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  1. This may be some nostalgia kicking in but this Rare gem was mentioned on RebelFM recently... is there any indie games out that seem like spiritual sequels to Wizards & Warriors? I know the gameplay wasn't great but it was interesting and the music was fantastic.
  2. DPCyric


    Thanks Vic! New update the car company let me make just one payment last week so I am getting closer to my overtime hours (next week) and the bills are less crushing!
  3. DPCyric


    Thanks! We REALLY appreciate it
  4. DPCyric


    Thanks a lot guys! I've sent out a few dozen emails but haven't had any luck However your help put food on the table and gas in my vehicle so I could start driving for Uber last weekend I sold all of my game systems and most of my video games to get some of my bills paid off and if the company I have my car loan through works with me I should be ok This month will still be a little tight but overtime starts on the 20th at my full-time job
  5. Some updates starting with my current favorite: This next one is more NSFW than usual be warned!
  6. I liked the first two games a lot but couldn't be bothered to care about the third one. This however looks a lot more exciting than Darksiders III did!
  7. I have a better deal I have a free PS4 code for someone (PM me)! I couldn't find anyone to trade it for a PSN gift card so I am giving it away
  8. DPCyric


    Thanks guys! I was just hoping you would share it I didn't expect soo much help I will definitely be paying this forward once I get back on my feet This has already given me a lot of hope and optimism that I really needed
  9. Brawl... the tripping mechanic alone puts it under 90% maybe even under 80% such a trash mechanic
  10. I'm 39 and I love good pixel art just as much as I love nice HD animation. I'm happy to see they have delivered on their promises and I hope there is a PS4 demo when that version releases.
  11. DPCyric


    https://www.gofundme.com/f/5jnawq-help-for-my-family&rcid=r01-156751360559-8f592e6e341a4f01&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w Thanks guys I really hate to ask this I know there are people out there more in need and certainly more deserving than us. I just need some help so I can start making a difference again I haven't even had the time to do my volunteer work lately because of all these difficulties Oh and burn me for saying there hasn't been any actual fires put out in there because today there was Fortunately the fire was dealt with quickly and was only about a hundred dollars in damages This weekend I am starting to drive for Uber during bar hours so hopefully that will help out and I am looking for other work I can do when I am not at my full-time job (any suggestions?).
  12. DPCyric


    The last month and a half has been really bad for me and my family I just started a Go Fund Me page and I'm not going to ask anyone here for a donation but would anyone here be able to share my page? I'm pretty embarrassed by this whole situation I'm normally on top of things but I really downplayed how bad things have been in the past 6 weeks during my campaign
  13. I believe he is recession proof because it will surely be Obama's fault
  14. Because they are made in Japan where apartment sizes are really small. There was a lot of talk about how the original Xbox would bomb so hard in Japan due to it's size.
  15. Still no Enter the Gungeon sale There may be a couple things I pick up if I can sell my Bloodstained code but nothing that I have to get now.
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