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  1. Yeah it's bad, but it could have been worse, so it's not really that bad!
  2. True. They got the LPC within the margin of error, but undercounted the CPC. However, everyone is showing numbers for an LPC minority right now.
  3. Lol okay so there is some context to this. Apparently he was being pushed on it and didn't bring it up:
  4. EKOS in Ontario has LPC at 39%, CPC at 26% (with the 3-day roll), which is outside the margin of error (though in reality could still be something like 34% LPC, 30% CPC), which would explain the drunk Frank Graves tweets last night about LPC being near majority. I am pumped to be on the GOTV team for my NDP candidate on monday, I'm volunteering for 7 hours in Regina-Lewvan. There's a real shot to unseat Warren Steinley with the CPC numbers dropping in Saskatchewan.
  5. The parties are absolutely shit at vetting. All three missed major issues in multiple candidates who have now withdrawn, but this is the worst. How hard is it to just google a person's name and look for crimes?
  6. Not a great strategy Majority of federal Conservative candidates won’t disclose COVID-19 vaccination status WWW.THEGLOBEANDMAIL.COM One Conservative candidate says the central campaign had told candidates not to respond to questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination status
  7. Lol that's good satire because it makes fun of the Liberals and NDP, but really hits Scheer hard.
  8. "Vote for the bad option so we don't give you something even worse next time," is what that opinion piece sounds like. Maybe instead of reflexively swinging hard-right, they should continue to try and grown their tent and appear to centrists. Scheer couldn't break through in Ontario because of that, and the boogyman of guns and abortion still haunt O'Toole, even if he personally doesn't give a shit about the issue (though I think he does, about guns). If the CPC wants to actually have a chance of winning greater than 35% of the popular vote, they should not just begrudgingly make a half-assed carbon plan, they should embrace it. They should boot the anti-abortion and anti-gay people from their caucus. But they won't, because that's a big chunk of their base in the west.
  9. I definitely do, but I don't have PayPal. Hmm, I don't know the best way to send money between Canada and the US like this!
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