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  1. Got to love when the local game store comes through with a manual. While not expensive by any means they sent me a Shellshock manual to complete my Saturn copy. Only a couple more manuals to go before my entire Saturn collection are all completes.
  2. Final Fight CD. Sadly the box is most likely long gone from the world. Also I found a spare Saturn 3D controller.
  3. I really think these "evangelicals" need to read the damn bible. Or at least pick one up for more than a photo op.
  4. No it will be something along the lines of how the French have those little itty bitty fire trucks, and in America we have these great big machines that put out fires.
  5. Rebuild it and rebrand it Trump Cathedral. It will be greatest cathedral in the world.
  6. So fair to say the person(s) that accidentally started the fire are now the most hated human(s) in France.
  7. I would kill for a new Armed and Dangerous game. iNinja was another that had that tongue in cheek feel (kind of sloppy game but had potential).
  8. Who would have thought signing a one-dimensional player to a huge contract would results in some pretty wtf moments.
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