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  1. I think March. They've been wasting all their time on this so far because no one thought they would win and there was no credible plan.
  2. The thing is, the UK has no credible alternative to Theresa May. Think about that for a second. She will likely be replaced by Boris Johnson who is even dumber than she is. Jeremy Corbyn rules Labour with an iron fist due to the fact that he was put in place by the Labour base, and they also want Brexit. So if he becomes PM the UK will be in the same place. And after all of this... a plurality still oppose a second referendum, and want a "better" deal. The only ones to blame for this are the ignorant masses of the UK who want all of the benefits of the EU without paying any of the costs (or sharing the responsibilities). It's boomer entitlement taken to the extreme. Honestly I can't see any final outcome except a no-deal exit followed by a decade of instability and economic ruin, with the eventual rise of even more populist right-wing rulers who will blame those damned Europeans for all of this.
  3. CitizenVectron

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

  4. Earlier reviews are quite strong. Basically the first half of the season (which reviewers had access to) is not-quite-as-good as Season 1, but MUCH better than Season 2.
  5. No stars will collide, I can assure you. You could collide 100 galaxies and the chances of any stars colliding would still be a fraction of 1%. Space is just too big, and stars are far too small. Basically no individual planets would be affected by this, which is crazy to think about.
  6. CitizenVectron

    Meet the Top 10 #Resistance Grifters

    Kind of related - The Mooch is joining celebrity Big Brother!
  7. I bought this to play the beta (and enjoyed it), but haven't installed it since. I've just been too busy with Path of Exile and Overwatch, and for some reason I haven't been tempted.
  8. Canada and KSA are really starting to beef heavily. First KSA cut diplomatic ties with Canada over the Canadian government's tweet about human rights in Saudi Arabia. Then, a teenage Saudi girl pleaded for asylum in Thailand, where the Canadian government took her in and flew her to Canada after she faced potential execution back home. Now, a Saudi national accused of sexual assault in Canada has disappeared and fled the country with the alleged help of the Saudi embassy: https://www.resetera.com/threads/canada-saudi-accused-of-sexual-assault-disappears-before-trial-authorities-fear-may-have-left-the-country-with-help-from-the-saudi-embassy.93168/ If I were a Canadian, I would stay far away from Saudi Arabia. I suppose that Canada has the luxury of telling the KSA to go fuck themselves, being a large oil producer itself.
  9. CitizenVectron

    Tag Restrictions on The Performing Arts Centre Board

    Good UI design demands quick and easy readability at a glance!
  10. CitizenVectron

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Yeah her candidacy is a non-starter. Obviously things can (and will) change, but I can only currently see the nomination going to one of the five following people: Warren Biden Harris O'Rourke Sanders In that order.