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  1. 21 GOP votes plus 47 Dems gets you to 2/3rds on an impeachment vote. They had the power to solve this problem for themselves if they had a mind to.
  2. They're still too gutless to do anything except put out these written statements on social media. And there's hedging language in here for no real reason ("thus far found them without merit"). Nevertheless, we continue to make gradual progress on the "Senators acknowledge reality" front.
  3. Yeah, For a while we were still gonna try and see both sets of parents, but we've axed that. It's just not worth it. The vaccine news is so positive, I'd rather not fuck around right now and just get together and eat a bunch of food at some point next year after our parents are able to get vaccinated.
  4. Remember when Lara Logan was on 60 Minutes? You know, like, the longest running, most respected long-form news show on TV?
  5. Between this and the Wayne County board member saying that they wanted to certify all of the results except for Detroit, the GOP is making very clear that what they mean by "voter fraud" is that "black people voted in the election"
  6. Jeb "Please Clap" Bush is trying to start a feud with a Twitter account that rates what you can see of people's rooms when they're doing remote interviews on the news.
  7. MAGA runoff boycott is gaining steam. I once again feel the need to reiterate about how ABSOLUTELY owned I would be if this happened.
  8. I, a lib, would definitely feel extremely owned if every Trump loyalist boycotted the Georgia runoffs. Extremely owned.
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