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  1. It's already more mature looking by a mile in terms of violence, but then again the 2012 TMNT show was "for kids" and it has some of the most fucked up imagery I've ever seen in a kids show (that wasn't from Japan).
  2. It also works because, yeah, the MCU earned it through the 10 years of characterization since the original Thor, and the audience has no problem riding along. I mean this is just a condensed version of the emotions we've already seen him go through over a much longer span of time through the movies, only this time those emotions are processed much more suddenly and violently. They've established he really does love his mother, and seeing her get killed is the first thing in the reel tape that gets to him. Also I loved the moment of him seeing the Infinity Stones. All hi
  3. Another M. Night Shyamalan movie. I've failed many times and no one is giving me millions to make my projects. It's not fair!
  4. The themes of the characters were consistent though. Each one had an arc. But like, if they're going to make Rey a nobody... Stick with the nobody story. Play with the themes of that.
  5. Yeah nothing revelatory there. But it's a bit of a head-scratcher how it took doing it the wrong way to figure out that plans are good. Or maybe not strictly that plans are good. Maybe more like...a cogent trajectory is good. IX is pretty universally loathed, but what's funny is how VIII would probably be appreciated more, by more people, if IX had stuck the landing. Instead they prioritized time over quality.
  6. Yes and all those iconic things were apparently established within a few weeks of his life and would henceforth never change until we caught up with him again when he meets Luke! Yeah the first Solo can die in a fire. The last thing it needs is a sequel.
  7. Yeah this is something people started talking about since Chapek was appointed. I'm not entirely surprised that people's suspicions are confirmed. If/when Feige leaves, that's pretty much it.
  8. Agreed, that was absolutely abhorrent. Not a great first impression.
  9. Fair points. And probably the more we see of her story in future shows and films, the more understanding we'll get of the complex underpinnings of her life and current mindset.
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