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  1. Not sure how to gift on the ps4? I dont have one myself. I can paypal you the money?
  2. I'd ask the manager maybe they will sell them to you.
  3. I want to join in SFLU. Don't need the game but I will gladly add a 2nd key to the giveaway. Just pick a 2nd winner for me.
  4. We need to play Verminetide 2 again. Probably after BFV.
  5. It's probably an engagement thing. DLC tends to come out months after the game has been released. By then most people have finished the SP campaign and it's hard to get someone back for that. MP games can keep you longer then SP games so you are more likely still playing the game thus would be interested in new DLC.
  6. I got Battlefront 2 from Origin Premier and it's a ton of fun. Shame what happened to it.
  7. Preloading now. The preload is live for EA Access, Origin Access, and Access Premier. If you have EA/Origin Access you get a 10 hour trial starting on Friday. I heard Premier will get keys to give out to friends so if that is true I will provide some keys.
  8. Expect 2022 to be a Trump win to avoid disappointment?
  9. Zaku3

    Movies Are You Ready For Gladiator 2?

    That was crazy but kinda cool. I'd watch it.
  10. Zaku3

    General Gaming 45 Minutes of New Anthem Gameplay

    If this gets a following here or with my friends I will give it a try.
  11. Looking forward to this. Wish it was releasing sooner. Be cool if we get Warcrafr 3 and TW Warhammer 3 next year.
  12. Would be nice of them. Still debating Vega. Everything I have seen shows its double the performance at 1440p over a 480. A Power Cooler Red Devil is 500 at my local micro center so tempted.