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  1. Hmmm, I see some things but there are some pretty important differences there.
  2. I missed this part somewhere. Were more similarities revealed besides just Luke dying?
  3. I get what you're saying. It's like a cartoonist that must first study traditional human anatomy before they can create distortions of it. But what you call 'deconstruction', people that don't like his take would call 'misunderstanding'. It's a fundamental disagreement on what he actually did.
  4. Are people's opinions of Ep.8 supposed to change just because one or two pieces line up with Lucas's treatment?
  5. Man I remember in 08 when McCain referred to his mom being alive, but I never even considered she might still be until now.
  6. Looks like I'm gonna have to stop being lazy and set up our speakers for that "at home theater experience"!
  7. Welp, that was cool. Glad they let us see it before it's even out.
  8. I mean what do we really expect Trump to do when he loses? Is he going to shoulder the responsibility of his office with grace, or is he going to continue to be a narcissist and mope around doing nothing because "what's the point? Nobody loves me!" So it's either that, or he resigns right before a humiliating defeat, or immediately after.
  9. Oh absolutely. What COVID-19 has done is simply reveal in stark clarity how deeply flawed Trump and his administration is. Hurricanes and wildfires had already done that to a lesser extent, but not enough people were getting the hint. With this, no one can deny it. And further on that, Trump getting the virus shows his problems even more. The denials and self-serving even when it's in his own body have shown Americans how far his lunacy goes.
  10. Oh my god I can't believe Trump is chickening out of the second debate. I guess it's basically confirmed now, his campaign has been wanting Joe to flinch first, thinking corona would be the perfect scapegoat to get out of another badly polling debate performance. But now the debate comission decides independently to hold it virtually, Trump has backed himself into a stupid corner. He can't say he won't debate due to the virus, because he's been insinuating without testing that he's already beaten it. Trump played himself so laughably here. He now looks like the world's biggest puss
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