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  1. They couldn’t take a bag of flaming dog shit to SCOTUS at this point, especially with Rudy as the head lawyer. By the way, if you were in the Italian mob, how embarrassed are you that it was supposedly RUDY that took you down?
  2. I stayed home alone yesterday and ate turkey burgers. BEST THANKSGIVING EVER! Also: Grocery stores need to be treated the way bars and restaurants have been treated. It’s almost criminal how much shit big grocery store chains have gotten away with.
  3. Remember when everyone here was like “aww man all these Trump appointed judges are going to be like YES MEIN FUHROR and give him the election even though he loses in a landslide!!”?
  4. I’m appealing to Trump’s pride. He wouldn’t pardon himself because he doesn’t think he did anything criminal.
  5. You can’t pardon yourself if you don’t think you did anything wrong. Also:
  6. It’s why his used car salesman portrayed of Hades in Hercules was so pitch perfect.
  7. I talk regularly with doctors and nurses that I’m friends with. To say they’re burned out is an understatement.
  8. Just for shits and giggles, here’s the Barstool clown calling the election for Trump way too early.
  9. My test came back negative. I’m still not going to my sister’s place for Thanksgiving.
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