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  1. In your new world order, will I be able to keep some white people as slaves?
  2. It's a movie in 2 parts really but I don't want to give away too much. I'll just say it's a found footage Japanese zombie film. If you have Shudder, it's under Joe Bob Briggs. Not sure if there's a standalone version. edit: also wanted to add that it was made for only $25,000 and made $27M.
  3. One Cut of the Dead 8/10 The 2nd act was a bit slow but that 3rd act was something. I don't know anything about film-making so I wonder if it was a treat for them as it was for me.
  4. I mailed my ballot and got confirmation from my BoE that they received it. I live in in MD-5 so not a difference maker by any means. I hope we vote Yes on 2 though: Sports gambling, please!
  5. I'm adding a little more depth to this one since I've probably seen it like 30 times since it released on HBO. If it's on, it stays on pretty much. I especially have to stay for the last 20-30 minutes starting from when "Rosie did what she could" happens, the confrontation with Elsa, the fantastical battle scene, and finally "the dance". I generally hate child actors but this was a definite exception. This is just a beautiful, dark, and charming movie. I loved the foreshadowing of scenes with Rosie's shoes and Jojo's head. I loved how lines were re-used: doing what you can, dancing
  6. The best way to contain this is by making the Dakotas 1 state.
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