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  1. I mean it snowed there this past Tuesday evening so they'll use that as an explanation and are probably baiting people with the tweet
  2. They'll add a "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" when Palpatine tosses him in the pit.
  3. Just seems a bit, I don't know, odd, that Finn would interact with not only 2 different women of color but ride 2 different kinds of space horse species associated with those women in back-to-back films.
  4. NONONO, Rian fucked it up because he gave Finn an arc of selfishness to selflessness. JJ was just fixing a wrong and made Finn "Rey! Rey! Rey!" again. He needs another movie to express Finn's true feelings for Rey.
  5. Maz also has the means to restore the "un-special" OT but that's a story for another time.
  6. It certainly didn't help that there was a scene in the trailer of Chewie and Lando in the Falcon which didn't happen yet.
  7. Must read: https://www.amazon.com/Thrawn-Star-Wars/dp/0345511271 It details his origin and rise through the ranks as an Imperial officer. A lot of fans were mad Disney ousted the EU but one of their better moves was reeling in Timothy Zahn and re-introducing Thrawn.
  8. Here's hoping Lando had sex with Leia so we can get another Skywalker vs Palpatine in X, XI, XII.
  9. Having watched Solo again, I'm going with these rankings. Empire > A New Hope > The Last Jedi > Rogue One > Rebels > Clone Wars > Return of the Jedi > The Force Awakens > Solo > The Rise of Skywalker > Sith > Menace > Clones The only truly groan-worthy thing in Solo was how he got his name. RoS just slaps you in the face during the opening crawl and over-delivers fan service where it's not needed. I'll still buy it when it's on blu because I'm a completionist whore. I hope to hell Abrams is never involved in a franchise I give a shit about ever again.
  10. I wasn't a fan of Rose or Canto Bight but what happened to her character is unforgivable.
  11. That's pretty much my ranking. Where do you rank Solo? I'm going to watch it again soon.
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