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  1. Fighting Juggernauts Bundle WWW.HUMBLEBUNDLE.COM We’re bringing arcade fighting games into your home! Get games like SoulCalibur VI and Injustice 2 Legendary Edition. Plus, pay what you want & support charity! I am thinking about picking this up however I already have Soul Calibur 6, the first season pass and Mortal Kombat XL... Is anyone particularly interested in those two or want to split the bundle?
  2. Eh, they suspended it should just banned it and gave is the wildcards. Don't know if my edited @ in the last post pinged you or not. Granted I don't think Lapse ban was the right call and so far my concerns seem to have been warranted. Honestly I think they should have just unbanned some of the stuff they never even gave a chance when Strixhaven came out (was kinda insane they let Brainstorm loose but thought Bolt, StP, Natural Order and Dark Ritual were too good).
  3. I think the main problem is developers just do they lazy thing and nerf stuff instead of bringing weaker stuff up. Also developers tend to listen to the loudest voices which tend to just be the whiners that really don't know what's good for the game. I watched Duelyst tank over bad balancing and a few other things so I steered clear of Godfall. @SimpleG no the changes to Davril's Withering and Davril himself. Also the changes to the Companion rule in paper was concerning.
  4. This is so incredibly uninformed that I am just half tempted to reply you are evil for owning an AC unit even. Those coins used to make NFT's are already farmed it's like blaming one person on an airplane for all of its pollution. Proof of work crypto does need to go away Etherium is supposed to be switching to proof of stake and Cardano already is. Honestly proof of work cryptocurrencies wouldn't be an issue if the world was serious about green energy but here we are. I have a problem with certain types of games rebalancing stuff all the time (and really annoyed MTG Arena just did it with their digital only cards). However I have some ideas on how to use NFT's in a game that I think has potential.
  5. I will have to start keeping an eye on new EGS releases. I'm kinda looking for an NFT game to make some money on. I honestly wasn't so hot on the EGS when it launched and it took free Remnant for me to get on there but I am liking some of the things they do a lot.
  6. They are doing rerun banners now! I'm saving for Kamisato now! The only thing that could distract me is a fire Signora
  7. Good to see a few new faces here thanks for taking one for the team @Commissar SFLUFAN
  8. What!?! I was just thinking the other day it's sad this series flopped and wouldn't have another sequel. I'm glad I was totally wrong!
  9. I wonder how pandemic compromised this is. I bet they were planning much better chip set. As is for its intended use should have really been an OLED screen and not supporting iOS is totally half assed. It looks cool and I will pick one up if it fails so hard I can get it for under $200 which is about what it's worth compared to the Quest 2.
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