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  1. I have seen opinion shift somewhat over the years, but my opinion remains that only books 8-10 are the real dip in the series. It used to be that people would lump 7 in with the dip, but I maintain that 7 isn't really all that big of a decline, it's just that it comes right after what is arguably the pinnacle of the series 4-6. What is strange to me now though is that I see a little move towards lumping 6 in with the dip. I see this mostly from newbies to the series that never had to wait for any of the books. It is weird because in my heyday with the series('98-
  2. He looks like Wilbur Ross and an Easter Island statue got caught in the machine from the Fly together.
  3. The movement has a bit of reverse uncanny valley going on because it looks super close to life like, but not quite. So it looks like what we have been conditioned to expect from mo-cap. Which makes it jarring to see it from real life visuals instead of gaming or CGI graphics.
  4. I guess he didn't like the Byrd Tweet. As opposed to when Trump targeted blue states with his policies to punish them for daring to not vote for him.....
  5. People argue about what is new and/or worse about Trump as compared to the "normal" GOP but I definitely think one new thing is how Trump has made people attempt to mimic his stream of conciousness, apropo of nothing conservative brain buzzword soup. Conservatives supported Reagan, but they didn't try to sound like early stage alzheimers patients on the nightly news for him.....
  6. To me Flash has been off kilter since Crisis. It was cool how big of an event Crisis was, but it ultimately served as mainly an exit for Arrow and the fact that it took up the first half-ish of the other shows seasons meant they were kind of on hold until after Crisis happened. Then Covid happened and cut the season short so Flash was well and truly spit roasted from both ends. So then this season had to start by finishing up the meh storyline from last season(which itself never had much to it because of Crisis). On top of it all, the elimination of the multiverse was d
  7. "I am not negotiating. I am telling you how much you could offer me before I couldn't say no." It's nice when you have this position because you both get to stick it to a shitty employer and don't have any pressure about trying to haggle. Take it it or leave it.
  8. It's fun to laugh at his stupidity, but at the end of the day who is the joke really on if our system can't hold him to account?
  9. Imagine being that second guy. I mean, first guy sealed his fate almost immediately. But in the span of less than 10 seconds the second dude had like four opportunities to slink away with ever smaller portions of his dignity and he enthusiastically turned down every single one! Do I cut my losses and make a strategic retreat? Naw, I'll just escalate this two on one attack against a woman into needing a weapon....and still fail spectacularly....
  10. I had a similar situation with a District Manager. She was a textbook example of a higher up that comes into the store just often enough to think they know everything, but not enough to know how much of anything actually works on a day to day basis. This wasn't directed at me, but more the front line servers she was with. She started doing the drive thru at an insane speed to show everyone "how it's done". And like your example, about one order was all it should have taken to show her why it shouldn't be done like that. I was someone who took making the food fast serio
  11. Unlike some others, I leave the thread pleasantly surprised. With a title like that it's an obvious trap, but I was expecting something like the frickin voice actor for Donald Duck, or something. While he's no Trump, Rumsfeld is a pretty good runner up on the grave dancing party list.
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