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  1. Deer shouldn't walk around in such skanky outfits tbf, basically asking for it.
  2. Yeah but Chris Evans wanted out too. But him wanting out doesn't mean he's never ever coming back, it just means he didn't want to be obligated to so it's not a guarantee that it happens. So I assume Johansson may have also been in that kind of situation and not just never ever wanting to come back, but now I'm wondering if this lawsuit will mean the option of coming back if she ever wants to is foreclosed on by this lawsuit.
  3. How is that a relevant defense for Hillary's campaign ignoring his campaign's request for help? Sure seems like these two things might be causally related, don't you think?
  4. They appointed a fuckton of judges, which the Democrats actively went along with, while the Democrats let the pace of Biden's nominations get bogged down by the Republicans.
  5. I know this was the last film she was on contract for anyhow but that normally doesn't rule out coming back for individual movies...but does this sort of thing usually put the kibosh on a studio ever working with an actor again?
  6. Yup with my ex her dad was explicitly pressuring me to propose.
  7. Sure doesn't seem to particularly hamper the Republicans when they have the presidency and both chambers.
  8. Pretty firey butthole morning today, 3 poops already so far.
  9. Candice Patton in a pornhub video? They can make the plot however weird they want if they can make it happen.
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