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  1. A 2+ trillion dollar company vs. 160 billion dollar company. Sony's pockets just aren't anywhere near as deep. They'd better acquire what they can. MS probably isn't done.
  2. I had one of the original Roku boxes from over a decade ago. Haven't dealt with them in any form since then. It was a nice little box at the time. All of my TV's are Sony and they exclusively use AndroidTV, I think.
  3. Fatale - 5.5/10. It was neat seeing Hilary Swank play a dark character, just wish it was in a better movie.
  4. Can't get a PS5 Can't get a Series X Can't upgrade my GPU Guess my 5700 XT and the Series S I impulse bought will have to do.
  5. Skyrim. I'm probably gonna be playing it off and on for a long time. It takes me forever these days to finish games like this. I played Fallout 4 off and on for over two years before I finally finished it.
  6. I remember watching a few episodes of his old sitcom from back in the day. That's about as much exposure as I've had to him.
  7. Oh God, Michael Bay. So, loud and overly long. I watched "6 Underground" a few months back, and it was almost torture
  8. I enjoyed Andromeda. The story wasn't as good, there were no Quarians, and I think they missed a big opportunity by not introducing more new aliens(they were in a whole new galaxy), but I still had a good time. The combat was the best of any ME game to date.
  9. My first intro to FromSoftware. Played the hell out of the first one on PS1.
  10. Kingpin is supposed to be frightening strong. About as strong as a non-supe can get.
  11. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf - 7.5/10. Decent little pre-Geralt Witcher story.
  12. They need to do something about The Deep. He's the weak link on the show. I didn't care anything about the story they started with him last season. Hopefully, that picks up this season.
  13. 11 years later, I'm finally playing Skyrim for the first time. I've owned it for years.
  14. Rating don't seem to matter to that network. Batwoman and some other shows are in the toilet ratings-wise and they keep them going.
  15. Batman: Soul of the Dragon. It was OK. Not one of my faves of the DCEU animated films. It was a marriage of Batman and a 70's martial arts film. Plenty of Bruce Wayne(in name only though) sparse actual Batman. Truth be told, if you subtracted Batman from the film, you'd lose nothing; it's as if they needed Batman's name to sell this one.
  16. I have zero regrets buying ME: LE. Being that it's EA, I sort of expected it to eventually hit Game Pass. The older versions were already there.
  17. Sanford and Son is available now too. All we need now is All in The Family and the trifecta will be complete.
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