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  1. It looks like ass on the PS4 Pro. Glitches and bad texture pop in everywhere. Draw distance is rough. There are things I remember somehow almost looking better on the PS3, like the mountain/crag in the distance in the early portions of the game. But overall I'm glad to have it. Hopefully a lot of this stuff can/will be patched over time.
  2. Wow. Owning only a PS4 this gen I might be biased but I'll definitely miss the convenience of having 90% of the games that interest me all in one place. Are Capcom, CDPR, or Take Two next? Depending on the studios they keep acquiring and to what extent games will be platform exclusive things could get messy.
  3. People act like alcohol prohibition was was some insane old-timey thing we have no modern precedent for, but everyone's been living through an even more crazy prohibition our entire lives. It's a start. Some psychedelics and stuff like MDMA will hopefully be legalized at some point.
  4. Mario Sunshine and Galaxy's art style hold up so well I'm not even mad to be honest.
  5. So if you already have the one from launch day, you can't download the ultimate edition? You can't even get access to a next gen upgrade? Yeeeaah everyone by now knows they're being as anti-consumer as possible so it seems the best thing they could do is just admit they fucked up and provide an upgrade for all editions of the game.
  6. If the movie gets pushed back again...? fuck it! Release THESE this year and I'll use my phone camera and garageband to make it my own damn self
  7. I'm not sure if I've played any spaceship games since The Hive, but this looks hella fun. Looking forward to it!
  8. Oh noes, we should've taken the white house's reports about UFOs seriously this whole time!!
  9. Even as an asexual, Greatone would be a brown Smiths-era Morrissey (r.i.p) giga chad sex symbol asexual!
  10. Say you already have access to films like Red Cliff and Hero. Is there anything you'd be missing out on when skipping this as far as epic-scale battles go?
  11. I was debating if it'd be worth it to go on a theater expedition during the coronacalypse for this movie but now not so much. Can't remember a Nolan Film that was actually confusing (even Inception was easy to follow once you know it's mostly just trying to visually represent layers of consciousness, etc) but everyone who's seen this is saying it's a hot mess. What makes this one confusing? Did it seem like Nolan was trying and failing to do an action blockbuster Shane Carruth story or something?
  12. I mean it sucks, but if buying a second copy for PS5 also buys the chance of a sequel or new Alan Wake game, I'm for it I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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