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  1. Native Americans didn't build walls, and were too accepting of illegal immigrants. Now look what happened to them.
  2. Spawn_of_Apathy

    Football NFL Conference Championshps

    I never thought I's be rooting for KC, but I hope they crush Brady.
  3. Democrats are really bad at offense. That's why even some congressional dems do not know what to make of AOC.
  4. Spawn_of_Apathy

    TSA does not give a fuuuuuck right now

    Does your crotch smell like a bomb?
  5. He's an incel without the talent or stomach to be an "active shooter".
  6. I am thinking the same. I may get Div 2 sooner if my friends want to get it and jump in, but they are not interested, or we are satisfied playing something else we may just hold off.
  7. Spawn_of_Apathy

    Emblazon & Triage Wedding Pictures!

    I forget who is who. So I'll just say I'd tap both. Congrats. You look great.
  8. The none story required hooker murder, vehicular sex acts, and cop killing when you committed a crime is definitely kid friendly. ...how is my spanking kids bad for their mental and emotional development again?
  9. That's considered a "best case scenario" for any amd all kids Ben Shapiro could ever encounter.
  10. I cannot tell if she's trolling her fans, or Mets fans. Probably her fans, since it seem since finishing the Harry Potter series, trolling her fans has been her sole pleasure and mission in life.
  11. RE2 is probably my favorite. Definitely the one I put the most time in to. I cannot remember, but I think I was "speed run" through the game. I may get this just to play with my sister. She used to always watch me play RE games because she was too scared to play them herself.
  12. Spawn_of_Apathy

    ~*Official Thread of Easy Marks and Fever Dreams*~

    My thought on the denial was it was so carefully worded that if something in the reporting was off by a bit it would meet the criteria for not entirely accurate. Why would the SC make a statement, I wonder if they still have sources within and around Individual 1. Buzzfeed's reporting could have clues on who could be working with the investigation and how they are obtaining information. While not being 100% accurate, close enough to endanger the investigation. So Mueller puts out a carefully worded denial. And Individual 1 breathes a sigh of relief.
  13. Spawn_of_Apathy

    General Gaming Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Launch Trailer

    Kind of disappointed the game doesn't even have HDR support. Not sure if they will add it in later. I am not too annoyed by a lack of 4k on console. Though having worse frame rate, even marginally on One X vs PS4 is pretty inexcusable. I'm getting it anyways. Videos I've seen still look good. This game will be a nice change pace from standard shooters and 3rd person action games.