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  1. I fucking hate how he scream weezes his way through every moment speaking. Even if I agreed with everything about his political views I think I would find videos of him talking unwatchable for that reason alone. I know some people find amusement in Trump impersonators, but it's all fucking nails on a chalkboard to me. That's why it's so delicious to me that that very trait, of being a loud dick, provided unique proof against him. Yes Donald. The whole room shouldn't be able to hear you screaming into a cell that is not even on speakerphone. Only a pompous ass with no conception of anything like concern for others would do something like that.
  2. "Do the right thing". He can't get through a three line statement without adding the mafioso caveat.
  3. I think an important point that is being largely overlooked due to how bad this is for Trump is just how screwed Guiliani is. It may be time for Trump and Guiliani to realize they are living the finale of The Dark Knight. It's a race to see who can blow the other one up first.
  4. When I stomp on your foot three times and says "No quid pro quo Mr. Thompson" you hand me the investigation and I'll hand you the money.
  5. So did anyone make the joke that when Trump got boo'd at the World Series he took Rudy along to be a Batboy?
  6. I would agree with the sentiment that Trump is a special case for me. I don't wish him dead, but I don't think I'll be able to stop myself from being happy the day he dies, whether that is in office or some random Tuesday 8 years from now. Even Scalia, I thought some of the liberal reactions were pretty gross. I took no joy in his death while also appreciating the possible benefit it could have been to the court. But with Trump, especially when I am reading Tweets of his where he is just lying, and attacking people, and poisoning the discourse of this country a little more and a little more 144 characters at a time it is hard not to think, "We'll all be better off when this fucker is dead". And this is coming from someone who has long subscribed to the idea that he is a symptom, not the disease. But I think a similar analogy is that he's not the explosion, he's the gasoline because what Trump has really added to the GOP is to turn all their ugliness up to 11. He's the excellerent. That recent story about how he pardoned almost comicbook villian level war criminals is just the latest example of it.
  7. Gonna need a comically large magnifying glass and a Sherlock hat for this one, guys. Hopefully it doesn't distract too much from the pressing ""Are pizza and orgasms awesome?" probe that the House Democrats have been trying to figure out for 6 months
  8. Adding credence to the idea that he suffered a mild stroke on Saturday. A Bob Dylan song has more structure than that inscrutable gibberish. I think maybe that Tweet is part of a quid pro quo where in Donald Trump's end is to help test out the new Alex Jones conspiracy-bot 3000.
  9. That post is going to be awkaward when Biden and Bernie die of old age in 3 weeks.
  10. I have no problem with Felicity, really. My problem is that Arrow's main villians have been duds since the first three, imho.
  11. His hair is so thin you can actually see the shape of his bald head in that still. It looks like a fucking optical illusion.
  12. I think I have seen you show some puzzlement that Boomer is a term at all in this thread a couple times. You do know it's just a shortening of the term Baby Boomer which has been used to describe that generation for the past 70 years or so right(as in, the boom generation following the end of WWII)? I am a little confused whether you just didn't make that connection, or have really never heard of baby boomers before. Any true Gen X'er would prefer it that way.
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