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  1. I don't know. I phrased it too poorly; I wasn't saying attractiveness played the most significant role in determining how people act - which is exactly how everyone else took it and began to be dicks about it. I think it might play a small - possibly even very small - part. I now admit it could be insignificant altogether. People do shitty things, and the problem is there are tons of justifications those people can come up with in their minds to do those shitty things. There definitely isn't one reason, or a few reasons; there's a host of them, and they vary depending on the context a person inhabits. While I earlier said highly attractive people have one less reason to exert power over someone, another person could use the tool of activeness as justification to exert power over someone because he can get away with it - or whatever other justification. So, yeah, I've changed my mind and will agree with you completely, because there are too many variables to say otherwise. That's fine by me. I think you're a douche anyway.
  2. Well if you want to keep slandering my honest investigation, hypothesis, and workable modeling of the various types of personalities that do exist by saying I'm engaging incillible behaviour, go right on ahead and put on heyyou's crown of taking arguments out of context. I'm willing to update my beliefs, but apparently you are stuck in your biases. I don't hate women. I don't hate men who respect women. I don't hate men. And I don't hate women who respect men. I'm far more interested in the spectrum, and if someone was able to look at the entirety of it and examine the variables that make up certain models of individuals, there will undoubtedly be a pattern. In terms of this deGrasse Tyson case, I think it remains to be seen if he's approaches Cosby level awfulness.
  3. Exactly, he resulted to using other tools to exert power over people as I said. I agree with the sentiment about power. I did make a misstep in my argument. The real question is what drives these people to exert power over someone. I hastily did not think this part through because the answer to this is extremely variable with too many factors in play. I was, however, never making the argument attractive men don't need to resort to rape. It is far more nuanced than that, when looking at the entire spectrum of personalities. When you focus on the tree you miss the forest. You are off base here. And if you're implying the I have any incel tendencies at all you can go fuck yourself.
  4. And I'm not saying there is a secret sauce. I never indicated that at all. I'm talking about this specific situation with the four women giving forth the four stories we've heard so far about this one man. Is a sociopath, and there isn't enough evidence to label NDT one yet. But if you insist on this kind of argument... he was fugly even when he was younger. And while attractiveness level does not 100% translate to a person's moral fiber (before you, castlevanianut, and Keyser jump all over me again - I was never saying that in the first place), there is a loose correlation. Alpha men can use their physical charm to persuade, heavily influence, and even coerce, because they have those tools available to them before they need to resort to other tools like stature, power (physical and metaphysical), drugs, etc. "Ugly" ass pretenders do not have those physical tools at their disposal, so they are more likely to go beyond harassment, using those other tools (Harvey Weinstein). I don't see what's so hard to get here. Unless everyone is trying to say harassment and rape are the same thing, because that is exactly how you guys seem to be taking what I said. You know what I'll agree here. There is 100% chance he harassed women, because harassment can be subjective, especially when the harassee is trying to hide their discomfort. The harasser might think he has the right-a-way to continue his course of action if all he has to go on are sometimes vague physical cues, or worse yet a good actor giving positive cues. The most recent story from the girl who was invited to cheese and wine is pretty clear harassment, though. NDT had a physical urge that he translated into coercive and creepy behavior, and there's the line. He didn't cross over to rape, or actively taking away her freedom with threats or physical domination. Yet. I guess we'll see if any more women speak up about being drugged or dominated. The one situation we have is too unclear, and is he-said-she-said.
  5. What you quoted was in context of rape, not harassment. So far there is only one person claiming he took away their choice by force - rape. The others are claiming he was creepy, inappropriately seductive, and a little touchy, but he wasn't forcing himself to the point of taking away their choice - these are harassment. Quite frankly the fact he was handsome, was a star athlete, is highly social, and has a high sex drive are factors making it more likely he crossed the line in regards to harassment.
  6. After listening to him quite a bit on Startalk, and seeing how he looked in his younger days (he was pretty studly), I do not doubt he crossed the line when it came to flirting and disregarded work boundaries in doing so. But I hope, and don't think, he would have drugged and raped someone. That's an evil kind of power to have over someone, and one he doesn't really need, considering he is a smooth talker and was also quite handsome back in the day.
  7. cusideabelincoln

    Movies Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

    I broke down and watched it. It was perfect, although I wish the Ant Man scene would have been saved.
  8. cusideabelincoln

    Movies Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

    Fuck, I was all set to avoid this trailer and ask how spoiler-y it is. I don't even want to see one action scene, as I find often trailers give away the coolest shots. But now that you mention it I will be seeing loads of movies in theaters so the trailer will be unavoidable. But to my credit I did manage to close my eyes and cover my ears back when The Last Jedi trailer dropped... for the first movie I saw in theaters. It was harder to do on subsequent movies before TLJ finally came out.
  9. cusideabelincoln

    General Gaming Good morning fellow gamers

    Maybe the Kingdom Hearts bundle will be white.
  10. I'm going to repurpose some old parts and I need a motherboard for my 2500k. Let me know what you got and what you want - obviously I'm trying to be as cheap as possible here. I do want z68 or z77 to take advantage of the SSD caching using dual drives. USB 3.0 ports would also be nice.
  11. I almost pulled the trigger on a 2600x or 2700x, but I would not have seen much of a single core speed improvement over what I'm currently running - 3770k. With these clockspeed bumps that 3600x will be really tempting. But this list seems almost too good to be true. Those are really insane prices, and throughout the entire product stack they increase core count and clockspeed.
  12. I half take back what I said about the Origin app. Battle.net ties it for being the worst, because about once a month it crashes and I have to reinstall it.
  13. cusideabelincoln

    PC PhysX is going open source, starting today

    Maybe Nvidia will finally support Freesync. I'd like to get a new monitor, and the best deals are on Freesync ones.
  14. Yep, I think they just added this feature a few months ago. Plus they do have their own store front too. In any case, Origin continues to be the worst application of the bunch. It's a performance hog and navigating the UI is sluggish and aggravating, frequently requiring me to click on some other tab just to "refresh" the tab I want to click on. Quite frankly I don't know how it can be this bad.