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  1. After not being initially intrigued, the first two episodes are very solid. The gold mine of the prequels is definitely the lore despite the movies being bad.
  2. Captain Marvel was written well enough to expand the scope of the MCU, but I do think it fell a little short of writing Carol Danvers as strongly. So Brie Larson isn't really to blame for that. It's not bad as an origin story, but it's certainly no Iron Man or Captain America.
  3. Public servants need privacy while publicly performing their duties!
  4. Yeah that's what I thought, and those prices aren't much off of Indiana's. Milk is around $2.50\gal, cheap bread is $1, and eggs are $1.75\18cnt.
  5. There are no rules. It's insanity that the central figure of 6 movies only makes an appearance as an inanimate melted helmet.
  6. Any attempt to make sense of the sequel trilogy, taking into account the events of the OT and PT, is folly. Anakin's force ghost doesn't appear at all. Doesn't teach Luke or Leia jack shit about the secrets of the dark side/Sith. Doesn't even talk to Kylo, his grandson, LOL, who's just begging for his attention.
  7. I'm glad I just skipped to the last paragraph of the article, when the entire thing is based on the "factual evidence" of some old person's 40-year-old memory of some event that may or may not have been completely imagined, hallucinated, or illusioned.
  8. New Mexico Rising Public Group | Facebook M.FACEBOOK.COM @Jason @skillzdadirecta @californians Are prices really like that? And how long have they been that way, since Cali just recently went to $14\hr.
  9. Second shot of Pfizer down. Can't wait to get my mutant powers in 7-10 days.
  10. I'm a bit freaked that facebook wants me to put a covid vaccine frame on my picture when I've never posted anything about getting. Snooping mother fuckers. They're spying on my texts, voice, and\or location.
  11. So what about the people who watch people who talk about the people who watch other people on Twitch?
  12. So they're saying there's actually fewer truckers now than pre-pandemic?
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