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  1. They cut a lot of money for transit out of the final deal, which sucks, but for a while part of the cost offset being discussed was privatizing a bunch of stuff and it looks like that stuff was taken out.
  2. Absolutely reckless for Diane Feinstein to not have resigned by now. Non-trivial chance a Republican governor is gonna pick her replacement.
  3. A food company should announce simultaneously that they're going to refuse to do any catering for same sex weddings and also announce that they're suspending business in Israel at the same time.
  4. I like a mimosa to along with a fancy brunch or whatever, but champagne on its own, I'm mostly with Wade. Not that interesting.
  5. Henry Winkler's gonna become Ozymandias from Watchmen
  6. I remember Pompeo got asked about climate change at one point during the Trump administration and he started talking about how we should take advantage of new arctic shipping lanes opening up.
  7. It seems like we need some kind of moonshot advancement in carbon capture beyond any current conception of the technology, or just start preparing to develop the chemical they shot into the sky in Snowpiercer or something. It really does not seem like some loose commitments to decarbonize by 2050 are gonna get the job done at this point.
  8. Really, really, not good that like 30% of the country thinks the last Presidential election was rigged, and two high-profile elections on either side of it actually were massively botched.
  9. Yeah, 67 actually seems like a lot of defectors when "It's impossible to learn civil war history except by looking at the statues" was a pretty standard talking point last year.
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