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  1. Littleronin

    Retro Games Pickup

    @CastlevaniaNut18 I remember having this way back when and that was the sole reason I originally bought it. Just cracked me up every time. Lost it and didnt even think about it until the wife seen it and I was like "PANCAKES!"
  2. Littleronin

    Retro Games Pickup

  3. So can we look forward to the name of this thread changing to Trump Shutdowns Vol. IV - 2019 Part II
  4. This is like watching a shitty version of The Kingpin.
  5. Why use your own money for these things when somebody else's will do just fine.
  6. Littleronin

    Retro Games Pickup

    Recent pickups.
  7. Littleronin

    State of Union thread

    I feel like I heard this part of the speech in the before. Did he just reword that speech from Newsroom? Because it sure sounds like it.
  8. Littleronin

    State of Union thread

    You can't bash American interventionalism in one sentence, then go on to praise American interventionalism later in the speech.
  9. Littleronin

    State of Union thread

    This U.S.A. stuff needs to stop. It is starting to sound like old school McCartheyism. Either for us or against us.
  10. Littleronin

    State of Union thread

    Outspending huh? Wasn't the Soviet Union trying to outspend us before the fall and re-rise.
  11. Littleronin

    State of Union thread

    Turtle doesn't like hearing about lowering drug costs.
  12. Littleronin

    Silent Hill is 20 years old today

    The first Silent Hill is one of those games that I love but I can't bring myself to finish. I recommend it to people, I own it and I enjoy the hell out of playing it. But I get to a certain point and just can't do it.
  13. Man, Microsoft just cant update anything without causing issues anymore.
  14. Everytime I see Flake I just see Marty Feldman.