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  1. I know nothing about this series, but the trailer was interesting. It certainly made it seem like there is a lot of world building being done. It makes me nervous whenever something has to rely on child actors, but overall I'd say I'm intrigued.
  2. My god they did it. The mad men actually did it. This was always going to be insane, but they cranked it up to freaking 11.
  3. This is the first thing I thought of. There's no cause good enough to justify spending, yet no justification necessary to reduce income. Lowering the corporate income tax reduced tax income by more than $100B in one quarter. This bill is expected to cost ~$10B over a decade. If he wants to find some cash, there's a good place to start.
  4. Around here there are already a couple places that cater specifically to that market, and have for a long time. It's kind of hard to imagine that the need for that kind of thing is significantly higher than the supply (around me at last), or that Gamestop could successfully grab much of that market. There's also the issue of tabletop games and local tournaments taking up a lot of physical space. The local game shops around me that do host events are much larger than any Gamestop I've ever been in.
  5. The Times has a great piece up walking through the process of fighting the fire. Crucial to the story is the miscommunication that lead to the fire not being identified for 30 minutes. Something not long remarked on is that some firefighters refused to go up the tower. Not that I'd blame them, but I think their refusal exemplifies just how bad the situation was. It really was an extraordinary effort and terrible risk the firefighters took that saved the building. Something else that wasn't talked about at length is that they had drilled at Notre Dame. This piece seems to show that Corporal Chudzinski (among others), knew the structure and were able to identify what to do pretty quickly as soon as the attic was lost.
  6. Or so says Matt Singer at Screen Crush. The trailer will debut on Friday, until then all we have is this odd behind the scenes video: Enormous sets, built to give you the "cat's perspective," talk of "digital fur technology," Taylor Swift and Idris Elba and Judi Dench and Ian McKellan, Cats will have it all. This movie is going to be crazy, I haven't any idea what everyone is going to look like.
  7. That's because it is a liability. How much have motion controls really improved? Any gyro-based motion control that doesn't have additional tracking just doesn't work as consistently and accurately as it needs to in order to be a good experience. I've used the Joy-cons, Oculus Go, and Daydream, and none have very impressive capabilities. If there's some system or game that does, I'd be happy to give it a go, but I think it's a fundamental limit of the technology. Tracked motion control however, is freaking great. I've only ever used them in VR, but I can imagine they could still be fun in screen based games.
  8. This isn't particularly surprising. Thor 4 seemed like it was happening, and with the direction that they've taken the character, it makes sense for Waititi to continue the arc. I do wonder if Thor 4 comes before or after Guardians 3. I love Waititi, but he never really did feel like a good fit for Akira, and Akira never really did feel like a good fit for live action. If it does get around to it, I'll watch it and hope for it to be good, but it feels like one of those doomed projects that will never happen.
  9. Stuber - 2/5 - Short, light, and occasionally funny, Stuber never really lives up to the comedic potential of either of its stars.
  10. The action in that mission looked a bit rough. Maybe it feels better to play, but I didn't get a clear sense of how effective the weapons are vs your powers. Also, a times it was really dark and hard to tell what was happening, or where the enemies were.
  11. The Joycons can't track themselves in 3D space though, so any motion first control schemes are going to be pretty poor. It's good enough for Mario Party mini games, but that's about the limit. You couldn't do something like beat saber or Until You Fall with the switch controls, so I'm happy to see bad waggle games get disincentivized.
  12. I was thinking a little bit about how the existence of the Switch Lite could impact game development, and I think it's probably a good thing for someone that primarily plays with the Switch docked. Most games will target the largest player base, which will have an increasing percent of people unable to pull-off a joycon and waggle it at their devices. Those games weren't exactly overrunning the platform to begin with, but going forward you're going to really need to justify any kind of odd motion control and provide an alternative. For myself, that seems like a win.
  13. You're right about when people first started talking about him as a possibility. I feel like there were suggestions as far back as when Luther was on the air, but at that point Craig was already firmly in the role. By the time Skyfall came around, and it seemed like Craig might leave the role, Elba had been in Thor and Prometheus and Pacific Rim. They certainly could have gotten him for less than they were paying Craig, but probably not for as little as they started paying Craig. It's possible conversations were happening long before that, but if they were, I likely missed out on them.
