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  1. Was gonna continue my Control playthrough, but when I booted the ol' Xbox One X tonight, I was told that the game needed a 42GB update.
  2. Fear the Walking Dead(Season 6, Episode 2). Is this show trying to claw its way back to being decent again? These first two episodes haven't been too bad.
  3. Let's just say I'll be playing a lot of current gen shit on next gen hardware. I didn't play many games this gen.
  4. I haven't read much King. I've read: Carrie Cell The Long Walk Firestarter Four Past Midnight
  5. Nice upset from the Noles. Thought they would totally blow it. They almost did.
  6. LOL. I've had Witcher 3 for like 4 years, and still haven't gotten around playing it.
  7. Fear the Walking Dead(Season 6, Ep 1). The show's been worse, so I won't complain. A very Morgan-focused episode that managed to not annoy me. Virginia is still a lame villain.
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