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  1. I've entertained the idea of getting this thing for a while so that I only have to go to the laundry room for towels and sheets and the experience I had in the laundry room last weekend seems like a good excuse to finally pull the trigger. I hang my shirts up to dry instead of putting them in the dryer anyhow and I guess I'll start doing that for underwear too (the commercial dryers in the basement get too hot even on the low setting so probably for the best regardless).
  2. Seriously. With Trump, the president and the cabinet are maliciously incompetent. Relying on Biden's cabinet while Biden's brain is pudding would still be an improvement.
  3. The Democratic style of corruption involves skimming off the stop of a system operating at a steady state. The Republican style of corruption is full-on smash and grab looting. Democratic politicians don't want to upset the applecart because they'd feel bad about going full smash and grab and aren't sure if their grift could survive a leftward shift. This temerity will perpetually place them at a fundamental disadvantage to people who think their gain is in burning everything to the ground.
  4. Trump says he will fire intelligence watchdog at center of Ukraine allegations that led to impeachment
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