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  1. People can wear a company’s merch and not work for them. That means nothing.
  2. Maybe he’s waiting for it to get warmer before having his prostrate checked.
  3. I opted for the bundle already having Hulu. I got an email showing I pay 12.98, the bundle is 12.99, so my price increase is 0.01. I mean it was an odd way to itemize like that, but there it was.
  4. It really doesn’t excuse the long load times since I do not have to endure a long load time when I rest at a meditation spot.
  5. I feel like the death loading is something they could patch. It makes no sense. i guess if you’re close to death and are able to, just throw yourself off a cliff. Faster load times, free health, no XP loss.
  6. I’m calling it now. not only is it not a clone, but it is the actual Yoda. Baby becomes so strong in force that it decides to use to force to travel back in time to warm the Jedi about order 66 and the impending empire. Unbeknown to Yoda the cost of time travel is the loss of all your memories and he has no idea he time traveled. He goes back in time roughly 900 years and following the Destiny we’ve already been witness to.
  7. They seem a bit too knowledgeable, me thinks. besides, it’s not like legalizing it also leaves it unregulated. You can see the recommended dose and the amount of THC per dose.
  8. Maybe if you answer “god created humans” you better also include which day that was, or F.
  9. People seem really high on it, and I did like it, but I felt like it could have been more. Through at least the first half it felt like a fan project made by industry professionals, if that makes sense. the GC ranged In quality. Some good. Other times it looked very cheap, like maybe the interns at ILM were given the scenes, and not their seasoned talent. If there was one thing I disliked the most, it was the carbonite freezer in the ship used on all his bounties. In EP V the impression I got was they were having to rig the machine to do something it wasn’t meant to do. A few years later the practice is common? And then there is holding him in place...that doesn’t carbonite his own hand?
  10. CIA did say that Facebook has been the single greatest thing to happen to intelligence gathering.
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