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  1. N95 story getting big coverage in Canada, obviously. I didn't know this, but Canadian medical nuclear reactors supply all medical isotopes used in the US:
  2. The best trailer for any game, imo. Just reinstalling Skyrim: SE right now so I can put in another 40 hours and get nowhere.
  3. Canadian Rangers have been deployed to the far north to help remote communities manage containment of the virus' spread. For those unaware, Canadian Arctic Rangers are a reserve unit spread over the Canadian territories. They have very old equipment that stands up to the extreme cold, and are able to perform patrols using skidoo and even dogsled, living mostly in (and drawing membership from) Arctic Indigenous communities. And they have a badass flag and crest: They actually were the last Canadian unit to use Lee-Enfield bolt action rifles (from WWII). Just replaced them last year with C19 rifles (Sako FTC Tikka T3). Anyway, just a little aside on how far the spread is reaching.
  4. They only want power to get money (and more power) for themselves, so anyone who appears to be in a position to help people is immediately suspect, and an enemy. It's constant projection with conservative politicians and pundits.
  5. Wisconsin going to try and switch to all-mail election. This is only hours after it announced that 180 polling stations in Milwaukee would be reduced to 5 (which would have meant about 10,000 voters for each station).
  6. Trump shouldn't play with fire. The only company in the world that produces the medical-grade paper pulp required for surgical masks and gowns is, you guessed it, located in Canada: https://www.vicnews.com/business/nanaimos-harmac-mill-works-to-fill-doubled-pulp-order-for-medical-masks-and-gowns/ I mean, fuck Trump obviously, but if he actually stops the shipment of medical equipment to Canada, then the US (and China) won't even be able to manufacture masks and gowns. Canada and the US are completely interdependent on one another, but Trump 100% doesn't understand that.
  7. Ontario going to lockdown even harder, sounds like. I expect the same for all of Canada.
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