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  1. He was here for like 2 days when gaf exploded but left when era launched. I wish he was around but I understand wanting to have more Nintendo fans around.
  2. Just finished "The Lost and the Damned" from the siege of terra series. I'd rate it a 9/10. On to book 3 "The First Wall".
  3. Looks like everyone barring union employees are being required vaccination at my job.
  4. Same. Game isn't really that hard though. Headshots for days on my end. I enjoy it alot. Haven't played a FC game since 1 but I do wish it was actually serious with the subject matter. I really like that the game includes a spanish option. Been playing the game in Spanish.
  5. Also I think I am getting old barring Quake and like CS I don't see a point in non assault rifle/battle rifle weapons.
  6. Insurgency yes since the maps aren't huge. If BF2042 bothers you you are gonna hate Hell Let Loose. Alot of walking if there isn't a rally point set up. Also as SFLj mentioned it's closer to a milsim then an arcade shooter like BF/COD. I prefer Post Scriptum bur I don't think that is on console. I should download it again for the ostfront though.
  7. Yes movement is worse. Now more throwing yourself to the side or back to dodge incoming firing. I heard ledge grabbing is gone as well. As a Squad/Arma player I don't really mind the long walks. My beef with the specialist is ammo is really hard to get and everyone looks the same. I only know who to shoot because of the red dot over enemies.
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