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  1. Didn't quite finish this when I played it, but still enjoyed the experience. It's rare that a game makes me want to explore every nook and cranny and read into the environment so much. If I have any critique it's that adding a physics system and ability to interact w/ everything like in Half-Life 2 or Prey would add a lot more depth to gameplay and immersion, so that was maybe a missed opportunity (unless it wasn't technically possible). Anywho, I should revisit the series and play through all of them soon.
  2. If you're reading this thread, know that you have value, even if I only know you via occasionally reading your perspective on this forum (though I'd imagine you're worth extends beyond that). As far as I can tell there's nothing based on your posts that indicates the world would better off if you left it. You don't seem cruel, hateful, stupid or show any indication of being something as bad or worse, and even if there might be regrettable things in your past, you don't take frustrations out on anyone else unless they deserve it. You've got a sharp sense of humor and seem like a compassionate
  3. Good luck to him if he does. Political Twitch is pretty gifted at debate. If he says something cringe and gets asked to be on a panel it probably wouldn't be a good look for him either way, assuming he doesn't get banned first.
  4. Toxic masculinity is part of that. I'm still taken aback by how widespread it is, along with the "there are only two sexes or genders" stuff, anti-trans sentiments, the take that someone who's bi or pan needs to pick a lane or are fooling themselves etc. The internet, toxic bubble that it can be, is at least a place (especially twitter) where conversations about this seem to happen often compared to much of the offline sphere. I've talked to and/or looked up several classmates from highschool and it's shocking how many of them became millennial boomers. Most of it's the same ol'
  5. Asexuality is still pretty invisible, even more than being bi and it sucks. As someone who's both I get to poke fun at that concept
  6. I know it frustrates you quite a bit, but you're not on court testimony, bud. Nobody is judging you or your boxes of porn, chiiiiill.
  7. Ok Wade, ok, we believe you, not sure why you sound so defensive.
  8. Most porn feels too parasocial, performative, cringe, etc for it to do anything for me, but I do watch the real life people filming themselves stuff occasionally.
  9. Not to mention there definitely are streamers out there who make it a goal and are good at curating a fun community experience between everyone in chat, chat and the hosts, etc, which can be rare, even on twitch. But when that happens it really does feel more like hanging out, and in that sense the appeal of it makes more sense to me.
  10. To that I say good luck He's a boomer so he's not the person to say it, but despite that... there's some truth to the points he's making. I like Cape shit/fantasy/escapism/etc and think it can be healthy, but it's also heavily prioritized now which cartoonifies the media landscape more than it should be imho. But growing up in the 90's I'm also aware that it's a reaction to the days when stuff like MCU films were gatekeeped in favor of plenty of worse shit that got made (a lot of which everyone was told was important even if it really wasn't), so it's still an improvement even if
  11. PS5, since that's technically current gen, but yeah, it almost doesn't feel like it yet with how many crossgen/PS4 games are still coming out. As with previous gens, we still haven't seen peak PS5 visuals yet, and probably won't for another four years. Should be interesting to see how often physics and destructible environments become a standard feature as game worlds move from more curated experiences towards immersive simulations. ^_^
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