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  1. The biggest thing about that is that there are people that commute to work there from as far as Tonapah. So the number of counties that potentially can be affected is pretty large. But like most of the rurals, the mentality is that this is still not that big of a deal. Hell my county has actually traveled more since the start of March.
  2. That is nice considering hospitals are having issues getting masks.
  3. I dont know the my last few orders have been delayed by UPS with the following message: "Due to global health events beyond our control, your package is being held for delivery at a later date." Most of the stuff is taking just around 2 weeks to receive from Amazon when shipping via UPS. Now stuff shipped with USPS is actually taking less time for me so I let sit in the garage for a few day before opening. Completely anecdotal, but those virus survival times are also the reason that I have been packing anything that is 3d printed into a box and let it sit for a week before donating to our local hospital.
  4. I think he is going to force the CDC to change the guidelines which is what a few of the governors have been basing their decisions on. But, like you mentioned, at this point I see the governors continuing the course and telling the President to shove off. At which point he will get angry and attempt to block funding to the states that don't follow the new guidelines.
  5. Funny enough, the 3D printing community is struggling with the sanitizing issues on 3d printed masks. While the filter inserts can be tossed away the masks themselves aren't easily sanitized.
  6. So I guess my son will get just enough hours to put him over the limit that he could possibly qualify for EI. Knowing the owner of his group of locations this was most likely done to get people to quit instead of sticking around with low hours.
  7. So my son just found out that his employer is making sure each employee works only works 1 day a week to prevent them from filing unemployment. Only management is getting their normal shifts.
  8. I believe we had the first loss of a gambling license in the state in Lovelock with a gas station owner refusing to close down his slot machines.
  9. I have seen this in a few head-scratching places. In Fallon the local comic book shop is not only staying open and doing curb side deliveries, but allowing groups in to play Magic and other tournament games. And in Reno (even under threat of losing their business licenses) the retro video game stores and comic shops are staying open.
  10. 40% of the state's budget still comes from tourism (and a large part of that from gambling). Sure we have made huge strides since 2008 to diversify the state's economy, but to say that it won't hurt is a healthy bit of BS.
  11. Nevada schools are now closed to at least April 3rd. The big hang up was that online schooling to make up for lost days was ruled against the state's constitution a couple of years back. Basically one of the schools in the Tahoe region tried to use online classes for days school was cancelled from snow and somebody sued over it.
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