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  1. Guess I am upgrading then. Did not know that. Ok my hobby speading needs to calm down a bit. I basically need new CPU/mobo/RAM.
  2. Problem is that gaming is generally instant gratification. I don't think I'd be this motivated if my depression wasn't acting up a bit and War Thunder. It's fun once you are fully upgraded in a tank but the grind to unlock vehicles and upgrade them is insane. I have fun now that I have a variety of fully upgraded tanks but my desire to grind another line is pretty dead. It also got me back because I am a socialist and all the cool Soviet tanks broke me. Lol
  3. I finished grinding the Soviet tank tree in Warthunder and have hit hobbying hard. Assembled a Gun-EZ, dipped my toes into tank modeling, (got a T-34/ 85 mod 1944 and a T-80U), and am painting my thallax and horusnheresy Dark Angels. Warthunder is such a grind and the amount of whaling needed to get it done in a reasonable amount of time kinda burned me out on gaming. Also my friend raised a good point video gaming isn't entirely going away but my physical ability to make models and paint is limited. I do need to come up with a schedule though. Right now I assemble wh
  4. Still unsure if this is a worthwhile upgrade from a 4.6Ghz I7 6700k. Will have to wait on benchmarks. I am interested.
  5. Same. Happens alot at best buy. I think I still have a card in cart actually. At this point I might as well wait to see what RDNA2 is about.
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