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What do you want to see at E3 2021?

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Significant gameplay footage of big games coming out this year. 

Kind of a killjoy answer, but I’m tired of announcements/teasers for games that might be years away. Like, I want to see Metroid Prime 4, but I want to really see it, not just get a 60 second trailer and a vague “2022” release date. 

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Just give me single player experiences to be excited about. I don't care which platform, just give me stuff that makes me at least half as happy as I am with Mass Effect Legendary Edition or Most 1st Party Sony and Nintendo offerings. 

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Saints Row 5(wishful thinking) .

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay. 

Fable.  I hated Fable 3, but I'm interested in seeing Playground's take on the franchise.

Mass Effect(I won't get hyped, but I didn't hate Andromeda and still have hopes for the franchise)








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- Switch Pro that enhances the existing library. 

- Halo Infinite looking markedly better.
- Metroid Prime 4 that doesn't disappoint.

- Bioshock revival that doesn't disappoint.

- A game that uses UE5's new features to great effect.  Bonus points for utilizing AMD's new upscaling tech.
- Developer walkthroughs for big games we've already seen bits of.  (ie: BoTW2, Horizon 2, FFXVI)
- Same for somewhat smaller games like Kena, Solar Ash, Lost in Random and The Gunk.
- Indiana Jones and Bond.
- WB Games Montreal shows us they're still relevant.
- Another major franchise revival from Sega or Capcom.
- Ubisoft doing something of significance outside of its beaten-horse formula.


Things I don't want to see:
- CG trailers or teasers.
- Price increases to subscriptions.
- Gore and dubstep like it's still edgy.
- Sonic's shitty friends.

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On 5/20/2021 at 3:35 PM, ManUtdRedDevils said:

PSVR 2 (Sony stop being a baby and come back)


That will be E3 next year with a launch in the fall they can't keep up with console demand now and after the first wave of games announced last year it gives them hype next year.

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