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  1. Yeah I hear you about Red and Gulliver (and now that there are 2 variants of the damn pelican). I have had to depend on my son for painting because get Red maybe once a month if Im lucky. He seems to show up on my son's about every other week.
  2. Does somebody want to let him know how flawed that Michigan study was that excluded a large swath of people that are still hospitalized or died?
  3. So what are the chances that Trump will quote something from one of these actors and say something to the point of "Lincoln told me so himself."
  4. Do you see how much she has to drink with just the responsibility of riling up the really easy to dupe Fox News viewership. The country would enter an second unintended prohibition due to all the alcohol that would need to be funneled into the White House with her added responsibilities.
  5. Sort of a side find/project. Printed out a lightbox for a Marvel v Capcom 2 marquee.
  6. I personally love the claim that they feared for their lives. Because you know her posturing of waving a gun around like she was inconvenienced that the gardener didn't show up to water her flowerbed and she had to do it herself screams fear.
  7. I had one as a kid, I remember getting it for christmas and proceeding to beat the crap out of Commando with it. Seen this one was CIB and had to get it for memories sake.
  8. Here our Safeway had an issue with a customer entering without a mask and our deputies had to show up to block entrance. The guy and his wife ended up parading their kids outside waving American flags while shouting "I thought this was a free country." Their kids are to young to understand what is going on, but they will wave the shit out of a flag anytime.
  9. Pickups for June (and maybe end of May).
  10. Yeah this is going to be an absolute shit show in the rural counties.
  11. The games are pretty solid point and click adventure titles. They feature Eric Idle and other greats (Tony Robinson springs to mind) as the voice actors. Overall they are good solid entries into the Discworld universe.
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