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  1. Hmm! Tell me more! How is it different from l4d2?
  2. Mushroom clouds on the horizon will be a good reminder.
  3. That sucks that this is mediocre. Vermintide II is fantastic, but I really was hoping for a spiritual successor to L4D2.
  4. Apparently the currently one is too boring, and the new one will be red, white, and blue (in other words, gaudy). I believe people when they say the current jet is getting old and a new one is needed for technological reasons, but the current look is so classic (and classy):
  5. I mean, the preservation of norms is a good thing if both sides are willing to play by the rules. Otherwise you would be okay with the next Democratic President expanding the Supreme Court to 500 seats and stacking it with every single one of their friends.
  6. I'm glad I avoided it when it first launched, but this might get me into it! Is this update for PC as well?
  7. I think one thing I will grant Obama is that Presidents only really seem to have 1 year of political mandate in the US before everyone turns against them. So you get 1 year to do what you want, maybe 2 if you are lucky and get re-elected. Unfortunately for Obama much of that time was spent with the bailout, which for some reason was seen as a political issue that needed to use up political goodwill. Then he had to fight for the ACA, and that was pretty much all he was ever allowed to do (and didn't even get what he really wanted). Also yeah, Clinton made some big mistakes but she was far from being a bad candidate. She received the second-highest votes of any Democratic candidate in US history and won the popular vote by a decent margin. People like Kerry and Gore were worse candidates than her. Honestly her positions were pretty liberal (for American politics) but received almost no coverage. But that's normal, because US elections aren't about policies they are about personalities because the US electorate is a collection of Neanderthals and troglodytes.
  8. He may be donating to both parties (probably is to cover his bases) but the biggest lol is anyone saying he is a socialist!
  9. From my understanding (which could be incorrect), aren't a lot of standard costs not included in inflation calculations, like fuel costs and rent? Both of those have been increasing at much higher rates over the past few decades than other costs, which could explain the gap between the modern measurements and the old ones. All I know is that the government always says that inflation is 2 or 3%, yet in reality most people's costs are going up at a much higher rate, year-to-year.
  10. http://www.latimes.com/business/hiltzik/la-fi-hiltzik-employment-20180710-story.html Well duh.