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  1. He's like that one member of your family that sometimes just lies about random things for no reason. "Yeah, the Summer of '96 I took a pottery class." "Dude, we hung out all that Summer, I know you didn't take a pottery class. And besides, do you think I am going to be super impressed that you learned to make a bowl 20 years ago?"
  2. Chairslinger

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    At this point, I think Murkowski is more likely a no then she is a yes. The crazy thing here is just how dead set Collins seems to be to ignore all good sense and vote for Kavanaugh. I think it's worth saying that Collins may be laying political ground work for a no vote. If you are in her shoes, it is probably smart to appear favorable to Kavanaugh so that if you do ultimately vote no you can make a plausible case that you wanted to vote for him but, for instance, Ford's testimony was just too disturbing to vote yes. That said, if Collins does vote yes I think it's worth stopping and considering just how far the "moderate" Republican has fallen. Things like killing Roe and repeatedly committing perjury in front of the Senate have already fallen by the wayside and now she is set to ignore multiple women's charges of sexual harassment and/or assault. Far from being a moderate, this is stuff that would have sunk a nominee with many legitimate conservatives in a Bush or Reagan presidency.
  3. Chairslinger

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    I think a better question is has anyone seen it....and survived? I would imagine looking at proof Coultergeist's origins would be like peeking into the Ark of the Covenant.
  4. Chairslinger

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    Pretty soon he'll be asking if they were wearing something slutty. This really could turn into the worst of all possible scenarios for the GOP because Trump refuses to pull the nom. He seems bound and determined to make women the next group that goes 70/30 for Democrats.
  5. Monk is great, and New Who is an obvious one. I just started watching Chuck last night. Pretty sure that is currently only on Amazon.
  6. Chairslinger

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    I don't think this argument is completely without merit, but coming from the GOP it is suuuuuper disingenuous. He is saying you can't punish Kavanaugh on the basis of he said/she said. But then the GOP goes out of their way to suppress all corroborating evidence and make the hearing solely about he said/she said. Personally, I find the psychiatric notes from years ago to be probably the most convincing evidence here. It's the type of evidence where, by and large, either Ford is telling the truth or you have to start positing conspiracy theories to explain it. Hey, maybe there is a conspiracy going on. Maybe Ford, her husband, and the shrink are in on it together. But if you believe that, why is it not being dug into? Why are you, in fact, going out of your way to not get the whole story from other witnesses?
  7. Chairslinger

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    Some assorted speculation that the GOP may think Kavanaugh is in more trouble than they are letting on. I am someone who thought stopping Kavanaugh was somewhere in the 5% range, but I think some real cracks are showing. In any other sane administration this guy would be gone by now. If not for the most rudimentary display of shame or a bare minimum of human decency than because dropping him now would be the smart move. Just replace him. But Trump(and to a lesser extent the GOP in general) have become the "fuck the libs to spite my face" party. So replacing him, even if it's the smart move, is just anathema to Trump and his base whose first impulse is to be as grotesque as possible.
  8. I wonder if Trump has kept this in the barrel as a last resort for when Manafort flipped. If this news is tied to the news earlier this week that Trump was trying to get thos DOJ documents out there it would suggest the WH is leaking this for a reason And if this is true, imagine the type of panic from Trump and knowledge of culpability it would take for him to pull that trigger a month and a half before the midterms.
  9. A post I made yesterday in the Manafort thread.... Dowd getting setup as the fall guy on efforts to silence Manafort?
  10. Chairslinger

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    That is always a distinct possibility.
  11. Chairslinger

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    Word was that earlier this week Trump was held in check by Senate Republicans basically saying, "Please just stay out of this. We'll get him through, you get a win. Everybody's happy, ok?" I wonder if this outburst signals that someone informed Trump that the nom is, in fact, in trouble and a plan B might be a good idea. What we're seeing may be Trump saying "Fuck it I'll do it myself" and going back to his old playbook of attack, deny everything, and then attack some more.
  12. Chairslinger

    The White Nationalists Are Winning

    I commend his restraint in not decking the skank sidekick when she got ahold of his hair.
  13. Small point here. While the Manafort plea holds all kinds of potential for the collusion case, it's kind of amazing how rarely mentioned it is that there is a very good chance he also holds a potential smoking gun for obstruction. Remember the story earlier this year about Dowd floating a pardon to Manafort in exchange for silence? Do you know who would be in a position to confirm that the president's lawyer was authorized to offer Paul Manafort a bribe to obstruct justice? Paul Manafort.
  14. Chairslinger

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    Rightwing outrage media machine tries to gin up a fuss when it is shockingly revealed that lifelong Democrat Willie Nelson is supporting Beto O'Rourke. Willie Nelson shoots it down in the most Willie Nelson way possible. "I don't care" I liked the video that was posted in the comments, I hadn't realized Willie had covered this one
  15. Chairslinger

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    I wouldn't say I agree, but it's an interesting supposition. I just saw a story that was musing that if Collins votes yes she is leaving Murkowski out to dry because apparently that native Alaskin thing really hit home for her and she may be trying to get to no. I understand why the woman doesn't want to testify, but if her goal is to spike Kavanaugh it seems like it might be a mistake. If McCaskill is out in front and Murkowski is leaning no, I think most hypothetical scenarios for how a public hearing would go could only serve to push Collins more towards no. It may be ugly and embarrassing where everyone comes away dirty, but pragmatically speaking there's not a whole lot of ways for it to go well for the GOP.