklighters and financed by the Calrissians. I do enjoy Mandalorian, but it's 100% going to become a fanservice show (I mean, it already is).
  5. Millions ignore travel warning as COVID-19 cases surge nationwide WWW.CBSNEWS.COM Despite the surge in new coronavirus cases, AAA expects up to 50 million Americans to travel. So I expect cases to go vertical 2-3 weeks after Thanksgiving (even more than now), hospitalizations to follow 1-2 weeks after that, and then deaths to go asymptotic 1-2 weeks after that. January is going to be very bad. I think we can expect to easily see 3k deaths per day by Jan 10.
  6. I think the solution is obvious: Find the geographic middle point of the continent and stack all of the units in one place. Then, announce the location one day in advance and let the hordes come. First come, first served.
  7. The best legal theory to come out of this entire thing is people saying that you don't need any evidence or argument to file in lower courts, that the entire point of those courts is to let you gather and build a case, and that when a trial reaches SCOTUS, you show up with your surprise real evidence. They have been watching too many legal dramas.
  8. Slave labour? You have sources for that. Also, the anti-trans complaints against CDPR are definitely valid and worthy of complaint.
  9. On the one hand, Nintendo has a history of completely not understanding their own community. On the other...the Smash community is a vile and toxic place with a history of misogyny, verbal abuse, and sexual harassment...so maybe they do understand it, and are trying to avoid it. Honestly, in this situation there are no good guys.
  10. This follows actual confirmation that Jamie Foxx is back as Electro (with a different look, however). Looks like the MCU Spiderverse is happening?
  11. Ah but you see, they are not pardoning actual crimes, because none were committed. They are simply protecting themselves from Democratic witch hunts with made-up crimes.
  12. Just for fun, I want to see Trump issue the following pardon: "I pardon all past and future federal crimes committed by anyone." As far as I am aware, that might hold up.
  13. I don't know how, but I read the OP as "Biden plans to pardon Flynn."
  14. Hmm. Canada used to be the Dominion of Canada until 1982, which is coincidentally the year that Kamala Harris apparently left Canada and moved back to the United States. SEEMS A LITTLE SUSPICIOUS!!! Congratulations on your victory, fellow Dominion comrade!
  15. "I don't want smart people managing our decline, I want wildcards throwing sets of dice for a critical chance at greatness" I guarantee the GOP Senate is going to delay Biden's cabinet for months, at a minimum. I think the implication (at least as far as I could see) was that these people (from money, and legacy admissions) will never have the best interests of the majority of the American people at heart, so should be disqualified because of their total separation from normal life.
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