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  1. Pence must be so torn. On one hand that top is quite revealing for his conservative values but on the other, she's obviously pro 2nd because the gun show is in town.
  2. 69los

    Sony Is PSVR worth it for 3 must play games?

    Wipeout is an amazing racer in VR and is only $8 if you have PSPlus.
  3. What a fucking pussy. More opportunities for Slumlord Jared.
  4. Who the hell is Scott Free and why is Cohen's wife and her dad trying to get him off?
  5. I thought it was the best season of any of the Marvel/Netflix shows.
  6. I imagine Jackie Robinson Day (4/15) will be awkward this year. And I'm sure this won't help with the steady decline of African-American players since the 1980s.
  7. It shouldn't surprise you how tone-deaf WWE is. Once the initial heat wears off, she won't be able to carry any feud since she's an absolute garbage promo and every match she has has to be carried by her opponent bumping everywhere while she does next to nothing because she's a lumbering mass. If WWE were truly interested in having a big girl who could work, they'd hire Piper Niven or Jordynn Grace but neither of those 2 have a cousin named Dwayne.