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  1. I love soda. When I was a kid I would drink it all the time. As I grew older I cut back. I need to cut back down though sinxe i want to lose weight again.
  2. Just Panzerstorm so far. We are supposed to get a Crete map this month.
  3. Best movie ever. I was legit devastated about the ending of Infinity War. Something just felt off the next day. I think it's because we have been with these characters for 10 some odd years. I expect major casualties in Endgame and I dunno what I will do.
  4. In hind sight I will probably just skip it at this point. Be a dick move to buy in the game in the face of them screwing over backers. Perhaps when it comes to Steam finally. I am probably still gonna be addicted to Hearts of Iron 4 by then anyway.
  5. Steam and GOG. Now it's Epic only. The rewards from crowdfunding was a GOG or Steam key. They are giving the option of being refunded or getting an Epic key with 1 year of DLC support.
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