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  1. Correct. It's just that they stopped futher developments on gas engines. Which is great.
  2. Crap it's dead guys. Might have to wait until next week. My prescription plan is screwing me on my medicine and I may have to pay out of pocket.
  3. #notsuprised Seriously though the cable industry is slowly fading away there is no way in hell internet prices aren't gonna rise to make up for the lose.
  4. I am hyped. Wish it was on Adult Swim for nostalgia purposes.
  5. They pay for the exclusive rights for it. They probably feel they make more money selling you both their service and sunday ticket then just selling the sunday ticket.
  6. Plus it's finale divided the fan base so some of them may not want to come back for spin offs/sequels.
  7. Whole service. Something about violating TOS. Someone I was playing HOI4 with said it might have been a server that was banned and it banned anyone connected to it.
  8. I got banned from discord and I don't know why.
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