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  1. Oh boy. More white people being silly comic book villains. Eh, whatever. I've seen the first three so I'll probably see this one. Eventually.
  2. If this show exists only "in the moment", why have plot threads (baby yoda) carrying through each episode? If each episode was intended to be standalone, it would have started off very differently, and there would be nothing pulling viewers from one episode to the next. This also goes contrary to the "serial" nature of the show others have observed. If this show is driving towards some important goal, it better show its hand quick. The last two episodes don't look like a show that knows what its heading is.
  3. Well I didn't see a mention of that but every console launch is laden with cross-gen titles that don't fully utilize next-gen hardware. That's a very old problem, and very temporary. I remain unconvinced that current or near-term hardware really has what it takes to show the potential of ray-tracing. As it stands, robust RT features mean half your framerate, or worse. So they either need some crazy hardware innovations that don't require too many more transistors, or we're stuck with slight improvements in shadows and overly reflective surfaces with "loose" 30 fps targets.
  4. It honestly is all about resolution. That was the primary focus of the base consoles this gen versus their Pro/X counterparts. My first thoughts about this is that it's a smart move. What you guys have to understand is that we are balls-deep in the diminishing returns era of the graphics race. Most of the gains in GPU horsepower get thrown at drawing more pixels, whereas the underlying effects remain largely the same. Even the addition of ray-tracing has so far shown to be a marginal gain over advanced screenspace and sparse voxel octree lighting techniques that have their roots going back to the 6th gen. It's not like the old days where doubling your GPU FLOPS meant you could suddenly turn on HDR lighting and screen-based ambient occlusion (this would have been around the 2006 timeframe). The next, let's say 20% of realism going forward will require another 4x hardware improvement, and it honestly isn't worth the manufacturing costs or associated heat/power consumption to warrant it in the console business. This upcoming console gen is probably the first one that is NOT emphasizing graphics as much as it is the immense gains that can be had with SSD storage and a good, proper CPU. If this report is to be believed, the Lockhart variant will still support the massive worlds, AI and world simulation that those two innovations allow. The difference between that and Anaconda will be, quite literally, resolution. It will still appear many times more advanced than a PS4 Pro even with similar GPU horsepower as long as developers use those other, arguably more important features to great effect.
  5. Uhhh yeaah, can we talk about that for a second? At some point Mando (or Cara, don't remember which) says they don't have the weapons to defeat an AT-ST. Like....is the New Republic somehow not bragging incessantly in news broadcasts and writing up new history books to teach younglings all about The Battle of Endor and the victory of the fucking Paddington army?
  6. I haven't found anything in this post or your last one I disagree with. But you're debating the wrong issue. Obviously the camera is silhouetting his image with the innocence of childhood, but there were people here (cough skillz cough) who thought removing the helmet meant he was LITERALLY considering starting a new life right then and there. Yes, this whole stupid argument started over what the damn helmet means.
  7. The hilarious thing is the people jerking each other off about how insightful they are aren't even the only ones who saw subtext. They merely interpreted it incorrectly differently.
  8. The episode goes to great lengths to show that Mando is very resistant to the idea that he could ever live the simple life. He might envy the peace and innocence that the children in the village get to have, but when the thought is presented that he could hang it all up and start a new life himself, he's taken aback. It's just not "the way". When the idea is pushed harder, it cuts deep and breaks through his emotional wall. I just don't think that up until it's suggested, he really seriously thinks of that life for himself, but he does realize (in THAT moment) that it's best for The Child.
  9. No I dumbed it down so you'd understand. I even provided pictures.
  10. Kids are full of imagination. The original quote was this: He sits down a plate of food and removes his helmet. I don't know how else he was going to eat that food otherwise, but obviously that could only mean he was considering staying. Here's the correct read of the scene, and I rewatched it so I could help you guys out. Thoughtful of me, right? The child runs off to play with the widow's daughter. Mando moves to protest but the widow steps in and says he'll be fine. She then asks when was the last time he took off his helmet. He says yesterday. She clarifies, "in front of someone else?" He points to the children out the window and says he was not much older than they are. He explains that his parents were killed and the Mandalorians took him in, and that he was happy they did. Not showing his face is "the way". She says if there's anything else he needs, to let her know, and she leaves. Now that he's alone, he sets down the plate of food, and removes his helmet. The camera immediately changes focus to the child playing with the other kids. This is foreshadowing to his decision later on (at the 31:40 mark) to leave the child with the village. In the conversation leading up him saying so, Cara Dune makes the suggestion that he could leave his helmet off and live the rest of his life happy with the widow, and the suggestion seems to take him off guard, but he dismisses the idea. Later when the widow says it outright, adding "Wouldn't that be nice?" his voice cracks as he says "It would". He almost lets her remove his helmet but stops her. That's the first real indication he was tempted by that life. Before then, it was all about the child.
  11. I saw zero indication at that point in the episode that he was considering staying. Regardless of whatever symbolism you think was there, I see no proof that's what the character was thinking.
  12. Um, as far as Mando was concerned, yeah. He was just getting his chow on.
  13. I finally sat down and started this series. I was pleasantly surprised by the first three episodes! I definitely got a Rebels vibe from it, I'm sure in no small part due to Dave Filoni's involvement. Like Rebels, this explores a side of the Star Wars universe that is different from that of the films, and yet is very much connected to the universe. There are times the action and production value approaches extremely close to filmic quality. Some others also pointed out the focused, serial nature of the story being a plus, and I definitely agree. So far they haven't tried to shove other characters and storylines in to take the focus off the main thread, and that's something I've always found annoying in other series. Then there was episode 4. Yeah, the acting, plot, action, and pretty much everything else took a steep nosedive with this one. This was like watching an episode of 90s Hercules or something. I get they needed to establish some things, but I feel like they could have done so without focusing so much time on such a weak setting and cast of side characters.
  14. Well that explains why he looks constantly on the verge of a stroke.
  15. I remember a story some years back about a man that was charged for walking around his house in his underwear. The catch is that his house was right on front of a bus stop full of children and he had his window curtains drawn.
  16. Probably that the DOJ will investigate the HilaryBidenBurismaBenghaziEmailAntifa situation but this time they mean it.
  17. It makes perfect sense to me. His health is actually SO good, that we currently lack the medical technology to understand it. Existing equipment must be recalibrated, and new science must be developed before his physical exam can be completed. His libido is also excellent.
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