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  1. It would be quite fitting if Trump became a long hauler. Coronoviris would be the first thing in his whole privileged life that made him actually deal with the consequences of his actions.
  2. Well, the whole reason radical reform may be the only solution is that it matters little what Roberts does now. Barrett will be on the court before the month is out and Roberts institutionalism will have about as much worth as Monopoly money.
  3. I mean, the past couple of weeks I have never not been masturbating when participating in threads around here about Biden's polling numbers, so who am I to judge?
  4. I am going through The West Wing for the third time. I still haven't decided if my decision to watch the series 2 weeks before this election is an act of solace or masochism.
  5. Checking in with that Indiana plant that Trump bragged about bringing jobs back to at the beginning of his term.... Probably.
  6. The reason I have become less pessimistic about Biden's chances is not because my view of how disasterous a SCOTUS case could be with this lineup has improved. It is because of just how many swing states Biden looks to be leading. Obviously, the more Biden runs up the score the harder any legal shenanigans are. But maybe more importantly the larger the cushion the more likely Biden wins one of these must-win Trump states clearly on election night. I truly worry about what rightwing media can do with 2 weeks of an undecided election. They will have 100 milli
  7. The last few sentences of your post present an obvious question. Is China trying to empower right-wing big mouths in Canada(Putin-easque general destabilization tactic) or are they just unaware they are Streisanding themselves?
  8. To put it more simply, American Christians liked Putin's gay bashing for years, and the perception that he was "on Trump's side" has skyrocketed his standing on the right, including among the religious right.
  9. In this scenario are there two man eating sharks named Free and Market? I would normally share your cynicism, but this is Canada so it may actually be within the realm of possibility.
  10. Just about the only thing me and Trump agree on is that Christianity is laughable bullshit. The horror of having him as president has really overridden an sense of vindication I have had over his existence proving the moral bankruptcy of Christianity in America. But when this nightmare is over, you better believe I'll be doubling back to throw it in their face. It's not just how hypocritical they've been. It's also just how little effort Trump has had to exert to get them to eat out of his hand. These are the same people whose beliefs and media are saturated
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