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  1. with the populations of both Dakotas, merging them they’d still only be worth 3 electoral votes.
  2. yeah, the inconsistencies is bound to happen unless you have every detail of every story reviewed, vetted, and approved by a single infallible person with perfect memory to prevent different creators from crossing over each other. The benefit to Disney’s Star Wars is more is actually canon. Comics, books, shows, games, movies, all canon. Not just a Star Wars story based on Star Wars. Some of what was Expanded universe, now Legends has been made canon, even if just by reference. What was better about Lucas and Lucas film Star Wars was more fan support and allowing more fan
  3. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Canon he would have “decanonized” any story that conflicted with a project he was working on.
  4. Hate to break it to you, but most of that, nearly all in fact, never was canon. George Lucas didn’t believe anything was canon unless he wrote/made it. Disney used the branding “Legends” to create a definitive dividing line between canon and not canon. So that we would know what is kept as canon, and know going forward that everything newly made will be canon. They just removed the ambiguity.
  5. But we’ve now shown we can keep ours from trying to exterminate the world. So... ...not that it wasn’t close.
  6. I’m ok with my ignorance here. Especially since he no longer has any influence or control over policy. the peace is refreshing.
  7. Hopefully Biden has the stomach to let his DOJ investigate. Accountability is needed.
  8. I always felt the opposite. It felt like it was made by somebody who loves the Star Wars universe and the idea that a hero can come from anywhere, and people can find redemption if they want it. I get that fans want Luke to be infallible, incorruptible, and a force & lightsaber god beyond that if any grand master. But I liked seeing a Luke that needed help. I really liked the scene with him and Yoda. It lead right into Luke being the hero they needed, maybe not in the way everyone imagined. I thought Luke had a nice little arc. I still feel the stakes in the Mandalorian
  9. Some waited for the very last day to ghost Donald. lol cowardly, but still must be savage to Donald’s fragile ego. He must be beside himself even more than usual now that he cannot vent and rant on Twitter to a global audience.
  10. this is pretty common for every President-elect, especially Democratic ones. Republicans acted like if Obama didn’t have the recession handled by Nov 6 2008 he was already failing, and he wouldn’t be sworn in until Jan 20 2009 Cuck Todd is just an dipshit every day of the week.
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