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  1. Oh is that all? I thought it was some kind funny hat.
  2. That entire long winded article and I did not see one picture of this "poppy". Not even somebody else wearing it.
  3. They'd justify with some kind of mental gymnastics. The easiest being "Pence is a good man, just not the right man for the position. Trump needs [__fill in blank___]".
  4. The last game I bought on disc for the Xbox was the day one limited edition of Forza 5 at launch. And that only happened because the LE was not obtainable digitally. Been purely digital ever since.
  5. Spawn_of_Apathy

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    Most Republican women know their place in Republican households. Popping out babies and making sure dinner is on the table.
  6. He'd just ghost him until the convention when the signs have somebody else's name. That night he will tweet trying to sound tough and in charge saying that Pence wasn't cutting it so he made the decision to make a change.
  7. She would definitely assassinate him
  8. They know, and I bet they're doing this to get on Trump's good side so he will be on their network more. I think they see this as a chance to gain ratings and recognition.
  9. I'd be inclined to believe anything in the article, except the rumor/leak was we would get Thunderlord this week by finishing the Master Ives quest. Had they waited a day to post that article, the Thunderlord releasing before the black armory would have been 100% confirmed. They're a shitty source of D2 information.
  10. Spawn_of_Apathy

    The cost of living is rising, and many Americans can't afford it

    It's ok everyone. Wages have increased 3%. Everything is fine.
  11. ...and Republicans crying it's not fair the votes don't get counted despite the law violation. They look for ways to invalidate any Democratic ballot and any hint of violation they want a punishment to the maximum extent of the law, even if it was an innocent misunderstanding. Like using a provisional ballot while on probation costing a person 5 years in prison. Fine. Count the votes. I don't care. But give any election official involved in the vialation 25 years in prison. Luckily thanks this election when they get out they'll get their voting rights back too.
  12. I'm willing to bet that upon beating the game people still won't know what it was all about
  13. Spawn_of_Apathy

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    Always worth an upvote
  14. Spawn_of_Apathy

    Former Clinton advisor: Hillary will run in 2020

    Man, had he won though... He may not have been ready for a 2020 POTUS run, but maybe a 2024 or 2028 run.