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  1. CitizenVectron

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    So two now, with a potential third.
  2. They really need to form a union. And yeah, it will mean the cost of development goes up. But I'm okay with higher game prices (for AAA games) if it means that the people making them aren't working 90 hrs a week on sprints.
  3. I went from a 780ti to a 1080ti, so I should be safe until a 2280ti, I guess. Although with the way they keep increasing prices, I am not looking forward to the $2499 it will cost.
  4. Hmm. So would you all rather have another origin movie that shows Prof X assembling a group of younger mutants, or a movie with an experienced team in place, in their late-20s and early-30s? I probably would prefer the latter.
  5. I thought Thanos was a Titan.
  6. I hope they address the glaring plot hole that an Amazon could carry 500 spears.
  7. I had forgotten all about this! Now I am very pumped to watch it this week.
  8. Yeah I only get 2-5 years out of the best LED bulbs when they claim 20+.
  9. CitizenVectron

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    I am against the death penalty because I believe that people can't be trusted to investigate and prosecute crimes fairly and accurately, and killing someone is the ultimate irrevocable act. Having said that, I also firmly believe that the world would be far better off with many people dead. Trump is one of them.
  10. I did receive a few calls a month or so again with a recording playing in Mandarin, this might have been it!
  11. One of the ashiest we've ever seen, in terms of ash.
  12. Well, yeah. Companies in the US today only care about short-term gains for investors, and negotiating raises in new contracts with workers reduces those gains. This has nothing to do with Trump, this is just about US companies no longer following historic conventions (which they stopped following in what, the 70s or 80s?). Workers are hoping that Trump sides with them and not the companies. Lol, good luck with that.
  13. CitizenVectron

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Thread

    Someone on ERA: "This guy is the worst, from the standpoint of being bad."
  14. CitizenVectron

    Nintendo Could Nintendo be working on an N64 classic?

    True. If Rare games are included then it's still a great buy. Without them...less so, but still good if you enjoy many of the first-party games.
  15. I wonder if the issue is less severe in Canada, because I don't get that many, maybe one scam/spam call every 2-3 weeks.