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  1. No, but seriously, I had to stop bringing girlfriends around my parents because my dad was overly flirty with all of them. Him and his all friends are like a cabal of giant perverts.
  2. Look, just because they say “sitta on miya lap and we’ll talk about the firsta thing thatta pops up!” doesn’t mean they’re being aggressive!
  3. Usually Italians are good at not being obvious when they sexually harass someone. ...not that I know anything about that.
  4. I didn’t mean literal floodgates, I meant like floodgates of information of his tax crimes. But hey, Donald crying is a plus.
  5. And yet right wingers think Facebook isn’t tailored to them.
  6. Guys, to be fair, Trump’s pet was much cleaner by comparison. I bet Lindsey Graham NEVER looked like that on even his worst day.
  7. Considering shit like THIS THREAD is happening right now, man, fuck Ted Cruz. I hope he’s never allowed to forgot this whole fiasco.
  8. I’m SOL regardless because my student loans are private. I think I have MAYBE five grand in federal.
  9. Suspended? Fucking fire them, blackball them, and strip them of their ability to own firearms. These pigs don’t deserve leniency.
  10. Ted Cruz refused to defend his wife after Trump attacked her appearance, and now has thrown his own daughters under the bus for his idiotic decision to go to Cancun while his constituents freeze to death. The only woman Cruz has going out of his way to defend is noted thespian* Gina Carano. *I’m kidding, she’s a horrible actress.
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