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  1. Until this became a recent trend with younger generations the only people i knew who watched this genre were sad boomers.
  2. That trailer makes it seem like a very faithful adaptation of the first two games! 1999 me would have been hyped for this.
  3. Alan Wake - still a fantastic game to immerse yourself in after dark. The new character models, animations and textures make this feel more like definitive completed version than a remaster. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania - still a timeless videogame ass videogame, improved and refined to play better than ever now. Only complaint: why isn't there online multiplayer? Kena:BoS - I heard how short this is and thought corrupted taro was the final boss lol. Glad there's still so much left, it's been a breath of fresh air so far. ^_^
  4. Wait, superman had a child!? Was Brody from Mallrats wrong all this time?
  5. This is such a fun throwback to the early days of the 360 back when the heavy hitters of that gen first started rolling out (Alan Wake, Lost Odyssey, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Gears, etc). I don't think I've gotten to replay it until now. In retrospect it feels like Remedy's answer to Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 2 and Stephen King inspiration nonwithstanding.
  6. He does have a point about racism and performative wokeness from LGBTQA-identifying folks, especially with younger generations online (it's popping up more and more on twitter and in some twitch chats, good lord). It's just too bad he's also one of the last comics who should be the one to make that point. Half of what makes a bit good/funny is the quality of the jokes, the other half is the context of who's telling them, and both are out the window here. It's gross and sad - not only because of the bigotry on display but how the optics of it might harm intersectional LGBTQA+ communities, many religious-identifying black americans, etc One good thing about it though: While it's reasonable to not empathize with Chappelle for being a terf, his new shit whether intentionally or not also seems pretty effective at exposing homophobes, white performative woke patrol, and other terfs out there. ^_^ Regarding gender: Basically gender can have a biological component (the extent of which is still unknown) and also environmental, and how it's expressed is more complex than just a sliding scale of masculine or feminine. We're still figuring some of this out and are at the mercy of binary and heteronormative systemic constructs that currently exist which kind of dictate how it gets expressed, which is why gender expression often still seems so binary now, even among the GNC population. This isn't to be confused with otherkin (things like identifying as an octopus, xbox or a table) which is more on the fetish spectrum than anything considered a valid/sound expression of gender (which should be obvious, but still worth mentioning since it remains a debated topic for some reason). Political twitch, despite some issues - mainly with some resident grifters (but not many) and the terminally online weebs among the audience who's responses can influence the content - I think is generally consistent about keeping fresh and current understandings of stuff like this in the lexicon. Ahrelevent had a very insightful deep dive on gender in march. Unfortunately there's no recording of it that I know of. Destiny's tackled it pretty well but that was years ago. What I've watched of this Primecayes broadcast seems fairly current, thought-provoking and fun though
  7. I mean he also kept denying he was a danger to anyone by being anti-vaxx (and even denied he was anti-vaxx at one point lol), though he argued from an individual risk standpoint as well, sure... in addition to evading the evidence, bringing up stuff like obesity rates, "the numbers", claiming shots might not work, etc in an effort to continuously push things off the rails and make everything as debatey as possible. The reason I'm hesitant to say he's only delusional and not bad faith is he seemed strategic in a lot of those arguments when you go back and review them. It got to a point where any time someone responded to him or asked him to explain, he had a retort ready to keep it going forever. I'm not a world class troll fighter yet or qualified to diagnose someone, but the whole ordeal definitely strengthened my view that effectiveness in dealing with haters is important and can be more difficult than we expect. It's a skill that could always use refinement imo, and those nine or so pages ITT is one of countless increasingly occuring examples that proves it.
  8. At least AestheticGamer (the guy who leaked the news of a new Silent Hill game) is enjoying some vindication after a year+ of his followers taking frustrations out on him. Still nothing official yet, but it's difficult to not feel hyped knowing the evidence is adding up to a possible Silent Hills revival ^_^
  9. Death of Stalin, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
  10. Yeah he kept saying there was no benefit for the greater good in getting vaxxed lol. I'm not sure why everyone was engaging Commodore on his own terms and missing opportunities to zero in on his bad faith questions and disabuse them of ignorance sooner (someone would link stats, he would then selectively ignore stuff in those links and follow up with bad faith questions to derail, several users would take the bait instead of tightening the vice grip to force him to only engage the data, etc). Is it ever practical to assume someone so deeply entrenched in batshit logic can be reasoned with instead of being immediately debunked and exposed asap? It might be worth talking it out w/ them if you have a formal education in psychology, but beyond that I feel like maximum effectiveness in this strategy is optimal, if only to prevent them from taking up so much time. As the previous nine pages of this thread show, even obvious trolls can be good at derailing shit far more than what needs to occur. Everyone hits and misses at this of course - even streamers who use their words to fight bad ideas for a living - but at the end of the day it's a skillset that’ll be increasingly necessary in our lifetimes as long as cult mentality continues to spread.
  11. Can't help but wonder...if someone hit Commodore with the data the moment they said science and math are on their side and forced them to engage with that instead of assuming good faith and debating them on their own terms, would the seven+ page shitshow have been neutralized a bit sooner?
  12. Never played Costume Quest, so now might be a good time to give it a whirl. An Alan Wake replay will probably happen, and maybe I'll check out that Blair Witch game and finish RE:Village.
  13. With Kena, Little Devil Inside, Horizon:FW, Stray, GoW:R and lots of remasters and collections rolling out over the next six months, the wait for a restock could be worse, at least
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