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    The Grand KKKeebler Elf has "resigned"

    So Sessions certainly wins his old seat back in 2020?
  2. <300 now with 85% reporting for Wisconsin Gov
  3. <3000 with 77% reporting Fuck Wisconsin
  4. Ah damn. I just watched this other day too. Free on Prime if you need a fix.
  5. I'm okay with never having any interest in this franchise. I haven't seen any of the movies except the 1st one and I don't recall watching it all the way through. Now, Disney is being Disney with the franchise and I'm like
  6. Trump apparently commissioned a painting of himself with other republican presidents. And the Shop games begin
  7. BTW, Raw is currently getting by promoting Crown Jewel by not mentioning where it's being held. At least for now, the words Saudi and Arabia are filed next to Chris and Benoit.
  8. At least they admit it's in the thousands.
  9. 69los

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    Also not allowed to interview Swetnick, Avenatti's client.