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  1. I barely watch anything anymore. If a movie piques my interest I’ll wait until it’s streaming or borrow it from my local library. I’ve watched maybe one tv series and one or two anime series in the past five years. Even when I had cable I haven’t really channel surfed since I was in high school. If I need some background noise I’ll listen to music or podcasts, if I do t have something specific to watch I won’t put something on for the sake of watching something, I’ll play a game instead. Really the current setup is ideal for me in every way except trying to figure which of the dozens of s
  2. Israel launches air raids on Gaza over ‘incendiary balloons’ WWW.ALJAZEERA.COM Israeli air raids on Gaza come after Palestinians in besieged enclave sent incendiary balloons into southern Israel. Stop the clock.
  3. A bunch of old men yelling at clouds over something not intended for them at all. If The original space jam came out when I was in my mid-thirties I’d probably hate it too.
  4. I’m not saying it’s bad in comparison, but when you consider all of it is being used for fucking bitcoin then it’s a completely useless addition. This isn’t curbing the others in favor of something better, it’s leaving the others and pouring more on top.
  5. Yeah because water vapor isn’t a contributing factor to climate change. Dipshit.
  6. Will it also allow us to discover bodies of rednecks killed by Burt Reynolds?
  7. One time I randomly matched up with @Commissar SFLUFAN in Overwatch. That was fun. I earned the Nuke kill streak reward in MW2 once, so that was entertaining.
  8. Love to have the value of my goods swing wildly everyday because Elon Musk tweeted a fortnight meme or some shit.
  9. How does this even work? If you do business are you REQUIRED to accept Bitcoin, or is this just a fun little ribbon to put on their favorite crypto that means fuck all?
  10. It’s the same bullshit nonsense. People act like natural cures are everywhere but unprofitable which ignores the fact that billions of doses of aspirin are sold and that “natural” supplements are sold at the store for a shit load of money.
  11. Not for nothing, how does one “ban” crypto? Is the hope that you eliminate the huge GPU farms that take up entire factories which essentially dries up the market and all that’s left is singular randos and smaller under the radar setups? I’m as in favor of getting rid of crypto as anyone else, but torrents are illegal too it’s not like they stopped.
  12. Weird weather today. Started sunny and humid, had a thirty minute downpour with a ton of hail, now sunny and humid and tomorrow it’s going to hit the 90s.
  13. So let me get this straight... I give up delicious food AND I have to live longer?
  14. I refuse to get hard until I see them in handcuffs. Until then all this sweet pillow talk is nothing but a cruel cocktease.
  15. I don’t know which part of this I find more illogical; that Ford would build a test mule car with a second passenger side steering wheel for no reason at all requiring a ton of needless work and expense, or that they would do all of that extra work and expense just so a president could drive it once for a few minutes.
  16. But think of how much more damage could have been done if his neighbor had a years worth of sick gains bro?
  17. Step 1 - invent time travel Step 2 - travel back in time Step 3 - buy Rand Paul’s neighbor a sick home gym and a ton of protein powder
  18. You expect opportunistic bigots to exercise nuance? These are the same idiots who yell at Koreans to go back to China and take their flu with them.
  19. I'm thankful that my family and friends made it through the shitshow that was 2020 largely intact. A few losses but somehow managed to avoid the rona.
  20. Mental illness might be a bit strong. I for one have managed to do 100% of my job to the exact same degree without going into my office and just working in the field, and I’m trying to not go back in as much as possible. Not because I’m super worried about getting sick although having kids too young to be vaccinated that’s certainly in the back of my mind for them. Mostly I'm saving an absolute fuckton of money not having to pay for daycare every day and if I don’t have to come in the office to get the same amount of work out of me why bother?
  21. I love when motherfuckers compare their child fucking as “a Romeo and Juliet” situation. Romeo killed himself. Follow through.
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