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  1. "Guh! Then what's the point of even having a church!"
  2. I normally just go with Netflix, Hulu, and Prime as my TV choices nowadays. I got a month worth of Vue because having TNT, ESPN, and NBATV this time of year means you basically get all the NBA playoff games. With a week long trial at the beginning, getting just one month basically covered the whole playoffs. I was on vacation from work during that month, so I finally decided to binge GoT, which I had never seen before. Used the free trial and was able to binge up until 8x3, then had to watch show by show with the rest of you. But interestingly enough, the HBO sub when you get it through Vue is prorated through your Vue billing date. I cancelled yesterday and got to watch all of GoT for about 4.50
  3. Not even worth asking if Trump understands that he appears to be insisting that Fox give more airtime to Republican candidates running for president....
  4. Even aside from that I think the compromise to get him there was more contrived than the Night's Watch still existing. Human beings are very good at propping up outdated traditions for no other reason than "that's the way it's always been".
  5. They should become the place for unwanted bastards. Adopt the next generation.
  6. On the downside, this is just the start of the appeals process, I think. On the plus side, the argument Trump's lawyers used in this case is basically the same one they are using in all the other stonewalling cases Trump has racked up.
  7. In a 41-page opinion, Judge Amit Mehta of the DC District Court asserts that Congress is well within its authority to investigate President Donald Trump.
  8. As long as we're playing confirmation bias, the Warriors are looking strong to win a title every year of Trump's presidency after turning down his invitation. So take notes, others sports teams.....
  9. Just missed it. To be fair, WWE does love their celebrity crossovers. Think how much they would pay Chris Hemsworth to break Dolph Ziggler's jaw.
  10. It's kind of funny that if they are setting up any of the characters for spin offs it is probably Arya going West. The series followed a lot of the broad strokes of The Wheel of Time and before Jordan died prematurely he had said the spinoff he was considering was to have the charming rogue character of that series travel west across the ocean to a land untouched in the main series. Of course, these both might just be taking inspiration from our own history of Europe sailing west to discover new land....
  11. Yeah, Sam's credits situation is really the only weak spot of the series wrapping up.
  12. I was legit confused, I thought WWE did some celebrity crossover with the new Men in Black coming out
  13. All in all, Ayra was definitely my favorite character. When she burst out laughing about her dead aunt after escaping the Red Wedding is probably my favorite comedic moment in the series. When we had the thread about other series and how they ended I classified series like Voyager and Buffy as finales that ticked all the boxes, but lacked the emotional punch. I think I would throw GoT in there. And yeah, it seemed like they kind of pussed out on any kind of dark ending. I think their acquiescence makes sense to a point. While Bran as king is a bit of a stretch, having them all gathered together like that kind of showed why it was possible. It showed how the great houses had been decimated. It was the leftovers of weak or not particularly ambitious lords. They were probably just happy to name a king so the fighting could stop. I know that dragon and rider fought and killed one another, but I am not sure if a "trained" dragon would kill a Targaryen without another Targaryen telling it to. Anyway, I have seen a lot of people laugh about Jon's non-punishment. I think it was somewhat saved by the fact that Jon clearly wasn't concerned about his life. He was still torn apart by what he had done. He is the Kingslayer now, and on top of that he loved her.
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