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  1. cusideabelincoln

    PC Tech Logitech is Bringing Back the MX518

    The G400 is pretty damn close to the MX518.
  2. cusideabelincoln

    General Gaming Google's Game Streaming Service is Official

    I think I only played about 5 minutes of it. No email.
  3. If you're wired, try a new cable first.
  4. That sucks dude. I wonder if ibuypower would been a better alternative as they seem comparably priced.
  5. cusideabelincoln

    PC DLSS comes to 3D Mark

    This is a canned benchmark so this should showcase the absolute best case scenario for DLSS, but I don't see how this will be representative of the gains we'll see in actual games. Nvidia can essentially "cheat" by telling the DLSS driver to optimize the benchmark this particular way because the benchmark shows the same scene from the same angle every time.
  6. cusideabelincoln

    Sony Sony patent filed for BC of PS1,PS2,PS3 and PS4 on PS5

    With the huge CPU upgrade the PS5 will get they should no problems being able to emulate their library. PS3 will be the trickiest, but I hear the PC emulator is coming along.
  7. cusideabelincoln

    General Gaming Gametester leaks Batman Arkham Crisis for 2019 (Rumor)

    Well just take my money now. Arkham Origins was enjoyable - just glitch as fuck. And not a negative in and of itself, but I swear some of the combat timing in Origins was slightly different than the previous games, so it took some time to adjust especially after I sunk a lot of hours into Asylum and City and replayed them several times close to Origins' release. I like the idea of the Batwing mechanics. I would be elated if you could call it to hover above you and you can use it as a platform (almost) anytime you wanted.
  8. cusideabelincoln

    Movies New Batman animated movie

    The last several animated movies from Warner Bros. Animation have played it very safe., and thus have been pretty middle of the road Not many have been outright bad, but nothing has come close to the originality and quality of Spiderverse. I hope they break away from their seemingly current cookie-cutter mold, but a live action movie opens us to a new genre of superhero: A futuristic film. Marvel and DC films all take place in the present, or the past. Only Days of Future Past gives us a tiny glimpse of a future world. But they could go wild with Batman Beyond, much like the series did.
  9. cusideabelincoln

    Movies New Batman animated movie

    A live action Beyond would make so much sense with Warner's "new" vision of a non-Cinematic universe.
  10. Wifi speeds can be very, very tricky to obtain. There are so many factors which will reduce theoretical speeds. Sometimes just the adapter and router themselves aren't compatible. My phone's 2.4 GHz speeds are garbage even when right next to a router, but the 5 GHz speeds are just fine. I wouldn't worry too much about chasing the wireless speed dragon unless you're getting noticeably bad performance.
  11. cusideabelincoln

    General Entertainment Bill Maher attacks Stan Lee's Legacy

    Plenty of people not of the archetype he's addressing with these statements don't grow up. It's a systemic issue and doesn't have anything to do with comic books. But he's probably not actually interested in this problem - which I believe is a problem of critical thinking. He even tries to say people need to utilize adult thinking, which in an ideal world would be logical, critical, and skeptical, but he does not use any of these adult tactics in making his own argument. No, his argument is simply an ad hominem meant to get laughs and viewers. He never really explains exactly why comics are for kids and for kids only. His fallacious logic is "kids read comics -> adults read comics -> adults are kids". His pitch would be fine as a sarcastic, sardonic comedy routine, but people are taking this shit seriously and this is the real problem with #adults.
  12. ACIII definitely ruined the series for me. Could not get into it at all, and somehow the mouse/keyboard controls were really bad.
  13. Damn, well I guess the reason they are so cheap is their refusal to play ball with broken ass systems. And definitely one of the huge benefits of building one yourself is the security of each item being shipped in its own secure packaging. These components are not engineered, when fully assembled, to be tossed around. There's a lot of force being applied in unexpected directions. The CPU cooler and graphic cards are the biggest targets to be dislodged because they only have a few dimensions that are actually secured to the case. Two sides of a video card are just dangling out there freely in standard systems. The best virus protection is simply not to click on any link you even suspect of being unsafe. I don't even run my virus protection half the time, and it hasn't caught something in real time for several years now anyway.
  14. Maybe talk to support and see if they'll just send you a replacement cooler and you can install it yourself? Use the pity story about how your local delivery drivers are bad and destroyed the box and you don't trust them anymore. Guilt the shit out of them, and don't forget to ask to speak to their supervisor if they don't play ball!