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  1. Haven't done one in a bit.
  2. Trying to be unspoiler as possible. It is because they wanted to wrap up those storyline for after the dust settles. It make more sense in the grand scheme of things but it is annoying tbh.
  3. You can take on hordes at any point in the game. Just they are a bit easier to locate after a certain point in the story as they become marked for reason that are explained to you in a mission.
  4. These threads need to go the way of the "guess the state" threads. This is no longer news but an aspect of the American way of life.
  5. Freedom gas is what I normally get after eating some fast food cheese freedom fries.
  6. While I understand that. This more seems like a direct stab at Barr's statement about what the report said.
  7. Sounds to me he is basically saying nothing could be done because he was the President.
  8. This reminds me of that company that made laptops for impoverished nations. It had a handcrank for power and whatnot. It was a real piece of shit overall.
  9. Great, now anti-vaxxers will argue that the vaccines gave their child ADHD.
  10. I think the parents should be forced to have bleach enemas.
  11. Jokes on them. That 13¢ is now worth a quarter. Art of the Steal.
  12. I wonder if Ken Cuccinelli has eyeballed the couch cushions in the White House in hopes they have loose change.
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