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  1. Already spent over my budget on the Quest 2! New consoles will have to wait at least until Halo.
  2. So are the climbing and hang gliding mechanics actually useful or do they just make you a climbing duck?
  3. Awesome thanks Stickey that will give me stuff to watch at work! Today no playing Too busy installing stuff from SideQuest Edit: Does everyone have SideQuest set up now?
  4. What about someone who constantly gets slurs spoken against them that it makes them depressed and then they commit suicide? Not everyone is as tough as you seem to be and there is no reason for anyone to tolerate racist fucks. Edit: Not all kids can be taught how to have thicker skin some are more sensitive than others btw.
  5. So I just moved around some while playing Until You Fall and that solved my problems I played a few runs then sat down for some Rez, checked out Echo Arena and the demo for TRIPP (which I rather enjoyed). Took my battery down from 100% to 35% I need the elite battery strap! I would like more info on upcoming games it seems hard to find coverage even in the reddits. Is there any good VR news site? I've talked to Jeff Minter's partner and he is currently porting Moose Life to the Quest then after that Polybius!!! I really hope at some point Llamasoft gives us a proper VR
  6. I was thinking about that the other day the graphic style seems great for VR do you think the Quest 2 could handle it?
  7. Thanks I downloaded it and maybe will do some 360 videos standing as well. You know I wouldn't be too surprised to see Gamepass Ultimate releasing on the Quest soon... With Microsoft recently selling Mixer to FB it's clear they have a working relationship and it would be a big draw to the Quest.
  8. So up until yesterday I have played VR sitting down and thought I had strong VR legs... I was wrong playing standing up is only working for about the length of the Superhot VR demo. I need to start playing standing up some more Superhot seems like a good game to start with (felt a little easier than Until You Fall standing did). I'm honestly surprised it was such a big difference because I was still standing in one spot.
  9. I would generally suggest getting the Steam version unless it's something you want really easy access to. There isn't a ton of storage on the device so just keep stuff like Rez, Tetris Effect and Until You Fall at the ready. That time never existed FB wasn't cool back then just an annoyance to anyone who was already established online.
  10. No I've heard that they drastically increased production after the last model kept selling out. I've decided to wait on some of the older titles I want to go on sale. The next game I buy will be Dash Dash World then Pistol Whip when I get some controller shells.
  11. So I searched in the store and couldn't find Rez got Until You Fall as my first game instead... There are so many things I love about the system and the image quality is amazing (screen door effect is almost gone). Until You Fall is great and feels like it will be one of those games I always come back to. After a bit of Until You Fall I wanted to get something music heavy on and hit the store again to find Rez. I got Rez, put my Velodyne V-Pulse's on (dunno if these are still available but I highly recommend them for music games) and zoned out till the battery died. Max system volume seems a l
  12. Because there isn't a ton of people making good Diablo clones? Sometimes people just want a new arpg they can play through. There are plenty of other games I could question their existence like another battle royale or shlooter right now.
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