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  1. I think so. Or at least that's how I remember it.
  2. Both of those stories are quite important, I think. For the Rosenstein story, I wonder if when Barr was fully briefed on the Mueller investigation, he was like "lol, nope. This is all your's Rod!".
  3. I work with an electrical engineer who wears cowboy boots.
  4. You can own them though. They aren't illegal. You'd have to get a restricted PAL from what I understand though. As far as AR-15's, Gamble is more or less on correct by pointing out that there are semi-auto firearms that are equivalent to the AR-15 that are completely legal and easily accessible in Canada. You are limited to a 5 round magazine, but the magazines are often just pinned versions of larger capacity magazines which are easily (but illegally) modifiable to accept 10 rounds or more. EDIT: Here are a selection of rifles you can buy in Canada on a non-restricted (normal) license: https://www.firearmsoutletcanada.com/rifles/non-restricted AFAIK, you don't undergo a background check when you buy/transfer guns in Canada. You show proof that you have a valid PAL, and the transfer takes place. It's actually less of a hassle at point of sale in Canada than it is in America.
  5. This is what his Tweet reminded me of:
  6. I would say they are more comparable to Canada's gun laws than the US's. Shit, in some ways Canada's gun laws are better than America's from a gun owners perspective.
  7. I find it comparatively easy to watch footage of actual war between combatants. It's easier because you have people on both sides, otherwise equally armed and trained, so when you see a soldier die, it's not shocking. What is shocking and difficult to watch, or even read about, is when that same type of violence is taken upon unarmed civilians.
  8. It will be interesting to see what is proposed, and if that proposal would have had any bearing on yesterday's attack.
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