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  1. Months after misinformation about the vaccines had already spread though. Things would have been different if he had made a show of him getting the vaccine line he made a show of everything else in his Presidency.
  2. Every time I see these tweets, it just constantly confirms this guy is dying, which is why he hasn’t done weekly rallies and only makes sporadic appearances.
  3. Right? Where’s the mythical good guys with guns to shoot them before they start shooting?
  4. Between Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and Jenny McCarthy’s “vaccines gave my son autism but not really” getting a National platform, Oprah REALLY doesn’t get enough shit from people for introducing dumb fucks like this to the world.
  5. It really is amazing what a genuine piece of shit Donald Trump really is.
  6. Seriously, you’ll do wonders for your mental health if you stop these things; don’t read comment sections to articles, any articles, and stop looking at any right wing sites (Fox News, Facebook, etc).
  7. Stop looking at right wing media. It’s a wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  8. This. Part of what helped was getting off social media. Man, people are just MISERABLE on there.
  9. Meanwhile, Boebert has a criminal record longer than most serial killers.
  10. Maher had been saying for four years that even if Trump lost, he would say he won and would try to find every avenue into staying in office. Everyone from Adam Schiff to Nancy Pelosi would laugh him off. He was right.
  11. No seriously, wasn’t there video of Rittenhouse getting beat up by a girl half his size that he struck first?
  12. Wait, wasn’t Rittenhouse taken out of school because he got into a fight with a girl and got his ass kicked?
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