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  1. In most places that will be the choice, as the NDP appear to be collapsing nationally and may only be competitive in 10-15 ridings.
  2. Yeah I know! Their non-binary has always leaned Conservative for some reason, which has had people speculating that they might only have a sample size of 3 or 4 and just happened to get a few extra Conservatives than you would expect. It's strange that in Canada the older population tends to skew Liberal, but I think it's because they remember the heydays of the Liberal Party (Pearson, Trudeau, etc) being in the public consciousness, while people in their 30s and 40s are trying to save money in an increasingly-unfair economy. I don't completely trust Forum's breakdowns, however. Nanos has probably the best reputation, and they are showing similar national numbers but refuse to show their regional/demographic internals.
  3. After an initial surge in support for the Conservatives (after the brown face photos were released) it looks like things are kind of moving back to where they were before: Check out the regional breakdown though:
  4. The US is basically in a Brexit situation in so much as it has no party able to effectively govern for the good of the people.
  5. I don't think anyone is cool with it. I think it's more "since then he has been a world leader in helping brown refugees while his opponent hires known current anti-immigrant racists as his staff," and so Trudeau is given a "pass" in the sense that he is lesser of two evils. He's a buffoon, but out ignorance, not malice. That's not to say that ignorant racism is good, because it's not. But the alternative in Canada is a cruel bigot who will out us back decades on social and racial policy.
  6. In the first day of complete polling after the brown face photos, support for the parties remains relatively untouched:
  7. Liberals found a video of Andrew Scheer joking about guns and saying (to gun activists) that he would take away the RCMP's ability to classify/schedule guns (for prohibited ones). They are using it to announce that military-style rilfes (like AR-15) will be completely banned in Canada:
  8. OR, it's because Bernie supports hound and harass every group that doesn't endorse him, and there is no reason to divulge that information.
  9. So far it seems that all of the major ethnic associations have come out behind Trudeau. Basically a "he's an idiot but he's not racist, and in fact has done more for immigration and refugees than any modern PM." And there is some outrage growing around white people being the ones feigning outrage. Strangely...Trudeau might come out of this okay because his major opponent is a know bigot.
  10. The CBC is the best, but even still most of their reporters are white. But you are correct, they are better than the rest (and also the furthest left of the TV stations).
  11. No, but almost all major media in Canada (outside of the Toronto Star paper) has a centre-right slant, or even full-right (PostMedia papers). And they all are mostly white.
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