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  1. Somewhat disappointed he isn't Iron Spider still but it's ok.
  2. We are getting a new Grand Ops. Probably just panzerstorm as a Grand Ops. Also looks like the StuG IV will be added.
  3. Zaku3

    PC Alienware's upgradable laptop

    I'd probably get a 1TB max. Then get another down the line. Probably the 2080 or 2080 Ti not sure about the processor. Though I will probably wait for their black froday or cyber monday deals. I plan to travel more this year. It's also nice having a PC I can go to a friend's house and game on.
  4. Zaku3

    PC Alienware's upgradable laptop

    So want.
  5. Upon thinking about it more I will wait to see what after market cards are like. I am chasing 60+FPS at 1440p and perhaps ultrawide 1440p.
  6. My Vega 64 and OC'ed 6700k do.
  7. I am in. Might get an ultra wide monitor now.
  8. Crap. I went to a friend's house for new years and wrestling came up. Downloaded the WWE app and was watching their monday night wars series. RIP
  9. I may upgrade this year depending on how good Navi aftermarket cards are compared to my Vega 64. You can have my Vega if you want it assuming I upgrade. Just warning it is a power hog needs 2 8 pin connectors. I don't expect Navi cards to come out until Q3 though so it will be a bit.
  10. Gonna start a RE2 playthrough later tonight.
  11. Zaku3

    PC Steam Winter Sale 2018

    Yakuza Zero is damn good. Warning no dub so you need subtitles.
  12. Its on fanatical with a 20% discount. Might put in for 2 days off for it.