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  1. Giuliani KYIV — Ukrainian authorities announced a probe Thursday into the possible surveillance of U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch that a critic claimed to have orchestrated from the United States before President Trump dismissed her from the post, and the FBI visited the critic's home and business apparently seeking more information. It’s interesting that the State department isn’t interested in threats on us diplomats...
  2. outsida

    Uranium None

    Hillary must be the most innocent person ever to survive this torrent of investigations.
  3. Why is Tulsi Gabbard on this stage? I recently saw a poll that shows her supporters dislike actual democrats.
  4. The problem with self driving cars it that you have to spend 99% of your effort solving edge cases that represent 1% of the driving experience. The problem is not streamlinable, you need tons of real world data in order to arrive at an acceptable solution. That’s why I believe Tesla has the best chance of releasing a self driving car first because they have hundreds of thousands of people feeding them real data from autopilot.
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