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  1. It is one of those times that we happened on a unit and the wife and I said screw it we are going to at least collect the NA library of games.
  2. And the Nats look to be about a 125 win team at the moment.
  3. I sort of figured that the first whistleblower was a bit of a litmus test to others to see if they could report things without fearing major repercussions.
  4. This is the point that Trump declares barely knowing Giuliani and dismisses him as a low-level covfefe boy.
  5. That is the first pic I have noticed that he doesn't ever seem to wear a wedding ring.
  6. That is a bold move. I mean I would cooperate with the impeachment inquiry if there wasn't an impeachment inquiry. I mean those sound like the best terms for cooperation.
  7. Except that there are government entities that don't recognize a social security card as a valid form of ID. I remember when we moved to the current town we live in we needed 2 forms of ID to get a PO Box (our town doesn't have street delivery and everyone needs to get a PO Box). We thought that we could use our driver's license and social security card to get it. Was told by the post office that were not a valid form of identification and we would need a bill of some sort or birth certificate proving our ID along with our driver's license.
  8. I hear Steam being up is an Epic Game Store Exclusive.
  9. Concrete is one of the most carbon releasing(?) processes out there.
  10. That is what I was more getting it. When asked about if a call made to Pelosi was to get out of the impeachment, Trump goes on about how Democrats aren't interested about guns and lower drug prices. I mean he doesn't flat out say it, but it doesn't take a steam engineer to connect his thought process on the question.
  11. Am I reading right. In Trump's call with Pelosi to get out of this impeachment inquiry he offered up the sacred cow of GOP politics, guns?
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