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  1. They are. Though, I've been meaning to re-read them when I saw someone put together a better reading order bouncing between the books.
  2. How significant is the writers changing Roose's line at the Red Wedding now?
  3. If they added more maps to Starfighter Assault, I'll pick it up again. If they had SA in VR, I might get lost in it.
  4. Can't remember that last horror movie that gave me chills like that trailer.
  5. Complete bullshit but also very Vince to put all their eggs in one basket. At this point, I'd rather Kofi/Bryan go last if Kofi's slated to win. Very disrespectful to Asuka and any woman on SD that may have been looking forward to a featured match and not stuck in some clusterfuck battle royal to get a Mania participation trophy.
  6. Oh it's prepped for many possibilities but I think Charlotte was in no matter what. The general understanding was the main Mania women's match was always supposed to be just Charlotte/Ronda but main event wasn't likely until Roman went down. I think Charlotte would have gone over Ronda. Ronda gets her time off and gets the win back later. Becky becoming seething hot at Summerslam and absolutely bulletproof after Nia jacked her face up wasn't likely in their plans but they couldn't ignore her. She's still hugely over and #1 in merch despite the past 2 months of convoluted storylines/"injury" since Rumble. Perfect ending is Becky over Ronda since it's been more about Becky vs Ronda than Becky wanting to be Raw champion. It would be very Vince to miss the point and have Becky over Charlotte, which we already saw twice and clean late last year, to save Ronda for Charlotte later. The whole build up Suplex City Brock was for Roman to eventually go over him and it would be a shame if they tried that again with the women.
  7. I thought he would be older. Looking back at the mid-80's, I wouldn't think to myself that KKB was under 30. He always had that grizzled vet look.
  8. He's foreshadowing his scheme to reform Pangaea.
  9. Funny you should mention that since this is directed by one of X3's writers.
  10. Obviously, that failed Colorado shopowner planted a shoe-bomb to make Nike look bad.
  11. Pretty sure the original plan for the top women's match at Mania was supposed to be just Ronda and Charlotte. Once Roman went down, it was all but guaranteed they'd be the main event. Becky surely wasn't in the original plan for Mania this year but she became bulletproof and white hot after her broken nose before Survivor Series. She would have likely faced Asuka who's now without an opponent in sight had she not become as hot as she is.
  12. I thought he'd be bitching about Alec again but this could've been what triggered him. Probably took a couple hours to explain CCCP.
  13. Season 5 was definitely the low point for me. They may as well have ignored Dorne opposed to showing what was aired. And LOL at the "fight scene" between the Snakes and Jaime/Bronn. I had a bad feeling beforehand when they never casted Arianne Martell. The last 2 seasons have been better other than "the plan" from season 7. A lot of box-checkng to get to where we are but it hasn't too bad. I look forward to the end but mostly to see what spin-offs come about.
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