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  1. And Thor becomes Jane. It's a body/mind swap movie! Don't think we've had one if those in a minute.
  2. I would like to see the movie start out with a slow pace and gradually build up to a frantic one by the end, with the final shot cutting to her facing her stoney death.
  3. I like the tone, hopefully the actual movie keeps this. I was disappointed in the Golden Circle as well. It really wasn't a movie to me. They just took everything that got a huge pop or reaction from the first film and tried to one-up themselves in the second, with no connective tissue in between to make me actually care about what's happening.
  4. I'm definitely intrigued. I am also looking at coolers that come with RGB fans (since buying new fans to replace non-RGB is an added cost), and can sync with Asus' Aura software. Is this the one you have ? https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/cpu-liquid-coolers/masterliquid-ml360r-rgb/
  5. I am pleasantly surprised with my upgrade from an 3770k @ 4.5 GHz to a stock Ryzen 2600x. I tested three games I felt CPU-limited in and they all had a nice boost and definitely feel a lot smoother with fewer stuttering. Apex Legends was running around 80 fps on low settings during firefights previously, and now it stays above 100. GTA V is now a lot smoother at high settings. And Team Fortress 2 is now smoother with stuttering completely gone and a nice bump in framerates. I think I'll just hold out until Ryzen 4000 before upgrading the CPU again. I'll be upgrading my GPU before then, because I have to massively overclock the 980 Ti to get the performance I want at 1440p. Really my biggest disappointment is the stock cooler. It look like it was big enough to maintain decent temps, but under 100% CPU load it will hit the throttle temperature of 95 C, and it idles above 50 C. That simply is not acceptable to me.
  6. Well I wanted to go with Ryzen 3000 now, but newegg had a killer combo deal with a ROG Strix AMD x470 motherboard and Ryzen 2600x, for $220 with a promo code. For the same price as the new 3600, I'm getting a high end motherboard and decent CPU. So I'm going to give this a shot, since the CPU is practically free with this combo deal. If I'm not satisfied with the performance I'll probably sell the 2600x and get a 3700x.
  7. Maybe, but the 3600 is only $200 so I wouldn't lose much if I have to upgrade next year.
  8. My i7 3700k will be retired. Debating between the R5 3600 or R7 3700x. The 3600 is so damn cheap, and if Ryzen 4000 will be socket AM4 then I'll have a nice upgrade path 2 years from now when six cores won't be enough.
  9. I definitely hope reviews test that feature. They should come out tomorrow, maybe at midnight tonight. Usually though reviewers have the highest end motherboards and that's how they test all CPUs, but I would like to see them also test with more affordable and budget boards. These type of reviews usually come out a few days to a few weeks after the initial rounds have been made.
  10. With an x570 board the higher end you go the faster the performance because the turbo boost communicates with the boards' power delivery to automatically clock the CPU as high as possible for as long as possible. Basically if the CPU is running cool enough it will ask the board if it can deliver more power in order for it to further increase the clockspeed. Remains to be seen how good this is compared to manual overclocking, but it sounds more advanced than any other turbo feature. It's basically automatic safe overclocking, while I'm sure manual overclocking will squeeze out more performance but be unstable.
  11. Still a nice gain over the 2700x. Looks like, for gaming, they have pretty much gained per-clock parity with Intel, which is impressive. Intel chips will still clock higher, though, so I didn't expect an overall win for gaming. But for the price, the 3700x looks daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn good. Can't wait to see how the six core chips stack up, especially when overclocked.
  12. I think AMD has just killed overclocking In a good way. Seems like if the motherboard can handle it, the chip will clock itself as high as it possibly can all on its own.
  13. Does depend on his GPU and resolution, but this year's released games are starting to hit the CPU harder and it's just going to get worse when the new consoles roll out.
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