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  1. Air freshening while black The sad thing is if this guy admitted to using drugs at least once in his life the cop would have used it as probable cause to search his car and ‘find’ felony amounts of controlled drugs.
  2. Holy Shit! The guys at work keep telling me Trump’s some secret genius because he got elected, but... THIS!
  3. Friends don’t let friends be wrong on the internet.
  4. Fuck that noise, this whole scenario proves those 'whistleblowers' had a viable legal process to call out government wrong doing yet they decided to break the law.
  5. Who knew having a ‘free’ lawyer who doesn’t act as an attorney was a bad idea?
  6. Nothing. They are trying to distract from this issue. The Dem control house has already passed gun control legislation but Trump and the Senate are the ones holding it up.
  7. I’m hearing republicans talk more about gun control now than after a school of children getting mowed down by a semiautomatic rifle.
  8. I was going to say this, “Biden is Hillary now”. This keeps happening because Democrats lack the will to defend their side, they left Hillary hanging against this massive conspiracy.
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