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  1. Fuck it, don't pass anything. Let the GOP take full control in 2022 and 2024. Let this country burn.
  2. It's a good thing that the GOP isn't passing multiple voter suppression laws in numerous states across the country then!
  3. Just got a call this morning. His kidney values have gone down overnight, so it seems like he'll be okay. I'm picking him up later this morning.
  4. Another update. His kidney values are still high. They're keeping him for one more night, and see how he's doing in the morning. Regardless of how he's doing then, I'm taking him home tomorrow. If his values don't go down by then...it's not a good sign for his long-term health. ...I'm not having another pet after this. Fuck everything.
  5. It's too late to back out of the charges now. All I can do is lube myself up to get fucked by the cost now.
  6. Good news: They got back to me. It seems like it's due to inflammation from the surgery, which is the best-case scenario. Still, they're going to keep him for another night. Bad news: The initial estimate (without insurance) was about $3200. It's expected to now be over $5000.
  7. I have another update. I got a call back from the vet. The news...isn't great. Apparently, some of the levels in his blood that indicate kidney function are abnormally high. They now need to run further testing on him to see what's causing it.
  8. My family uses AT&T, and I never liked it. I switched to Verizon a couple years ago, but I feel their coverage area is godawful. Maybe I should give T mobile a try...
  9. Just got an update from the vet. The surgery reportedly went successful. They'll keep and monitor him overnight, and if nothing abnormal occurs, they'll contact me tomorrow on when I can pick him up. Thanks a lot to everyone that donated!
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