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  1. Trailers are getting too good; I almost cried watching the latest one.
  2. I interviewed for Frito-Lay once, and the normal hours sounded like ass. And if you drive the truck the hours were even worse, 50-60 hr\week.
  3. But probably don't have any for themselves because they don't develop games anymore
  4. Last I looked these user-created mods wanted you to pay them for the good ones anyway.
  5. I just want it to look pretty on my shelf. But the damn thing will cost me more than the game from ebay.
  6. Even with the mindless shilling of WB property and throw-away references, it's better than the first Space Jam.
  7. Whoa, yuzu runs better in Linux than Windows? I'll have to try this out and throw more money to them.
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