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  1. So how long until Trump “both sides” the killing? He did after all tell cops that they should rough up criminals more.
  2. I believe this except Trump actually slaughtering the sheep. That requires actual work and we know he’s grossed out by blood.
  3. Been working the entire time (grocery store data and pricing), got the $2 pay increase, and got the stimulus check. Supposedly this is the last week for the $2 increase. Honestly, it should be permanent.
  4. Guys, I’ve been drinking a lot, and I mean A LOT, since this whole thing started. I’ve discovered new beers, reclaimed my love of drinking vodka straight, and even sampled new wines. That said, I decided to take a break tonight, and I think the withdraw effects have me hallucinating:
  5. While many Americans ration insulin because of costs, Trump jokes about taking it for fun.
  6. Non-answer? That’s fucking slander, she accused Scarborough of murder basically. Speaking of, Twitter 'deeply sorry' about Trump's tweets on Scarborough's late intern, but won't remove. But hey, let’s deep dive further:
  7. Widower Asks Twitter to Delete Trump's Tweets Suggesting Joe Scarborough Murdered Late Wife Jack has to pander to his white supremacist base so he won’t do anything.
  8. Asking whether it’s a bad look for a President to be wearing a mask DURING A FUCKING PANDEMIC is the dumbest shit ever. I was replying that at least Biden looked somewhat bad ass with the mask and shades combo.
  9. Amy Cooper apparently had a history of abusing the dog via Munchausen. Her social media is nothing but the dog getting sick or injured.
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