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  1. That fact makes me worry about myself in the future. I still want to be a socialist revolutionary when I am like 70. Though like Old Snake relying on a nanosuit to make up for being mad old.
  2. Have you ever heard the Tragedy of Darth Karen the Wise? I thought not it's a Sith legend.
  3. Articles like this are legit "Let them eat cake" moments.
  4. Yes just build up little by little. You don't need a 2500 point army off the bat.
  5. Can't find any info but my friend might have died from corona. He was a nurse. Went with him to HS and used to work with his father when I worked at Marcal.
  6. Our local historical convention Historicon has also been canceled. I went once in 2007 was a good time.
  7. God help me I need to work to make money (out of days) want to get a pool foe the summer due to Covid but I do want to call out Thursday to play the new DLC.
  8. When the deep state came for him. But he was like Rasputin and wouldn't die.
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