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  1. It’s Trump, by the end of the week there’s going to be something else he’ll fixate on. Last week it was pissing on McCain’s grave, by the end of the week he’ll be agreeing with Bibi that Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews.
  2. That person should be treated as a potential suspect of a future mass shooting. Fuck anyone trying to "be an asshole" by carrying around the manifesto of a mass murderer.
  3. Yeah, I was a bit too optimistic there. But seriously, considering the speed at which things move in this administrative shit show, there's going to be at least ten new scandals that have happened by September.
  4. Yes, the system is broken. But voting him out and then having the next person FIX IT is the right move at this time.
  5. I took an art history class on how Hitler used his artistic abilities to frame the imagery of the Third Reich. OMG IM LITERALLY HITLER.
  6. Meanwhile, a bunch of shit hole red neck states are ruling over rich states.
  7. French Stewart has a job again!
  8. It's now old enough to be dating R. Kelly!
  9. Unlike that Obama, who said we should take their guns and worry about due process later... ...oh wait, that was Trump.
  10. Like, at this point, I don't care what rules of Sharia Law Omar follows when the President of the United States is a guy who openly defended white supremacists and neo-Nazis after Charlottesville.
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