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  1. leave it to cops and they’ll shoot a guy dying of cancer and say it’s ok because the cancer would have killed them anyways.
  2. When you’re getting beat month after month is sales, that’s like bragging that during your hot lap you were the fastest 0-60, even if your overall speed was far below somebody else who just continues to out pace you lap after lap after lap.
  3. I think part of the issue is even in non-escalated situations cops are more afraid that they’ll be shot at any moment than they are that they’ll instead kill and unarmed civilian through negligence. And considering the cops have all the legal protections (not such thing as “self defense” against a cop) that’s pretty fucking scary for us.
  4. Oh I totally get that the kid being armed at one point and the conditions at the scene will allow for all the justification for the department to rule it a good/just shooting. But that’s just based on their rules. Not based on the kid’s actual status. It’s granting a buffer and benefit of the doubt to the cop. Releasing the cop from all consequences of being wrong.
  5. and if he didn’t lie about everything, big or small, we might have been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Fuck him and his butt hurt, snow flake Stans.
  6. just because the cop believed he was armed doesn’t make it so. The other camera clearly shows the gun being tossed prior to turning toward the cop. But due to the fence the cop didn’t know. He still shot an unarmed person. Them having been armed 3 seconds earlier doesn’t maintain their status as “armed” when their hands are empty.
  7. Not pitch dark. There was light. Lots of shadows, but light. They’ve freeze framed the video and shown camera footage from other angles. The kid tossed the gun before turning around. Did the cop see that? No, because the kid’s hand was obscured by the fence. Now either he’s severely under trained or there was nothing he could do. I know where the police are going to stand. it’s definitely not as black and white as other police involved shootings. But that doesn’t mean the cop made the best possible decisions.
  8. Its like the cop already made up his mind to shoot or something. The cop KNEW about the gun, yet barked an order that once followed would give him justification to immediately shoot the kid. If raising his hands is going to result in shooting the kid don’t ask him to raise his hands. tell him don’t turn around, slowly get down on the ground, face down, then slowly place his hands on top of his head. Then tell him to hold that position, and don’t make any sudden movements. Handcuff him, pat him down, then check the immediate area for the gun. the cop was either stupid, scare
  9. How is the PS5 the fastest selling when it is regularly outsold by the Switch?
  10. It appears to have been two guns, a crack pipe, cocaine, and bullets.
  11. If acquitted or a hung jury he might get 1st degree murdered.
  12. Came in hoping he missed or damaged his car. Leaves disappointed.
  13. released without bail, huh. Yeah, because a guy that ran over a cop trying to flee is definitely not a risk of no-showing his court appearance.
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