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  1. I got in with two different accounts, but didn't play the game long enough to receive my free copy
  2. As long as you dedicate these kinds of SSDs to storage only where 95% of the activity are going to be reads with few writes, endurance shouldn't be a problem.
  3. *presses CTRL+F* *ypes in "GB"* "0/0 results found" *types in "TB"* "0/0 results found" How does this article not mention the hard drive size at all? FYI I can't believe MS is charging that much and keeping the hard drive at 1TB. To be even remotely close to a fair $250 value it needs to have at least 2TB, preferably 3TB.
  4. Yeah I fully expect both consoles to have at least 100GB of SSD caching, because even though SSD prices are falling they are still way more expensive than mechanical drives and games are going to get bigger in size. A 1GB SSD isn't going to be enough, and a 2TB SSD will not be cost effective. However a 2TB size needs to be standard on the premium model consoles.
  5. I think $80 will be the common price for 1TB by the end of the year. I'm glad flash storage is dropping because I plan to build a new PC this year, probably this summer. Cheaper RAM and NVMe prices have me salivating.
  6. Respawn probably has no experience with Frostbite since they've only used Source. And I'm sure they have Apex clout now.
  7. I could have easily believed this trailer was meant to be released on April 1. "and also remembers Lando! And one of those Deathstars! And those gold medals! Gee wiz, I hope we get to see some cheek kissing." Kylo was making a new one in that trailer
  8. Since the next one will be on next gen hardware, exclusively I assume, hopefully they can advance the physics system. 5 was a step back from 4 in that regard.
  9. As long as the green screen footage doesn't get lost I don't see why they wouldn't do it at some point, as 'good enough" CGI should get cheaper to make. Biggest issue is money. I don't doubt beloved movies will get a full "remaster" in the future, since those have the best chance of making money. If green screen footage gets lost it would be harder and more expensive to do, but then maybe deep learning AI could solve this problem.
  10. Haven't played much VR since Apex came out, but I will be getting this. I'm worried about getting motion sickness on the base PS4, because I bet it will run at a lower framerate than the Pro. I don't get sickness that easily, but one game that instantly gave it to me really badly was Wipeout and this Iron Man game looks a bit similar to it.
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