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  1. We already lost Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz to crazy, white man haters. It’s only a matter of time for all Simpson’s characters.
  2. I’m waiting for @SFLUFAN to review each episode before I decide whether or not to watch.
  3. Clearly the worst thing to happen to Jews since 1940s Europe.
  4. I was kind of thinking that last night. Also this would have been an early draft in comparison to the actual production. There could have been multiple re-writes until many of the things we liked never even got filmed.
  5. The trailers looked bad. So I’m not surprising. It will probably do better than it should since kids like animals.
  6. Since they don’t own Fox Sports and Fox News, it makes sense from a branding perspective. Help ease confusion of people that may theming they’re all still owned by the same company.
  7. That may have been it. who knows though. Maybe Witcher will be Netflix’s GOT. Be a ratings juggernaut , and get all the seasons it needs. Here’s hoping.
  8. I can’t remember where, but I’ve heard that Netflix contracts for shows have a promise of a big bonus if the show makes it to a third season. So Netflix producers are encouraged to not renew a show for a third season unless it is ungodly popular.
  9. That’s one of those things that makes less sense the less Star Wars you know outside of the movies. Luke kind of went on a campaign to clear the name of the Jedi and tell the galaxy that Palpatine was really a Sith, the ancient enemy of the Jedi. not everyone believes him. Some just believed that Palpatine was really a secret Jedi who was part of a plot to take over the Senate by the Jedi. Palpatine killing the Jedi was just infighting between a corrupt group who didn’t want to share power. In other words, it didn’t strike me as odd, but I can see where many might be confused because it didn’t happen on screen anywhere.
  10. It really didn’t though in ROTJ. It was just “all hope is lost. Your friends will die. Strike me down in anger.” FIGHT. “ I’m a Jedi like my father” “then die” LIGHTNING HANDS thrown down a shaft. not really very convincing. It was like “Join me” “no” “ok”. They just drew it out a bit, but he didn’t really put that much time and effort into it.
  11. To be fair, his attempt to convert Rey was about as drawn out as his attempt to convert Luke. ”Ill kill all your friends”. “Kill me and join the dark side.” Fight. Only with Anakin did he seem to really try. Getting into his head from the time Anakin was made a padawan. Working him for years. Feeding off his fears, and turning his opinion against the Jedi.
  12. All the mind games already happened. That was kind of the problem. They just brushed everything off with “Palpatine was behind it all”. Palpatine was responsible for Snoke. Palpatine was the voice Kylo heard of Vader “speaking through the helmet”. But there were no clues or signs this was happening before the beginning scenes of ROS. ...and it’s not like he can climb through the political ranks in the Senate again. lol
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