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  1. Pretty sure this isn't common (on purpose, at least). It's not hard to salt/hash the passwords to be more secure. In my workplace, we manage passwords for around 11,000 users, and there is no way for anyone to see the naked password.
  2. To be clear, I'm not against hunting for food (though I am against it for sport), but I am against owning anything more than bolt-action long guns. Anything else should be banned.
  3. If pest control is the main justification for hunting, one solution would be to limit certain rifle types to official and licensed pest control officers. Have it be a government-funded job and allow them access to federal and state land as well as any private land that wishes the service.
  4. Because it revealed that Peter comes back? I mean...did you think he wasn't coming back? Obviously he was. The same with Black Panther and Doctor Strange, etc. I mean, the movies were already announced!
  5. Unfortunately I need one for my business as Facebook is still a prime place to get wedding photography clients (like, comment, subscribe!), but if I could drop it completely I would. I don't use my personal account anymore, and wish I could delete it (required for business account). I use instagram primarily (even though it's owned by Facebook), though even that is not used that often anymore.
  6. One theory as to why mistakes like this are happening in some companies is that the issue is related to ageism in hiring. I'm not 100% convinced on this theory, but there are certain best practices that are ingrained over years of work, and some tech companies (especially Facebook) are known for being open in hiring young people over old people.
  7. Yeah I'm not referring to all drills or preparation, of course, but the ones that involve teaching children how to absorb bullets or use shields or rush the shooter. These are all things that 99% of them are going to forget the second a gun is fired. Even professional soldiers break under fire, and they are conditioned to respond by reflex.
  8. If someone gets excitement in life by drinking pop, then they should do more things.
  9. There is no point in doing active shooter drills. It traumatizes students and doesn't prepare them for the reality of gunfire. Unless you are going to drill them so much that it all becomes muscle-memory (like in the military), it's just a scary thing for them that won't help them in a real-life crisis. Going over lockdown procedures makes sense (close doors, turn off lights, etc), but actually doing a drill where a fake shooter is going room to room and shooting something at kids and teachers is insane.
  10. I used to drink more when I was younger, but now it's only 0-calorie versions maybe once or twice a month. I basically drink only water, with a coffee once or twice a week.
  11. I think a part of that is because he knows he won't (and can't) win. But that could actually help him win (or do better). It's like when someone who is hot doesn't know that they are hot...it makes them more hot.
  12. At this point (as a Canadian who has no say, but is a stakeholder), I am behind Pete.
  13. There were 100% valid reasons that Saddam Hussein was a bad leader and needed to be removed...and they were all countered by the plan to just remove him and see what happens. There were no credible alternatives to him as leader of the country. It's like wanting to get rid of Lenin when Stalin is waiting in the wings.
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