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  1. This is fantastic Someone told me this week I look like Nicholos Cage which isn't the first time I have heard that (there was a meme about it on an old forum I posted on lol) but it has been a LONG time since I've heard it
  2. Oh wow it's crazy to see Obsidian doing something like this! Looks and feels way more like something Rare would be doing. I'm not particularly interested in the genre but it's neat to see Obsidian branching out like this.
  3. I like it a lot better than the Samsung device but I want something with a bigger screen still...
  4. Me and my better half rarely use cow milk I prefer Cashew Milk and she prefers Pistachio Milk.
  5. I'm looking for something I can do in my spare time at work and maybe an hour worth of time after work...
  6. The design is super classy but I've been finding it difficult to convince myself to play anything on that small of a screen anymore.
  7. Ah, my big concern has been Squadron 42 and I didn't know the plan was to release it all close together. I'm not at all concerned about the MMO part I feel like they are already a long ways to making that happen As soon as graphics card and VR tech gets to the point I can comfortably upgrade and fly around in my Hornet Stealth I will be there
  8. I'm searching for all manners of additional income on top of my two other jobs and I'm considering starting a blog. Does anyone here have a blog and do you make any money from it?
  9. Yes, there is a company that makes tools near me and their stuff was inferior to the Chinese stuff in the 90's
  10. Up next on Inside Edition at 11 woman can't remember where she parked
  11. This is the asian music appreciation thread not just the kpop appreciation thread so Japanese songs definitely count (in fact several of the ones I originally posted are Japanese). And speaking of anime songs I really like this one: Hmm, it's good and while I don't really think it counts I will allow it!
  12. Some Girl's Day which is surprisingly missing from this thread: This SNSD song is fun: I'm finding Kara to be one of my go-to groups for exercise music: The new Dreamcatcher MV is pretty cool:
  13. The project was plagued with delays arriving nearly two years after it's estimated date and in that time I just got more and more invested in Cthulhu Wars.
  14. All of them I'm mainly trying to sell it as a complete set so I only have to deal with shipping it once... however it may be easier and more profitable to piece it out
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