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  1. Grievance filled crybaby who has to make everything about himself, right up to the end. You can say a lot of things about him, but he knows his brand.....
  2. After a quick Google search, here is a partial list of famous short novels in the 50,000 word count range. I wonder if there is a single cross word aimed at Putin in there.....
  3. They'll then lead the church in a traditional Catholic hymn "Our Name Is Reek". Haunting in its beauty.
  4. That was my thought, as well. It's one thing to criticize "political correctness". It's been beaten into a meaningless term that is a stand in for "anything that puts any kind of restriction on anything I want to do or say". But multiculturalism? You're literally against there being.....multiple cultures
  5. Like hurrying up and bandaging the wound without cleaning the feces out of it first.
  6. Fine, whatever. At this late date we should always keep in mind this can not be a fight against Republicans. We can not convict Trump without their support. It has to be a fight where they are convinced they benefit from convicting him, too. Impeachment already served most of the purpose of what I would consider the less tangible benefits of this exercise. Such as putting on record what Trump did. One could argue that forcing the Republicans to vote on it is politically advantageous to Dems(which I am not even sure is true that people
  7. I believe him. He's not a politician. He's a day old baked potato in a suit.
  8. If Grahmn isn't being blackmailed, I would love to know what the fuck his true motivation is here. He doesn't have to worry about reelection for 6 years. Donald Trump proved right all the worst things 2016 Lindsey Grahmn said about him and more. So any claim that Trump genuinely changed Grahmn's mind about him seems unlikely. With Grahmn's reaction in the moment during the insurrection and then the following days it sure looks like Grahmn was shocked into honesty on that day, then Trump met with him in person to yank the chain and remind Grahmn what he has on him.
  9. I wonder if they make the noise under their breath when they're getting a haircut.....
  10. Aren't libertarians big into solar panels? Not because of the clean energy, but because they love that "off the grid" stuff....
  11. There are only a handful of people on this Earth that are more responsible for Trump than the Fox News primetime lineup.
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