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  1. Anytime I ask someone what kind of podcasts they listen to, and they answer with true- crime-serial-killer nonsense, my interest in continuing the conversation is murdered.
  2. Are there buy limits? Otherwise the scalpers can easily cover this cost leaving regular Joe's still out to dry.
  3. A few weeks ago they delivered my packages to my neighbor's house, whose house number is clearly very different. So I put in a lost package request, and they actually get back to me with the only statement being "the driver attempted to reclaim the package." I then sent in another lost package request, and got an email saying they will look into it. I responded to the email with the video clearly showing the driver going past my house, stopping at my neighbor's house and never walking to my front door, but haven't heard back in over a week. Sadly I'd love to ask my neighbors for the packages, but they are complete white trash. There's got to be like 10 people staying in the house, and even more people come and go, and they love to park in my drive and also block my mailbox, which causes the driver to pass on deliveries for up to a week. And the fact they don't have the common decency to walk over to my house and give me my clearly labeled packages really says enough about their character. I'd really love to know WTF they are going to do the 120mm case fans I bought for my PC.
  4. Yep, I've only played it with an emulator on PC in 2 player mode and it ran pretty janky.
  5. Four Swords would be a great launch title for GBA on Nintendo Online.
  6. All email goes to junk, except whitelisted. User to keep my inbox empty, but have given up lately since the search function has improved. Inbound rules are applied 5o separate into folders for half my stuff and the rest just stays in the inbox.
  7. First Matrix gets the benefit from the "average Joe who finds out he's special" story that grounds it for most people. The sequels' attempt to ground casual audiences was to double down on the special effects, but they also double down on the craziness. Another thing the sequels did was making the ideas more complex with a lot of explanation. The Merovingian scene that drags on is a prime example among many long-winded high-level dialogue scenes.
  8. It's definitely easier to be an armchair detective when a lot of their life was public. We should be cautious with social media posts and understand what people put there is what they want people to see - how they want people to see them. But in this particular case we also got other insights into what kind of people Gabby and Brian were. Crazy that we actually got bodycam footage of their domestic violence incident that happened 2 weeks before suspected time of death.
  9. Let's make it a three way: Where the mobile/handheld gamers at? Touch screens or... die! I'd hope that was directed at me because I never touted any Master Race nonsense. And back to your original point, you should have just stuck with fanboyism in general. I mean... I've seen Xbox/Playstation fanboys flame the "other guy" worse than the console peasant mockery. Spiteful fandom in general - from sports teams to cars to shit like Marvel vs. DC - are outdated. Let's appreciate what everyone brings to the table.
  10. Uh, well, it's kind of an objective fact that you spend more money and then you get something better. Don't know why people should feel inferior for not doing it, and there's no reason for people to feel superior for doing it. There are diminishing returns, but if people enjoy doing it and have the money to burn then who cares. Consoles exist for convenience and baseline playability. PCs offer more options to do... literally whatever you want, but at a price.
  11. After calculating my entire PC setup, the $4000+ (plus tax) I spent better be better. $2900 is for the tower itself.
  12. This will be a nice counter to people who call it the "liberal" news network.
  13. You know I think that you might be right. Systemic biases just blinded me to the cynical reality that "we" are just engines of consumption.
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