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  1. Wtf? I just had an elite and some red bars come through a monster closet inside my held control point right by where I was standing. Barely managed to run outside for cover before getting downed. I’ve seen them assault a control point, but never spawn inside one I already held.
  2. Something wasn’t feeling right about the game while I playing yesterday, then I got to unlock my second skill, finally got rifle with some punch, and suddenly it was falling into place. My my first skill was pulse, which is far weaker than Div1. Poor poor range. The only enemies it detects I am close enough to shotgun and know they exist. I’d have to check but I don’t think you get the damage and crit chance bonus either anyways, combat drone is far more useful and fun. I was was sad to outgrow the exotic shotgun. And i was killing people with I starting signing the Toys R Us theme, “I don’t wanna grow up...”. I knew I’d be outgrowing it far too soon and it was so much fun.
  3. Yesterday was weird. It could be a huge coincidence but every time I tried to sign on to Anthem my internet would drop completely while connecting. It had been working fine prior and when I booted up Div2 I did not have a single hiccup in my internet the rest of the day.
  4. 2 in twenty plus years if we’re only counting Films. Not really that many. The MCU Tom Holland reboot didn’t retell his origin. Just skipped right to “dude trying to be Spider-Man”. Three film batman reboots and each one “ my parents died!” and showing it.
  5. Feature complete indeed. The game launched without usable skills.
  6. SSD apparently makes a huge difference for Anthem too. So I may just need those three installed for now.
  7. I have only had it once. Did not get selected. Only other times I saw a summons I got out of it because I had recently moved and was no longer in the county I got the summons for. TECHNICALITY!
  8. I need to just buckle down and get one I guess. I have a 4GB external standard drive, but not SSD.
  9. One thing that is a little jarring on console is the constant pop-in of items, especially when running around the White House. Stuff on shelves or tables will pop in when your just a few feet from them.
  10. Well for all the shit about Anthem messing with hardware I just had Division 2 crash on me so hard my Xbox One X did a hard shut down.
  11. I was hoping it was that. The way way you yelled I felt like I was that lady in a horror movie about to open “that door”.
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