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  1. Am I the only one who is really excited that it's PSVR backwards compatible? That seems really huge for the VR market and I think it will boost sales of PSVR this gen with people knowing they can use it on their next console.
  2. Endless Dungeon XCom Crypt of the Necrodancer (not slower paced but totally worth it)
  3. There are plenty of reasons to get a PSVR I love mine!
  4. Maybe my memory is poor but it looks like Genjuro has been hitting the roids hard?
  5. I want a Quest but the current game list doesn't impress me
  6. Farscape is easily my favorite Sci-Fi show and I even met Gigi Edgley at Gencon one year (where we talked about how much we loved Fraggle Rock as children and her acting)! I would love it if Farscape streams so well on Amazon that they decide to do a sequel of it.
  7. I dig it but it doesn't have the beat I like to go into my cardio music rotation
  8. Ugh, I want something like the Quest that I can also use on my PC... give me portable smaller titles on the go and PC connectivity when I feel like being chained to my desk please!
  9. The previews in EGM had me so hyped and I was not let down still easily the best mainly FF and one of the top JRPG's of all time. I could play through it again (if I had the time to binge a JRPG) now even though I have played through it a half dozen times or so already!
  10. I have some Vintage JNCO's that might be able to carry a Switch! I'm prepared for a new powerful version of the system (been waiting patiently)!
  11. Isn't that what the Switch is? Game looks fun I will probably pick it up at some point!
  12. I haven't purchased NMS because it doesn't have VR now I have no excuse I must correct this (the next time it goes on sale)!
  13. I assumed it was a shitty gacha game with the lack of gameplay in the trailer.
  14. So I generally prefer robo-Noob but this version looks great!
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