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  1. GTA games have never been a big draw for me. GTA 5’s significance for me is that it’s the first and only GTA game that I’ve finished. I prefer the over the top craziness and pure fun of Saints Row, though the jury is still out on this new one.
  2. Was never particularly interested in this one and it really doesn't so hot to me.
  3. I bought PS4 version a few years back and later impulse bought the PC version during a Steam Sale. No more GTA5 purchases.
  4. Bosch: Legacy. Finished all available episodes. I'm enjoying it. His transition to P.I. works.
  5. I wouldn't say the ending was "awful," just underwhelming and unfulfilling.
  6. Firestarter (2022) - Absolute donkey shit. I don't even love the original, but it's a helluva lot better than this stinker.
  7. Just finished the finale. That fade to black was almost as annoying as "The Sopranos" finale. While I don't think the show nailed the ending, it's been a great ride and I see myself rewatching the series down the road.
  8. It says Abby Shapiro wears a size 11. Is she tall? Oh yeah, she really lays on the "conservative good girl" thing pretty thick.
  9. Sounds like a big improvement over 1.0 and great for those who can't use DLSS.
  10. A new Fallout game will probably be watered down and accessible like Fallout 4. Probably won't be like 3 or NV.
  11. I started the remaster, lost the car race, put it down and played other games. I'm gonna go back to it. I was just irritated at the time.
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