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  1. Byford said Cuomo made his job ‘intolerable’ WWW.CITYANDSTATENY.COM On Friday, former New York City Transit President Andy Byford finally dished on why he decided to leave his post during an interview with CBS New York
  2. Like seriously if you don't think he's Trump go look at how he threw Train Daddy under the bus for getting too much good press. @b_m_b_m_b_m
  3. A couple of years ago I was feeling severely constipated and got sent in for an xray by my GI and I was literally full of shit. Like every inch of my GI tract had shit stuck in it. Fun times.
  4. You were less objectionable as a gifer.
  5. Bad CW superhero stuff is really bad but the fact that they just let the shows do whatever because their profitability target is so low works out for them more than it doesn't tbh. Like try to imagine literally anyone else greenlighting Legends of Tomorrow just going all-in on being a dumb comic book show back in 2017.
  6. Anti-maskers celebrate Daft Punk breakup WWW.THEBEAVERTON.COM CALGARY - Anti-maskers celebrated today after the announcement that Daft Punk, pioneering electronic musicians known for monster hits like "Get Lucky" and their robot helmet aesthetic, announced that they were breaking up after 28 years as a band.
  7. Fry's Electronics suddenly went out of business WWW.CNN.COM Fry's Electronics suddenly closed all of its stores overnight, ending a nearly four-decade run in business.
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