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  1. I am not sure we want to allow tit-for-tat with countries around the world. ...in fact I know we do not.
  2. Wtf did I just read? Does he think he can do well enough that he will be given the city of Moscow? The media is still the enemy of the people, and the Democrats are a Resistance?
  3. Spawn_of_Apathy

    Movies Nicholas Cage Sale on VUDU !

    Has his career hit such a low that you can get him for your movie at a discount right now?
  4. Maybe his agent did a good job selling the cinematic universe they were trying to go for, as though he could be that franchise's Tony Stark, making big money for even just small cameos.
  5. I sat in a town hall meeting at a previous job where the CEO was telling us how well the company was growing and all the areas we were spending more money to be more competitive in the industry. A person asked if they were going to look at increasing wages to be more competitive or bringing anual merit increases to the levels they were a year prior. The head of HR our "Chief People Officer" replied by saying that you never want to be the company paying the most for labor, nor the company paying the least. That they had done a survey of the industry and found we were not at the bottom in pay so there was no need to adjust at this time. Not a great answer, but at least they were honest. But obviously there are companies that are perfectly fine paying the lowest in an industry. Those companies on the lower end of the curve are the ones seeing trouble finding people. These companies forget that people do not get jobs just for disposable income. They need money to live, and some companies barely, if they even do pay their employees enough for that. I get that shareholders are important, but they have to find a balance. Share holders won't stick around if nobody is staffed to produce/service anything.
  6. Spawn_of_Apathy

    Television Talking Dead new host

    A recognizable, likeable, superfan of the show. Good choice.
  7. Spawn_of_Apathy

    Change the board names back please

    I approve of renaming the General Gaming board after me.
  8. I wonder how many patches for game there are that are just typo corrections.
  9. This challenges all my preconceived notions on space rocks.
  10. Spawn_of_Apathy

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Been playing NieR on XboxOX. The more I play it the more I like it. About 40 hours in on the 3rd campaign. Right now this could be shaping up to be my favorite game in the past couple years.
  11. Spawn_of_Apathy

    General Gaming Rocksteady confirms

    As long as it is taking to even announce makes me think it could be a Superman game, and they are still struggling with the very thing every other dev has failed at. Actually making Superman playable and the gameplay engaging for a character that is near invincible. The Batman games have given them quite a bit of trust and faith. They better not deliver Superman 64/Superman Returns. I guess the wait continues...