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  1. I import whenever it is confirmed a game isnt making its way to the states. Or is different enough (censored in some stupid way) that dont come here.
  2. Littleronin

    Baseball The Mariners

    And just like that my day is a lot sadder. Farewell Paul you will be missed in a D-Backs uni.
  3. Littleronin

    Baseball The Mariners

    I love Corbin, but holy hell that is a bit of an overpay.
  4. I don't know why but I instantly thought of Bluepoint when I read the title.
  5. And there lays the problem. Politicians in this country (and others) general see the dates as being years away and generally think "Well we will tackle that when it happens." Not, that we need to take preventive measures to ensure that just doesn't happen. I remember in the 90's the republicans would bang on the "We can't mortgage our future for the now" line when it came to our debt. The reality was they didn't care about mortgaging our future as long as they were the ones spending the cash.
  6. Leave to a member of the military to call Trump a stupid moron, without actually using the words stupid moron, directly to him.
  7. Littleronin

    General Gaming Your Five Most Anticipated Games of 2019

    2019 is so front loaded for games right now I just dont know how to weed out anything past the first couple of months.
  8. Littleronin

    Calgary kills Olympic 2026 bid. Only Sweden and Italy remain.

    Host it on Trash Island.
  9. Hey if a swamp turns into a lake, it is no longer a swamp.
  10. Im think Trump is in a gruff today because he knows Acosta will be giving his hard pass again.
  11. Littleronin

    General Gaming Good morning fellow gamers

    I will have to wait until next week to donate. In the mean time I got out the link to the gofundme on everyone that came to my stream tonight. A few said they will be carrying on and helping with the outreach of the link in theirs. We live a few hours away. If you need something in the mean time. Please feel free to ask us.