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  1. The demand must be fucking insane considering that, as far as I can tell, it's not appreciably easier to nab a PS5 now than it was on launch day.
  2. I feel like Indiana Jones is so old that Indiana Jones should be tromping through a rain forest to find a lost city to break into its vault and discover Indiana Jones in it.
  3. In my experience this type of culture comes from the top down. District and higher it is pretty well ubiquitous. Once you get to managers and GMs that actually work in the store the smart ones learn to appreciate the employees. Some of the best people I have worked with were GMs, but so were some of the worst. And almost invariably corporate weeds out the former and promotes the latter
  4. There is almost a pathological inability for people to accept that these jobs deserve a decent wage. The comments section immediately devolved into a fight about how "if people want to get paid more, maybe they should learn a job worth more". In a story about businesses closing because they can't hire enough workers.... Working in a place like that for a long time, I have had many "cut off our nose to spite our face" experiences. Sometimes the business would literally rather hurt itself than admit you might be worth more.
  5. This story is worth reading about in full if you haven't. It's even worse than it sounds. On top of everything else that motherfucker sued her for defamation because she said he was choking the guy to death....and...he....won
  6. It's the same mindset that allows people to complain about college campus censorship while seeing with no problem with Brigham Young University expelling kids for fucking holding hands in public.
  7. But that is one of the four "swear words" that he says won't be allowed. I think that short clip is a really interesting encapsulation of the current shards of the Republican party that they're trying to hold together. It's actually a pretty fine tight wire Lindell is trying to walk. He is trying to sell the dirtbag Trumpers on the "censorship" part by framing it as a religious anti-blasphemous kind of thing. Which is why half of the "swear words" he lists aren't even really swear words. You know the comedy bit where someone lists 2 or 3 things
  8. This kind of attitude from the PD is why, even though what Mclumber said is true, I don't think it excuses the chief's attitude. We have seen chiefs be carefully noncommittal with statements before. This wasn't that. Clearly the wagons are circling and he sees the officer, rather than Duante Wright, as the victim. We had the swift crackdown last night, he walked out of the room initially, then gave those comments, and now they're flying this flag. I expect violent force will be used at the drop of a hat tonight and we'll see the typical thing of gas cans bei
  9. Due process, like what she just deprived Duante Wright of? Not that I think she should be summarily strung up in the town square without due process, but I am so tired of these chiefs being so blatantly bias and already having made up their mind. We should be talking about her due process rights of deserving a trial, not due process about keeping her job. It should be assumed she is fired after gross incompetence led to her murdering someone.
  10. Unless you are a close relative or someone I am currently having sex with, I am good if the pandemic does away completely with any societal norm that encourages physical contact at all with me.
  11. Body cams aren't so much a solution to the problem as they are a necessary first step. Now they just need a zero tolerance policy for the "whoopsie" forgot to record bullshit.
  12. I guess "Bring out your old and infirm so that we might gain strength by sapping the last of their life essense" wasn't snappy enough to fit into a chant. Don't neglect your cardio before the big riot, kids.
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