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  1. The real news is that Jeff Bezos is finally launching people into space in July!* Blue Origin was actually founded BEFORE SpaceX. *Not into orbit, just into suborbital space, straight up and down.
  2. Trump's new social media website was set up by Ryan Howard
  3. The other day at work, we were talking (literally talking) about a product of some kind, and the next day when I opened up my Facebook app on my phone, there were a bunch of ads on my stream about that product. I thought that was weird, and I verified that I didn't search for that thing by looking through my search history on Chrome. I legit think that the Facebook app was listening to our conversation.
  4. The reward should be cash, and not some sort of tax credit or other bullshit like that.
  5. Exploration for exploration's sake? I know it's a TV show, but that's sort of the point of Star Trek. Captain Kirk wasn't going around trying to conquer planets or do harm, his mission was to explore and increase humanity's shared knowledge. As to why they just wouldn't set up a telescope...I suppose we could conduct quite a bit of research on Antarctica with satellites, but we still chose to send researches there to study the continent, and the Earth as a whole.
  6. I reject the argument that UFOs/Aliens cannot or have not visited the Earth, because the distances between solar systems is light years, making travel all but impossible. It's a bad argument because it's very likely the technology at play is eons ahead of what man has thought up, and we simply don't know everything about physics. We "know" the laws of physics, until we discover some new quirk or alternative explanation. That isn't to say that faster than light travel is possible, but surely Aliens have the knowledge and technology to cover vast distances in very little time.
  7. There's nothing left of Vista after that Spirit Cooking party Bill and Melinda threw (with the Clintons, of course) back in 2013.
  8. When we still lived in Oregon, I made it a point to cut down the tall grass behind my house. It wasn't our property, but the city didn't maintain it (very steep), and it was a huge fire hazard by the time it all dried out in ~June.
  9. Libruls: Let's set up safe injection sites for heroin users AND ban cigarettes. Conservacucks: Let's wage a war on heroin and have babies smoke cigarettes. Libertarians: Let's set up safe injection sites and let people smoke if they want to. They can wreck their bodies if they so choose.
  10. Bans work well. We can then have the cops kill more black people for selling tobacco, like are being killed now over other drugs.
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