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  1. I would wager it's one of the Amazon shows that will fill the void and hopefully The Wheel of Time will be the one to fill the void (but with Sony Pictures involved I bet the prequel to The Hobbit is the real winner here).
  2. Even though Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors this just doesn't work for me
  3. I watched it on Hulu anyways and that service is in desperate need of some shows like this anyhow.
  4. I have been to Thailand twice this year and 100 degrees there is better than 90 degrees in Indiana
  5. Oh it will Iga has already referred to it as a franchise and now that they have assets to reuse we shouldn't have to wait so long for the next installment.
  6. From everything my only real complaint is there isn't much focus on melee combat too... some awesome melee weapon drops would be nice maybe if this performs well we will see some in future DLC.
  7. Yes there is still plenty to do I got the good ending I would say you are about at the halfway mark! I REALLY hope the random dungeon mode when it comes out is great because I absolutely love this game and I want plenty of reasons to play through it several times.
  8. So I have an extra PS4 download code because the Vita version got cancelled and all my friends already have it or don't want it... is anyone here interested in trading a PSN gift card for it?
  9. Thanks I'm completely sold on it even went so far as to pick up a PS+ Sub on Prime Day sale so I can play this online when it releases!
  10. There is a special Pre-Release event going on in Berlin today with streamers on Twitch playing this and it looks absolutely fantastic!
  11. I thought most of the live action remakes were passable but I will watch this one!
  12. You just need a good vintage pair of JNCO's to carry you switch around in! I usually prefer indie games now most AAA releases haven't impressed me this gen. Honestly PSVR and indie games are what kept me going most of this generation with a few exceptions... I'm really hoping next gen is better.
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