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  1. I almost never care about celebrity gossip but the fact that Grimes got with him and everything transpiring since is so goddamn fascinating to me.
  2. Not sure how to react to this yet. Mainly because the dumb american part of my brain isn't knowledgable enough to truly know what this guy is about. Communism of course can be a good or bad thing. "Marxist Leninist" could be a potential red flag (a lot of tankies identify as that), even though his policies (based on what's mentioned in that guardian article) seem sound enough so far. EDIT: after researching it a bit, he apparently he identifies as leftist, not a communist. He seems opposed to neoliberal fascism, though his comments on the Venezuelan Refugee crisis are pretty inter
  3. Denis Villeneuve’s Dune feels bigger and louder than the trailers make it look WWW.POLYGON.COM We peeked the first 10 minutes of the sci-fi epic
  4. Still holding out for the Pro model. I'm glad there's still a decent amount of PS4 content to look forward to over the next year or so, plus backlog.
  5. My memory’s not too great but I think IGN, perma'd me for riling up users via trying to provoke discussions about gamergate, sexism and unchecked privilege in the gaming sphere. Resetera also perma'd me. The notice says it was for having two accounts. There was my main, mostly used for gaming talk, and one where I would make and defend takes like, “Joe Rogan kinda sucks but he probably isn't a nazi", "Destiny/Steven Bonnell is probably smarter at fighting bigots than most users here", “Maybe saying Cliff and Rick killing the Manson family = ‘brutally murdering rando women standing
  6. How much of a coincidence or not is it for this to happen not long after pics of classic GTA remake mods like this one popped up online? EDIT: apparently the artist already works in the game industry (their artstation says Ubisoft, but game artists often get contracted by multiple studios). Is this from an official remake?
  7. Yeah, I haven't cried at a marvel movie yet and I doubt this will be any different, but the first two were fun enough and I like what I'm hearing about this one so far.
  8. His character in Tyrel - a movie with a similar premise as Get Out - is almost worse in some ways, though he’s arguably not the most repulsive character in that film. Many who watch it might have a tough time seeing Michael Cera the same way again for a while.
  9. After Disney announced they're no longer releasing physical copies of older films it finally sunk in that streaming's probably where everything's going sooner or later. I literally feel like ranting at clouds over this shit, but ah well -_-
  10. Definitely true that there's more of variety of stuff to watch, play, etc now than ever. I do think the amount of good stuff (what I'm interested in seeing at least) does seem to increase over time in pretty much all mediums, but can't argue w/ you much beyond that. ^_^
  11. Interesting, from how you recount it it almost sounds like you weeb'd out there for for a while lol. What made you lose taste for anime, if you don't mind my asking? Agreed about Uncharted, though I liked the most recent two a lot more than the first three (though I remember thinking the writing in those was pretty good for the time). I grew up playing a lot of story games, but over time started feeling more and more about them the way you feel about anime now
  12. Didn't know about most of that, sounds pretty interesting. Yeah, Cartoon Network and Syfy (Sci-Fi back then) were my introductions to the medium, obviously older stuff like Iria: Zerim the Animation, Green Legend Ran, DBZ, Cowboy Beebop, Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, Armitage, etc. I was pretty into it at the time, but as I got older and more cynical I mostly just became a closeminded geriatric who only wants to watch Ghibli with an occasional glance towards Kentaro Miura, Jinji Ito and a few more. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out considering how influential the artform's becoming and
  13. Just finished a Knockout City sesh with friends, about to unwind now with more of my third Last Guardian playthrough and get a dose of feels before working on some stuff for a client.
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