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  1. It is possible it might still "switch" if you can somehow get it into the dock?
  2. What about just a window mounted or a portable AC unit?
  3. Crap did not know that was a thing. I will cancel my order and just get her one later. I think Target sells em and I have gift cards from work.
  4. I got my mom another Kindle Fire she broke the two we had. I dont use it myself but she uses them. Probably won't get anything for myself. I just bought the 5700 XT.
  5. I know and it makes no sense to upgrade but I still want to. Is this how @Mr.Vic20 feels about new high end GPUs?
  6. Dude we have floating airfields. Just wanted to credit where I got calling carriers floating airfields. It's the 2nd segment. Also fellow D1P'ers this could be us but we never play the same games as each other.
  7. SU-57 orders incoming. Also NATO seriously I need a reporting name for this thing.
  8. One of the things clinging to me is the PCIE. Gigabyte has a PCIE 4.0NVME SSD. Its 500 dollars but I'd jump on it for the speed.
  9. It makes no sense to get it but I ain't gonna front that the urge is so powerful I'd buy it if microcenter had stock.
  10. Damn. I looked over the article after posting and yes it mentioned a new socket. Do you guys think a Ryzen 9 3900x would be a worthwhile upgrade from my 6700k. I have it on 4.3Ghz and feel I could probably get 4.4 at most 4.5 on aircooling? But that new build itch is hitting me with the Ryzen hype. I am already thinking hey I could finally dive into water cooling. With the most RGB lighting I can get. (I legit blame Linus for getting me into RGB)
  11. Are they LGA2011? Might be worth an upgrade from my 6700k. Been at 4.3Ghz for too long. I want 5Ghz+ already. I got my 5700xt need to install it. While i was there 3 other people were picking up online orders for Ryzen.
  12. The regular switch does have a bigger screen. I'd over all recommend it if price isn't an issue or maybe a kid.
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