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Joe Biden's Inauguration

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The theme is "America United," but Covid-19 and the specter of domestic terrorism are casting shadows over the event.


Here's what you need to know:



What's happening Wednesday?
In broad strokes, Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in as president and vice president shortly after noon ET, and Biden will deliver his first presidential address to the country. At night, he is forgoing the traditional inaugural balls because of the pandemic, and he will instead take part in a television event called "Celebrating America."


Who will — and won't — be in attendance?

As was the case with previous inaugurations, most of Congress and the Supreme Court are expected to be in attendance, as are some former presidents. Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are all set to attend, as are former first ladies Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton. Jimmy Carter, the country's oldest living former president, at 96, and former first lady Rosalynn Carter will not be there, but they sent their "best wishes." The inauguration is the first they have missed since Carter was sworn in in 1977.


Also absent will be Trump, making him the first president to skip his successor's inauguration since Andrew Johnson in 1869. Vice President Mike Pence will attend.


What's the schedule for the swearing-in?

The exact start time hasn't been announced, but the event is expected to begin around 11 a.m. ET at the West Front of the Capitol.


Here's a look at other transfers of power before this turd of a president:












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  • Pikachu changed the title to Joe Biden's Inauguration

Our capital city is currently under military occupation.



What a morally bankrupt piece of crap this man is. Just a pathetic husk of a human. He doesn't believe a single word of anything he says. He's a fucking tool of the devil, spreading hate fear and lies for his corporate masters.


That's his only purpose. To keep his masters in power and make a bunch of money doing it. He doesn't believe in a fucking thing beyond that. Not a fucking thing.

  • Guillotine 4
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Weird feeling knowing we are a couple days away from this particular chapter of American history being over. 4 years that somehow felt like 40. I’m glad I can tell my kids that America rejected any more of this man despite the mistake of hiring him in the first place. Having two brown sons feels just a little safer now.

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I feel like tomorrow should be a national day of celebration.


As we move past the Trump era, is time passing going to make it look more or less ridiculous? I'm worried it will just get swept under the rug and we're all just going to move on without any national self reflection on how the fuck this happened.

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Just now, cusideabelincoln said:

Everyone buy gas and groceries today because I heard from reliable sources prices will double tomorrow at noon.


But COVID will also be gone, I'm not willing to pay double to get to go inside a supermarket right now. 

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They'll instead attend a Catholic service with Presdient-elect Biden at 8:45am.

Congressional leaders, including House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, will skip President Trump's departure ceremony in Maryland tomorrow morning in favor of attending mass with incoming President Joe Biden ahead of his inauguration, congressional sources familiar with their plans tell Axios.



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