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  1. Chris Hardwick getting vivisected is the true highlight of the underground scene.
  2. His 1st Halloween movie reminds me of The Killing Joke. A backstory that no one asked for followed by something we were all familiar with. The sequel was trash. He found any means possible to shoehorn his wife into a movie she had no business being in. I'd say he's the Kevin Smith of horror but Smith found at least average success outside of his moneymaker.
  3. Lot of my favorite reads came from Vertigo. 100 Bullets Preacher The Invisibles Scalped Transmetropolitan Y the Last Man
  4. "I didn't mean to say 'I want to kill all of these people' to everyone. I meant to say 'I want to kill all of these people' to my friend."
  5. Not much I can add that hasn't already been said but this was a great binge and I'm looking forward to the finale. Ep. 4 was definitely a hard watch with the animal unit.
  6. Wouldn't be surprised if it was Bran on vacation again.
  7. You mean like Bronn casually walking into Winterfell with a crossbow and just managing to stumble into the room with the very 2 people he needs to confront?
  8. Meera kind of just pissed off after delivering Bran to Winterfell. Howland was only seen in Bran's Tower of Joy flashback I believe. Moat Cailin was last seen when it was run by starving Ironborn and then Ramsey used Reek to deceive them and later took over it for House Bolton. I don't think there has been any mention of House Reed since or its army.
  9. One of Dany or Jon should have been torching the wights when they were walled off by the flaming moat. A whole lot of nothing went on there until the NK sacrificed a few for the many.
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