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  1. Favorite place I visited while in the Navy - Hong Kong. Perth was a close second place. Least favorite place I visited while in the Navy - Chennai India
  2. My intel sources are saying that tomorrow will not really be an inauguration ceremony. Instead, the military will arrest all of the pedos, including (((Biden))), and the Supreme Court will hold a expedited trial that will ultimately crown Mister Trump as leader of our nation.
  3. To be fair, I use it as a body pillow, as I'm a side/stomach sleeper. It provides just enough cushion to get me at the right angle. I've also had this pillow for ~2 years now, and it's held up better than any other pillow I've ever owned.
  4. I actually do enjoy my Mypillow. I'd hate to see the brand go out of business after the Mypillow guy gets sued for defamation. Maybe instead of a cash judgement/settlement, Dominion gets the Mypillow brand and factory - and you could buy a MyDominionPIllow at Kohls.
  5. For sure. I hope that these chuds actually paid out cash in hopes of a pardon, but Trump just takes their money and gives them nothing in return.
  6. As Trump sits in solitary confinement in 2 years, the Qultists will claim "this is all 4D chess. Trust the plan!".
  7. I'm of the opinion that accepting the pardon in exchange for money is in itself bribery. So yes, whatever crime they committed originally would be we pardoned, but they'd be facing bribery charges for accepting the pardon. The President would also be susceptible to the same bribery charges.
  8. I know. One thing that was really chilling to me is that, around the same time Trump tweeted out about how Pence was being weak, his supporters were chanting "hang Mike Pence". I hope this evidence is presented at the trial. That should be pretty easy because the Democrats will control the Senate.
  9. Rest easy folks. Fuckin Chuck Norris was NOT involved in the insurrection.
  10. The lockdown has did a number to this guy's hair. Someone get him a barber!
  11. She needs to name some names. If true, there would be corresponding video evidence.
  12. I'm all for concealed carry, but when armed security is provided in a venue, there is absolutely no reason for anyone, other than the security forces themselves, to be armed.
  13. Hopefully Mitch and Schumer call everyone back into session on Thursday and end this fiasco for good.
  14. Biden should absolutely NOT hold a public swearing in ceremony. Do it in the basement of the Supreme Court with the Chief Justice and few witnesses. He should also tell all of his supporters who had plans on coming to watch the inauguration to stay home.
  15. Trump would burn this country to the ground if it meant he isn't criminally prosecuted and sued.
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