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  1. This is fine, but I'm really looking forward to the one that comes after this. Spider-man: Home on the Range
  2. It's hard to understate their influence. There would be no deadmau5 without Daft Punk, and thus I feel a lot of modern electronica just wouldn't exist in the same way. This is getting a lot of attention though and part of me hopes this isn't all a publicity stunt.
  3. I'm OK with this as long as at some point Arnold makes a gratuitous and overly obvious cameo.
  4. Well the Agnes mind unlock scene was obviously misdirection. Well done, showrunners! And yes the wait is agathanizing. We're now teased Monica's powers, and a confrontation of Vision and the others is set up. The kids are gone, not-Quicksilver is a minion of Agatha and has caught up with Monica.... And I have seven more days of constipated workplace conversations about what we still don't know!
  5. They were given entirely too much of a hard time about this by the Queen and whoever else.
  6. You'll never beat Glenn Close. This one looks like Birds of Prey by way of Disney.
  7. Well ok. I do remember even as a kid thinking the third one was dumb.
  8. If you were a kid in the 90s, you knew about the Mighty Ducks. Those movies were essential watching.
  9. Witnesses would not have made a difference. Don't get overly invested in the details. None of this ever mattered.
  10. All the people reacting viscerally to this only have themselves to blame for not preparing themselves emotionally for this moment. No other outcome was possible. Even with witnesses.
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