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  1. 144 Hz is a huge improvement over 60 Hz as well. It would be more noticeable than the resolution increase, IMO, both if you can get a higher resolution and a higher refresh rate then you'll have the best of both worlds. The 980 Ti will struggle to run the newest games at maximum settings at 1440p above 100 fps. Games can still look good, but you'll have to tweak the settings one by one. At 1080p it's not so much of an issue. Gsync/Freesync is also great. It makes games smoother, but it doesn't entirely eliminate stuttering if other parts of your system are causing the slowdowns. Short answer: 150% yes, time to upgrade the monitor.
  2. I still need to play the second one, but KOTOR 1 was one of the first games I replayed immediately upon beating it.
  3. A 2080 Ti is twice as fast as a 1080, so simply swapping that in by itself will give you the 4k60 performance out of the games you're currently getting. As long as you have a Core i7, or 4 core/8 thread processor, or better, you shouldn't need to worry about a CPU bottleneck at 4k. If you only have an i5, or a CPU that's 4 cores/4 threads or less, only a couple of games are going to be affected at 4k, so you could still get by until you can upgrade the rest of your system.
  4. No, you will be the witch in vs mode. Imagine jumping round as Hunter
  5. Microsoft has just stated they are willing to put that work in. While they could change course, they have shown that's not the kind of approach they're going for. Their recent history has proven they will continue on this path. They have been putting the work into making "old" 360 games run flawlessly on the Xbone, on a one game at a time basis. which tells us they are supporting this idea of indistinct console generations - buy a game once and run it on multiple systems. Their games are going to support the X1S for, straight from the horses mouth, up to two years. The X1X's massive GPU upgrade compared base Xbone could potentially extend that support past the two year mark.
  6. If the Switch can get PS4/Xbone ports, there's no reason the X1X won't get down-ports of its own deep into the next gen cycle, especially from Microsoft first party games since Microsoft is the one pushing this issue. The concept of distinct "console generations" is going extinct.
  7. Eventually there will probably be minimum requirements labeled on the back of the box for these console games, which could happen with the next-gen refresh cycle comes about in 5-6 years. The Xbone S will stop being supported for the majority of games, but perhaps the X1X can handle a few more. I do like the idea of buying a game once that can run on multiple generations of consoles, and if games are developed with scaleability in mind then we could potentially find ourselves experiencing a game quite differently by simply upgrading the hardware. It's very consumer friendly to not have to re-buy the same game over and over again. Hopefully developers can handle it, and if they can't then I think a good balance would be higher priced games (by this I mean games don't go on super cheap sales as much) - or the subscription model takes off.
  8. Not that generous since I got both of my codes from the two AMD processors I bought this year, both of which were already cheap without the free goodies, LOL.
  9. Actually I might have a 3-Month Game Pass for PC that I can't use because it tells me the code is for new customers only and I've already used a different code previously. I can give you the code and if it works then enjoy, because I have no use for it now.
  10. Wii and Gamecube games look pretty good on PC with just the simple resolution increase, thanks to Nintendo's art style. I haven't tried Metroid, but Wind Waker and Mario Galaxy are spectacular showpieces.
  11. Yeah it's ridiculous from a continuity perspective considering the events of *da da da daaaa* Return of the JEDI. And then TFA/TLJ tell us Luke was training new Jedi, spreading the gospel. Sadly the "myth" angle is purely for the audience, meant to play with our nostalgia, and not so coincidentally it's another thing TFA tried to rip off from ANH. Even after the prequels came out you could question if the Jedi should be mythical in the time ANH takes place, but you can make a better argument that it works because the entire goal of the Emperor was to destroy the Jedi and its legacy. But the opposite had been happening between the events of ROTJ and TFA, and the First Order did not have as wide of a reach as the Empire to spread such propaganda - not with the Republic still in tact who owes its very existence to Luke. What's crazier than this logic is... I still choke up a little bit when Han does go, "It's true, all of it." Shit hits me right in the childhood.
  12. While I would love to see the SSD be the driver of change of open-world games, its most likely use will be as a matter of convenience: Faster loading times, and keeping several gamestates suspended at any given time allowing you to swap between games to pick up exactly where you left off.
  13. I hope Lockhart is a thing for that very reason: Being really cheap and enticing in order to get more people to cross over to the new generation. This kind of strengthens my 1080p to 4k argument, but weakens my cross-gen one. It would be really hard to develop for the base PS4 and Xbone. The X1X and Pro wouldn't be as bad, but still rough. Perhaps it's possible some "next gen" games could run on the Pro or 1X and not the base consoles. I think the only precedence for this type of thing would be with a few games that came out for the New 3DS that the old 3DS couldn't run, right?
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