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  1. Has these been any data on whether length of time since recovery effects antibody tests? Like, if you get tested 6 months after recovery are you more likely to get a false negative than if you recovered 3 months ago? I figure since we can't even do testing right to begin with this is also a big question mark, but wonder if others have seen some speculation on it. Like, I know at least some illnesses leave markers for years, right?
  2. I really enjoyed the Harry Potter books, but I thought the books and movies moved along almost exactly opposite tracks. The books became better as they went on, becoming more mature and complex kind of going along with the characters growing up. The first three movies were the best at capturing the simplicity and charm of the early books, but as movies often do they struggled to keep up as the novels got longer and more complex.
  3. Need to be profiling whitey in that picture. What's he doing there? Judging by those arms no way he's there to work out.
  4. No pay. I chose to stop working out of precaution so no unemployment either. I did get the 1,200 stimulus check, though.
  5. Damn, even as an ex-Governor of California I didn't realize Arnold had that kind of authority in Minnesota.
  6. Biorobots. I am kind of curious if that last word means stock in the Wall Street sense, or if he's literally referring to the masses as breeding stock like animals.
  7. Some local Republicans are still taking it seriously, but yeah, the overall position of the party basically seems to be to take the hit and ignore the numbers like gun violence. Their token calls for "targeted responses" and other mitigations are no more serious than their cries to improve mental health after a shooting. They're not even really interested in taking those insufficient actions seriously. It's just something to say to get through the news cycle.
  8. Or as Trump refers to it, "We're goung to have so much winding you're going to be tired of winding."
  9. I always just assumed it was his age. Most people over 70 have some sort of hunch, but Trump tries to force himself to walk straight back, chest puffed out like a tough guy. So instead of a normal rounded hunch you get this weird thing where his legs are straight, and he forces his back straight, but the hunch is still there so his upper body just leans at a constant 10 degree angle.
  10. "The owner also enjoyed throat fucking his victims. Which irritates their esophagus making them a little hoarse."
  11. I always remember a a funny Tweet that describes how he looks perfectly. He looks like a character in a horror movie that has just gotten cut in half in some gruesome way and he stands just like the moment before his body above the waistline goes sliding off.
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