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  1. https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2490451/tom-holland-reveals-which-uncharted-game-especially-inspired-the-movie
  2. I still don't think most of the gaming audience is prepared for how stunning next gen graphics will look. Maybe not at launch, but definitely within four years. Replaying PS4 games right now, even the spectacular ones like Horizon and Death Stranding, will likely feel similar to how revisiting PS3 remasters feels right now. Just wait for the upcoming PS5 and Xbox footage, which should be dropping within three or four months
  3. - Detective Pikachu as of now is the second best video game movie - Space Jam remains a classic, despite what critics thought at the time - It was always funny, but Billy Madison continues to get even funnier over time for some reason. Not bad for a film with a 40% tomatometer rating
  4. Funny Games (2006 remake version). This is actually a rewatch since the only thing I remember from the original one was how disturbing it was and being glad I saw it but never wanting to see it again...so I figured I'd go ahead and revisit it to see how I felt 15 years later YEP, this movie is still an absolute nightmare, but also I respect it to the moon and back for showing such a plausible home invasion scenario. The best horror movies imo always involve a horrific situation that characters react to in smart and relatable ways but are powerless to stop from getting worse, and this film almost seems to be 100% an exercise in that concept. Sadly it's probably more relevant now than ever. These yuppie psychos could waltz into a golf course and murder someone out of sight and nobody would even know to suspect them. You can't help but wonder...if a larger audience had watched this...if it was screened in just as many theaters as a Star Wars sequel, would there be less violence and extremism in the world than there is now? If nothing else, would we as a society be more hip to notice tells of violent and sociopathic behavior in people you might not expect it from? Movies like this are the opposite of all the films that show horrifying real world tragedy as troped out entertainment. While not enjoyable to watch, it's definitely art that might function as public service. Fuck this movie for what it puts you through, but also love and respect to the filmmakers for nutting up to make a movie that has a good reason for being this disturbing.
  5. https://pagesix.com/2020/02/19/amie-harwicks-alleged-killer-released-from-jail-on-2-million-bond/
  6. Ok, so you seem to be talking about legit photorealism, as in completely indistinguishable from real life, the uncanny valley and so on. A CGI body double for Hugh Jackman for a few shots in Logan is one thing, but iyo will that degree of lifelike ever be possible in video games? It's tough for me to imagine how it can be achieved across the board in an interactive 3d space where audiences can scrutinize over every detail at every angle. Maybe as mocap and scanning tech improves it can get very close, but not sure. This is one reason why I think game visuals will ultimately trend towards expressive and abstract art styles, even if there will always be some value in hyperreal visuals as well.
  7. Is that gap massive right now? Absolutely. But I think, depending on a given studio's approach to hyperreal artstyles and how successful they are at it, that gap will be much smaller next gen that we anticipate, even if it isn't apparent until late in the console's lifecycle. And as Vic pointed out, the main thing we can look forward to is improved physics, destructable environments and also more expansive environments. Imagine a Titanfall game but with Immersive sim-level interactivity with destructible environments like in the Battlefield series. Starfield could be an open solar system game with multiple planet-sized planets, but all handcrafted by the art team and level designers instead of generated procedurally. Lots to look forward to. I don't know much about the technical side of things, but we seem to agree for the most part. To the layman I'm not sure if a lot of what your describing will be as noticeable going from next gen to the following one as it is via current to next gen, but I could be wrong. But things will definitely continue to get more immersive and interactive. We'll probably get a megaboost in advanced physics and destructible environments this gen, and it will appear in a lot more games than before when applicable. Also, if Death Stranding is a glimpse of where performance capture is right now, a next-gen upgrade should be mindblowing and will probably feel more lifelike than many are expecting. But all of this will of course be doable on base PS5 and the main benefit of a pro upgrade is hardware that's more stable along with smoother framerate in 4K mode.
  8. Because this gen we already have games like The Last of Us 2, GOW and The Order, which already look so lifelike and detailed. Screenshots from Kingdom Hearts 3 are almost indistinguishable from Toy Story graphics. But lighting, shadows, and LOD can still be taken quite a bit further. When footage of next gen games are shown I think people in general will be taken aback by how much of an improvement it will be. But after that, I think the steps forward really will be much less noticeable than it was with previous gens. An increase in harddrive space doesn't effect rendering power, but it was definitely a selling point for the Pro. And yes, it's just a fact that tech will be better a few years from now and we'll get a better Pro model if we wait, no argument there. But my guess is as increases in graphical detail starts to plateau the main selling point for one will be improved framerate for games on 4K displays and not much more than that.
  9. You're not wrong. But also the specs of the PS5 already sound completely bonkers. Graphics for PS5 games might look like pre-rendered CGI out of the box this gen. Visual detail to the naked eye is going to start plateauing soon, and we'll probably see a shift towards more abstract and expressive art styles anyway, which aren't as expensive on processing speed. I'm sure we'll get an upgrade later, slim models, and all that, but since a boost in framerate is the main selling point of the Pro models why can't a PS5 model with extra vRAM and harddrive space be released this year?
  10. Luxuriant entertainment machine is luxuriant. In the bigger picture who cares, worse case scenario is probably a two year wait for a price drop (or waiting to build a new PC, if the exclusives are indeed being ported over). Hopefully Sony are consumer-friendly enough to launch the pro and base hardware at the same time.
  11. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2020/02/17/therapist-amie-harwick-murdered-dnt-vpx.ktla Anyone familiar with this episode of the Kill Tony podcast might remember him as that creepy and unfunny comic who got boo'd. Here is his set: https://heavy.com/news/2020/02/gareth-pursehouse/ _________________________________________________________________________________ Thread title has been updated title to reflect the outcome of the case in other news, gotta love the far right trolls who keep retweeting this. They must feeling a bit desperate for bad PR towards the left given how much they're trying to use this case as evidence of a fatal antifa attack
  12. Nah. That movie rips though. Which game? Or you mean an anime based on a JRPG like that early 90's Final Fantasy movie?
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