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  1. Yes, this election will happen in November probably so they're only getting like 15 months. Gonna cost us a cool $40 million for the election though.
  2. Schwab really needs to change how they show withdrawing cash from your brokerage, I had a mini heart attack just now when I saw my day change before I remembered I just transferred money from my brokerage to my checking last night that was scheduled to go through today.
  3. Oh I forgot to include the part where if the first question goes through Newsom isn't one of the choices on the second question.
  4. When I saw this bumped it occurred to me that there's a real risk we have a Republican governor in place when she dies. The recall is two questions on the same ballot. One is if Newsom should be recalled and then on the same ballot you pick who you want if he does get recalled. There's no runoff, whoever gets the most votes wins, even if that means the vote is split a bunch of ways and the single biggest vote count is only 30% or whatever of the votes.
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