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  1. lol, probably would be good for my recovery I can walk now just not very good (even took the trash to the road this week but did hurt myself doing it -_-).
  2. I would appreciate it but I'm going to have to make some arrangement to pay you back because you have really helped me a lot already.
  3. I'm just asking for shares I've gotten more than enough help financially here. Please don't donate again if you have already I appreciate everything you have done for me already.
  4. Could everyone share my campaign with their friends and family? I had to take an animal to the vet this month and my short term disability check this week is held up pending paperwork from the slow ass doctor Would be much appreciated thanks!
  5. They haven't said that but considering it is a PC device I'm sure someone will implement that feature.
  6. Yes this will play Warframe exactly like I want to play it! Plenty of buttons, precise ways to aim and joysticks for navigation. Thanks for that video super excited about the controls... in the future I want a PC to hook up to my TV and this will be a great controller for that (will set up the touchscreen as a keyboard).
  7. Nah, was pretty easy to get the runes back when they had that system and they didn't have a major impact on gameplay for the most part (probably why they scrapped the old system because it didn't have much of an impact on gameplay unlike the current system and people thought it was P2W). The only role that required the runes was jungle and new players shouldn't be playing that role anyhow. I did like the old system for a few reasons but the new one is much better for new players and more impactful to gameplay.
  8. The system you are talking about has been gone for a few years the current system doesn't require you to level up your account or purchase runes (the old one you could also purchase the runes with the free currency).
  9. You don't level up a relic or anything like that dunno what you are talking about. Yes the characters are not all unlocked from the start but I've never seen a reason to pay for them.
  10. FYI for those who don't want to read so many books the audiobooks are top notch. The first seasons length makes sense covering the first book. I hope the production values are up to snuff need to see some powerful magic here.
  11. I really don't like Ubisoft and didn't want to come in and just shit post in this thread but I am happy to see everyone else is like "wtf why is this a Tom Clancy game?"
  12. Persona 4 Golden is at the top of my list to play on it! Fae Tactics and Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark are pretty high up there as well. Also looking forward to using this as a controller for Warframe (tried many different ways to play that game but nothing felt right this looks like it will) as well. Might be a good place to play the Shadowrun rpg's and Valkyria Chronicles as well.
  13. Guardians 1 everything worked the problem with 2 is during the first half they were trying way too hard to be funny (so it wasn't). It got it's footing halfway through when it started being a little more serious but man that movie was a letdown.
  14. I will check this out she was one of the best parts of Grey's Anatomy and this looks like it could be fun.
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