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  1. Casino Royal is good though. Easily the best in the Daniel Craig series of Bond films. And in general it is a good action movie on its own rights.
  2. Remember when the internet freaked out over Daniel Craig being cast because he’s a ginger AND can’t drive a manual transmission? Good times.
  3. Interesting. Depending on how they use her and Daniel Craig it could be neat. I wouldn’t mind seeing an old James Bond, body riddled with injuries, mentoring a young, new agent come to terms with being a spy and assassin, and help with the trade craft to be successful.
  4. Yeah, I still don’t see a poll. It looks like “I heard a rumor there was poll...”
  5. I see people talking about a poll, but I don’t see the poll.
  6. What I find so pathetic about all this is they had weeks of notice before members of Congress and such started showing up. Knowing that they made it look as best they could. Like a retail store that approves OT and spends at least a full day to make the store look as close to Grand Opening as possible, when they get a heads up Corporate will be visiting. It still look like war crimes are being committed as their best fucking effort to look presentable.
  7. I guess that’s a more believable theory than Bannon slept with Melania and is Barron’s real father.
  8. It’s like something happened in the last few years where they were inundated with a shit ton of money and just green lit all these movies at once.
  9. I have an Uncle that does. He believes everything he hears on Fox from their hosts. I don’t talk to him. My dad doesn’t talk to him either, and it’s his brother.
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