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  1. I still think they need to do what they have been threatening. It's the big EU teams now but could be big international teams in the future. Also lol
  2. The richest clubs in European football are going to make their own "Champion's League". It's going to be a closed off league not based on merit.
  3. UEFA is probably our ally in this. It's never enough for capitalists. They will eventually make a 18-22 league and leave their domestic leagues if you don't kill this now.
  4. It's hard to say. The clubs are owned by the fans and I doubt fans will want this. This could easily lead to Shanghai United or Los Angeles Hotspurs. I hate capitialists. (Like the profile pic doesn't give it away.) The rage I feel has mos def made a few new bloodthirsters and bloodletters in the warp. Edit: The various FAs best eliminate these teams from the current season. I'm so mad i'd relegate them if not out right kick then out.
  5. The clubs have announced it. I guess I am bailing on United.
  6. Super pissed off about a possible European Super League. Annoyed my ex-wife probably eants me to get her a computer for her job. Only good news of the day is my alienware has shipped. Not sure when it arrives. I guess Tuesday-Wednesday.
  7. It's hard to say in this case. It could be a replacement for the Champion's League but an American style CL where the "top teams" are participating. So this year it looks like Arsenal, Liverpool, and Tottenham would miss out on Champion's league football next season. Them shitting the bed wouldn't matter. Worse case scenario would be the teams abandoning their local leagues for a Super League that would replace La Liga, Seria A, Premier League, etc.
  8. Premier League condemns European super league after English clubs sign up | European club football | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Uefa and the Premier League have condemned a new proposal for a European super league after details emerged that six English clubs have signed up I hate this. I am abandoning United if this goes through. Posting this here because it would probably lead to a bigger discussion and because eat the rich.
  9. Yes a line of Samsung monitors. The current model is the Odessey G9. I have the model before that one. It's resolution is 5120 x 1440.
  10. So my ex-wife hits me up asking about laptops. (The horror) I might ignore her but what kind of laptops would work for that? Do I find something with the best processor possible or something with a good processor and a good GPU?
  11. Thanks God for that. Also in regards to UC series the ones that deal with the later UC (0120+) are stand alone. F91 is a movie but wad supposed to be a TV series. Victory Gundam is a bit wonky in that Bandai forced the first five episodes to be reshuffled however beyond that it ranks as one of the best series. Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta, Double Zeta, Char's Counterattack, Unicorn, and Narrative are all pretty related. Origin is related as well but it isn't a retelling of Mobile Suit Gundam. The anime is more back story then anything else. The manga it's based on is a re
  12. "Stop quoting laws, we carry weapons!" Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus Disappointed this hasn't been posted.
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