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  1. “Casual”? More like overwhelming and blatant. You’re nearly Republican. J/k. Me, I’m a straight, cis, white male in my late 30s. I’m so privileged it is easy for me to be accidentally tone-deaf.
  2. I’m sure there is some gameplay/economy balance reason behind it. Limited inventory slots seems to be a staple of looters. Seemingly a carry-over from RPGs and MMOs. Keeps you from hoarding trash. Gives you something to spend currency on (real money, in the case of MMOs and F2P). Also giving you something else to chase all game long as prices increase on the space expansions.
  3. Upgrading the backpack has really saved me. Don’t sleep on buying those upgrades. Also knowing there is a lost loot bin that auto collects blues and higher is something I take advantage on. I may may leave a few blues and purples and just collect them on Sanctuary after I’ve sold off some stuff. You can also upgrade how many lost items that bin can hold. You can also use the fast travel system to your advantage. Leave your vehicle at your current location, fast travel back to the fast travel check point at the beginning to the area, sell your stuff, fast travel back to your vehicle.
  4. I remember hearing about soldiers having to yell bang at the enemy. Luckily ISIS are good sports and played along.
  5. No. Videos I’d seen were like “beat the boss, quite game, load back in, beat boss again.” So, last night I played with a friend for the first time, and the game was significantly easier. I don’t mean just the normal kind of easier because there was now more than me for the enemies to shoot at. The game spawned fewer big enemies. In areas where heavies would spawn 2-3 at a time, the game would spawn NONE in coop or maybe just one.
  6. I’ve been thinking this too. I guess I get why we don’t really see them any more. It is harder and harder to get a working product out close enough to release with the movie. I doubt the licenses are cheap. And even 8-12 y/o are more discerning and millennial parents are no strangers to online research, and remember how shit some of those games were. Licensed shovelware targeted above a 6 year old may not be worth cost.
  7. So for some reason I cannot farm any of these bosses. I kill the boss, quit, load back in and it has saved after beating the boss. I can’t just jump back down to keep trying to kill them to try to get their legendary to drop. Is boss farming just not possible in the Xbox version?
  8. I started a Siren and then started Zane. So far I kinda like Zane more from a skill perspective, both are “ok” from a dialog side.
  9. They did patch it to be less broken, but with the right guns it was still OP. Plus Mechromancer had a skill that bullets that hit other surfaces would ricochet. When they did it was at 50% damage, but would 100% auto target enemies. I could wipe out a room of enemies from around a corner. lol
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