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  1. I wonder how much maneuvering fuel was used up trying to compensate for this error? The maneuvering fuel is important, as it is used not only to correctly orient the ISS, but also to boost it to maintain its orbit. Without fuel, the station naturally falls back to earth due to drag from the atmosphere.
  2. Whole lotta grab-ass going on in the locker room after the games!
  3. Google will require employees to be vaccinated before returning to offices WWW.THEVERGE.COM Starting with US workers "in the coming weeks."
  4. My grandpa suffered for 20 years after doctors saved his life following a heart attack and stroke. His life was horrible between that time and when he died in 2013.
  5. I wish I could buy some ammo right now. it's harder to come by than graphics cards.
  6. Are they the types who still think the virus is a hoax? Or do they at least recognize that it's real, but they feel that getting sick is safer than the vaccine?
  7. Executive order vs. law passed by Congress, probably. I'm surprised it took this long. NGL, even if DACA has its merits, it's foundation was shaky at best.
  8. Wait, does Russian Cyrillic language use lower case letters? OR ARE PEOPLE ALWAYS YELLING WHILE THEY READ AND WRITE IN RUSSIAN?
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