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  1. Hours after insisting (incorrectly) that the federal government were the only ones that could lower the age for AZ... However,
  2. Trudeau is sending aid to Ontario (at no cost), along with coordinating with other provinces to provide extra doctors, etc. Ford has apparently refused this help (because it's better for him to continue to use Trudeau as a boogey man than admit he is helping). There are rumours that The federal government may invoke the Emergencies Act to give them jurisdiction over provincial affairs in this matter, and then force Ontario to comply with federal orders.
  3. Just total lies from Ford, at this point: Ontario has over a million doses just sitting in freezers, and the stockpile keeps growing each week. Health Canada also said today that provinces are free to use AstraZeneca for people below 55, the age limit is just a recommendation from NACI, not a regulation. Provinces can give whatever vaccines they want provided they've been procured by the federal government, as long as they get consent of the person receiving it.
  4. I would argue that the current situation is the doomsday in any other civilized country in the world. Yep. If you legalized murder by sword, I doubt murder rates would go up at all. But it just means you are condoning something that is already horrible (and showing you have no respect for human life).
  5. Hmm...that's later than Biden promised (he said before 100 days!). Is Biden a complete failure?
  6. Hey buddy, the federal government is doing an okay job (the exception being that borders should be totally closed off), it's the provincial turds that suck! It's very unfortunate that the biggest 6 provinces all decided to open up right when the third wave (variants) was starting. Even so, Canada is has only risen to the same level as the US has dropped to (which is seen as a success in the US). In the end, Canada will end up with (probably) around a 1/3 death rate per capita as the US. It's not a great comparison since the US handled it probably worse than any other country on Earth (Canada s
  7. If the people of Ontario don't vote in the Liberals or NDP after this...then I don't know what to say.
  8. Ford's caucus literally thinks that the virus is no big deal, they are all a bunch of morons. Current modelling predicts 18,000-30,000 cases per day by the end of May unless there is a 6-week stay at home order (total shutdown).
  9. This is big fucking news, because: Trudeau says Ontario requested assistance Ford then says Ontario did not request assistance Ford says Ontario doesn't need more capacity for administering doses, it needs more dose supply In reality, Ontario is sitting on over a million doses in freezers, and is struggling with getting them out (compared to other provinces) Trudeau gets 8 million more Pfizer doses anyway, because fuck it Trudeau says he is sending federal teams to Toronto to administer vaccines Trudeau says he is sending federal medical teams to Toro
  10. Easier to land people on the moon than build a subway or rail extension.
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