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  1. The fact that the mere thought of ‘Blackman’ and ‘gun’ in the same proximity results police raining down hell fire on innocent black men everyday illustrates that the 2nd amendment isn’t meant for black people.
  2. Here’s an argument for the electoral college: In the past 30 years a republican has only won the popular vote once yet has served 3 presidential terms vs Democrats 4. How else will the party of white males rule this country?
  3. The free market will sort this out. When too many customers can’t pay up and die corporations will adjust their prices to just below inhumane.
  4. Another ‘Millennials kills...’ story. The landscape for retail will be unrecognizable as boomers wane and millennials ascend.
  5. Logic? I bet you also think the tax cuts trickle down. In the real work McDonald’s will still hire highschool students and just reduce their hours.
  6. The biggest revelation is that trumps lawyers edited Cohen’s congressional testimony regarding when trump tower negotiations ended.
  7. see what I’m saying, the right is using this to claim there are no victims of hate crimes and that they are the victims.
  8. To paraphrase Feinstein: “STFU you little shits!!!”
  9. Maybe Kraft was taking advantage of those poor girls Trump claims a tried up and smuggled across the border..?
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