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  1. At what income level would that 70% rate start at? That's an important factor, I think.
  2. He will probably serve Bojangles or Popeye's chicken for the MLK day celebration at the White House then.
  3. Criticizing this thing today because the food is unhealthy is silly. It's one meal, that is probably no more or less unhealthy than what the WH might have served. Criticize this because it's just...Trashy.
  4. Rand has gone down hill for me. He could have been the future of the GOP, but he chose to gurgle Trump's balls instead.
  5. mclumber1

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    The thing about low gas prices is that it tends to slow or stop extraction in the United States. The lower the price of oil, the harder it is to justify drilling here, thereby hurting domestic oil companies.
  6. Will we allow Britain to retain the queen once it becomes the 51st state in a few years?
  7. mclumber1

    Canada vs Saudi Arabia: The Beef of the 21st Century

    The big test for the Trump administration will be whether it sides with Canada or Saudi Arabia if this spat becomes worse.
  8. mclumber1

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Culture changes, sometimes rapidly. Example: It wasn't even 15 years ago, calling your friends "fag" was a term on endearment - now I cringe when I hear it.