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  1. So basically they only get a delay for procedural purposes, right? If they pass May's proposal, then the EU will delay it just long enough to logistically cover the legislative hurdles to get it done. But if not, it's a no deal Brexit. No more delays to "figure something out". Seems like the EU is doing all they can to help May with her all or nothing plan(though the hardcore Brexiteers seem to like this too, because they think it gives them the best chance to get the hell out, avoid endless delays, and just pick up the pieces afterward). Does that about sum it up, or am I missing something?
  2. Watching her charming, giggling interviews you would never guess that Clarke was an even bigger badass in real life than the character she plays in GoT. That's a hell of a story, and pretty amazing she was able to keep filming the series so soon afterwards.
  3. I suspect that it is somewhat undersold that the EU faces some bad consequences for a no-deal Brexit as well. But when you factor in that it's going to be bad for them however Britain leaves on top of discouraging others from leaving I am not sure why they would want to throw the UK a lifeline here. Also...nice of Macron to take the lead on giving us one more France surrendered meme.
  4. Yeah, don't try to put it down with a bullet or we'll have to debate for ten more pages over whether we should use a hunting rifle or an AR-15.
  5. I am getting the vibe that there is big stuff going on behind the scenes right now. Trump's weekend tantrum, his team's behind the scene talk of evoking privilege, last week's House vote to release the report and Trump's Tweet jumping on board. I don't know if Trump has seen it himself, or he's got a loyalist giving him Cliff Notes. I don't know if it's a final report or a big speaking indictment. But I think Trump has been made aware of something big Mueller has in the barrel. That House vote last week and Trump taking credit for Republicans joining in really reminded me of those numerous times Trump said he was totally pysched yo fo ab interview with Mueller. He says it right before he does the opposite. Edit: The more I think on it, I think one or more of the progeny(or progeny-in-law) is goan git indicted.
  6. The History of the Ancient World is probably my favorite overview of that time period. If you've read/studied different specific periods in the ancient world it's really helpful to read a book like Bauer's that places them all in relation to one another(or, alternatively, it's a nice way to get ideas about subjects you might want to dive deeper into). And she tends to make even dry subjects pretty fun to read about.
  7. There's a good chance Trump spends more time sitting on his ass than FDR did.
  8. We knew iron was tricky for God to handle, I guess he has a hard time stopping lead, too.
  9. Perhaps the biggest political folly of our time may be seemingly reasonable people setting up scenarios where they think they can get their way by forcing a, "Option A I get my way and you have to vote that way because option B is madness" situation and then political arsonists respond by voting for madness because they don't give a fuck. We keep expecting irrational people to make the rational choice.
  10. Jackson's sentencing seems very reasonable. Much more in line with what a non-max sentence should look like than the joke that Ellis gave. Lets remember that Jackson was weighing 10 max, while Ellis was working with a recommended 19-25. While I am sure either judge would hate this comparison, it kind of strikes me as totally in line with the larger battle between left and right in this country. The right does something brazenly partisan, racist, or un-Democratic and then the left is expected to play by the rules, say all the right things, and do no wrong or any small deviation is seen as just as bad as the worst offense from the right(Omar and Steve King....). Ellis comes out and all but says, "Fuck this witch hunt, fuck the sentencing guidelines" and gives not just a light sentence, but one that doesn't even appear to attempt to justify itselft(the "blameless life" line, Ellis himself noting how Manafort seems shockingly unrepentant). And then "our guy" Jackson comes out with the opportunity to throw the book at Manafort to make up for it, but she refrains from doing so and gives him a reasonable sentence because taking into account what Ellis did is not something she is supposed to be doing(which, again, Ellis had no problem throwing out when window with his sentencing because WITCH HUNT!!!!).
  11. Minecraft coming to Game Pass on April 4th.
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