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  1. It's really dumb. I haven't had a cold in a very long time, I've never once had the flu, or at least gotten sick from it. I just assumed in this thing I wouldn't get COVID or know if I did. That said I'm not rolling those dice, I masked up and didn't visit the insides of a restaurant until I got vaccinated, which happened as soon as I was eligible.
  2. That is a man who's broke. He has to fly a small private jet, is selling the lease on his hotel. I wonder how far we are away from cutting ribbons for used car dealership openings in the midwest.
  3. That's been a thing with the Republicans for a long time. I've been called a coastal elite on the Internet before when a time of the year that's coming up means that I will not be able to drive to town without being stuck behind a combine going from one field to another. I was able to hear cows at night until that guy died and left the Cincinnati Zoo his farm and they got rid of all the cows. I've always found "midwestern values" to be condescending. I mentioned in the Discord that the democrats me hold contempt for a lot of them, but they're more honest about it.
  4. There was a tent in front of a closed Burger King here selling Trump 2024 flags yesterday
  5. I keep hoping they redraw this piece of shit district I live in that is the way it is because no one in Hamilton County likes Steve Chabot.
  6. Yeah, that totally checks out for Butler County maybe JD Vance will head over there and give his support in his typical low rent grifter sort of way.
  7. I might check it out, I don't know how maintaining the masquerade will gel with a battle royale type game.
  8. This is a game I've started about 3 times, liked well enough, but then something I want to do more comes along and I bounce off.
  9. The prominent right wing personalities stoking the anti-vaxx stuff constantly reminds me of Frank in the Gun Fever episode of Sunny.
  10. Fair enough, guess I just lack perspective, I work for an HCM software company and before that I worked for insurance companies and none of that needed an office.
  11. Unless you deal with paper and can't go all digital, there's no reason to keep an office open.
  12. Actors get merchandising money because their agents make that part of the deal from the jump and their portrayal of a character drives those sales. His picture didn’t drive sales of Nevermind and his parents took a $200 deal. Personally I don’t give a damn if my baby Dick ends up on the Internet, no one can connect it back to me. No one runs into him on the street and recognizes him as the infant in the pool. Sure it’s weird, but not sue them all weird.
  13. Sometimes I get tired of living in a universe created by an Onion article. I'm getting to the "fuck it" point, if someone is determined to eat horse paste instead of take a vaccine then odds are they aren't long for this world anyway.
  14. Portman was an old style Republican that are quickly being phased out. Mandel was a goofy nut when he ran against Brown in 2012 and the Trump brain hasn't made him any better. Coming in a distant second is store brand grifter JD Vance who made some waves when he said he wants a "healthy ruling class for this country" as a part of his weird interview where he wants parents to have more votes than non-parents. Tim Ryan will unfortunately have an uphill fight against either a Q dipshit or Peter Thiel's sockpuppet
  15. Blue Origin is such a weird story. A rich person's pet project to go to space and instead of setting it up to be a disruptor it get set up to act like an old space company without the old space history. It took years to get a rocket to the edge of the atmosphere, they're late on BE-4 engines to go on ULA rockets. They need to get Bezos before a committee so he can tell everyone why he should build lunar lander when he can't get to space
  16. I always thought he looked like a side mission NPC from like GTA 4 or something.
  17. I mean if somewhere around half or less of the electorate are Republicans and that 37% is 100% Republican then what choice do they have. They made their bed and they're stuck in it with that old fuck until he croaks, and being a giant piece of shit he probably has at least a decade left in him.
  18. Every single year since I've been following politics there's some set of morons on the right or left that love to cite 1984 in some chicken little bullshit way and you always get the impression that not a single one of them read it. It's like they all have a coin that they flip and its either 1984 or Nazis.
  19. The Republican Ohio senate race is rough, it’s the head case vs the grifter
  20. I remember awkwardly explaining several times when I worked in health insurance that they cover services related to the diagnosis of infertility but treatment of infertility is not covered. It's a weird business.
  21. I'm going to NYC next month, guess I'm bringing my vaccine card along
  22. He'll still get votes, because people can go to Applebees and when some of them drop dead it'll be out of sight at a hospital.
  23. The party is afraid of him and his hick supporters. He was consistently unpopular from his start in politics to his defeat and never moved the needle very much on endorsements, but what he could do was summon an angry mob to Congress and inspire people to try and kidnap the Governor of Michigan. They could have ripped off that band-aid by impeaching his crooked ass, but politicians aren't known for boldness.
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