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  1. Jeff isn't running away from Blizzard! I know this because his shift key is obviously broken.
  2. i5-11400F. It's 6 cores/12 threads like the 8700k, but has the advantage of a few generations of tweaks. Even though it can't be overclocked it should still be as good or better than an 8700k with the added benefit of an improved feature set (like PCI-E 4.0). If all that stuff is new, or like less than a year of use, then $700 wouldn't be too bad. That is a premium motherboard (which are expensive), a premium cooler, and a premium case. But with, I'm assuming, 3 years of use, spending a bit more on new parts will add better longevity. Water coolers become less effect
  3. Not that good of a price, assuming it has 3 years of use on it. Under $600 would be better, because Intel just came out with sub-$200 processors faster than an 8700k.
  4. Tension in Indy. Good guy shoots at armed robber, but misses. Shopper fires gun in Beech Grove Walmart after accused shoplifter allegedly pulled weapon WWW.INDYSTAR.COM Indianapolis police say a "resisting shoplifter" pointed a gun at a guard inside a Beech Grove Walmart, causing another shopper to fire shots. So many ways this could have went worse.
  5. I just don't think the montage was the way to do it because of all the scenes we've had over the last 5 episodes where he is slowly being convinced to become Captain America. I simply expected those scenes to be the slow build, then we have some big "aha" scene where Sam flips the switch like we've seen in every other MCU movie starting with Tony watching Jensen die in Iron Man. The montage was more of a slow burn on top of the slow burn and I didn't expect it. I will rewatch and re-evaluate upon series conclusion though. Also, while I loved the first fight, it did come across a
  6. I know, but the order/editing of the scenes made it seem the other way. His shield training montage was just unnecessary really. I was expecting a big moment for him taking up the shield. But he has his talk with Isaiah and then he's still wavering.
  7. I'm sure Amazon also utilizes temp/contract workers who don't get a vote either, because when I was at a Walmart e-commerce warehouse half the workforce were temps.
  8. Of course I exaggerated about doom and gloom, but we should be going to the other way. If we're not going to ban guns completely (which... we might be too late in even being able to do so), we need way more training, not on just how to physically handle the weapon. Situation management and philosophy classes should be a requirement.
  9. Watched this one late at night and feel asleep halfway. Finished it this morning, and I'm not sure how I feel about Sam's turn towards taking the shield. That last montage implies Sam only feels comfortable taking up the mantle of Captain America when can finally... throw the shield really well. Hulk accepts your challenge.
  10. The problem is definitely coverage. Not ENOUGH people have guns! There's only a few brave vigilantes out there and they can't be everywhere at once. But a gun can be everywhere at once
  11. Would love to know how and when he got his guns, because if they were legally obtained after interviewed this is an even bigger failure of our systems than what we currently know.
  12. He finds his own skeleton buried next to a T-rex. Cue the epilogue, and we find out he hopped in a Delorean and became trapped in time. Modern scientists clone that Trex in Jurassic Park. Those crystal skulls were from ETs ancestors. And he really really hates Nazis because Schindler was his pen pal. Release the #Spielbergverse. They're all connected.
  13. Got my first shit if Pfizer. Two days later and no side effects. Soreness from the pierce is gone too.
  14. & Untrained civilians have the right to use guns at their discretion.
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