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  1. And who's to say it'll stop here? I bet Team Ninja are next, and after that, maybe struggling companies that are capable of delivering hits, like Crytek and CDPR. if CoD can become a console exclusive, there aren't many companies outside of Rockstar and maybe Epic that are safe from acquisition. This is why I seriously wonder if/when we'll get to a point where consoles become more like smart bluray players and the three major companies will be more like streaming platforms, eschewing console-manufacturing completely. Sony and MS already both put their first-party exclusives on PC and you also have access to nintendo games via emulation. If you're a PC-owner you're already a leap forward in that direction. If current gen consoles remain hard to find, MS keeps buying third party studios and Sony and MS keep releasing their first party games on PC, it seems absurd for most consumers to not simply buy gaming PCs instead of consoles from here on out.
  2. Part 4 sounds like a trip, i'm looking forward to seeing how bonkers it gets ^_^
  3. I wouldn't know what to do with a free drawing from rusty cage lmao . Fuck that weirdo.
  4. Well the interview with the Wachowskis I linked took place around the mid 00’s about a movie from the early 00’s, so maybe that checks out. But also what an artist communicates to a broad audience isn't always accurate to what they think and say during the actual process, so that's a possibility as well. imo this is why even though it's fun to debate about and speculate why a movie is what it is, I prefer taking everything reported to the public with a grain of salt, sometimes even if it's from the artist themselves. The amount of stuff w/ the filmmaking process that goes on behind the scenes is often different and more complicated than what the public can know or assume and this becomes more apparent over time.
  5. You're autocorrect seems to be freaking out lol, i'm not sure, but I get what you mean. Anywho yeah even though the Wachowski's were straightforward enough in explaining what they were trying to accomplish, I agree the quality of the result is up for interpretation and a good argument that both films could've been made better definitley exists. But my guess is they still didn't get to make all three of them exactly as they envisioned at the time. Their filmography's inconsistent so whether or not The Matrix IP would've been more beloved or disliked, who knows. In any event I cant remember most of what happens in the sequels so I don't have much of an opinion until I rewatch em again ^_^
  6. In an old interview Lana said it's definitely what they were going for. Not sure where to find it anymore, but there's an excerpt here
  7. Yeah, the first is the superhero journey, the next is a deconstruction of that, etc. I like the sequels more than most tbph, but always wondered how much of the trilogy is what they envisioned vs only what the time they were living in allowed. Years later we learned there's stuff they wanted to do in the original but couldn't, which opens up questions about the sequels. I know almost nothing about how they were made and haven't seen them since the theater release. I have no doubt a lot went over my head when I did, but even at the time you couldn't help but feel like the production might've been troubled and the choice to tell essential parts of the already convoluted story in the anime and videogame was probably not a good one for the sake of the films. I'm sure part four has a decent amount of continuity from there, and I'm hyped to see it now that I have low expectations for the action scenes (which is unfortunate since so much of what made the IP a classic is how much reinventing and raising of stakes there was as far as what movie stuntwork, fight choreography and visual effects - both cg and practical - could be).
  8. Now THAT's interesting. I always assumed they had some continuation in mind with all the forshadowing in the original. From what you know how likely is it the sequels we got were not entirely what they wanted to story to be once they signed on to make them?
  9. Oh no doubt. I didn't know about the studio wanting to move forward with sequels with or without them until now, pretty interesting. I guess that confirms they definitely wanted to make them at some point. Did they want to helm them at the time though or were they pressured by WB to deliver a trilogy asap?
  10. Just Cause 4. Could the open world design be better? Absolutely. That said how many other games let you hijack a tank and blow shit up before grappling onto a helicopter that you just tethered an enemy soldier to which you then hijack and use to dogfight other aircrafts for ten minutes before jumping out, parachuting and hijacking one of those same aircrafts in mid air? Anywho it's boring tbh, 6.5/10
  11. The more effective Pfizer one has been approved as well! ^_^ F.D.A. Clears Pfizer’s Covid Pill for High-Risk Patients 12 and Older - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM The first-of-its-kind treatment, Paxlovid, has been found to be highly protective against severe illness. It could be available within a few days.
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