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  1. I would love to know how many people in some of these states think they legitimately can't contract the virus because it's the China virus and they're white.....
  2. Othering is all Trump knows, and whether to appease the GOP base(which is just the Trump base now) or because the lazy thinking from the top has trickled down it seems like these GOP governers are going to run with it. I guess when you're a climate denier running a state that is set to be underwater in the lifetime of some of your current constituents denying reality comes pretty easy. It will be interesting(and possibly horrifying) to see how far they will go with this. At first we kept out the Chinese. Now it's New Yorkers. If a state like Alabama or Missisippi starts blowing up I expect Republican governers will start locking down populous cities on their own states that will be getting hit the hardest. And, as we are already seeing with New York, there will be heavy undertones of partisanship involved as most big cities schew Democratic.
  3. Yeah, I wasn't too concerned about this. Seems like a lot has gone wrong in just the right way for Dems in the past 4 years to make a Trump presidency possible. But this is a case where the timeline is probably good for Dems. Any bounce he got from solidarity across the aisle will be gone in 6 months. Meanwhile, if he mismanages this as badly as we all fear that could potentially have long term effects for his support.
  4. I am a little surprised Trump hasn't started calling it Flu York yet.
  5. "Jeez, I dunno Donald? Have you tried giving them steroids?"
  6. "Really, the two dead kids don't count because they merely starved to death after the mother died from coronavirus."
  7. Let's be honest here, if you haven't already upgraded do you really deserve to live anyway?
  8. Yuuuuup. I have been trying for the past few days to put my finger on exactly how many people will have to die to prevent conservatives from saying it was all a hoax. My guess is well over 100,000 and possibly as much as 500,000. If we keep it under that, they'll compare it to flu numbers and say it was all to damage Trump.
  9. I honestly don't know how I am going to make it through a whole year waiting for season 2.
  10. Yup, that is what jumped out at me, too. He is doing everything possible to make this a partisan issue. The medical equivilent of rolling coal. People have half joked in this thread about people coughing on each other to "own the libs" but what Trump is doing is literally encouraging that type of dividing line. The real people go to work and church on Easter, if not earlier. Only losers and haters want to stay home.
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