  14. I can't say that Golden Circle made me want to know anything about the Kingsmen origins, but I'm actually a bit intrigued by the trailer.
  15. 007, of all characters, has shown to be pretty flexible. Yes, all his iterations so far have been white and male, but they haven't even all been british. I feel like there is some kind of Bond idealism that people want to protect, but it doesn't exist uniformly in the films. Bond is often debonair and slick, but he's also been oafish and camp. We've seen great movies featuring the character where he's been deadly serious, and we've seen good movies where he's been completely over the top. We've seen various actors play the role in completely contradictory ways across films that have almost nothing in common beyond the moniker, and somehow, the name lives on and we still occasionally manage to get good films out of the series. Assuming that this rumor is true and that we will soon get a 007 film featuring a woman, I'm all for it. The character is perfectly malleable, and if they're going to keep making these movies forever, finding someone they can build great movies around is my biggest concern. That said, I think it was never going to be Idris, if only because he's too expensive. He's too well known, and he'd never sign a cheap enough contract that locks him in for a bunch of movies, which I'm sure was a pre-condition. He'd have been a great Bond, and here's to hoping that Lynch will as well.
  16. In its most recent quarterly earnings report, ... $3 billion represented about 6 percent of the cash and marketable securities Facebook had on hand. I just hope congress doesn't decide that this is enough, and we can start to put some decent privacy legislation in place, rather than just fining Facebook or Google whenever they do get caught doing something bad.
  17. Well, it's a good thing the Russians don't also make airplanes. Otherwise, the threat to not sell some pretty questionable and extremely expensive jets might seem a bit hollow.
  18. Disappointing that Intel's answer will still be on 14nm (now +++!) and still have PCIe 3.0. In the end the lithography doesn't really matter and it'll be a little while before PCIe 4 is terribly useful, but it's still disappointing. I'm sure that with higher clocks and more cores these new chips will be quite capable, but it still seems like a weak response.
  19. While I really enjoy Ehrlich's videos, I find he's a reviewer that I frequently disagree with. That said, I expect to agree with him on this one.
  20. From here, the games that don't support handheld mode are: Labo Mario Party 1-2 Switch Just Dance Fitness Boxing
  21. There's no way that I would personally buy one of these, but I absolutely see the appeal. I do have to wonder what kind of extra silicon they saved by eliminating the dock mode.
  22. Often horror movies get criticized for what characters "should" do, and I agree with you in that Midsommar doesn't have those issues. Either logically or emotionally, we understand why these characters make the decisions they do. Also, I generally agree that it's not really meant to be a straight horror film, still, I think it's clear from the tone of the film that it's made to impart some kind of emotional response, and I just never really felt that outside of the opening.
  23. That's true, and they're a great model of what can be done, but they also have a density that few American cities can match. I won't pretend that these numbers are truly apples-to-apples, but based on the wikipedia's numbers, the city of Amsterdam has a population density of 13,300 sq/mi, three times the 4,325 sq/mi of San Diego city. Once you start talking about the metro areas, things get far worse. 57% of Amsterdam's population lives in the urban area, compared with only 43% of San Diego, but even that makes it look closer than it is since Amsterdam's metro area is just under 1000 sq miles, compared to San Diego's 4,500 sq miles. When I see those photos of traffic through Amsterdam, they're all surrounded by buildings, which isn't really how all but a few square miles of San Diego is. If you magically willed all of the planned San Diego trolly lines into existence tomorrow, the city still just isn't built in such a way that one could easily live and work without needing a car. As the OP article points out, things like zoning and parking requirements really need to change before the density for transit or bike systems can really have any hope of working. Now, San Francisco doesn't have the benefit of that kind of excuse. The city proper has a density of 18,838 sq/mi. Then again, according to this, only 50% of trips are made in cars, so they're not doing too bad.
  24. It's a good article and a well made point. It's also terribly hard to undo, but we're starting to see some small glimmers of hope. San Diego is updating their long term transportation plan, and it's a good deal less car centric than it has been in even the recent past. The last long term plan put 36% of funds towards transportation, and the aggressive new strategy (if it survives the planning process and tax hikes), seems like it would put far more money towards allowing people to move without cars. Still, even this new plan would aim to take public transportation from 1.5% to 5% of vehicle trips. So even this incredibly optimistic solution would hardly dent the problem.
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