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  1. The art style is indeed crap in the demo. Games will do better than that.
  2. Doable with most games. A few years ago I was looking at buying an old card to stick in secondary PCs, and was trying to decide between the GTX 1060 3GB and 970 because they were similar prices on ebay for similar performance. I chose the 1060 3GB, and that was kind of a mistake because there are just a few games that tank really hard on the 1060 that can play just fine on the 970. That little extra VRAM helps so much. Of course, I really should have just ponied up the little extra money for the 1060 6GB at the time, but I didn't expect crypto to fuck the entire market like it has.
  3. Nice, the graphics card is really no slouch and quite capable for 1080p gaming.
  4. You're supposed to get an email before they ship it out to confirm you still want to get one, and also pay for it lol. I think you have a limited time to respond, otherwise you give up your queue.
  5. Hopefully, but not likely, businesses will rethink how they handle sick days. I've definitely had to work with the flu because I happened to have it on a day that was mandatory: if I called in it would have been instant termination.
  6. The bill is bonkers. It requires teachers to post their entire curriculum for review, and parents can choose to have their children excused from parts of the curriculum if they don't agree with it.
  7. I just, lightly, tumbled down some right-leaning "news" sources, and it's frightening to see so many of them claiming hospitalizations and deaths are increasing because of the vaccine and its "mystery" side effects.
  8. It's fucking amazing how much material they are squeezing out of Mr. Miyagi, and I can't believe the show is as good as it is.
  9. How do you check? I think one of the emails I got was deleted.
  10. Massive improvement over the first PSVR, and appears to be the best out of the mainstream headsets. VR Display Comparison – LCD vs OLED, (Sub)Pixels, FOV & PPD – Smart Glasses Hub SMARTGLASSESHUB.COM For many people, VR headset display resolution is one of the most important specifications when evaluating and comparing headsets. You might say it's the car…
  11. That tall bald guy has been saying it wrong for a year or two now. He's done it in prior presentations, and it's so annoying.
  12. Hmm, I'm actually really enticed by the new monitors. I already have a 1440p 240hz monitor, but have been looking at getting a 360 Hz for my online gaming. Having both in one would be a huge deal, assuming the 360Hz mode is actually good and not marketing bullshit.
  13. I've already got Fallen Order on Origin so if anyone wants my code let me know.
  14. I hope the stream is just Jensen, in his kitchen, showing us how to bake some cookies. And instead of using chocolate chips, he uses little chunks of gold and says, "I couldn't have made these without you; thanks for your business :)"
  15. Niiiiiiiiiiiice. Haven't gotten this lucky in years! Man, after browsing some new game releases so many are currently Epic timed exclusives. Blah. So I will pick... Red Dead Redemption 2 on Steam, of course.
  16. Yep, with a larger FOV and/or better screen the Quest 2 would be perfect.
  17. If you have a decent WiFi you can try out AirLink to play games from your PC wirelessly.
  18. It is not super difficult at all, but it does require thought. Button mashing will get you killed. You get rewarded for exploring, making the more fun with upgrades.
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