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  1. There's elements in this short (including musical cues) which harken back to The Lost World, which is not a positive thing. That's my biggest concern about JW3, because we technically have already had dinosaurs in the US already, and the results were...very silly. So if they're using TLW as some sort of inspiration, that may be this film's biggest downfall. Otherwise the potential is very interesting.
  2. If you don't like JW this won't sway you. There's some questionable elements here but I still find some entertainment in it. The future of the franchise could be interesting.
  3. This time around, probably. The winds are definitely headed that way though and it's not a bad idea to start "priming the well" for its eventual majority support. We just need a few dozen more dead school children and the country will come around.
  4. It's the most acceptable position to take, because you'll never ban guns entirely. But it's a lot harder for gun advocates to argue that they NEED an AR-15 for any purpose whatsoever, and they've definitely been involved in multiple mass killings.
  5. That is literally the most despicable thing I've heard in a long time.
  6. Technically Scarlett won't have "RTX" either, but more likely a generic set of DirectX-compatible cores (DXR) which AMD will think of a drab, forgettable name for.
  7. Ah, there we go! Been a while since we had a good ol' fashioned firing. Is it weird that this feels a little like a comforting return to "norm"? Yeah you don't have to answer, it's weird.
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