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  1. I can wait until PS5. I have an Xbox One X, the only reason for me to even get a Pro is to get better looking versions of the Sony Exclusives. Hell, games like HZD and GoW are gorgeous even on the PS4 Poor.
  2. Not shocked if these specs are real. I hear Sony plans to greatly address their cooling/fan noise with PS5; based on these specs, I don't think they have a choice. Disappointed in the stock storage for both.
  3. I was budgeting for 499 - 549 anyway. With that power and if it's BC with several PS generations, that's worth it. I'll be grabbing Xbox SX too; Game Pass is just too good.
  4. My desire. Harley for me is a supporting character, not really interested in seeing essentially, Harley Quinn: The Movie.
  5. Forensic Files. . .even though I've seen each episode probably at least three times.
  6. Alita: Battle Angel - 7.75/10. I thought the action was exhilarating and that Alita was an endearing badass. Con Air - I seem to remember liking this one more back in the day.
  7. Attempting GTA4 again. In the slow and boring early parts of the game. I'm sure at some point this will get old and aggravating and I'll put it down. . .I'm already annoyed by my phone constantly ringing.
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