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  1. There’s only one person with Trump. Are the representatives from Russia hiding behind the chair with a gun telling Trump to smile?
  2. That’s because of Stephen King stories though. You know, I was pretty close to saying “wow, Dodger didn’t say the dumbest thing in this thread”, but then you went “hey guyz black on blacks crymez!”
  3. Meanwhile, they tweeted this today. You’d think with all the television Trump watches he’d have finished this movie.
  4. Didn’t McConnell lose his shit once and filibuster his own bill when Obama came out in support of it?
  5. And what are we mere mortals supposed to do about it? Like, we know he’s appointing shit judges.
  6. “Yeah but Biden fired that prosecutor and gave his son a job and Warren is Pocahontas and Bernie is Socialist and Booty is gay.” - Republicans.
  7. If time travel were possible, one of the first things I’d do is go back and shoot George Zimmerman as he’s making that phone call.
  8. Oh man, apparently Karlan brought a shit storm because she dared to invoke Barron’s name.
  9. Fuck it, everyone should read that Anonymous book. Just don’t buy it, torrent it.
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