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  1. His followers will just hear the "eliminate income tax part" and ignore the part that will cost them more than income tax. Remember how happy they were to see an extra $7 in their paycheck?
  2. Got to see the recently demoted Jordan Lawler on Tuesday in Reno. There are just so many parts of his game to like. But, he had a chance to win it in the bottom of the 9th and everything went to crap and he looked completely lost at the plate.
  3. Of course he didn't want to debate the issues, but like so many there is no debating the "facts" inside their heads.
  4. Couple of things. The stadium experience in Oakland is the worst. Over half the concessions were closed because they won't hire and even the employees there were thinking of quitting because, for some, they didn't want to be there as they no longer feel part of something. Scott Servais's extended family (they were in the section next to us for his birthday, were told by security that they were being to loud when they tried to wish him a happy birthday. Another family was warned that if they didn't keep their kids in their seats, that they would be removed from the stadium. The 2 little kids maybe 7 or 8 moved to the dugout to attempt to get a players attention to say hi and 3 security people came down to take them to their parent who were maybe 10 rows up from the dugout. The lead lady was screaming at them to get back.
  5. I just got home (spent nearly 2 hours to travel 8ish miles due to a traffic jam at 1130 at night). Great game that pretty much came down to the last pitch. I haven't gone through all the pics but these stood out to me at a glimpse.
  6. Currently in Oakland watching the Mariners. Right behind the Mariners dugout. Figured I would see the old girl in it's final year. Will post pics later.
  7. Good riddance, but let's be completely honest there are about 2 dozen umps that have be overall worse them Angel this season. Angel just has been the face of a problem for some time now.
  8. Your average rural Texan can't count to 75... so those large numbers would be unconstitutional.
  9. When I seen the thread title all I could think was "Is it already that time of year?"
  10. The Bees were just rubbing the Coyotes move to Utah in on the locals.
  11. Just got my new truck home to only have to go to work because someone called off so best pic I could get.
  12. I really want one of his lawyers to quit, go on Fox News, and just say "That son of a bitch is guilty. I was just thinking I could get some easy money out of this." As Fox desperately attempts to cut away. I just thought of a friend that was telling me that if he won the case great, but if a case is lost, he just moves on to the next one. He really wanted to tell some of his clients something to the point of "Well sorry, but maybe you shouldn't have been a shitty person."
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