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  1. I wonder at what point Canadian immigration will pass the US on an annual basis. EDIT: 2018 immigration: USA - 1.1 million (.3% of pop of 327 million) Canada - 320,000 (.9% of pop of 37 million) 2018 refugees: USA - 22,000 (.007% of pop) Canada - 28,000 (.08% of pop) So perhaps not soon. But on a per capita basis, there is quite a difference.
  2. Yes these 3 teenagers' deaths are totally worth saving some carbon-emission decisions made by their parents, thanks for your opinion.
  3. How many GOO senators are needed to call witnesses? 4? So we can expect 3 to vote for it and the media will call them courageous even though they will have worked it out behind the scenes.
  4. Second choice only matters if your candidate gets less than 15%. Warren is around that mark, so her underperforming by a few % could give big gains to Bernie. Or the opposite.
  5. As I grow older, I come to see death as not a tragedy for the person who died, but for the people they leave behind. Even the worst assholes have people that loved them, and their death causes immense grief.
  6. A survey which shows the losing proposition of continuing to base policy on religious beliefs: Makes far more sense for the CPC to abandon abortion and same-sex issues if they want a chance to win federal government again.
  7. For anyone who wants to kill time. Secretly recorded in 2018.
  8. Imagine being one of the people in that room, recording that amazing piece of music and seeing the first new footage of Star Wars in 18 years above you. I can't imagine how it would have affected some of them emotionally.
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