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  1. @CastlevaniaNut18 Professional curiosity, in situations like this how many people “trip” and how many people actually tripped?
  2. Wait, why does it say only in cinemas, did the HBO max thing fall through or is this purely international?
  3. Why would you ever trust a lotr NFT? We all know that in the fires of Mount Doom the dark lord Sauron forged in secret a master NFT to control all others and into this NFT he poured his cruelty his malice and his desire to dominate all jpegs.
  4. My oldest son got his first shot last week, the wife and I are getting boosted this evening. Now it’s just down to my one year old, but who knows if and when that will happen.
  5. “The armorer’s lawyer has been floating a “sabotage” theory in the media to explain the tragedy that took DoP Hutchins’ life. That theory hangs on the premise that something was underhanded because mere hours before the killing of Hutchins, several members of that team resigned from the $7 million Western, citing safety and financial reasons.” That seems like a ludicrous stretch. What even is the benefit? People are walking off because it’s cheap and unsafe so you murder the DoP and… people come back to work?
  6. Self defense is also an argument that makes certain concessions. You can’t argue self defense AND that you didn’t do the thing, arguing self defense requires and admission of doing the act.
  7. While this idea is unbelievably dumb, it’s not the same thing as riding your bike to work. In theory it’s supposed to let you work out be it on a stationary bike or lifting weights or whatever on your commute regardless of weather or distance. I can’t just bike my 40 minute drive to work no matter how nice it is outside or how dank my ebike is, but this would let me work out for 80 minutes a day while I was driven there instead. It’s still idiotic, if you can afford to use this stupid thing you absolutely have an hour of your day to spare working out.
  8. I thing he’ll walk but I also think people overestimate the right’s ability to care long term. The same people that were making that high school kids who got his smirk all over CNN for that incident with the Native American probably couldn’t tell you his name at this point. The moment this kid is out of the news there will be a new outrage to get excited about and this chud will just fade away.
  9. Sbl already pointed you to Salinas v Texas. As shitty as it is the fact of the matter is simple, depending on the situation and whether your literally, verbally invoke your right, your silence can be used against you. Whether or not that applies specifically here I don’t know, but it’s not completely set in stone.
  10. To be fair, and I might be mistaken to some extent here, but recent Supreme Court rulings have made it clear that your silence can in fact be used against you unless you specifically invoke your right to remain silent. It depends on what it’s being used for, but I believe you can use someone’s silence as a reflection on their state of mind, like if he’s claiming he was terrified for his life, felt totally guilty and horrible about what happened, but he’s just chilling in the backseat of the squad car unfazed then you can use that information. So in theory if he didn’t explicitly invoke his right to remain silent, and if the prosecution is using it not purely to establish guilt but to show his mental state at the time, it’s probably valid to ask, but it’s a really weird area in general.
  11. This being the internet and Lowtax not being worthy of mainstream media attention, it’s hard to say for sure or not if this is actually true, but if it is it’s weirdly fascinating to watch a person who arguably had a massive influence on modern internet culture die and have 99% of the world not even notice. Dude was also a massive piece of shit, but still.
  12. You cannot be forced to testify, but you also don’t have to make certain defenses. Strictly speaking you could, on paper, make a self defense argument and not testify, but it’s rare. I may have been mistaken as to it being a strict legal necessity.
  13. If you make a self defense argument, you have to testify. It’s not optional. Same reason Jodi Arias was on the stand for so long. His counsel has no decision on the matter at all.
  14. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the chuds are already crying fraud. FML.
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