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  1. Guy on the left looks like Cuba Gooding Jr. got hit with a secret AARP laser that turns you into a senior citizen.
  2. Cybernetic killbot the size of a jacked up, 6'2 Austrian Governor and still no room for a goddamn micro SD card slot!
  3. Within a week it will be accepted political reality that it is an open question whether or not Trump can delay the election. Nothing against you personally man, but these types of posts have become to me like claims of hypocrisy are to Wade. Calling out the distraction does not rob it of it's power. 9 times out of 10 the "distraction" is something that is serious enough that it deserves attention as much as the thing as it's supposedly distracting from. I remember I tried a while back to actually game out what it would look like if Trump decided to run for a third term. It started out as a pessimistic half joke, but the more I actually considered the nuts and bolts of it the more I worried it is a legitimate concern. Despite the assurances of some that it would be impossible, I came the conclusion that there's a good chance it would simply come down to how much other Republicans were willing to support him if he tried. I have a feeling that delaying the election and/or denying the results have similar endgames. Pompeo's statement already hints that they may be looking into a defacto delay with some kind of court challenge that stretches beyond Nov. 3rd.
  4. Republicans are low key hoping they will get some kind of Scalia bump in November from single issue SCOTUS voters that would otherwise stay home for Trump I don't think even they know exactly what it would be, though, because with controlling the presidency and Senate the timing would be difficult to impossible to pull off at this point to provide a prod for Nov. 3rd. But besides the obvious and constant nerve wracking over this poor little old lady's health, there have been a few rumblings that some are trying to convince Uncle Thomas to step down so he can be replaced with a gun owning Republican Federalist Society fetus that can usher the court into the 22nd century.
  5. Is it MW Remastered that requires something crazy like 80 extra gigs of free space on top of whatever size the file actually is? I think I might have ran into a problem with it before I got my 4TB external and HD space was still an issue for me.
  6. Mike 8 years ago: They're really two completely different situations where it's almost impossible to draw any parrallels. Mike 4 years ago: If I had to place America anywhere in the timeline of Rome it would be sometime during the Gracchi brothers. It's not a perfect parrallel, but there are similarities. Mike now:
  7. Then they can have that angry chest to chest thing managers do with umps. But they're both so fat they'd be belly to belly without either leaving the mound or home plate.
  8. I have heard NCIS New Orleans is good if you like that sort of thing. I am not big on crime procedurals, but I have been tempted to give it a try just because of Scott Bakula. It's kind of funny because he is famous for stuff like Quantum Leap and Enterprise, but at this point New Orleans has had a longer run than either. As for Lower Decks, I am kind of looking forward to it if for no other reason it will be nice to have a series where the very fate of the Federation/galaxy/univese/multiverse is not on the line.
  9. And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.....
  10. I decided to sit down and watch through the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have watched one here or there over the years, or sometimes just parts when it aired on TV, but it has probably been 10 or 15 years since I sat down and watched them all more or less back to back. And I am fairly certain I have never watched the extended editions all in a row before, which is what I am watching this time. I love the opening scene of Fellowship. Concerning Hobbits is such a chill song and the storytelling is fantastic. You know, back in the day I resisted watching LotR because I never was a fan of the book and I had(maybe still have) an inclination not to like stuff that is big in pop culture. So when my friends kept telling me I had to watch it, it jist made me want to watch it less. It wasn't until sometime around the release of Two Towers on DVD that I finally gave Fellowship a chance and I was hooked pretty much from the beginning.
  11. Facing a fast approaching economic collapse, GOP fails to negotiate with itself, delays bill.
  12. Make it like the worst pay to win gaming stuff. Make it so you have to pay 10 cents per month for every character over 20 you want on your limit. That way we can dumb America down even more. Having the national discourse confined within 144 letters is just way too nuanced and complicated. We can go dumber.
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