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  1. Between Carson City and Reno we surprisingly have a solid medical infrastructure (it takes care of things into Truckee, CA and whatnot). I know Renown has started to use its parking garage as a temporary hospital wing. I haven't heard much from Carson (their hospital is pretty large even by Vegas standards), but if local hospitals aren't sending patients out I think it is safe to assume that they are at or near capacity also. EDIT: And man I missed the right thread to post this in. It a mod can/would be kind enough to move this over to the CIVID thread that would be awesome. I must have ha
  2. So Banner (Churchill County) is currently at 96% capacity (including 6 ICU patients for 4 beds being treated for COVID). Reno is telling the rurals they can't take any patients from them, our local hospital (Mt. Grant General, Mineral County) is under lockdown as an outbreak with the staff (about a 1/3 of the staff is positive and most all of them I have seen out and about since the outbreak with no face covering and has broken their stay at home) has happened and the hospital is connected to long term care facility for seniors. Pretty much the rurals are on there own at this point and people
  3. Jokes on Biden, they will only be handed over after Trump wipes his ass with them.
  4. It that a photo of him taking artwork out of the White House to put into his Florida slum lord house.
  5. I would get a hearty gut chuckle if Trump resigns the week before the inauguration thinking that Biden made a bunch of merch that just reads "46" to, in his mind, screw over Biden.
  6. Nevada's new restrictions were announced to go into effect on Tuesday. As I expected, it will do jack shit to curb anything. Basically most everything capacity-wise will be drop from 50% to 25% capacity.
  7. Nah, he is going to claim he has squatter's rights on the White House and because he does that still makes him president.
  8. Yeah my wife is just scrap the desk at this point because it just wasnt comfortable. Has been putting in up to 15 hour days because as a SPED teacher some of the kids just arent getting the material that seems to be a one size fit all instead of flexible for the kids to learn. A few of the last weekends she has stopped and had lessons on Saturdays as kids needed the help. It is sad to think that she put in less time and energy when school was in person over the virtual because of the constraints of the material and programs used. It should be noted that between my wife and the other online
  9. Ill be honest. I was generally surprised by this one and it might slip into my top 5 for the year. It is just a ton of fun.
  10. My wife's school district's administration don't know what to do. Morale is shot because of all the new cases within the district (a bunch of teachers are out and now student infections are picking up) The only subs they can get have tested positive and a large group of subs from last year refuse to go near the schools this year. They don't want to go online because of the backlash they will face from a community that, even during the current outbreak, deny that any of it is real. So during a her weekly meeting today they were trying to pressure the teachers into "forcing" them to go online un
  11. Hey when your party platform is "whatever the fuck Donald J. Trump wants," you have to toe the line to stay in the party.
  12. So the current outbreak in my county was cause by a baby shower. We seriously went from a case like every other week to the schools shutting down and the hospital going on lockdown because somebody got a bunch of people together to celebrate their mistake.
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