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  1. I've been told (and read) that the reason why Boeing sucks ass is because they went from a company led by engineers, to being a company led by MBAs.
  2. ...So the government will still pay for the administration of the doses to the uninsured? Yes, it's dumb. And inefficient. And causes confusion.
  3. Regardless if the vaccine is free to the end user, it makes the entire process super inefficient to have multiple payers - the government had already committed to buying enough doses for every eligible American, so to insert insurance carriers into the mix is just dumb.
  4. I was asked for my insurance card when I got mine done at the university here in Las Vegas.
  5. I think Michael Cohen also confirmed that the Don is into peepee play - he paid some strippers in Las Vegas to piss on each other from what I remember.
  6. Don't they have quite a high number of mass killings per capita compared to the rest of yurop? Mass Shootings By Country 2021 WORLDPOPULATIONREVIEW.COM
  7. I can support this, as long as they never consider an income tax in the state.
  8. At this point, it is Biden's (and the Democratic Congress) problem.
  9. Elon Musk's SpaceX hits $100 billion valuation after secondary share sale WWW.CNBC.COM The valuation of Elon Musk's SpaceX crossed $100 billion following the company's latest financing round, CNBC has learned, which was announced this week.
  10. After reading up on this story a bit more, it sounds like this kid (really an adult at 18) was getting bullied. The family contends that the school was not helping him at all, so he brought a gun for protection. Things got out of hand, and here we are. The school shares some blame here. But even if the guy was getting bullied, he should still face the a harsh prison sentence. He had other options that didn't involve bringing a gun to school. And yeah, this type of school shooting is NOT the same thing as what we saw at Columbine or Sandy Hook. Motives and outcomes were different.
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