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  1. ‘I’m 88’: Michael Caine Announces Retirement From Acting WWW.THEDAILYBEAST.COM The two-time Oscar winner’s final role will be in this year’s “Best Sellers.”
  2. Judging others for your own sins is part of the American way of life.
  3. I think all he's saying is it's not surprising that Robin Thicke is a gigantic sleazebag and that it's pretty clear that he's not calling it an excuse.
  4. This applies to the Canada/Mexico land borders opening back up too. White House says fully vaccinated foreign visitors can start entering US on November 8 WWW.CNN.COM Foreign visitors who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to travel to the United States starting on November 8, the White House said Friday.
  5. This is a new lawsuit. Actress Lili Bernard files lawsuit against Bill Cosby alleging he drugged and raped her WWW.CNN.COM Actress Lili Bernard filed a lawsuit against Bill Cosby on Thursday, alleging he drugged and raped her in Atlantic City in or around August 1990, according to court documents.
  6. Right I know I read the thread. Just saying the gameplay style matters way more to me than the continuity here.
  7. Nice, just added to my wish list. Don't care if it's Arkham continuity as long as it's the same kind of game, they're fun and still play well if you can only do a couple of hours at a time.
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