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  1. Four things of note watching this. 1-the first five minutes is worthless, pointless, and should be skipped. 2-the Coalition employees seem to be required to give you their gender identity when they introduce themselves. 3-the Coalition employees seem obligated to use the phrase “without further adieu”. 4-UE5 is going to make creating highly detailed worlds while attaining performance benchmarks easier than ever before. bonus note, they mentioned that at one point the floor for the room in the demo was 20 million polygons. By chance I looked this up several d
  2. I remember the difficulty in ME1 being like that. That you could quickly feel like you outleveled the last third of the game. For me being able to use a sniper rifle on a Vanguard definitely made the game feel MUCH easier. I’m no longer limited to pistol accuracy range. Even if my pistol became just as powerful due to being able to put point into it. In the original, even on Insanity, I could run through enemies as early as Eden Prime. Two tapping with a pistol on my imported character. ME2 was and still is a noticeable difficulty spike, and ME3 comes back down a bit. Altho
  3. yeah, because as long as there is plenty of money for Pelosi to win re-election in her safe little district, the rest of the country can burn under GOP governance and legislation.
  4. Did they scare him with the death penalty if he didn’t take the plea? Or maybe he wanted to avoid the families of the victims being paraded into the courtroom crying and giving him hurtful looks. I figure he got something out of it.
  5. “..exploring Forza Horizon 5’s biomes and seasons”? Are they gonna have different seasons that FH4? Something other than summer, autumn, winter, and spring?
  6. Yeah, @best3444, I signed in to ME2 to check my journal to be sure I didn’t have any quests left unfinished, and check the Galaxy map to be sure there was nowhere else I wanted to go. The game auto saved and that was the file ME3 went to import. Everything imported fine. I got my bonuses for resources, credits, and level. as for ME2, it knows. It never loaded the wrong save file or anything like that. You’re only missing out on seeing your total play time. So nothing to be worried about.
  7. for that reason I always back out the menu. I’m a weirdo, but I like having my actual game time played recorded. In some games this means I’ll even close the game so Xbox and XBL won’t keep the game time running while the system is in standby, because some games will.
  8. I think this is just a bug in the collection for ME2. Best I could figure the play time was only per session and not total play time. it didn’t affect anything, but it was funny in ME3 importing a character from a 13 minute ME2 game completion. lol
  9. sometimes it is. There may also be some legal and licensing hurdles that due to the time constraints they don’t entertain certain options. Or somebody’s boss “doesn’t think it will work” and makes them do it another way. So they just give their boss what they asked for.
  10. I was just thinking to myself a few days ago that surely this movie came out and I just missed it and will watch it at some point later.
  11. maybe it’s that, for now, Biden is being allowed to pretend he’s president, but the military and such are not on his side and we’re just a signal flare away from any power he has being stripped away, and the rightful President being restored to power.
  12. Are we sure this isn’t a fake conspiracy for attention. Either to trick libs into mocking Q and Trump supporters, or by as a joke to see how many Trump and Q supporters jump on board.
  13. Exactly what you’d expect to see from the anti-cancel culture, free speech loving party that believes business should be able to run themselves without regulations.
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