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  1. It took about 5+ minutes of refreshing to get it in my cart, even when it kept popping up an out of stock message. Gotta keep trying until the add to cart button disappears.
  2. I just found out the secret, which may or may not work for everyone depending on your location. I have had zero luck with ship-to-home options, but tonight I just scored the Switch+Mario Kart and.... MY PS5 ORDER WENT THROUGH! *crosses fingers that it doesn't get cancelled* My secret was chosing Store Pickup at a store in a lower population town, about 50 minutes away from where I live. The two stores in my town, which is larger, kept giving me out of stock. Conveniently for me, the store in the smaller town happens to be right next to my work so it's not going to be out of the
  3. Welp, no chance I snag a PS5 at 9PM tonight. Wally World somehow sold out of the Nintendo Switch 7PM sale before the add to cart button even appeared on the webpage.
  4. The XSX should really have a DisplayPort output in order to support the 360Hz monitors on the market now. Imagine the marketer's wet dream of trying to sell an Xbox 360Hz!
  5. That is a pretty old version of bluetooth. They are up to v5 now. I can only confirm connecting my controller to v4.
  6. I hope this lasts more than a month. I am doubtful I'll be able to get a console before Christmas.
  7. So far the app that made me most giddiest was a browser-based Spider-man game in Firefox. It looked like a PS1 game and the physics were pretty basic, but the feel of shooting your webs and swinging was fucking amazing. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want a more fleshed out Spidey game. Also I am intrigued by just drawing the Guardian area upon setup. Are there any decent augmented reality games?
  8. The cadence of his speech, and how and when he emphasizes syllables is a dead giveaway to me. I need to research any studies about voice patterns among people who are trying to sell you something. There has to be a correlation that we can mathematically determine. That dude speaks exactly like Tucker Carlson. I have to know why the pattern is so obvious to me, but it must apparently work at convincing other people. My hypothesis is is it must trigger a fear response.
  9. An about-face? These idiots do not understand the scientific method, empirical evidence, peer review... This is literally an argument in support of prejudice, racism, bigotry, discrimination, libel, slander.
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