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  1. I remember I started following the virus in December and remember thinking that "if this get here, we have the wrong leadership to handle it." Fast forward a bit and we were more prepared than most, due to having 3d printers I already had masks and nitrile gloves. But what I remember is going to get my wife in 70mph winds during a 2 hour round trip drive. After that I went into how I could help and started 3d printing faceshields for the local hospital to help with any supply issues. Making ear savers and disposable door hooks for people that wanted them in the community. Other things I re
  2. I have always found it interesting that we have had 15 presidents and only 6 parliamentarians since the job was introduced.
  3. Federal judge rules eviction moratorium is unconstitutional WWW.CNN.COM A federal judge in Texas on Thursday ruled that the federal moratorium on evictions is unconstitutional, according to court documents. Seems like a good place to put this one.
  4. I'm am still using a Corsair Air 540. I just love how much space there is inside it for whatever I need. But, I do believe it has been discontinued for glass and RGB version.
  5. I know for as much as they spent on this thing you would think they would have sprung for a higher quality dead cat to get rid of the wind noise.
  6. I mean they did find that there was a kid in Italy I think it was that had symptoms of something and they checked and found that he might have had it before the Wuhan outbreak.
  7. I just had to replace a battery on my 1000 and seen that there was some bloating. It was slight, and I had to replace it anyway as the battery held maybe an hour charge. Also it should be noted that this Vita was bought second hand and look like it had the battery replaced by Sony as there was a warranty sticker with hand written date on the battery itself.
  8. I hate how Rep. McCaul says that he thinks it is great "AOC and Beto are crossing party lines." It wasn't about crossing party lines, it is about helping follow Americans in need. Something that Republicans seem to forgot how to do in recent decades unless it is them that need to be helped.
  9. Hey, don't let something like science and basic electrical knowledge get in the way of the Texas thought process.
  10. The local bank is limiting all transactions to $200 today as they are having connection issues to their servers in Texas. People here are pissed as if you need to make a larger deposit or purchase you need to visit the bank in person. Seems like larger transactions aren't a given if you visit in person, it is up to the manager on duty if you get clearance to do so. The bitching about town is pretty epic at the moment.
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