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  1. Any recent winners in the search for a new gpu have an old card they would like to sell?
  2. Yeah I was going to try to get one soon but now a used card seems like a better option. I need something that can do the average VG game at 90 FPS 🤔
  3. Amazon.com WWW.AMAZON.COM I did some asking around previously and this router was highly recommended.
  4. This is why I normally ignore Steam sales... I added these to my haul: Redout Grip Breakneck Shatter Lovecraft's Untold Stories Gloom Cryptark Xenon Valkyrie Mana Spark
  5. PSA Alien Isolation VR patch has been updated to work with the EGS version! Releases · Nibre/MotherVR GITHUB.COM This Mod brings current generation VR support to the game Alien: Isolation - Nibre/MotherVR
  6. Good grief I'm half tempted to cancel but there are a few things I was interested in on there at least... I'm looking at a few more games and there are some more expensive ones I am interested in has anyone here played Noita or Mists of Noyah yet?
  7. @Chairslinger you might want to claim this one before it changes next week (next weeks game is good too btw)
  8. There is a demo of Everspace 2 up which is less rogue-like but can give you an idea of how the first plays.
  9. The backspace is crazy good I even catch myself trying to use it in other places (like the lock screen lol). However if having the numbers without switching is that important for you it's totally a death knell for it (I think the backspace is a fair tradeoff for the vibration).
  10. I've heard Project CARS 2 and Assetto Corsa are both really good. Dirt Rally VR if you are into rally racing.
  11. Plenty of games are playable sitting down and some even recommend it. Rex I play sitting down, Until You Fall has a sitting and standling mode, Audica I think you could play seated so there is a sittig rhytm game option!
  12. I think grinding an entire country for one meal might be a bit extreme However chicken breast might not have enough flavor.
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