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  1. Some Xbox fans just REALLY want the PS5 to be under powered compared to the SeX. Last thing we need is a weak link next gen holding back game design and development. Im fine with the differences between them being negligible.
  2. Perhaps. But he can also phrase it as he strongly urges all states to enact a stay at home order. This at least gives the Republican governors the cover of not entirely making the decision themselves, but following Donald’s lead.
  3. I get why. It can be easy to think you feel minor symptoms because you’re afraid. Everyone going to get tested because they have sinus drainage, slept uncomfortably, are feeling stressed/depressed, etc, could overload the medical system. but yeah, there will be many people who get it, get better, and never got tested, so they never added to the statistics. Plus there are those being left out of statistics for one reason or another. I don’t think we’ll ever know the true number of infected, and deaths as a result of this.
  4. For days I’ve been wondering how the military is doing with cases. We haven’t heard much on them. I wondered if bases were on lock down and leave canceled due to corona to try and isolate the soldiers from an infected general population.
  5. Some of those are so rural it hardly matters if they’re ordered to or not.
  6. I always use self check out anyways. I’m used to bagging my own stuff.
  7. Maybe, or they’ll say the 2016 election was the catalyst sending this country down the toilet.
  8. It was happening with all tweets in the forum. it seems to be working now.
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