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  1. The Libertarian Party has chosen it's nominee for the 2020 election. Jo Jorgensen was selected via the party's convention yesterday. She is a professor at Clemson, and was previously the party's vice presidential nominee in 1996. I honestly don't know much about her beyond what I've read this morning, but it will be interesting to see which party blames her for losing the election come November.
  3. That's totally weird. You may have a virus because those ads are different from the standard "there are hot milf's waiting for you right now!" Ads everyone else sees.
  4. Whoever uses any part of any appropriation made by Congress for work relief, relief, or for increasing employment by providing loans and grants for public-works projects, or exercises or administers any authority conferred by any Appropriation Act for the purpose of interfering with, restraining, or coercing any individual in the exercise of his right to vote at any election, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.
  5. If you are into overpriced paper mache vases, this is certainly a sad day.
  6. I see a lot of people selling masks in parking lots right now. $5 each or 5 for $20. Capitalism. Checkmate.
  7. Maybe the doctor is pulling a reverse Nacho Varga vs Hector Salamanca (Better Call Saul) move on Trump?
  8. I listened to that podcast a few weeks ago. It's very good, albeit sad.
  9. They could've had a much simpler bill that helps the people just as much, if not more than this $3T bill.
  10. Will you receive any type of assistance to upgrade your home office? (assuming you have an office in your house)
  11. What are the jobs prospects for Guillotine Operators looking like in near future?
  12. My wife was sick for over a month. Still feeling affects of it actually. When we were finally able to get a test, she came back negative. The problem is I'm not aware of any other virus or bacterial infection that would mirror both the symptoms and the length of sickness of COVID-19. I still think she had it, and my daughter and I were asymptomatic.
  13. Already at 85,000. We'd have to drop to like 100 deaths per day to get to 100,000 "perhaps" deaths. It's going to be way higher. It's going to fester for months, just like it has in Italy and Spain. Those countries are just now seeing daily numbers drop below 200 per day.
  14. He's not really wrong though. The federal and state governments don't have the ability or constitutional authority to track people without their consent. The best thing the federal government can do right now is be a strong advocate for proven mitigation strategies that also align with US law - practice social distancing, wear a mask, work from home, etc. Ultimately it will be up to every individual person and business owner to slow the spread until a vaccine is created. Caveat: we will still fail horribly at doing those things as a whole, and we will have excess deaths because of it.
  15. I disagree, at least when it comes to space exploration. The reason SpaceX exists is because when Musk went to Russia in the early 2000s to ask to buy a rocket to send a private probe to Mars, they laughed at him. Apparently that motivated him enough to create the company. Money has never been his primary goal with that company. I truly believe his singular goal is to make humanity a multiplanetary species. Tesla though? That's his personal money printing machine.
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