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  1. Third act felt rushed to get the run time as close to 90 minutes as possible, but other than that is was enjoyable. I wanted Eddy and Venom “odd couple” stuff and I got it.
  2. I thought it was funny in a few spots, but mostly it was a bit on the boring side. It felt like he was retreading what he’d already done with the same story. With the point of the story not being “let me tell you about this funny time when…” but was yet again “I’m not transphobic, because…” it felt like he didn’t really have enough material for another special, but did one anyways. I don’t know. Maybe he just doesn’t have anything else to say.
  3. Overall I liked the movie. I thought it was paced and edited well enough that it didn’t feel a long as it was. It’s longer than Casino Royal and I remember checking my watch during Casino Royal after the hospital scene when it went into what felt like another movie. This movie had me hooked all the way through it. the few issues I did have.
  4. authoritarian fascism and a secret police that rounds them all up.
  5. nah you good. We’re not gonna beat this with being more Democratic while they dismantle Democratic systems. I’m coming around. Bar them from office, and imprison them if they try to protect society. Freedoms is overrated.
  6. …but wouldn’t that make you and anyone who enforced this anti democratic?
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