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  1. I loved him in The Thing and The Natural but I could never forget this iconic role:
  2. My congressman since I was 3 years old. I voted against him in the primary. Sometimes I wonder how he represents a majority-minority PG County and then I look at the actual district. I'm near Rosaryville. A lot of white people in Calvert (east of PG), southern Anne Arundel (north of Calvert), Charles (south of PG) and St Mary's. Willing to bet a good chunk of minority votes are in that gerrymandered section around the beltway.
  3. Ironically, Canada forced their only baseball team to play their home games in the US. Probably saw this shitshow coming.
  4. It has worked so far with NWSL (Utah) and MLS (Orlando). Neither have reported cases I believe. For those in a bubble, a lot of this will hinge on the players' willingness to be as selfless as possible.
  5. Bone Tomahawk 7/10 This had one of the most brutal scenes of mutilation I've seen in while.
  6. I prefer this one of those listed. The only one I don't like was the last one and it wasn't because of In God We Trust. Probably because the royal blue was so jarring from the rest.
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