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  1. 6 out of 10 That may be generous since I'm kind of okay with the ending. Good share of horror movie gripes and bad characters really bring it down though. I'll probably watch again tomorrow.
  2. DDTPro and TJPW look like so much fun. I sub to so much already though.
  3. It was an okay slasher but disappointing compared to 4. Things that made me groan: Psychic Jamie Rachel being replaced with another sister-figure. The director or producer agreed this was a misstep. The wild gunman. Also, the explanation in the part 6 Producer's Cut. IIRC, there may have been too many hands in the cookie jar for part 5 but not as bad as 6, which had 2 different cuts.
  4. I believe it's been said that Halloween II had to "up the ante" because of Friday the 13th, hence more blood and gore.
  5. I've always felt 4 was underrated. The Jamie Lloyd trilogy had potential but 5 was a misfire and 6 was just bleh. Producer's Cut kind of made things better but not by much.
  6. It's been great since Lou and Barry took over. Compared to every year since '93 at least. Half the fanbase is basically like the clown above though so that's unfortunate.
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