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  1. I earnestly hope that this leads to at least a few MAGA mindset people who don't currently wear masks in public to start.
  2. There was a district in update NY that had a special election during their primary last month. I don't know the number offhand. I guess the results were something like R+30 on election night and had shrunk all the way down to about R+5 once the mail-in vote was counted. So if the election night vs. mail-in swing is that dramatic nationwide, that is something that's in the back of my mind--that Republicans would hold up the margin itself as evidence that of course the mail-in vote is rigged.
  3. I could see maybe a mass resigning & replacement of any conservative judges that are near retirement age that haven't already been replaced, since that's one thing that they could do without involving the House. If they controlled both houses of Congress, you're right, they absolutely would run the Wisconsin playbook and try and kneecap the power of the presidency.
  4. Insert all the usual caveats here. Four months to go, dynamics of the race can change, voter disenfranchisement, etc. etc. But they're on the defensive in so, so many places that they didn't have to concern themselves with at all in 2016
  5. Definitely good vibes watching a stormtrooper beckon you to come towards a pandemic hot spot.
  6. Because my brain is broken this is all I can think about when I hear Goya
  7. Illinois cases and positive % are both on the upswing now. It's been exactly two weeks since we reopened partial indoor restaurants and bars. Illinois has handled itself better then some, but I think they fucked up with that. I don't think anything involving prolonged indoor exposure is going to work until the baseline of cases are way, way further down. I honestly don't know what to do with school in the fall. I'd be an absolute mess right now if I had kids.
  8. The Big 10 is expected announce soon that they're cancelling all non-conference games for fall sports. I gotta believe this is gonna be like what happened in the spring where a couple of individual conference tournaments were cancelled but then the dominoes started falling and within a day or two there was no more march madness. I don't think we're getting fall college football.
  9. Look, we've all played Civ, this is because Polynesia gets to start with the ability to move across ocean tiles.
  10. Everybody knows Ecstasy of Gold from Good the Bad and the Ugly, for good reason, but this is one that sticks with me a lot too. The entire score is gorgeous. Also, don't forget about The Thing! Good as hell.
  11. I'm like -7.0 in my left eye, plus there's some astigmatism correction in there, and I don't know what those numbers mean. My right eye isn't as bad as that.
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