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  1. Not an immediate concern for me since I have Hulu, Prime, and Paramount+ but it does bum me out to see Trek leave any of the services. Ever since I started with the streaming services about 10 years ago Trek has been the "old reliable". I like to rewatch all of them(currently on a Voyager rewatch) and it's been nice that whatever series I wanted to watch on whichever service it's pretty much always been an option. So even though this doesn't effect me right now, it hints at a future where Trek will be consolidated onto just one or two channels....which sucks.
  2. That guy to the left of Bannon looks when you seriously mismatch a small face on a large head in a character creator.....
  3. I haven't heard anything about this story except seeing her face plastered all over headlines, but this was my thought as well. If there was one nice, unintended consequence of the Trump years it was that there was little time to focus on generic lost white girl stories when the entire world was clearly burning. Now the world is slightly less obviously burning, so here we are. Maybe an airplane will crash into the ocean next and that should take up about 5 months of media coverage.....
  4. Woodhouse is still dead and not doing any work. Typical, lazy Woodhouse.....
  5. In August alone I think it was at least 4 fairly prominent ones that died. Two of them in Tennessee and Florida were basically the most popular drive time rightwing big mouths in their respective states. There's been so many that it's hard to keep them straight at this point.
  6. My first real play through of Borderlands 2 came from the Handsome Collection after getting it with PS+ a couple years ago. So all the DLC was just thrown at me in a lump from pretty much the beginning of the game. Maybe that's why I found most of it forgettable except for the Assault on Dragon Keep. It wound up being definately my favorite DLC, and perhaps my favorite part of the entire game. So I am loving the look of Wonderlands. Seems like they are even expanding the weapons and abilities a bit to fit in with the Fantasy setting.
  7. Prodigy's opening sequence was released yesterday. May be the best opening for any of the new Trek's so far. Funny, because while Voyager was never my favorite series I always thought it had a fantastic opening sequence whose visuals and song represented Voyager's sense of adventure and solitude quite well. Edit: I hear rumors that SNW may have some news on tap. Whether that's a trailer, release date, or something else. It's an exciting time. After lots of bumps in the road I am looking forward to having a new Trek episode every week to watch with Lower Decks, Prodigy, Discovery, Strange New Worlds, and Picard all slated for release sometime in the next six months or so.
  8. One year later and exact same thing happened. Just saw a commercial for Archer and realized two episodes are already up on Hulu.
  9. I was a huge fan of GTA from GTAIII to San Andreas. Just could not get into the story or gameplay of IV. Then tried Saint's Row The Third on a whim when it was a PS+ game. Ever since then I have really preferred Saint's Row. The gameplay definately improved in GTAV. And the world is probably more detailed and alive than any SR game, but I found my only fun came from driving around causing chaos. The way GTA tries to tell this epic story while forcing you to play the role of mostly unlikable characters just kills the story mode for me. I prefer the wackiness and over the top story and gameplay of SR and the freedom to have the Create a character be a blank slate that is just "you" in the story. I didn't even have any gripes about IV like some others did. I love platformers, so Infamous'ing up the gameplay more than made up for any shortcomings in the game.
  10. Rand is 6'6 and Lan is at least as tall as him, if not a little bigger. There are other instances in the books, but the sword practicing fight at the beginning of The Great Hunt describes them in that way, I believe. I would have to go back and read it, but it basically describes the two as comparible in height, with Lan being built a little bigger(which would make sense, since Rand is still a teenager at that point). That's why I say at least 6'6, and maybe even taller. And from all physical portrayals(not canon, but there is a reason he is depicted that way over and over) he is not thick like a Shaq or Big Show, and he's not lanky. He's like a Undertaker or LeBron James where he looks like a normal sized, but very fit and muscular person....just half a foot taller than most everyone else. Moraine is repeatedly described as "short, even by Cairhiran standards", who are known as Randland's most diminutive people. Likely makes her 5'0 if not a little shorter. Imagine if someone said a Japaness woman was short even by Japanese female standards. And it does play a part in the series. Moiraine is basically the lead of the series for the first three books. She is the most powerful good guy in the first three books. Her power level compared to her physical size is used as a sort of microcosm for the whole theme of the series that females are the dominant sex in Randland despite their relative physical size and contrary to our world. Edit: Just fyi, I am reading that Jordan confirmed Rand is 6'5 or 6'6. Not sure if he confirmed anyone else, but using things like the RPG and other comparisons Mat is '6 or a little under and more lanky(but still not skinny). Perrin is 6'2 or a little taller and not just tall, but built huge. Like a Brock Lesnar or Batista.
  11. Funny to think that Punk is older now than Hulk was when he joined WCW.....
  12. The red state die off that conservatives are now attempting to blame anyone but themselves on was the most predictable thing in the world as we watched the vaccination rates come in earlier this year. In a month or two, I suspect that devastating Covid numbers from school outbreaks will be the next totally predictable thing that conservatives will try to blame everyone but themselves on. There are some really worrisome factors lining up. We haven't really tried to open schools in the Covid era, so this is all uncharted territory. Delta and whatever coming next being more communicable and possibly more severe for kids. Kids under 12 can't get vaccinated. And on top of that, you have red states playing political games to see who can out stupid one another. It's been days since I read about that Texas rule saying schools don't have to inform parents when there is a positive case in their child's class and I am still stunned whenever I think about it. How that can be allowed is staggering. We have become numb to this type of thing after 4 years of Trump but if that type of willful negligence is not breaking some kind of law, than the law and system as a whole has failed.
  13. The world's response to said warning from climate scientists will be something like....
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