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  1. Very Dark Knight vibes going on. Hope they don't rip off the entire movie and do something original.
  2. Corporate incentives for hourly workers are such a sham. If we don't reach near our max incentive, based on arbitrary goals set by the company, management will demean us with comments such as, "You guys are not doing so good." "You should be doing better." "You're costing yourselves money in your pocket for not being more productive." Yet they want to consider that pay a "bonus" to us but don't consider the production we have to do a "bonus" for the company.
  3. Anytime I ask someone what kind of podcasts they listen to, and they answer with true- crime-serial-killer nonsense, my interest in continuing the conversation is murdered.
  4. Are there buy limits? Otherwise the scalpers can easily cover this cost leaving regular Joe's still out to dry.
  5. A few weeks ago they delivered my packages to my neighbor's house, whose house number is clearly very different. So I put in a lost package request, and they actually get back to me with the only statement being "the driver attempted to reclaim the package." I then sent in another lost package request, and got an email saying they will look into it. I responded to the email with the video clearly showing the driver going past my house, stopping at my neighbor's house and never walking to my front door, but haven't heard back in over a week. Sadly I'd love to ask my neighbors for the packages, but they are complete white trash. There's got to be like 10 people staying in the house, and even more people come and go, and they love to park in my drive and also block my mailbox, which causes the driver to pass on deliveries for up to a week. And the fact they don't have the common decency to walk over to my house and give me my clearly labeled packages really says enough about their character. I'd really love to know WTF they are going to do the 120mm case fans I bought for my PC.
  6. Yep, I've only played it with an emulator on PC in 2 player mode and it ran pretty janky.
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