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  1. Well, they were historically under the boot of the Soviets, so why not??? 1. Finnish people are white 2. They don't use that alphabet with the backwards R's and shit. So, yes. He assumes they are a part of NATO.
  2. So the election was rigged. By Obama. In favor of Trump. Lol
  3. Let's assume that Obama KNEW everything about what Russia was trying to do, and was sure that Hillary would win. If that's the case, why did Obama keep the Russia meddling secret? Wouldn't leaking to the press, or even having the government brief the country directly, about how Russia was trying to help Trump and hurt Clinton pad her win?
  4. My credit union knows I'm raw dogging it? Big brother is definitely here!
  5. I think in general card security is getting better. The card companies must have some pretty good algorithms to identify suspicious activity, because my card was once frozen within a few minutes of a thief using it to purchase something for like $28.
  6. Yeah, I've been with Navy Federal Credit Union for 15 years. Almost always a good experience. Only problem with using them is that there isn't a branch within over a 100 miles of me. Luckily they do partner with a lot of local banks/credit unions for no-fee ATMs.
  7. Although that's true, the few times my bank card number has been stolen, the bank/card company has been awesome about repatriating the funds that were taken.
  8. I'm pretty much in agreement. I do have old credit card debt that we are paying off, and should be all done by next year. We haven't used the actual card in a long time. I should be in a position next year to never need to use credit again, aside from buying a house when we move.
  9. I pay for all of my stuff with silver bullion and tool grade diamonds. You guys are a bunch of schleps to use credit cards.