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  1. The most interesting thing in all of this is they reused that very booster within 50 days to launch a Korean satellite.
  2. My heart can’t take much more of this! RBG, please hold up for 6 more months.
  3. It's the intelligence community's fault for not communicating it in a form Trump can understand. "🇷🇺 paid 💵 for 🇺🇸 🩸 " would have gotten the appropriate reaction.
  4. Also the immune response to the virus can leave you vulnerable to bacterial infection.
  5. Update: the test results came back and he did have Covid-19
  6. So my girlfriend’s cousin just died of pneumonia and they think it’s covid-19 but haven’t gotten the test results yet. He was a male in his 30s with history respiratory issues.
  7. All these fuckers will have to hang once the death toll starts to mount.
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