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  1. The attacks by Trump and his ilk against Biden's cognitive state are largely falling flat I believe. It doesn't help when Trump himself is showing signs of cognitive decline.
  2. I would base it on the common good. Women will get abortions regardless if it is legal or not. If it is illegal, we will just create more criminals, and likely cause a lot more botched abortions in which the mother dies in addition to the child. Basing abortion rights on privacy is dumb, because the government could (theoretically) create a law that says "as long as you keep your abortion private, you are fine, but if you disclose the fact that you had an abortion, you may be charged with a crime." It doesn't matter now, I agree. Overturning Roe v Wade doesn't alter
  3. Roe v Wade was a bad decision anyways. You really have to jump some huge logical hurdles to equate privacy to abortion rights.
  4. The Dems should just accept the fact that they got hosed on this and use it as a rallying cry to get their people to vote on November 3rd. In fact, if the GOP slams through a nominee before the election, it takes away a lot of the wind in the sails of GOP voters.
  5. We've already decided that the government can withhold highway funds from states that don't raise their drinking age to 21. It isn't a far leap to say they also have the power to do this. Creeping Federal authority is a bitch.
  6. Yeah. For instance, Pope Francis was an incredibly good person before he was made Pope! But no one is going to remember him for riding the subway in Argentina or his work as a priest before he was elected. He will be remembered for what he did as Pope.
  7. Reading through a thread on asktrumpsupporters on Reddit, and there is a few people upset that Trump may choose Amy Coney Barrett because she adopted a black Haitian child, which means she is a race traitor and a supporter of black lives matter.
  8. What's worse: "fuck RBG for her hubris" "I want to chop off the heads of billionaires"
  9. Doesn't a no confidence vote require a majority of MPs to vote in favor of that motion? How often does that happen when it's the minority party (or parties) hold no effective power?
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