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  1. Most would have gone along, even if they felt uncomfortable or repulsed. Mob behaviour is a powerful thing.
  2. So teens have discovered 1700s sea shanties and are bringing them back on Tik Tok: I love it.
  3. Canada is also going to suffer in the short-term because Pfizer is retooling a plant in the EU, so some of our doses will be delayed while that happens. Apparently the retooling will allow increased output that will break even by March. We would get doses from the plants in the US...but Trump instituted the rule that any vaccines made in the US have to stay in the US. So that's great.
  4. Also depends on the province, but yes, some are doing poorly. I don't know why the biggest province and biggest state in Canada and the US are doing so poorly compared to smaller ones.
  5. B.C. billionaire given the green light to sue Twitter over 'Pizzagate' tweets | CBC News WWW.CBC.CA West Vancouver billionaire Frank Giustra has been given the go-ahead to sue Twitter in a B.C. courtroom over the social media giant’s publication of a series of tweets tying him to baseless conspiracy theories involving pedophile rings and Bill and Hillary Clinton. On the one hand, sites shouldn't be held responsible for all content posted on them provided that they make good-faith efforts to remove illegal things. But in the case of Facebook, I think an argum
  6. Great thing about J&J vaccine is that it can be stored up to 3 months at 3-5C. This means they can use regular refrigerators, don't need freezers. That, combined with the single dose, means it will be perfect for the developing world.
  7. Every conversation in IT with management who aren't in IT is the same. "Hey can you change Microsoft Word so that there's a button for the students to do this thing?"
  8. Yeah basically plan on taking a sick day after the second shot. I wonder how the J&J single-shot vaccine will be tolerated. That will likely be rolling out within 30-45 days.
  9. We have two cats, both of whom were my wife's before we started dating, and they are 10 years old. Anytime either of them doesn't eat a lot or throws up, I start to think about them dying. They have so much personality, and even the grump one has become a soft old-timer over the years, always wanting cuddles. It also makes me sad to think when the pandemic is over and we both go back to working in the office, the cats will miss us all day.
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