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  1. Because as it was said in Woodward’s book, this is Trump’s cheat code because he can’t answer questions without going on a tirade about witch hunts and contradicting himself. Also, what happened with the mobile version of this site? The Twitter embedding seems to stretch the screen.
  2. They’re just waving... ...the camera just happened to catch their hands all standing straight up at the same position at the same time because everyone synchronizes their waving.
  3. People are already doing the “they’re just waving ugh not everyone is a Nazi” defense.
  4. MarSolo

    Former Clinton advisor: Hillary will run in 2020

    This is a nope from me. Look, I don't doubt Hillary would be a better President than Trump, I also don't doubt there'd be people who died under Trump's administration that would be alive today if Hillary were President. But there are people out there (Democrat, Republican, independent) who see her as pure evil no matter what. And to watch the two of them debate again? Dear fucking God, kill me.
  5. MarSolo

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    You know, it's funny how people (on the right) claimed Obama was a crook and loved terrorists blah blah blah, and yet the crazy Tea Partiers, despite having the House, NEVER attempted to file articles of impeachment ONCE.
  6. If not for colonialism , there'd be more natives to do the proper rain dances.
  7. Artistic activism is the best work Jim Carrey has ever done:
  8. Lenin was too busy making a bigger mess out of the mess that the Romanovs left behind.
  9. I didn't realize Cheesecake Factory was considered "nice food". I always assumed it was like an Applebee's or Chilis.
  10. MarSolo

    Well isn't this a chucklefuck.

    But remember, it's disgraceful what Obama did to our troops.
  11. Quite interesting. Their last tweet is from yesterday: Some theories is that it's either tied to the Mueller investigation or that they're boycotting Twitter over Tucker Carlson's address being leaked.
  12. MarSolo

    Mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA

    It's funny that the same people that freak out at the concept of gun control don't freak out when we want to place sanctions on countries that have nuclear weapons. After all, a nuclear weapon doesn't kill people.
  13. Yeah, I remember all the times Obama suspended the press passes of Fox News.