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  1. Jason

    Nintendo How is Civ VI?

    I haven't played it on Switch. The new expansion is coming out soon so whatever platform you buy it on is probably wait for that at this point.
  2. A quick Google search says that if Netflix buys the software to track it, one of the remedies would be to make you upgrade to multi-screen plan anyhow. So unless you're sharing a single-screen plan or something, I don't see why it'd really affect you even if it's true.
  3. Nothing to see here please just confirm the guy ASAP so he can totally clear the president thank you bye-bye.
  4. Shutdown’s Economic Damage Starts to Pile Up, Threatening an End to Growth https://nyti.ms/2RTxz9O
  5. Because the facility predates socialized medicine and was grandfathered in.
  6. McConnell: Senate won't override Trump veto on shutdown fight Considering the public seems to be blaming this on Trump way more than the Congressional GOP, does anyone else think that this is maybe the GOP's way trying to make Trump unpopular enough for them to finally bail on him without losing face with the base for doing so?
  7. Jason


    shut the door
  8. The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a resolution condemning white supremacy by a vote of 424-1, reflecting the anger in both parties over comments by Representative Steve King of Iowa questioning why white supremacy is considered offensive.
  9. No word on whether they've found legal funding for the refunds (so probably not):
  10. Speaking of Boris Johnson, have Donald Trump and Boris Johnson ever actually been seen in the same room as each other?