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  1. It's a visual novel that used to have turb based strategy RPG combat. Looks like its moving to real time RPG combat.
  2. I am preorder and waiting for it to unlock. There was no preload which is weird but whatever. Also waiting for this to get a master race edition.
  3. But plot twist what if we are the fascist power to rise and go to war with the world?
  4. He has developed a cult of personally. So while I think some Republicans are/were expecting just having a president out of him he will haunt the party longer. If he wins 2020 and the economy is doing well he could probably point to Ivanka/Don jr/anyone and have his base support them.
  5. Backed. It'a kinda crazy Nintendo didnt want to port this.
  6. My mom has Hodgkin's lymphoma. She had breast cancer like 12 years ago. She got non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 2 years ago. Was treated and it went away but at some point developed Hodgkin's lymphoma. Worried because the chemo was working but it has since stopped. Waiting to see when she has her next biopsy and she is probably gonna fet a stronger chemom
  7. I like them. Its my go to breakfast. However the southern style chicken biscuit is better. This is just a Mcchicken patty on a biscuit.
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