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  1. I couldn't quickly find any trustworthy estimates for Steam's total revenue, but I imagine it's a big enough number that spending a few hundred mil a year would be worthwhile if you could capture a good chunk of it. Especially if you happen to have a cash cow product and a ton of foreign investment.
  2. I think this is still mostly just a PR campaign. In the end it really just matters how you define the market and if you can sufficiently differentiate iOS from other digital marketplaces like Xbox/Playstation/etc. If you can define the market as "iPhone app stores" and not "digital marketplaces," and you can sufficiently make the general computing environment case, it's easy enough to make a clear anti-trust argument. If you can't, something like keeping iMessage to yourself is just good business. You have a feature that people really like and will keep them buying your products, a
  3. The President should be appointing someone to the court every two years. Implement term limits so the rotation works out. Put in some provisions to appoint temp justices if someone leaves office early. That way every Presidential election has a very consistent effect on the court, and we change justices much more often than we do now.
  4. Also interesting is that they will "go to somewhere like an HBO Max after it’s in theaters." (emphasis mine) So they're not even willing to commit fully to their own streaming platform, even after all this investment, they still might end up selling off some film rights to Netflix. It'll be interesting to see how the theatrical window changes over the next year. Will we see a short theatrical only period followed by the increasingly common $30 VOD rentals, followed by standard VOD/subscription availability? Will those $30 rentals become a pandemic relic once theaters are all back t
  5. I'd have to think about it a bit, but off the top of my head: TDK Batman Begins The Avengers X2 Spider-man 2 If you have a broader definition and include non-Comicbook films The Incredibles is right towards the top. The Matrix would be as well if you consider it in the same category.
  6. Caught up with this recently and I'm finding it enjoyable. It's an odd combination of ingredients, but I think it mostly works pretty well. They really spent a ton on the voice cast, is this a big property that they had good reason to expect to be popular? I'd never heard of it until I started getting twitter ads for basically nothing else.
  7. Continues to look like a lot of fun. Probably my most anticipated of the Disney+ MCU shows.
  8. I watched the original for the first time since my childhood, and it is not one of those kids movies that plays to adults. There's a Pulp Fiction reference and maybe one or two jokes that are obviously aimed at adults, but it is very much a kids movie and not something I was thrilled by.
  9. It was certainly the biggest and dumbest thing I've seen in a long while. It could very well be the poster child for "movie logic." There are a million things that make no sense, but are that way because the movie needs them to be. Thankfully there was plenty of giant monster fighting to make it enjoyable.
  10. Awesome. With that much cash, I imagine that Johnson will be able to assemble some equally formidable casts for the sequels.
  11. The CA HSR obviously faces all the normal issues surrounding large projects in the US (NIMBYism, land rights, environmental review, general bloat, etc.), but it also suffered from a huge amount of fatalism from the get go. If you knew that the project would be completed, and you just set out to build the best commuter HSR you could afford for CA, you would not do it the way CA did. All sorts of compromises in the route, the track and train type, and the station locations were selected on the idea that if the project weren't completed at least the rail lines could be used for the ca
  12. I read that whole thing expecting a definition of what a real American is or what they should be fighting for. Apparently the "Constitution no longer works" and American democracy can only work when everyone "gets it," but they're not exactly describing what there is to "get" other than some vague notion of natural rights. I suppose if I were to try and create some clarity from this mess of an essay it's that "true" conservatives are the only real Americans, that they're a minority who the government doesn't sufficiently represent, and that the only solution is to disolve the Unite
  13. I'm dubious they've found a worthwhile story to tell, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to watch it ASAP.
  14. Sure seemed like the prosecutor had the bailiff send someone over before she brought it up in front of the abuser. The bailiff knew the officer's name, and the prosecutor said it wasn't hearsay, but didn't want to reveal why until the cops were with the victim. It's always funny in these zoom court cases how it seems like some people just don't take court very seriously when it's online. Like that surgeon who took a call while in surgery. I don't have much personal experience with the court system, but I feel like judges are not people to take kindly to disrespect.
  15. So, according to that reporter the F-35 was portrayed as the solution to every problem. That is obviously not the case, and we're now looking to buy new planes whose roles were to be filled by the 35. If I bought a miracle cure all that turned out to be an effective anti-histamine, I'd call that cure-all a failure. We spent a trillion dollars on a plane that was supposed to be great at everything. Just because it's not useless doesn't preclude it from being a failure.
  16. After watching this, I'm surprised at the number of people that think this is a good movie. This is not the complete train wreck the theatrical release is, but as far as I'm concerned it's still a remarkably bad movie. Sure, Cyborg is a character as opposed to not being one, but the rest of the League is free from any development. Sure, the villian has a motivation, but he's also reduced to being a glorified henchman, while Darksied does all of nothing other than appear in a LOTR style flashback. The mcguffins are better explained in this, but they're still stupid and they added a whole new mc
  17. I'm a registered independent, but functionally a democrat, especially in this day and age.
  18. This NFT nonsense is so crazy to me. It's still a jpeg, it's not creating digital scarcity of this item, it doesn't even transfer rights or even ownership (at least not by itself). We're just in a crazy crypto boom and people are assuming anything on the blockchain will rise in value. All the power in the world for artists who are making money doing this, but I don' think it makes any sense at all to purchase these things.
  19. To me this acquisition feels like it's too big to fail (it isn't, but it feels that way). There are enough studios making enough games with a big enough catalog that it won't be long before MS is reaping benefits from this. It's impossible to say if those benefits will meet that dollar figure, but there should be a pretty consistent stream of games coming out to make it feel worthwhile. With nearly every other purchase, Rare, Bungie, whatever, it was always so dependent on just a few upcoming games. The scale of this transaction is really something else.
  20. Yeah, I don't think they really finished dealing with the reality of what Wanda imposed on everyone in that town. The battle with Agatha and the loss of her invented family took emotional precedence, so it was recognized, but not finished. Sure, sword dude probably deserved to get locked up, but it sure seems like the FBI would have at least feigned at taking Wanda in for kidnapping a town. I think it's a casualty of the finale being a bit rushed. Too many story and emotional beats to get through.
  21. I had it done years ago. They did it laparoscopically so there was a very small scar and recovery wasn't bad, couple weeks of mild pain when using my stomach muscles. After the surgeon got in there they figured out that my appendix wasn't a problem, but they still took it out anyways.
  22. I did this to run the new Destiny 2 raid on day one. It was my first time doing anything like that in a long long time and it was great fun even though it was with a bunch of random guys and we didn't do particularly well. I have a couple groups of friends that regularly do game nights, one of which I hosted pre-pandemic. Very occasionally we'll make it a longer evening and have pizza or something. There's only been once we set aside a whole day to play Diplomacy, which took something like 10 or 12 hours. I think it's something I should do more ofte
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