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  1. I love the "What if I receieve a "Sold Out" Message?" and the "All available PS5 consoles have been reserved." So I guess you can be picked by Sony to get a chance at a PS5 and still not get a PS5.
  2. The was a post in one of the local groups saying Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day. Which was removed by the mods and replace with Happy Columbus Day with commenting instantly turned off. Parent's are pissed that kids didn't get the day off school here for Columbus Day (instead state agencies get Nevada Day off instead of Columbus Day, which was something that was passed during the previous Governor's term so years ago now).
  3. With the spin machine they got, their base will have no issue gobbling whatever toxic waste is spewed forth.
  4. I have no doubt that he would. Because he needs that power. And as much as he might hate Trump, he also needs him to be on Fox News for that "I told you so" soundbite of Biden ruining the economy, even if it was sabotaged by the very party that makes the soundbite.
  5. What if they just they just decided to put Iwata-san in as the final Smash character.
  6. In my town we don't have USPS street delivery and the post office has been a revolving door of workers for the last 3 or 4 years. Before we knew everyone there on a first name basis but now the is only one left from the old group and the janitor. Same thing has happened with UPS and FedEx here. We used to know and even buy our drivers xmas gifts but they changed everything up (FedEx closed the Fallon office about 8 years ago and everything comes out of Reno now and UPS seen our old driver retire and we have had 15 replacements in the last year).
  7. Slow down? It just took 2 weeks to get a package from Colorado via Priority Mail...
  8. All good. I actually sat here for a bit wondering if I was wrong and had my game confused myself. I went over to Steam a few times just to make sure before I said something. It has just been one of those days overall.
  9. How is this first person? I picked up the early access and it has been great playing it as it gets bits and bobs added. Really has stayed true to the tabletop version.
  10. Only reason they are in bars in Nevada is so people can smoke in bars.
  11. Yes, you survive as an MLB team this time. But we'll get you next time Astros... Next time.
  12. Come on @sblfilms you guys were to keep us as bad as Baltimore. You should be forced to forfeit the division and be demoted to being a AA club if you lose to the worst road team in baseball today.
  13. My county commissioners voted last night to end community testing. You know in while the county is seeing it largest surge since Thanksgiving/Christmas. General consensus around town from people is "Well now the numbers will go down and we can get back to normal." Sky is blue, water is wet, rural conservatives are stupid.
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