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  1. Good idea. It's a shame it's taken this long. Edit: I wonder if the people who man suicide hotlines end up having PTSD like many emergency room nurses have. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. It's got to be numbing or heartbreaking to an operator who is trying their hardest to convince someone not to end themselves, only to have the person go through with it.
  2. Aside from the more urban parts of Spokane, Yakima, Tri cities, and Pullman, Eastern Washington votes reliably red. I think the only county to vote for Clinton in 2016 was Whitman, which is home to WSU.
  3. We had a kickass underground (under ice really) base there in the 60s. It was powered and heated with a small portable nuclear reactor. They had to eventually abandon that base because the ice shifts slowly overtime, collapsing the tunnels. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Iceworm
  4. At one point after Wold War II, I read that there was a movement on Sicily to get annexed by the United States. It obviously never really gained popularity. Other interesting what ifs include Cuba and the Philippines - what if we had never granted them independence and they stayed territories (and eventually became states)?
  5. If we built a military base on Greenland it could probably employ a great number of people who live there. That's kind of how Guam's population makes a living. Without the Air Force and Navy bases on Guam, it would be a "shithole" territory.
  6. Is it possible to break your neck bones in a self hanging? I could see separated/broken vertebrae if you dropped some distance before the rope goes tight (like in a state sanctioned hanging), but if you essentially just choking yourself, it seems...far fetched.
  7. They should send in the prison guards from Epstein's jail block. The perp would probably just end up choking himself to death.
  8. I'm fine with a proportional EC, but as of now, it wouldn't work very well unless we expand the House.
  9. I've got to run, but my argument against the NPVC is that it is arguably unconstitutional, and that it is a fragile system: As soon as one of the states who are in the compact disagree with the outcome of having their electoral votes go to the candidate who didn't win their state, the state will be compelled by the voters in that state to pull out of the compact.
  10. Each citizen would be better represented, with smaller, more compact districts that better align with their political views and/or wants and needs.
  11. As I've stated before, the easiest and most constitutional thing that can happen is to expand the House to 1 Representative for every 200,000 residents. This would have the knock on effect of fixing one of the biggest flaws of the Electoral College, all without passing laws (such as the National Popular Vote Compact) that WILL be challenged in court, or passing a Constitutional Amendment, which is essentially impossible.
  12. The boys in blue wanted a vacation so they had to go investigate some crimes in the VI. Free airfare and lodging!
  13. You probably like Michael Bolton and eating saltines in milk.
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