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  1. I've learned and forgotten so much from this series. So glad to have it back.
  2. Monitor the temperatures of every component. I'd run MemTest again, and make sure it completes multiple full passes. Was your SSD new just six months ago? For it to lose 4% health in six months seems quite fast, unless it is small and you use it constantly which can explain that phenomenon. Otherwise, this seems like a problem. I would open up the case and reseat the memory. Reseat and try different SATA cables. Clean out any dust. Make sure any power cables are secure. Obviously if you have anything overclocked, return to stock. And then verify your motherboard is running your RAM at the proper specs. See if you can run just a GPU stress test. Then if you can test a different video card - preferably equally as powerful, do so, or test your card in a different system. If your video card, memory, and SSD check out as fine, then I'd consider replacing the power supply as a first step.
  3. For Honor is free on Uplay (PC). Need to redeem via the Windows app.
  4. I wonder how fleshed out the upgrade paths for each character is. For an intro to the game, it already looks impressive.
  5. It never crashed, though. I might try to undervolt and underclock it to see what happens.
  6. @GeneticBlueprint Well, shit. I think the 980 Ti half-died. Loaded up a game of Overwatch and the framerate kept bouncing between 60 and 150. Really bad input lag during the drops. Booted up a lighter game, Rocket League, and same kind of issue - although overall framerates were much higher, they were still lower than I normally got. There is also a strange humming/buzzing noise coming from the card, and the pitch changes depending on the load. So it seems like a VRM died or cap busted. Not sure why it would happen now, because the computer has been sitting idle the last 4 days with no load - I hadn't played a game since Sunday. I've kept the clocks at stock, too. Software reported that my temps were fine, but when I touched the card it was certainly hotter than expected. Even after letting it sit idle on the desktop it seemed to get warmer than it should - particularly on the back of the card. I haven't done extensive testing, but I threw it in another PC and it had the same issue. I just borked itself
  7. That is right about the controller. Right now I have a generic controller plugged into a Cooler Master controller which is then plugged into my motherboard. I can switch between Cooler Master and Asus software for the fans, but anything integrated into the board I have to use Asus's software.
  8. Stop it, I don't want to replace my RAM with RGB kits, and then go buy a couple of Corsair ARGB controllers so I can use their software for those effects. And then replace my fans because those do look better than mine.
  9. Odd behavior, but I'm sure your motherboard also has dual BIOS in case you really did muck up the upgrade.
  10. Good deal man, hopefully everything goes as planned.
  11. You'll probably have to buy a dual link active adapter no matter what unfortunately, and the high bandwidth ones are either cheap and not very good or more expensive to make you just consider getting new monitors (144Hz are cheap these days). But I tell you what. I plan on upgrading to SimpleG's 1080 Ti. Once I get it installed and make sure it'll work with my setup, which I am positive should work, then I'll have a 980 Ti to get rid of. It was gifted to me from Stepee, and I'll simply return the favor. If shipping is a lot, though, I might want to split that cost if that's OK. I've never really shipped something this big and heavy so I have no idea. So if you're interested in this free Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980 Ti, let me know. Also might want to make sure your PSU and case can handle it. This sucker is big. Will probably be a week before I can ship it, though.
  12. So you have 1080p 144Hz monitors that don't have DisplayPort on them? I thought most did. I have one of the first 1080p 144Hz monitors that came out and it has DVI, HDMI, and DP ports.
  13. I was googling the specs right now to make sure it'll fit in my case, since it is an inch wider than my current card which close to touching my case.
  14. I'm waiting on a really good deal on a 2070 or faster card. I'm OK with the performance of a 980 Ti, for what I'm currently playing, but I want Freesync support and I don't feel like dropping $200-300 on a new card (like a 1660 or 2060) is worth it for that feature without getting a significant performance boost. Really disappointed AMD wasn't more competitive with their pricing of the 5700 cards. What software are you using the control the lights? Corsair's iCue? Even with my cheap RGB lights the software can make a difference with how they perform. Cooler Master's controller and software does more neat things than Asus's, and is more customizable.
  15. You'll most likely need at least one active DisplayPort (to DVI/HDMI) adapter no matter what card you go with. You might even need two active adapters - but this will depend on how that particular card hardwired one of the DP ports. HDMI to DVI (and vice versa) signals don't need a conversion because they are digital with a clock signal. While DP is a digital signal, it has no clock signal natively, but a video card manufacturer can wire a port to send a clock signal and that port will be called a DP++ port. The Nvidia reference model for an RTX2070/2080 comes with an HDMI and a DVI port, so the chipset does indeed support having at least two ports carry a clock signal. Partner models (like those from EVGA) replace the DVI port with a DP port, but my guess would bethey made it a DP++ port to pass along a DVI/HDMI signal. The other DP ports may not be DP++. After buying your card I would send an email to their tech support and ask them to clarify the exact specifications for each individual port. Alternatively you actually might even be able to use a dock, but only for two of the monitors. The USB-C port is only 10 Gbps, which is only enough for two 1080p displays @ 60 hz. Your laptop's USB-C is probably Thunderbolt, which is 20 or 40 Gbps and why it can support 3 monitors.
  16. Jesus fuck, another triggered SJW blinded by his own bias he can't rationalize nuance nor read the rest of the fucking thread
  17. And Thor becomes Jane. It's a body/mind swap movie! Don't think we've had one if those in a minute.
  18. I would like to see the movie start out with a slow pace and gradually build up to a frantic one by the end, with the final shot cutting to her facing her stoney death.
  19. I like the tone, hopefully the actual movie keeps this. I was disappointed in the Golden Circle as well. It really wasn't a movie to me. They just took everything that got a huge pop or reaction from the first film and tried to one-up themselves in the second, with no connective tissue in between to make me actually care about what's happening.
  20. I'm definitely intrigued. I am also looking at coolers that come with RGB fans (since buying new fans to replace non-RGB is an added cost), and can sync with Asus' Aura software. Is this the one you have ? https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/cpu-liquid-coolers/masterliquid-ml360r-rgb/
  21. I am pleasantly surprised with my upgrade from an 3770k @ 4.5 GHz to a stock Ryzen 2600x. I tested three games I felt CPU-limited in and they all had a nice boost and definitely feel a lot smoother with fewer stuttering. Apex Legends was running around 80 fps on low settings during firefights previously, and now it stays above 100. GTA V is now a lot smoother at high settings. And Team Fortress 2 is now smoother with stuttering completely gone and a nice bump in framerates. I think I'll just hold out until Ryzen 4000 before upgrading the CPU again. I'll be upgrading my GPU before then, because I have to massively overclock the 980 Ti to get the performance I want at 1440p. Really my biggest disappointment is the stock cooler. It look like it was big enough to maintain decent temps, but under 100% CPU load it will hit the throttle temperature of 95 C, and it idles above 50 C. That simply is not acceptable to me.
  22. Well I wanted to go with Ryzen 3000 now, but newegg had a killer combo deal with a ROG Strix AMD x470 motherboard and Ryzen 2600x, for $220 with a promo code. For the same price as the new 3600, I'm getting a high end motherboard and decent CPU. So I'm going to give this a shot, since the CPU is practically free with this combo deal. If I'm not satisfied with the performance I'll probably sell the 2600x and get a 3700x.
  23. Maybe, but the 3600 is only $200 so I wouldn't lose much if I have to upgrade next year.
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