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  1. The thing is...a pardon doesn't exonerate someone. They are still guilty (and publicly known, at that) of whatever crime they were convicted of. In fact, being pardoned acknowledges the guilt as a precondition of receiving it. The pardon simply lets them ignore the legal consequences of the guilt. Any other consequences (from employers, society, etc) is fair game.
  2. Perhaps that is due to generational trauma though, which has left the Hyenas unable to function in a normal society due to the damage and oppression done to them by the Lions. If the Hyenas were never taught by their parents how to properly live, then are they to blame, or is the society who never helped them?
  3. But did they live in a shitty place because they were bad guys, or were they bad guys because they lived in a shitty place?
  4. What people want to believe Romney is doing: Being the modern Goldwater visiting Nixon to tell him to resign. What Romney is actually doing: Stern look at Trump with furrowed brow followed by an offer to wipe Trump's swampy ass.
  5. https://beta.cp24.com/news/2019/11/20/1_4693675.html Some interesting stats on the 36-person team: Average age: 51 Youngest: 32 Oldest: 73 Millenial: 2 Gen X: 24 Boomer: 10 Trudeau's age: 47 I'm glad to see the government continue to get younger and stay gender-balanced.
  6. Trump just announced the opening of a new Apple plant in Texas: Except...
  7. Ford is awful, and Kenney (recently elected Premier of Alberta) is even worse.
  8. Is Pete better than Trump? Oh of course yes. Is he better than Biden? Ppppprobably, if for no other reason than he's not 70+. Those are the strongest endorsements I can give him.
  9. From what I understand it is entirely physical with the exception of some animation they do for the irises. Two people operate the puppet remotely: one for eyes and mouth, the other for ears and body.
  10. Yeah the current uproar over his comments is overblown once you read the entire statement. It's basically "we should be pushing for better things and build on what we've already done, but some people are more in the middle so don't expect them to automatically be as excited, don't forget about them."
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