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  1. cusideabelincoln

    General Gaming Google's Game Streaming Service is Official

    I also got in, and tried it for for about 10 minutes. Works just fine over wired Internet. I noticed some artifacts from the video compression. Image was indeed a bit blurry on my 1080p PC monitor. But the blurriness does soften the edges and remove aliasing. This will look fine on a smaller screen or sitting farther away. Input lag was noticeable, but not a problem for gameplay. I would say input lag was less than I've experienced from some bad HDTVs.
  2. Why though? That profession is stressful; so many wrestlers die younger than they should and quite a few tragically. Despite how I wanted The Rock to return full time, he was smart not too. Money aside, his health is probably way better than it would have been had stayed in the ring.
  3. cusideabelincoln

    Microsoft RIP Xbox

    It's way more powerful; totally worth it. Newer games will do things like increase texture quality, draw distance, framerate, shadows, and lighting on top of supersampling.
  4. cusideabelincoln

    Movies AQUAMAN – Extended Video

    Looks like a fun competent Marvel movie, which is an improvement over the other DC films. My worry is there seems to be a lot of ground they are covering. What is the runtime?
  5. Nah, they decrease the number of episodes to 8, but then increase the number of seasons with less time off between them!
  6. Literally the one fucking time I manually update there's a serious flaw. I usually wait 4-6+ months for these stupid Fall/Spring updates.
  7. cusideabelincoln

    Comics Anyone cosplay?

    Well I took the plunge on a moderately expensive costume set on Etsy. I should have ordered this a few weeks ago because I'm cutting it close to getting it before Halloween, but I do plan to use it at my local con this coming spring. This one will at least be a custom fit as I was able to give the seller my measurements. I don't really have the time nor the skillset to make an outfit of this quality myself, otherwise I would have loved to pour some pride into and probably save some money.
  8. cusideabelincoln

    Movies Chris Evans wraps up on Avengers 4

    Now he can go back to being the Human Torch when Kevin Feige revives the Fantastic Four.
  9. Hmm, and I was going to buy one this year if there was a good Black Friday deal. I think I'll wait a bit now. The only game I really want to play that I can't already play on the WiiU is Mario Odyssey.
  10. cusideabelincoln

    Comics Anyone cosplay?

    I'm looking for a good place (website) to buy a costume. The cheap Halloween stuff out right now just isn't doing it for me. I want something a bit more authentic. Specifically I want one of the various Thor outfits from the movies. Not sure which I will go with, but where are some good sites to order from?
  11. cusideabelincoln

    Movies Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm Deal Extended

    Snoke will come back with metal legs!
  12. cusideabelincoln

    Movies Disney Confirms Marvel Will Take Over The Xmen Films

    Do it! Also the first Iron Man is a realllllllllllllllllly good origin story. I think it's up there with Batman Begins, as funny enough both movies' biggest problem is a weak third act. In BB the microwave transmitter is just dumb. The thing is powerful enough to microwave all the water pipes in an entire city, then it's going to also cook the people themselves because we're made of.... water. In Iron Man, the bad guy (won't spoil the name here) just kind of goes insane for no reason. But aside from these flaws, both movies do a perfect job of establishing the ethos of their respective heroes.
  13. cusideabelincoln

    General Gaming Google's Game Streaming Service is Official

    I have 100 mbps connection but my ping is shit, which I'm sure is true of a large portion of the 25 mbps audience.
  14. This will be huge, and surprising it hasn't been done yet.