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  1. Ron DeSantis is the one true heir to the MAGA throne. Just a completely amoral shithead.
  2. The old Onion "No Way to Prevent This..."" headline should be amended to, "One Way to Prevent This: Constantly Have an Ongoing Viral Pandemic"
  3. Gotta love the classic Trump bit where he adds "That's true" after the stuff he reads off the teleprompter because he's clearly reading it for the first time and is just agreeing with whoever wrote it.
  4. Hey, if that guy can convince a bunch of his friends that dropping beans off at a food pantry counts as owning the libs, I'll take that over guys in trucks decked out with Thin Blue Line flags trying to run protesters over or something.
  5. They banned the Muppets = there's a brief disclaimer at the beginning of the Disney+ version of the Muppet show. It has to be so exhausting constantly getting this worked up over absolutely nothing.
  6. I endorse the duck truck design, but apparently the current plan is to only have about 10% of them be electric, which seems absurd.
  7. So if she has a mind to, Kamala can just say the Byrd rule is wrong, we're putting it in the bill, and dare 60 Senators to vote against it.
  8. Look, I consider music programs in schools to be important, but..... seriously, what the fuck are we doing here. C'mon.
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