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  1. Becoming a hostile Karen boomer and age... 30? 35? Goop spirituality is a hellofa drug.
  2. I noticed Civ 6 got an update on the 21st that adds more scenarios and fixes the cropped screen issues it had at launch, so I'm starting it today.
  3. Neverly Boys - Dark Side of Everything Solid porchcore psychedelia album from Dave Sitek with vocals and songwriting by Daniel Ledinsky, who some might know from the DonaldTrumpMakesMeWantToSmokeCrack video. There's two or three tracks on this I'm not sure I'm in love with but so far I think it holds up as an album made for anyone into psychedelic rock that sounds like Pink Floyd, TV on the Radio, and Wilco. This record along with some chemicals of your choice to ale you will take you on a journey away from the bullshit in your life, and is sonically adventurous enough to be a transcendent listen while sober as well.
  4. I think I'm on chapter 14 or 15 now. Is it possible to come back to these side missions post-game?
  5. Just read one of the spoilers and boy was that a mistake. But also heard some leaked info might not be in the final game? update: nevermind, has to be legit since lots of footage from the actual game was leaked as well Everything is political to some extent because that's how psychology works, but lots of art can be less political than if made to express an agenda/statement. The fact that so much anime and videogames is capable of being enjoyed by almost anyone, regardless of politics, also seems to be proof of this. Of course there's also proof that lots of professional artists can be jerks, are susceptible to cultural/social/political ignorance, that progressive messaging in games was intentionally deprioritized (usually to increase sales and/or viewership over expressing political agendas, IE entertainment) or, if agendas were intended, they were not as effective as they could've been. It took a minute but nowadays this seems to be much less of an issue throughout the industry and audience than it used to be.
  6. This was something. Carol Baskin is goop incarnate. Some kind of unprecedented super karen. Joe Exotic is like Captain Planet if the team used florida man energy to summon him. And they're arguably the least messed up characters in the show.
  7. I'm trash at most competitive multiplayer games I've played. In Tekken, Rocket League, RDR2 and Titanfall I'm competent sometimes.
  8. GUN, that western action/adventure from Neversoft. Oni (Bungie game). I mostly remember it for the box art tbh. Like Bloodborne Loved that game though. And the disc probably spent as much time in my CD player as the Playstation.
  9. For RE games with at least two scenarios, a blend of the events in all of them are considered canon if I remember correctly. So both Rebecca and Barry surviving the mansion incident and stuff like Claire being the one to kill Birkin are all canon. This is true for the remakes as well.
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