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  1. 2nd Moderna also today. This time the pharmacy was better staffed. In and out in like 10 minutes and spent my 15 minutes grocery shopping.
  2. Those posters are beautiful and likely sold me back in the VHS rental days.
  3. Tonight's flicks were underrated according to JBB Underrated sequel Underrated Australian horror Never seen this one
  4. I almost put in a stop-loss at $9 this morning. Just happy it shot back up from $5 earlier this week. I didn't then it dipped to $8.90 and has since shot back up over $11. Maybe I'll put one in at $11.
  5. Scored 2 of the 4 goals in USA's win over the USSR in the Miracle on Ice game. Not the guy above.
  6. I had this toy. 3 sets (air, sea, and land) of 5 pieces. Separate Semi-combined by group Combined into Voltron
  7. Movie #1 This was awesome schlock. Movie #2 Seen it a bunch so didn't bother to stay up later to finish.
  8. I feel like this season was booked like a wrestling card where this episode was a bit of a cool down before the main event. 2 montages!
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