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  1. The prospect of reading Greatoneshere's eloquent movie reviews always make me look forward to lurking and posting when I do. And the stuff with sbifilms's theater, fox news appearance and that documentary is some tip-top D1P lore and second only to the trump presidency in terms of the most interesting things to talk about here recently that I know of (still plenty of drama I haven't discovered yet though tbf). If y'all don't come back within a couple months I may or may not know someone who can hire a deep web kidnapper and extorter who's a bit more persuasive...
  2. LGBTQA rights deniers, etc. Labeling them as one or just a few types of bigot is indeed reductive at this point.
  3. Will probably take a gaming break for several months, but Planet Coaster, GoT, Valhalla, Miles Morales, and Cyberpunk (if it's released by then ) are in my must play queue right now.
  4. Whatever their reasons for voting his ticket are, Trump supporters of all walks of life showed the non grayscale world that they suck at middleschool history class knowledge. They're either ruled by self-interest, or have terribly unevolved critical thinking skills. There might've been hope for one time Trump supporters, but it's extremely difficult to give any benefit of the doubt to anyone who remained on board, and there will be long term effects of this for some time. Your second point...do you think Biden is a radical democrat? The base you're hinting sounds like republica
  5. Still on season one. Haven't had as much time for escapism entertainment these days
  6. SHOCKING that he's going for the voter fraud play. Trump mentality = attempting to win no matter what, even if you lose and even when the thing you're fighting for is trash.
  7. This is FAR more close than expected. There are a lot of fucking die-hard Trump supporters out there.
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