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  1. Was called several times while away at college. Had to report once, but all he cases pled out, so I was outta there by like 10AM. Last time I was called, I didn't have to report.
  2. They need to figure out what they want to do with Batman and Superman going forward. They had a solid Superman(IMO), and I didn't hate Affleck's take on Bats.
  3. Superunknown - 9.5/10. 25th Anniversary year for the album, btw
  4. Zero interest in game streaming. Hard pass. Based on the specs, it's kinda disheartening that it's not a standard console
  5. Forza horizon 4 Crackdown 3 - just been running around wrecking shit. Just have to beat the last boss and I'm done with it. Fuck those propoganda towers.
  6. I guess I commend them for continuing to update and improve it. One day, I may get around to playing it.
  7. My Note 9 just got the Android 9 update. Not sure how I feel about the look of thus OneUI thing yet.
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