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  1. If Sanders got elected, am I the only one that thinks a press conference with two Jewish heads of state named Bernie and Benny kind of sounds like a Seinfeld bit.
  2. When you've watched as much Star Trek as I have, you get pretty good at identifying people even with a lot of shit on their face In this case, the eyes give it away. I don't think anyone would get it if all they saw was the lower half of his face, but the eyes are distinctive.
  3. I was wondering if it had something to do with the Isreali election and Trump's recent unusual distancing from Netenyahu was due to him knowing this will eventually get out and wanting to lay the groundwork for plausible deniability. I am not sure of the exact circumstances that could promt a whistleblower, though. Both of them have already dipped their toes publicly into interfering with the others elections, anyway.
  4. Pretty sure they took that word out of the dictionary to make room for post-truth and alternative facts.
  5. He was arrested when he went to meet the president because they might put up with lying to make your actions seem heroic in Texas....but not in the White House, dammit!
  6. I am already slowly, lovingly rotating a single bullet on my fingers.
  7. Until he loses an election, whose the joke about approval ratings really on? Trump hovering around that 40-42% approval scares the shit out of me because once you pick the Dem candidate and Trump has something to hit you can easily get back up to that 46% he managed to win on in 2016. How many disapprove now, but will come home when the choice becomrs binary?
  8. I was a little surprised that, as far as I saw, no one made this reference in the thread....
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