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  1. This is what is looks like when somebody implodes on themselves in the public eye.
  2. Yeah, Im not seeing anyway to resale some of those titles. Be real interesting to see how this ends (if they catch the people). For a nice chunk of that should send up red flags in all but maybe pawn shops not in the general area of there.
  3. I hear Gamestop is going to move the Game Informer staff to various retail locations. Store remodels will include a cubicle in the center of the store with a writer trying to get a review out.
  4. I hear you. Seeing the D-Backs just floundering with no sense of which direction they are going is painful. But watching Ketel Marte and Carson Kelly show signs of brilliance has been a gift of warm and fuzzies. I hope this off-season gives some idea of the direction the team is going as this "competitive rebuild" is just annoying.
  5. Standoff ends with taking the person into custody.
  6. Shame there isn't a good guy with a gun on the entire Philadelphia police force.
  7. America - Where everything but the tools that make violence so damn easy is the problem.
  8. Man, I have been searching for ToeJam & Earl for what seems to be forever at this point. Cant find a complete copy here and it is the one game that I want as it was the first game I got back in the 90s when I picked up a Genesis.
  9. Sadly it will be like whack-a-mole. It will just pop up someplace else.
  10. Wife's idea as we seen our flags here at half-staff. Just pass legislation that would move the permanently to half-staff. It would save the effort of yo-yoing the flags constantly.
  11. You are right the gun control debate died after Columbine and to an lesser extent after a my friend watched her teacher get shot in Edinboro.
  12. Well we are almost clear of a shooting tri-fecta for the weekend. I seriously woke up this morning dreading about turning on the news over a church shooting being added to the list.
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