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  1. Even if you try to rescue this from the territory of rank hypocrisy because it is partially and technically a private hospital it is still worth mentioning......isn't all that socialized medicine they have up there supposed to lead to rationing of care, long wait times, and just generally relegating Canadian healthcare to the mean in terms of quality? In that horrible wasteland of mediocre healthcare, how is it that this facility has sprung up that should fill the needs of such a devout capitalist consumer that he can find no better alternative in the free market paradise of America to go to?Surely in the vain of free market capitalism Rand Paul has adroitly shopped around for all options, and this was the absolute best he could find in all of North America. If a consumer speaks with his dollar(not to mention a patient with his well being), then I believe Rand Paul has just told us what he thinks of American vs. Canadian healthcare.
  2. Chairslinger

    Books D1P, What Are You Reading?

    Finished Brave New World, then read Ender's Game. Started reading book 2 of the Ender series. I've heard a lot about the series(or at least the first book, which gets most of the attention), but it's my first time reading it.
  3. I hear several members of the Golden State Warriors had to be put on suicide watch after they realized how much their White House protest truly cost them in Happy Meals
  4. The beauty is that Trump has trained his little minions to be so bitter and unreasonable that even if he gives in because they're mad they aren't getting their food stamps they'll hate him for getting cucked into backing down. He painted himself into the ultimate inescapable corner. If Dems are smart enough to hold the line.
  5. That number likely won't be so slow and linear once people start missing tax returns and food stamps. That number also probably doesn't reflect hundreds of thousands of people getting a paycheck with a big donut on it on Friday yet. I'd imagine something like starts to make shit feel real even for Trump followers.
  6. Chairslinger

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    I always figured the NYT made the mistake of trusting some bias field office(like the infamous Guiliani/New York fiasco) and credulously ran the story. I think I remember some stories saying that was the case, but I can't remember for sure. If so, the way the networks ran Trump's Oval Office speech last week shows how, despite everything that has happened, the press is still making the same mistakes over and over.
  7. Yup, this is my understanding, as well. One thing House Dems could do is investigate McConnell's craven decision to respond to pre-election intelligence community warnings that Russia was trying to help Trump get elected was, "If you tell anyone about it, I'mgonna burn this motherfucker down." I like it when Trump denies something by citing a confirmation of it.
  8. Chairslinger

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    While true, that argument has always struck me as a bit of meaningless semantics. Mueller may not release an overarching report if he has nothing to add to his mound of indictments. If he found damning evidence of wrong doing by Trump which warrants indictment or impeachment but doesn't "fit" into other indictments he isn't going to sit on that info just because technically he doesn't have to release a report. It's a bit like saying, if Mueller didn't find anything that needs to be revealed, he won't release a report to reveal it. Great insight.
  9. Chairslinger

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    Or, ya know, accusing the president of being a Kremlin operative is the kind of thing Mueller might want to wait to reveal until the end of his investigation, Rudolph.
  10. That may be the one avenue that could actually provoke McTurtle into passing a bill and going for an override. From what I can tell, this "strategy" would result in months, if not over a year, of a shutdown. Not only that, but Dems would have the upper hand in the legal process up until at least the end. Trump's position would seemingly be that he wouldn't budge until SCOTUS rules on it because that would be the only time he truly "won". But all throughout the process Dems could, and probably would, win a stay on any actual construction or perhaps even any shifting of funds. Which, if Trump is dead set on being as intransigent as possible, surely would not bode well for him to randomly agree to open the government 4 monthes in. Also, that article suggests Trump still fundamentally is misreading who has who by the balls in this fight. Then again, this might be all performance art to solidify his core around him as his best defense for Mueller's incoming report. In this scenario, a grand bargain of DACA for the Wall, much less total capitulation on funding, may be less favorable for him than activating his most diehard base.
  11. You know that scenes in movies where a guy with a gun is yelling at himself and pacing back and forth to get himself pysched up to shoot the guy he has tied up in front of him? It sounds like everyone in Washington is basically doing that right now to psyche themselves up for Trump's fictional state of emergency. There have been a lot of low points for Democracy in this presidency, but the resignation(and in some corners even relief and anticipation) that seems to be greeting this act of fraudulent authoritarianism seems to me to be one of the lowest.
  12. Are we sure it's not a They Live scenario where those viewers got to see his true form? Edit: It occurs to me that if the roles were reversed and something like this happened to Obama the sentence I just posted would likely become a moderately popular theory on the right.....
  13. Chairslinger

    Should I run for Congress in 2022

    Oh, so it was Brazil's hit squad that tossed our old board down the memory hole