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  1. I mean if they want to explore the existential issues of toys along the way I'm down for that.
  2. If Trump can't be impeached, then no one can be impeached ever again. Except in the future in which an overwhelming Republican majority impeaches a Democratic President for saluting with the wrong hand.
  3. I literally have no reason to believe his account given his testimony in court and the surrounding circumstances. People publish books making accusations against famous people FREQUENTLY just to gain success from the controversy. See Bing Crosby's son Gary as a famous example.
  4. So Cohen stopped short of claiming there's any evidence of collusion. Whoa there, slow down pard'ner!" I do love the trap the Republicans set for themselves though. "Cohen is a liar, everything he says is untrue!" Then everything he said in defense of Trump while working for him was a lie. "OK, everything he said EXCEPT the stuff he said in defense of Trump was a lie." So then the entire premise of his conviction for lying to Congress is wrong, and you have no reason to disbelieve his testimony now? Like you can't fucking defend Trump and try to discredit Cohen at the same time. It doesn't work. BUT BOY HOWDY ARE THEY TRYING.
  5. OK yeah I need to see this. I feel like I'm 12 when I see that trailer.
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