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  1. Is there anything I can do to protect myself from DDOS attacks? I tried to host a hoi4 game and was getting constantly DDOS to the point I had to get replaced.
  2. I wonder how well my monitor would do in 6 person X Men. Parking is terrible on my.street so getting enough people here would be a miracle.
  3. I am sold on Punk with this. I also think Bryan will go because like that he can wrestle wherever he wants to.
  4. It's an all in one (kinda) emulator. Well it's more of an emulator front end. It works with a variety of emulators. You have alot of emulators that you can download directly from retroarch.
  5. To pwn Nintendo. Probably was hyped for Age of Calamity and tried the demo and went WTF is this performance.
  6. The current set up is fine. League play and group stages earn 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a lose. Back in the day it was 2 points for a win. That followed by extra time and penalties is good enough for a game where we need to determine who advances. Also we need it so smaller countries like Greece can draw their way to win the Euros or something.
  7. Lots of propaganda. My mom is like that. While I want to LARP the October Revolution.
  8. Olympics redeemed. Olympics Commentator Tries His Best To Say 'Gundam' KOTAKU.COM "As we take another look at Gandum, the Unicorn Robot"
  9. I am gonna have to restart Xenoblade 1 and 2.
  10. Elysium, G Gundam. Not sure what other scifi has a theme like that.
  11. And perf until RDNA2 makes it to laptop GPUs.
  12. GPD Max is gonna go up for preorders on July 29th. Intel and AMD options.
  13. SRPGs. SRW 30 is gonna be glorious. Also Steam Deck best handheld conformed. Only handheld that can play Victoria 2 and 3.
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