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  1. That caller just reminded me why IQ tests need to be given before people are allowed to vote.
  2. Trump during World War II: “both sides were wrong during the Holocaust.”
  3. As I said in the Discord, expect Trump to try and embarrass Acosta again in front of everyone, then say something stupid to Putin like "I wish I could take care of reporters like you're able to."
  4. MarSolo

    The Official Thread of Existing While Black

    Couponing while black.
  5. The maxing out was around seven. The "fuck this I'm broke and I'll stop making payments and do a set payment plan with the credit card companies" was maybe a year or two ago.
  6. Sure. Let’s just ignore that Trump Tower meeting that wasn’t suspicious at all.
  7. I have shit credit so this thread just really depressed me even more. I maxed out two credit cards in a year long drunken binge after a bad breakup, losing my job, and grad school.
  8. Mike Pence calls that a Friday night at Woody's in Midtown Philly.
  9. I mentioned it in the Discord, but it was funny to read about Piers Morgan try to compare it to something like this being done to Barack Obama, ignoring the fact that Obama wasn't vilified like Trump is.
  10. The irony is a guy like him probably goes to Italian, German, and Irish pride festivals all the fucking time.
  11. "Hey daddy, you have to help my guys win the midterm!" "Vhat, are Hillary memes not doing enuv for you?"
  12. I agree with all of these except for Black Panther. T'Challa is the most boring protagonist of all time in the MCU.