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  1. Man Reschenthaler reminds me of a student delivering a speech to the class that was shoddily put together at the last minute, but knows if he smiles enough he will get a passing grade.
  2. Yeah, Im not sure I recall anybody saying he had a heart attack. It was more about the oddity of the visit and wondering if anything was wrong.
  3. Did I just miss Jim Jordan try to go full bully on Holmes? I was out and just seen a recap that he did something.
  4. Got to give it to the man for explaining it is terms that his target audience will understand.
  5. But the administrations Super Double Secret polls show that 108% of people think the inquiry is a waste and all the democrats involved (and that are just registered as democrat) should be treason and made an example of.
  6. i7-5820K 16GB DDR4 2400 RTX 2080 Super El Gato HD60 Pro 2 2TB HDD 2 256GB SDDs 2 1TB M.2 drives Creative Labs Audigy 5/Rx sound card Corsair 540 Air case EDIT: I forgot the sound card and case.
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