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  1. well if there is anyone else that would know how to mismanage money and over pay the people at the top of an organization, it’s a union. So, good job.
  2. Very much this. The animations and models didn’t bother half as much as it felt like the world building was thrown together in a night. It was full on sci-fI trope. New galaxy, new aliens, and we understand each other perfectly as if we’d already had a coexisting society for decades. Considering there were not as many new races as ME1 they could have put a lot more into them. These new species seemed to get as much lore a detail as the Volus.
  3. I wonder if somebody at Fox News just recognized them, or it became somebody’s task to research each and every member of the audience, including questioners.
  4. much less market share is what I mean. To the point developing a new machine wouldn’t be worth it for MS. Who would buy an Xbox console if you could get all PS exclusives and all Xbox exclusives on a PlayStation?
  5. no need to worry. He can just get air lifted to Walter reed, where they will drop everything to give him the best and most experimental care available to knock it right out. The President said so.
  6. it’s still the first wave. It never went away. There hasn’t been a resurgence. The virus has been running wild through this country for eight months. “third wave” makes it sound like our leaders actually managed to accomplish something in regards to handling this pandemic. Most didn’t even try.
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