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  1. Probably an issue of where the cable hookup is. I know I have very limited options on where my router goes because of that. Could also be using the router in receiving mode to provide wifi->ethernet to other devices in the entertainment center
  2. We are in possession of a working Xbox Series X ARSTECHNICA.COM Gaze upon it, but don't expect answers to your questions. Yet.
  3. lol not getting dragged into going around in endless stupid circles with you homeslice you know exactly where it is
  4. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's still not a duck unless you explicitly use the word "duck".
  5. But don't worry, he's too stupid be racist. Also you know he's probably not as bad as Woodrow Wilson.
  6. Despite the fact that Trump has to have two teleprompters with giant text and literal spellings of things, e.g. "Marine Cores", and still can't stick to the teleprompter.
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