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  1. Yes. Warhammer 40k is Fantasy in space. Not completely but close enough. Also insert Thanos you couldn't live with your failure and that brought you back to me.
  2. I am preloaded. Had about 14 dollars in gold coins so IGI boys. Also RIP Bulbasaur long live the king.
  3. My understand is it has bad and good cholesterol in such quantities they cancel each other out.
  4. I love mine. It does get mad hot so sometimes I have to unplug my monitor and use a different display port. The aftermarket models should have that fixed.
  5. Earth Federation and the Universal Century start date when?
  6. Yup. Handful of people die from vaping black market THC eliquid the ban hammer comes out. Thousands of people killed by firearms and it's "well freedom ain't free".
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