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  1. There should be a constitutional amendment adding criminal convictions to the 15th amendment. Won't happen, obviously.
  2. Keep in mind that Mike Pence is the same guy who tried to challenge North Korea to a cross-DMZ staring contest https://thinkprogress.org/mike-pence-dmz-mean-mugging-4416f20192f9/ “I thought it was important that we went outside,” Pence said, according to the Post. “I thought it was important that people on the other side of the DMZ see our resolve in my face.”
  3. He legit looks like he's in a retirement home and his family's come to visit him in this picture
  4. So we're back to doing birtherism again? Cool, cool. Very cool (Okay, he edited the tweet and he may not have been talking about congress, because Trump is impossible to understand)
  5. lol is Tivo even a going concern anymore? Answer: Kinda? https://techcrunch.com/2019/03/01/tivo-prepares-to-split-its-business-into-two-as-it-pursues-sale/
  6. I dunno if I buy this. It seems like they're going entirely off of the Bleeding Cool story that they link to, and that story is just them spitballing reasons why Marvel would host a panel like that. I definitely believe the news about the store closures because my LCS is definitely a wasteland whenever I'm in there, but I don't buy into the idea that the fate of the industry hinges on whether people respond to a South by Southwest panel.
  7. I mean, whatever the hell this was supposed to be was a real thing that they did https://www.theverge.com/2017/10/9/16450346/zuckerberg-facebook-spaces-puerto-rico-virtual-reality-hurricane
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