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  1. Speaking of, I still laugh at that story where Trump and Kelly went and met with her and Kelly ended the meeting within five minutes when she just started ranting about Hillary and the Deep State.
  2. According to Jim Acosta, she’s quite the... day drinker... so Fox probably wanted to make sure they had enough booze to accommodate her.
  3. I can’t wait till I own a nuclear weapon, which I’ll mount to my tank that I’ll fucking drive into work everyday. SHALL NOT INFRINGE.
  4. It's right as they're announcing Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States at the inauguration. She's screaming NOOOOOO as it's happening.
  5. Okay seriously, Marvel Comics WISHED they could write Norman Osborn this crazy.
  6. I don’t see the big deal? The Dems say this about black people all the time!
  7. Imagine being so fucking stupid that you think a guy who BANKRUPTED CASINOS is somehow a great businessman.
  8. Dead serious, I was reading up on Romanovs and Rasputin and it’s pretty clear that guy definitely did stuff with the daughters.
  9. Is it too late for me to pretend to be some type of healer that can cure his first two sons of retardation?
  10. Meanwhile, I’m getting more jumpy around white people now. Hell, I looked in the mirror today and nearly shit myself.
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