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  1. DPCyric

    Nintendo Bought a 3DS XL today and

    Culdcept Revolt Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Persona Q
  2. DPCyric

    General Gaming Your 2018 Game Completion List

    NieR: Automata Horizon Zero Dawn Pretty good year for me I actually beat some games I bought!
  3. I imported some during the DS and PSP heydays but haven't done much since then. Back then it was mostly Bleach fighting games and Ouendan!
  4. DPCyric

    PAX Unplugged 2018

    From what I have heard from local game stores is that KeyForge has already taken off!
  5. I really liked it As for this I'm not sure Bebop can be done justice in live action... while I prefer Champloo over Bebop I think I would be less concerned if they were trying to adapt it.
  6. I just picked up an iPad and want to know what some good exclusives are that I am missing out on since I've been on Android for like 5 years now.
  7. Well I really wasn't planning on getting anything but I ended up grabbing a 128 GB iPad Nice to see some people jumping into PSVR now there are a lot of great games for it
  8. Polybius Rez Infinite Thumper SuperHot Wipeout Omega Collection Tetris Effect Astrobot Moss Battlezone Firewall: Zero Hour
  9. Yes because we are afraid he will come back
  10. I will pick up Dragon Ball FighterZ for $15 but that is about all I am interested in at those prices. As for the PSVR discussion I think outside of 4k gaming the other reason to have a PS4 Pro is for PSVR because in a lot of cases the improvements are very noticeable.
  11. DPCyric

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    Advent Rising is in my top 10 list of games I want a sequel for alongside Too Human
  12. The ONLY way I would deal with touchwiz again is if Samsung provided something truly unique that no one else offers and a foldable 7.3 inch phone would fit that bill.
  13. DPCyric

    Movies Dark Phoenix trailer

    I think saying Marvel has 10 great movies is a big stretch but 13 is going way too far.