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  1. I like the PassCode song but it really could use more heavy vocals to balance it. I've been meaning to add this one for awhile now: LOVEBITES- "When Destinies Align"
  2. I have an iPad Mini that is my favorite portable gaming device so far (especially now with the controller support). I will check out Shinsekai while I have my free Apple Arcade trial going! As for my recommendation it is old but I just started playing Book of Demons and I'm really enjoying it.
  3. Yes I was very happy to hear she survived that horrible shit and his daughter isn't entirely parent-less now.
  4. Your missing an x there buddy Edit: But thanks for the free advertising
  5. I went into a Pier 1 once and after seeing what they were charging for that junk noped the fuck out!
  6. So due to Covid-19 I'm making a lot less money and I need to get my webstore bringing some income in... I would really appreciate it if everyone could like my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TheExsul Share it if you please And! if you are in the mood to shop check out what I got: https://the-exsul.com/
  7. One of my friends got me back into playing League of Legends Senna is a really cool support now if I can't jungle I have something to do!
  8. Hmm, I never was really interested in watching it but I trust your judgment will give it a go!
  9. Currently it's just my normal routine MTG Arena (Ikoria is amazing), Langrisser mobile (Record of Lodoss War crossover going on right now) and Arknights (Tower defense gothca goodness). Maybe I will get around to some Stellaris this weekend and check out the recent updates!
  10. As much as I love Bloodstained I'm horribly disappointed that the roguelike mode turned into a randomizer mode
  11. I watched the first episode this week and it got me hooked! I really missed out on this one... I don't even remember anyone talking about it when it was airing.
  12. I was just saying that I don't need something going for photo-realism to sell me on a next gen console give me good art direction + good framerate and I'm n.
  13. I would assume (I know) that most of the new IP's are targeting launch window (generally the time people launch new IP's) and between the specs, the full BC and all the companies MS has been gobbling up I was already on the tipping point! I can probably safely wait until PSVR2 comes out before I get a PS5 (I actually got my PSVR before my PS4 because I pre-ordered it and a PS4 Pro at the same time!) unless it launches with Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and I'm in a really good place financially at the time. Also I'm generally not a graphics whore and really like unique art direction more than anything else.
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