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  1. Warren/Bernie. That would also be my ideal ticket.
  2. Every time I think to watch the West Wing on Netflix, that preview immediately turns me off to it.
  3. This is rich coming from a woman who wrote this to Bernie on the eve of the election:
  4. Well now I’m depressed. We know this country can’t afford four more years of this bullshit and I feel like nothing is going to change between now and November.
  5. Considering the turnouts for the midterms and the special elections, I have faith that Trump is losing this time if ANYONE other than Biden wins. Biden has been Hillary’d so badly that the entire campaign is going to be Biden defending himself and Hunter over the Burisma stuff.
  6. I haven’t seen that many virgins since the Rise of Skywalker premiere.
  7. I’m off tomorrow so I’m taking in a matinee at the new theater at the Fashion District. YES IM CALLING IT THE FASHION DISTRICT!
  8. Great, the Donald Trump parody account on Facebook just posted a photo of Lev Parnas at ERIC TRUMP’s birthday party 25 YEARS AGO, and I have no idea how to share it.
  9. Left wing political correctness? IT WAS A RALLY PROTESTING TRUMP YOU FUCK NUGGET!
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