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  1. Probably that the DOJ will investigate the HilaryBidenBurismaBenghaziEmailAntifa situation but this time they mean it.
  2. It makes perfect sense to me. His health is actually SO good, that we currently lack the medical technology to understand it. Existing equipment must be recalibrated, and new science must be developed before his physical exam can be completed. His libido is also excellent.
  3. That's...idiotic. King Louie was voiced by Louis Prima (often called "Louie" by his friends) and if you listen to literally anything he did, he always sings exactly how he sang for that character.
  4. I think the idea Democrats have is to overwhelm with the quantity of damning testimonies, rather than relying on one or two explosive ones. This is just the first public hearing.
  5. Well what Disney calls "Season 1, Episode 1" of the Fox Spider-Man series is smack dab in the middle of a multi-part story arc. In fact there is only one "season" which appears to be a random assortment of episodes. At least they're not cropped and stretched!
  6. Inb4 Republicans switch from Shifty Schiff doctoring transcripts to the deep state using deepfake to doctor the live testimony.
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