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  1. Probably they honor GC until your sub expires. .y last 20% off title is Fire Emblem via amazon prime.
  2. I saw that today. I skipped it last night but people are pissed about Lesnar.
  3. I appreciate your concern. Though I am kinda in the SFLUfan position. I am not really lonely anymore ever since I started taking my antidepressant. I have some hope since I am talking to my old classmate. Though she is going through a divorce so that will probably be a long term thing. Primary goal is to establish a friendship and see where it goes from there. I bailed on my work crush. I think she is trying to talk to me again but I dunno. I think I am friendzoned which is fine but I don't really need anymore friends then I have. Plus we hang out and talk so much that I don't think a possible future GF would allow that to survive.
  4. I like that change. To add to my story I didn't buy a few pills of Pristiq because 4 is like 90 dollars. Absolutely insane.
  5. The local NYC providers are either Cablevision, Verizon, or Spectrum. I play about 170 for phone, tv, and internet.
  6. Correct on the Yakuza 0 engine with some enhancements.
  7. There isnt much that can be done about it. My only hope at present is an elementary school classmate. Gonna see how that goes. I am super pissed though in the past couple of days. My ex-work wife ditched me on Friday. Went to go get a haircut and then went to met up with her. They werent at the restaurant and she sent me to voicemail when I called and the other one didn't answer.
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