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  1. I've been listening to the soundtrack to Hamilton for the last month and now i can't get the "the room where it happened" song out of my head.
  2. My buddy who was a helicopter mechanic in the army once told me the importance of the Jesus nut.
  3. They've gone all in on Trump. If they shun him, he will actively campaign against not only the Democrats, but every single Republican who doesn't back him 100%. But they know if they back him 100%, there is bound to be a lot of backlash from their constituents.
  4. I like the theory that Trump forced his legal team to have a very short speaking time today because he had golf scheduled this afternoon. He can't simultaneously jerk off to his legal team defending him while at the same time be at the golf course.
  5. Trump's defense team has up to 24 hours to deliver their defense of the President. They spend about 2 hours today before adjourning until Monday.
  6. Go for it. I don't give a shit if Biden testifies. Whether he or his son committed criminal acts in Ukraine doesn't absolve Trump of his own criminal acts. If I break into your house and find a pound of cocaine, I'll still be prosecuted for breaking and entering.
  7. I live in Vegas with a lot of international travelers coming in and out of town.
  8. Intentionally doe. They successfully performed an in-flight abort test of their manned Dragon capsule. Assuming all of the criteria was successfully met, NASA will officially certify the Dragon 2 to carry astronauts to the ISS a few months from now. It will have been 9 years since the US had the ability to launch humans - the Space Shuttle was retired in 2011.
  9. The governor is violating the first and second amendment rights of the people of Virginia.
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