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  1. The only hope is that Netanyahu is gone by the time it does, and so someone else can out the old coalition back together.
  2. This is the game that I want to upgrade my 1080ti for...but I don't think that will be possible.
  3. He said it without saying it: Finger-Pointing Season Is In Full Gear. Could An Election Be Far Behind? WWW.HUFFINGTONPOST.CA The “partisan side” of the COVID-19 crisis could be a “good opportunity” for Erin O’Toole, Harper’s former campaign manager says. “We know that most of the world will receive the vaccine before Canadians do,” O’Toole said Thursday. “Why did the prime minister negotiate deals that put Canada at the back of the line for COVID-19 vaccine?” We are in top few % of the world. Implying we'd be in the la
  4. This could change, but at least so far, there doesn't appear to be second-dose hesitancy/skipping like in the US. Hopefully that holds up as younger people are eligible for second shots/
  5. I am grateful that they at least didn't turn all anti-mask like many American politicians. The anti-mask streak in Canada (and anti-COVID-vaccine) definitely is a right-wing thing, but fortunately the major conservative party (CPC) hasn't embraced it.
  6. They consistently battered the government over the delays (which is part of the role of opposition), but they definitely bet wrong on if we'd achieve full vaccination this summer. By middle of August Canada will be the most-vaccinated OECD country. We're already first in single-doses (which has helped put us back below US case numbers). The Canadian vaccine strategy (especially in the face of no domestic manufacturing) has been really good, and the CPC just can't admit it.
  7. They latched onto the idea (in th first few weeks of vaccination) that Canada had completely failed to get contracts. Like QAnon, they obsessed over little details of dates in 2020 when agreements were signed, what it meant, etc. News came out today that Canada paid extra to get our vaccines faster...so watch the next Conservative attack be that we paid too much money (even though earlier attacks were that Trudeau should have done anything to get vaccines faster). Trudeau is their Obama, and everything he does is bad.
  8. Can't believe that any Conservatives hung their banner on the idea that Canada wouldn't be vaccinated until 2023. Canada will be fully vaccinated by mid August (possibly even late July,.with the increased shipments), and will pass the US (for full vaccination) by July 21.
  9. There is no solution. Nothing transformational will pass congress in our lifetimes. Or, if it does, it will be because the GOP have managed to take control of it entirely.
  10. Two guests onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise test COVID-19 positive WWW.REUTERS.COM Cruise operator Royal Caribbean (RCL.N) said on Thursday two guests onboard its Celebrity Millennium ship have tested positive for COVID-19, but are asymptomatic and currently in isolation.
  11. This one is Apple, but it definitely looks the most interesting of all these. I like that it didn't reveal the whole movie (except that it's a story about people finding meaning during an alien invasion).
  12. Really, really good. Great commentary about how our society (and us as individuals) has been consumed and subsumed by the internet and social media...presented self-referentially from someone who rose and gain prominence using the internet (and who is delivering their message through it). Very experimental, as comedy music programs go, and I think probably his best work. My favourite was probably Welcome to the Internet, though there isn't really a weak song.
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