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  1. It is most definitely not an actual 240 Hz; and most likely not even 120 Hz. They are just processing and inserting extra frames in between the source's framerate (which will be 24 fps or 30 fps for movies/TV), but most likely can only display at 60 Hz. Best look up the model number and find a review or find the tech sheet to be absolutely sure what it can do.
  2. No, they're doing stupid advertisements like this which I literally just saw: Who the fuck is in charge of advertisement? The first thing the eye sees is Trump.
  3. Some games are definitely CPU bottlenecked, but mostly the re-vamped architecture makes Ampere shine at 4k. Memory bandwidth is probably a key factor too. Of course, maybe Turing just wasn't well-utilized at higher resolutions. When comparing the 2080 vs. the older 1080 Ti, the 1080 closes the gap or pulls ahead of the 2080 at higher resolutions while the 2080 does better at lower ones. Those college kidz are our future!
  4. Easy. Just give the buyer your address and tell them to pick it up on delivery day
  5. Re-doing character models+animation, ray tracing, instant load times, haptic feedback on the controller, 3D audio are the things that will actually take some work. They also said an improved framerate, draw distance, and population density, but these should be less work since PC games have been doing this shit for years now and should be simple code to change. Also 3 new suits. I guess you could also say the new character models aren't really "extra" work because they are most likely going to re-use those models in the sequel PS5 Spider-Man game anyway; heck they probably already made those
  6. If you own the original game, hopefully they treat the PS5 version as DLC so you don't have to pay full price for the game. The changes they are making do sound significant, but most of the content will be the same.
  7. The 3090 has 20% more CUDA cores (with with pretty similar clockspeeds) so it will likely be 20% faster at best, but probably closer to 15%. There's really no secret sauce Nvidia could do, unless you run into a game that happens to need more than 10GB of VRAM. And it seems the only game that can do that at the moment is DOOM Eternal. You can do the same calculations for the 2000 cards (take the increase CUDA core count times the clock speed reduction) and that figure will be the rough estimate of the performance difference. For example, the 2080 Ti is roughly 25% faster than a 2080. It has
  8. The last updated reviews I saw of the 970 showed it did pretty well, considering its age, and seemed to compete against the GTX 1060 (3GB) as expected. If you were lucky enough, hopefully you got your class action settlement of, what was it, $30? $40? #970fixed I don't see any funny 1% low numbers here, so no stutter anymore? Five Years Later: Revisiting the GeForce GTX 970 WWW.TECHSPOT.COM Recently we've looked back at the GeForce GTX 980 Ti and the GTX 960, both popular GPUs from yesteryear. Those features have been warmly welcome
  9. The 5700 cards make sense as a temporary solution, if you plan to upgrade within 2 years anyway. Of course, you are betting on how long it takes for games to embrace RT+DLSS support on a wide-scale basis. My guess would be 2 years, but I could see a 1 year timeframe where every major release will support those features. "Good enough" CPU physics definitely killed it though. RIP.
  10. Dude, shut. the. fuck. up. This isn't trolling; it's a discussion. Most of you live in or near major metropolitan areas. There is not a major city within a 90 mile radius from my location. My town has 2 Gamestops (3 up until last year) plus a couple of local used game shops. Discs have value in my location. It's fucking ridiculous you want to label people with disparate notions as trolls. The only metric that matters here is 83% of all sales being digital. I would have never guessed it was that high; I would have presumed 50% at best. Of course, without having acc
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