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  1. Another big story happening in Philly is a bunch of cops getting desk duty because apparently being a racist makes you stupid and post your racist thoughts on social media for all the world to see. "BUT PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR SHOES!" is every fucking comment on social media in defense of the cops. Yeah, if only the Jews had given the Nazis better interest rates on their loans.
  2. Let's not pretend Trump won't fold like one of his cheap suits. War is coming unfortunately.
  3. It's still a Trump blowjob piece. He's the eagle in the pic.
  4. Who wants to take bets Trump is going to have someone take a photo of a completely different tree to try and claim it’s still alive?
  5. https://www.thedailybeast.com/pelosi-tells-dems-shed-like-to-see-trump-in-prison Not sure how I feel about the Speaker of the House saying.
  6. Missing in this was the other part of the Piers Morgan interview where he called him out about the transgender ban, and then fact checked him over viagra costing more for military members than reassignment surgery.
  7. Wow, I actually had forgotten about that one. He basically says she's on her period, then spends days after saying that's not what he meant.
  9. Banned for racism.
  10. Mueller is like Ned Stark, knowing the truth but wanting to do things the right way, not realizing the Trumps/Lannisters will play dirty.
  11. I’ll openly admit I was stupid with my money for a two year period (2011-2013) and I’m still paying for it today. I was depressed after losing losing my job and getting into grad school, and spent that time living off credit cards and taking out a loan for grad school itself, while bringing in no income. I’m slowly getting myself out of said hole.
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