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  1. Sure. But they should also adhere to the rules of their early release.
  2. With my Navy background, it was quite common to use homosexual slurs against my friends and coworkers. They weren't used against them in anger or whatever, it just flowed freely from everyone's mouths. That changed though when I started working with an openly gay shipmate. It never occurred to me those words were truly hateful until he let me know that type of language hurts - even when you don't use it out of anger. Looking back, I cringe at some of the language I (and others) used so freely, now that I realize those words are hurtful to others.
  3. Eh, this is bad taste. It's like making fun of people who've had a leg amputated or similar. No one should give someone a pass for making fun of Duckworth's legs, the same goes here. "hurr durr, but it's true though! He has less of a chance of catching the virus because he only has one eye!" Sure, ok. But someone could also claim that Duckworth has less of a chance of stubbing her toe.
  4. Speaking of founding fathers - have you all watched Hamilton on Disney Plus yet? I never had the chance to watch it live in a theater, and I've only ever gotten to listen to the sound track. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. They obviously took a lot of liberties in the story telling, but it was an interesting perspective on some of the founders.
  5. Serious question: Is the term "Latinx" used within Spanish speaking countries very much? For a language that relies heavily gendered nouns, it seems weird - but I'm not a Spanish speaker or have much of a connection to those cultures.
  6. To prove to the world that Trump is smart and can actually earn a degree, he should do a "Billy Madison" and repeat each grade 2 weeks at a time. Televised.
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