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  1. Time to dissolve the town and make it county/township land. There was a garbage speed trap of a town near me that is no longer a town now.
  2. This was the most predictable thing possible to have happened. These tests are like $24 for a two pack, and submitting a receipt to get that back is not worth the time or effort. Saying insurance would cover the rapid home tests was mostly symbolic.
  3. I was working for a local company when I got sent home in March 2020. Now I work for a company based in South Portland, Maine because they offered me a 15k raise and it's likely I'll never see that office.
  4. I feel like n95s are finally being made to meet demand, I've been seeing them at Home Depot lately. But yeah, testing has been a shitshow for this entire pandemic, it hasn't been able to deal with any of the surges we've had.
  5. I've been COVID test Santa for my friends lately. I've gotten lucky and managed to scoop up a few and every time someone gets the sniffles I drop one off at their door.
  6. Reading shit from game company executives is depressing. Movie executives still get that they make something that's an intersection of art, entertainment, and revenue generation. But these soulless husks that run game companies seem to wish they didn't have to bother with anything other than transferring money. He wants to turn people who "play to contribute" into some goofy form of gig worker from the looks of it and seems to regard people who "play to have fun" (ie most of the people who fucking buy games) as secondary.
  7. I feel like if you're threatening people with harm then fuck it, you deserve to be called out publicly.
  8. This fucking guy is going to win, Ohio is a red state and his main primary opponent is soft penis Aldi store brand grifter JD Vance.
  9. I had a coworker who's all in on crypto, thinks that it's going to let him retire in his 40s. He has a bunch of oddball coins he's convinced in a decade will be worth 10x or more what they are now. He's educated and reasonably successful professionally, but got hooked into the crypto shit.
  10. So Tom Clancy has been dead for 8 years, I wonder if EA owns his name like they own Clancy and will just keep it going
  11. Does the quack shit just go in cycles, we had the colloidal silver stuff back at the start nearly 2 years ago coming from Alex Jones and Jim Bakker. There's also the Dallas Q people chugging that miracle solution industrial bleach shit we had going around 2 years ago. Maybe we'll get back to fish medicine and horse paste.
  12. Yeah, he's a real Frank Lloyd Wright... What the world needs is for the trash house someone makes in Second Life mk II to become reality. Web3/crypto enthusiasts are literally the worst people on earth, no exceptions.
  13. How are they doing them? Here in the US any store that has a pharmacy has COVID vaccines. I got boostered at Costco, but they're at every Walmart, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, everywhere. I got my first round at a mass vaccine site in a YMCA.
  14. Ohio has been pulling down those numbers every day all week, but it's cool, the legislature limited the governor's ability to enact restrictions.
  15. I mean here in like a few months after everyone who is going to get a booster has had one for a few months and antibody levels have decreased is the effectiveness going to be low? Like I feel like we need to get going on improving the vaccine.
  16. So I wonder how long protection against Omicron lasts after the booster. Because you have that spike in antibodies when you get a vaccine that has some drop off after a few months.
  17. A little north of Cincinnati, OH. No one in the red parts of Ohio gives a shit whether they have COVID or not so maybe that's why. My brother said he saw boxes of COVID tests at a gas station last week. Most CVS and Walgreens here have the Binax and Quickvue tests in stock.
  18. Home rapid antigen tests are everywhere and about $25. I came down with a cold this week, scooped up a 2 test box from Walgreens, used both, negative. I do kind of think we need subsidized rapid antigen testing everywhere.
  19. The Speaker is a real job though. Trump was the President who learned about stuff in his public briefings to the country the same time as the rest of us. He's doing now what he likes doing most, playing golf and posing next to people who want to get their picture taken with him.
  20. The company I worked for last year sent an email one Thursday morning in April saying that they were laying people off and the people being cut would know by afternoon. No one did any work that morning and they sent an email out at like 11:00 saying if you didn't get notification yet then you were fine and to please get back to work. The cuts weren't at all performance based either, the decisions on who to cut were made at the executive level. Then a month later everyone else was told they'd take a 5% pay cut the rest of the year, but we got good news in September that they had their best sales month ever, but full pay didn't come back until January anyway. Needless to say "the great resignation" of 2021 hit them pretty hard, my exit interview was a survey link.
  21. If Omicron gets bad then it'll get bad. I think people fight the hell out of mask mandates and restrictions moving forward. Politicians won't do the restrictions anyway because the ones that did them before caught a hell and the ones content with letting their people die didn't have any downsides to their political career. I've also seen people complain that they've already had two shots and aren't getting another one because they're just done with it, people just don't have the stamina for this sort of thing now.
  22. A day out from my Moderna booster, feels the same as both of my Pfizer shots. Feels like I got frog punched in the arm and I'm a bit tired, that could be the shit weather though.
  23. It's kind of frustrating that there's no solution without going full on authoritarian. The three strikes stuff wasn't terribly effective, but I feel like there should be something different done with people who just commit regular minor felonies and never appear to be heading towards any kind of rehabilitation. This guy apparently has a rap sheet like 50 pages long, I feel like around page 20 or so they should have just stopped letting him live in a normal society.
  24. I booked me a Modern booster for wednesday after work, got my second dose of Pfizer back in April.
  25. One of the best things to come out of this pandemic for me is not paying city taxes. I live in the township, no local income tax, I switched jobs and my current company is based in South Portland, Maine and I work from home in Ohio.
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