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  1. Zero reason to be this insistent on passing infrastructure first unless your intention is to completely kill the reconciliation bill afterward.
  2. It's just amazing to me how fast the entire GOP apparatus starting working to pump out these narratives once they decide on one. Supply line problems have been ongoing basically since the start of COVID, but they seem to have decided within the last 48 hours to say it's entirely Biden's fault. Obviously when you have a cable news channel that's basically an extended arm of the party it makes it easier, but you still get the sense that Democrats absolutely could not message like this on anything if they tried to.
  3. Nancy Pelosi publicly trashed the Green New Deal when it was first announced, which was basically based around the last IPCC report, which had just come out. I think the number of the sitting politicians who actually believe in climate science as it currently exists--and not a rosier version of it where we can get some F-150 Lightnings on the road and turn on a couple of Carbon Capture machines and fix everything--is depressingly small.
  4. We might just be fucked. I don't really know what to say at this point.
  5. There's always two votes. One to "invoke cloture" aka stop debate and vote on the bill, and then the actual vote on the bill itself. The cloture vote is the one that, so long as the filibuster rules are in place, requires 60 votes to pass.
  6. There are still people who will unironically refer to this as the world's greatest deliberative body.
  7. So much time absolutely wasted this week negotiating this deal on a TWO MONTH extension and then the GOP having to spend time amongst themselves finding the 10 people to actually vote on it. The idea that this is supposed to be somehow less stupid than minting a big coin and stamping $1T on it is absurd.
  8. The cuts he's asking for are brutal, and yet he's still actually negotiating with concrete demands, which is still better than Sinema saying, "New phone, who dis" every time she accidentally runs into a constituent or reporter on her way to a fundraiser.
  9. We know for a fact that Trump started watching OANN and Newsmax instead of Fox at the end of his presidency because they were telling him what he wanted to hear. It's undoubtedly true that the feedback loop Trump got from watching that stuff contributed to how much he dug in on refusing to concede after the election. It's probably fair say that AT&T is directly responsible for permanently damaging American democracy by creating this network.
  10. I'm just floored by every one of these new sets I see because the art somehow looks shittier with every new one that crops up.
  11. Investors Spent Millions on 'Evolved Apes' NFTs. Then They Got Scammed WWW.VICE.COM The developer behind the NFT project, 'Evil Ape,' suddenly disappeared along with its Twitter account, website, and $2.7 million. And the same people actually fell for this shit again!
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