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  1. Imagine if it gets delayed again Would at least be in the spirit of this game at this point. Why are they still going by month-specific deadlines instead of Q1, Q2, etc?
  2. Tbf the twilight zone/horror anthology story in TWB was something special at the time. Seems like there's potential, but I'd sooner just see an action movie and/or pestiege TV storytelling approach in the form of cutscenes in an upcoming game.
  3. Thanks for the recs everyone. After looking over everything mentioned ITT and thinking on it I've decided the movies/shows I'll be watching to get my fix are Peter Jackson's King Kong and Lost. Haven't seen then in a long time, so looking forward to it!
  4. Not so easy is it? lol at Paddington being mentioned before Tomb Raider, Sinbad 7th Voyage, The Beach and Mysterious Island. Solid effort everyone!
  5. The best examples I can think of are King Kong (original, 2005, and Skull Island) and the first three seasons of LOST. Why so few good movies with this premise? Sure there's moviegames like Uncharted (so creative...all those fascinating undiscovered civilizations and the only thing you do is shoot dudes), stuff like Lord of the Flies, Six Days Seven Nights, Cast Away, Blue Lagoon, Battle Royale, Robinson Crusoe, etc, but where are the movies with the sense of adventure and discovery and elements of the fantastical like Kong and LOST, pre-shark jumping season 4? Is th
  6. And segueing back to my original point about the movie: If the currently unknown character is some rando that has nothing to do with the video game series instead of the many beloved characters to choose from, it's a bad game-to-movie-adaptation movie trope that adds nothing of value to the story imho. If they're a character from the games reintroduced in an interesting way to revitalize the martial arts tournament movie formula or something else that's unexpected and pays off, I'm all for it. Round over, I'm logging off now.
  7. Fuck it, I'm doubling down. Overwatch characters definitely WERE iconic recently, but yes, have become far less so in the mind of the audience due to Apex, Fortnite, poor community rep, and all the time passed since its release. We won't know for sure until a sequel comes out and it becomes a franchise and how that plays out over time, if it actually does. If not, then of course the character roster in a one-off multiplayer title will end up like Team Fortress did at the time of Overwatch's release. And regardless of how popular it is, Overwatch is still a game that's known primarily for the
  8. Maybe? Tell the truth I haven't played it in half a decade so I don't know. It definitely seemed as well-known as Fortnite...before Fortnite. It was also a hit mostly because of the characters, character design, etc. EDIT: Wait, unless you mean the toxic fandom? If so, can't argure with that. Boomer moment. Based on what I've read a lot of overwatch fans nowadays are definitely teens and adults with the emotional maturity of children if nothing else
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