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  1. I worked as a census taker last time and that is exactly how they were I had someone so angry I thought he was going to have a heart attack.
  2. Ok I just started watching Season 1 and somehow this is even better than the movie
  3. Not having a great year financially just been Epic freebies and the occasional Humble/Fanatical/Itch bundle. I want RE4 VR but waiting for a sale or discount code. Fortunately winning some gift cards here (thanks @Commissar SFLUFAN ) had my library pretty well stocked on the indie games I want!
  4. Hahaha, as someone who does Mod work I will remember his response for future reference
  5. I will play Disgaea for 1,000 when you get the itch for a tactics game it is hard to shake... PS2 is probably in second place for my honestly.
  6. Honestly I think the 360 is about the only choice that makes since the generation dragged on forever and when you add in all the XBLA games the value is hard to compare. Granted @Fizzzzle does have a pretty solid argument with Disgaea but I would take Diablo 3, Fallout and Elder Scrolls over it.
  7. Barely into the first episode "What makes the Pentaverate different? Their nice." Ok I am in
  8. Here is the thing it cancels the shows that the people who actually subscribe for their content are there for. Stuff like The Dark Crystal and Cowboy Bebop aren't attracting the masses but the people who will actually cancel their membership if they aren't getting exclusive content they want. Most people are just going to leave their subscription on and binge whatever but much like Microsoft used to on Xbox they are not catering to their hardcore consumer.
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