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  1. Exactly, Ethan is feeling a little almost dead. But he tossed some 'tussin on it and is feelin all better now.
  2. My son and I have started referring to Ethan as a flex tape style walking advertisement for whatever is in the first aid liquid. "Watch as I saw this arm clean off. With a little first aid it is good as new."
  3. Now they should do more about all the deaths from accidents at the Gigafactory.
  4. I haven't had any rooms turn my framerate to crap yet, but there was one room so far that made all the fans on my gpu (including the case fan I have hooked into it) run at 90%+. My gpu went from running 50c to 70c for the room.
  5. Yeah I finally got the memory leak after like 5 hours of playing. Thankfully I was right next to save point when it happen so no biggie. That said outside of a couple of tiny frame dips (just enough that they were noticeable) the game run smooth as hell.
  6. Pretty much this. At at that point in my gaming life that I just like going back to even the really bad games I enjoyed when I was young. Did we know it was a bad game? Not really, but even if it was we would play the hell out of it because we didn't know when we would get another new game. So going back and looking at it through those type of eyes has been fun for me. I have played so much my what now is consider junk and enjoyed it just for what it is.
  7. Sadly it seems those are the ones that are pumping out kids like they are on the clock at the factory.
  8. Yep, I am alright prepping for the massive amount of smoke that will be brought into the area by buying extra filters and crap. There has already been a few smaller fires in the area here.
  9. Not sure what is worse, him forgetting it or the idiots just following along with his blunder and going with it.
  10. Contender for worst call of the year?
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