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  1. My favorite response to Cuties backlash is “If you think Cuties is bad, you don’t want to know what Jodie Foster’s 12 year old character did for a living in Taxi Driver. And it wasn’t drive the taxi. Also, wait till you find out why the Boy in the Striped Pajamas was wearing striped pajamas.”
  2. Call me crazy, but getting angry at someone for not retiring sooner seems rather dumb. Like, was RBG supposed to look into her crystal ball in 2014 and see that somehow the fat real estate guy with no legislative experience was somehow going to become President?
  3. No, it won’t. Stop dying on this hill. It’s beneath you all.
  4. Jesus fucking Christ, we got a bunch of Private Hudsons and Lamberts in this thread. Stop fucking whining, crying, pointing fingers, and blaming. Put on your strap-ons, get out there, donate some money, and put it in their ass!
  5. Exactly my point, Trump is going to rush the nomination before the election rather than have it be THE issue going INTO the election. Either way, there’s going to be A LOT of pissed off voters on the left.
  6. Are we forgetting that Trump is his own worst enemy and has already called Tom Cotton by now to be nominated?
  7. If Democratic voters don’t use this newly lit fire to get out and vote, we deserve another four years of Trump.
  8. So, Keith Knight’s show Woke released on Hulu last Friday, and honestly, it’s a hell of a watch.
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