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  1. Dammit, was thinking about going all in on kenpharma but then started playing video games and forgot about it.
  2. Rural. About 10,000 people. So far they have just been fake threats, but somebody is getting their kicks in and they still don't have a lead AFAIK.
  3. A smallish town in my area has had 4 bomb threats in the last month. 1 at a Kroger's, 1 at a Walmart, and 2 at the schools.
  4. Yeah I'm going to need AMD and Nvidia to enable this on a Zen 2 CPU with an RTX 2000 series GPU.
  5. That is right. Counterpoint to me wanting to believe it's a real Infinity Stone: The show does make it clear Wanda can't control him. But the most reasonable take is it is an actual Infinity Stone, but only within the boundaries of the Hex.
  6. Oh I meant she re-created an actual Mind Stone when she made the new Vision. Although, with Hayward harnessing her hex powers, it's probably just for show. Because we haven't seen him really use any of the powers of the Stone, even while in the Hex.
  7. I really can't see gamers paying these prices. With the price of crypto skyrocketing 50+% lately, most people paying that much probably intend to mine with these things. Heck, I even started mining with my spare 1060. I'll see if it's actually worth it at the end of the month
  8. If there is 2 digit code, then there will be just 2-4 simple LED troubleshooting lights that are either red or green upon bootup, and again just look up the code in the manual.
  9. This show is better than I could have possibly imagined. It's great to see all the elements of the show tie themselves together and explain character motives. Just like the commercial breaks representing the most traumatic events events in Wanda's life, the telecast itself represents her fondest attachments. Now, a few questions I still have... Scratchy and Ralph have gotten a lot of attention to just leave that thread dangling. Does Wanda have another purpose to broadcasting the show via airwaves besides the "TV recreation" angle? Her personal experience
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