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  1. Yeah, and I don't see Biden ultimately re-emerging as the leader unless he starts talking more on policy specifics, instead of simply being the "anti-Trump".
  2. This is like when you play Minecraft and you think you dug out all the ore from the last cave, but then you find a new cave, which eventually connects to a massive cave network, which gets you lost in all the twists and turns until you get to a giant trench, eventually leading you back to the first cave that you started in when you created the world over a year ago.
  3. Can you imagine if we hadn't flipped the House? All this would've still been going on but no one would do anything about it.
  4. I kind of want to watch this but it's been SO LONG since I finished the Breaking Bad series.
  5. This definitely feels like an attempt to turn this into another Pirates of the Caribbean.
  6. Thread I can't keep up with this scheme anymore. So many people involved, it's like a whole crime organization.
  7. I don't see how he could have any authority at that point. It's not even his place to authorize an inauguration, and beyond that, maintaining power would require ranking generals to continuing to answer to him, which if they did, would essentially be a military coup.
  8. I was mulling over a similar doomsday fantasy on the way home from work today. I don't know all the minutia of how it works, but I'm guessing that even if Trump somehow refused to physically leave the WH, he would no longer be President. He would essentially be an ordinary citizen at that point occupying the WH, and whoever was elected could still be sworn in, would still be CIC of the military, and could pretty easily have Trump removed. Others on this board might have a better understanding of it though.
  9. They'd be more concerned about precedent than anything else. Eventually Republicans will be looking for retribution against the next Democratic President the first opportunity they get, and they won't want Congressional power rendered completely impotent when that happens.
  10. This is precisely why Pelosi was against it for so long, and a number of us here were saying that impeachment was not the politically expedient thing to do. I know it's beating a dead horse, but the most likely outcome is seriously that Trump continues making unimaginable decisions right up until the House completes its impeachment proceedings, and Trump goes on to win reelection. I genuinely believe that the public has turned away from the news, either sick of hearing about Trump, or honestly believing that there couldn't possibly be SO MUCH wrong with the administration as the media makes it seem, and slowly siding with Trump's narrative of persecution.
  11. All I need in my life now is to find out US troops were killed by Turks and to hear Trump try to defend himself.
  12. Why is someone NOT doing something news? BREAKING NEWS: I decided not to get drive-thru today!
  13. "In my great and unmatched wisdom..." Yo, that's the most sarcastic remark he ever made about himself.
  14. Republicans (probably): "This is very troubling and my family and I will pray and ask God for guidance."
  15. Does it really matter guys? He'll just...not hand them over. He literally doesn't care what the law says at this point.
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