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  1. To be fair, I'm positive Trump has no idea what the 25th Amendment is. I'm sure Kelly and others explained it to him while he was ranting about how we need to pull out of South Korea, but then he forgot.
  2. MarSolo

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    I feel this way all the time, but death is too good for Donald Trump, especially from something like a stroke or heart attack. I've said this repeatedly, I want him winning the Presidency to be the thing that ruins him. I want all his children to end up broke and destitute after his presidency taints the Trump name forever, I want them to die before him. I want him to be in the same room when his children die in front of him. I want him to end up like Michael Corleone at the end of that fan fiction movie Godfather 3, where Michael is sitting alone with nothing but a dog for company, knowing everyone around him suffered for his crimes. Or, someone could just tell John Hinkley that Jodie Foster is ready to be impressed again.
  3. MarSolo

    Armed society is a something something society.

    You know what? Fuck it, take all the guns. We aren't responsible enough for them.
  4. What I'm saying is if you're going to have something literally an hour before the next day for one time zone, just announce it for the following day.
  5. Then don't announce it for the 18th, say the 19th.
  6. So, it's still not up is it? What a shit show.
  7. What makes her safe from the snap though? Everyone in the UNIVERSE was subjected to it, so how does Fury know that she didn't dust away as well?
  8. MarSolo

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    Thanks Bill, if anyone is qualified to speak of sexual misconduct, it's you.
  9. This tweet is going to cause Nintendo some headaches I think since people are already replying with Trump memes.
  10. Because he's a fucking moron who doesn't actually know what ANY of that stuff means.
  11. MarSolo

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    I really hope this leads to Don Junior getting metoo’d.
  12. MarSolo

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    John Hinkley is out of jail right? Does he still want to impress Jodie Foster?