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  1. Ron DeSantis wants to make it legal for drivers to run over protesters
  2. You may recall this tweet going viral during an argument about gun control Well, Hog wild: U.S. has ‘out of control’ population of ‘super-pigs,’ expert says WWW.WSAV.COM Super-pigs are also able to grow very big — about 75 to 250 pounds on average, the Department of Agriculture says. But they can be twice that size and reach up to three feet in height.
  3. Supposedly the best time to get one to have a good shot at immunity lasting for the duration of the season is right around end of September/start of October, so probably gonna get one next weekend
  4. If you wanted to find a pretext to start doing nullification stuff, you could point to any of Trump's recent quotes that make clear that he doesn't consider anything that happens in a blue state to be the president's responsibility to do something about.
  5. My only gripe is that it seems like a lot of people are trying to drum up money specifically for the McGrath race and not the races that are actually winnable
  6. Apparently Trump's claiming that Oracle's agreed to pay $5 billion into some sort of education fund to pay for the Teach That Slavery Was Good Actually program or whatever that he announced last week. Guessing that this is one of those things that he just kind of invented on the spot and won't actually materialize, but who knows.
  7. Yeah, I'm sure it is true that the highest concentrations are in different areas than in the first wave, but I also think it's plainly true that we're not right on the precipice of getting to a place where the virus no longer has any opportunities to grow anywhere. A lot of people are still trying to cling to the notion that we're right around the corner from getting back to normal, with or without a vaccine.
  8. There's been a theory people have kept floating out there that once you get to about 20% exposure in a given area then herd immunity effects start kicking in because of preexisting cross-immunity of some form or another, and it seems like there are several places now that are really debunking that theory. Florida is persistently at +3,000 cases a day. New York is maybe ticking back up again. In Europe, Spain has been way up again.
  9. There's a statement from the university further down in the replies that basically amounts to, "yeah, we're looking into it"
  10. More and more I think that when the history of this period is written a few decades from now, assuming we haven't just cooked ourselves by then, the consensus is going to be that we've been in one uninterrupted political crisis at least since the 2000 election, and everything that's happening now is kind of the late stages of a domino effect that could only have been stopped years before now.
  11. She absolutely should've stepped down when Dems had the Senate and the presidency, but let's be real, the central issue is the absolute dogshit constitutional system we have where an octogenarian guessing wrong about their health for the next four years has the potential to completely shift the balance of power for the next generation
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