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  1. My mom died in 1995 and I've made of her being dead ever since. The saddest aspect is the older I get the less shocking her being dead is. At 14 it’s a great way to turn a “yo mamma” joke around on somebody, and making them feel like shit.
  2. So half the population is gone then. Interesting. I may watch season 6 just to see more of how that period is portrayed
  3. Has any of the currently released seasons take place during the Snap, or are they skirting around it or ignoring it?
  4. Don’t kid yourself. They’d have all gone to see it just so they could tell people in detail how bad it is.
  5. Why donI get the feeling they were going to fully render an actual human, but Frostbite is such shit they could only get a wooden doll in the 18 months they’d been working on this demo.
  6. When you’re in public and can’t have a wank, pull out your Play date and have a little crank.
  7. How much worse does this hair update make load times and menu/inventory UIs?
  8. Trump’s so bad with money it’s not really fair to NASA to compare the two. A better comparison for how long the brain trust in the Trump administration could take to not fuck it up might more closely resemble the North Korea’s rocket program.
  9. that will not be covered by any insurance company. So good luck coming up with $1.2million if your kid has it.
  10. Star Trek Generations already manipulated how fast the blast wave of an exploded star takes to destroy everything within its own star system. And while I can’t remember specifically I would not be surprised if there are episodes of Star Trek before Trek 2009 that made it look like a star exploding would take out a solar system in minutes rather than years. But if not, we still have Generations doing it more than a decade earlier.
  11. 40. Maybe a few minutes more here and there. Depends on if I get stuck on something or if I can leave right at 3pm.
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