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  1. The Republican party’s seeming disinterest in taking this seriously to safeguard the elderly has been baffling to me. It’s their most loyal voting block, and the voting block that votes most regularly. It’s like they’re actively trying to either piss them off or kill them off. Neither will help them in November.
  2. He actually started acting like the virus was a serious issue affecting the United States and not just something other places are dealing with. ...but then people saw how he was handling it “seriously” and the disapproval started to rise again. I think people genuinely wanted to give Donald the benefit of the doubt, that he would start to handle the pandemic sanely and competently.
  3. Hurricanes have yet to become so partisan that thousands will host parties outside and other large gatherings while 100+ mph winds tear tear through them. But when they do... I’ll be ok if Republicans want to take a stand against hurricanes and try to act like they don’t exist while being slaughtered by the tens of thousands. I’ll be just fine.
  4. To be honest, since there was like a 0% chance I’d ever go to see it, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I knew tickets were expensive, they were hard to get, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote it and I’d seen him in a few episodes of House, and Hamilton was very good. That is the sum total of all I knew about it. Any exposure I had to it was when somebody on a late night show would joke about how impossible Hamilton tickets were to get.
  5. It’s also mathematically inaccurate. At best he is 25% less at risk, because you can get it via the nose, mouth, and both eyes. I’m very disappointed in that tweet.
  6. Don’t theaters operate with pretty tight margins, with the studios taking most of the box office revenue? since most of a theater’s revenue is from advertising and concessions, wouldn’t that make these long closures pretty hard to weather?
  7. I know. That’s kind of been my point. The studios and what IPs they have that aren’t owned by DC aren’t worth $2billion. The price doesn’t make sense unless it comes with some kind of temporary licensing deal with DC properties at the least.
  8. I went in with very little knowledge of the actual show, except knowing the hype. So I was expecting it to be good. Was not expecting the cast to be as diverse as it was. I looked it up later and saw it was done intentionally by LMM. I thought they just went with the best people that auditioned, which is kind of true still. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I found myself so sucked in and experienced many moments of internal harmony. I was quite relaxed through most of it. But quite sad at the end. I will surely watch it again sometime soon.
  9. I think you’re giving them too much credit. They’ll be on ti what ever new social media app that will by out by November and no longer care.
  10. Without IPs though all those studios are is talent. Not that talent is worthless, but it would be far cheaper than $2billion to just make a new studio and poach the people.
  11. Say what you will, but 36% of Americans are clearly scared of browns. Definitely a strong name, ahead of its time.
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