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  1. I was going through the steam deck thread to find if I was Q2 before the delay. I know someone I think you wrote a post with all the Mario games you can play on the Deck.
  2. Thinking it over I for one welcome our Microsoft overlords. Anyone think MS is done with acquisitions?
  3. Ya the deck is gonna be a slow burn for awhile. (possibly for it's lifespan) It's a great device so I can see it becoming a hit but that will take awhile. It needs to be available globally first.
  4. Yes it was supposed to start shipping in Dec but it got pushed back to Feb.
  5. I wonder how much they'd do for. While it is better unless you want to play strategy games via the touch pad it mgiht be better to take the L and get a Neo. Especially if someone doesn't live in a region Valve is selling the deck.
  6. I know it's nor out yet but Elden Ring or Sekiro? The japanese setting calls to me but I am trying to be a good boy and not buy Sekiro or Elden Ring until I finish the trilogy.
  7. I am jumping on the hype train. Finally sat down to play Dark Souls and I love it. It's hard as hell but doesn't feel unfair. Couldn't find my XB controller so am touching it out with mouse and keyboard.
  8. I'm glad I changed my email on steam but yes they should just let us pay upfront as an option. Like that it ships as soon as it's our turn or ships as soon as people ahead of us bail. Kinda concerned about scalpers. Since the numbers are so limited some people maybe tempted to just scalpe it.
  9. I want to thank AMD for making this possible. When they announced fusion I thought to myself cool but I guess it might help me in a laptop. Now I hunt for APU news like I do for GPU news. The thought of a 5nm Zen4/RDNA3 APU powered steam deck or Neo is yummy.
  10. Probably some variation of this meme. Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. 1DRV.MS JPG Image
  11. Video games are how I determine how sick I am. If i can't play then I'm really sick and need rest. If I can then i am getting better.
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