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  1. I don't do the FromSoftware games for that reason. I'm just not that kind of gamer anymore. Hard for the sake of hard isn't for me.
  2. Tomb Raider 2013. I initially was just gonna play a little to appreciate it @ 4k/60, but damned if this isn't becoming a full playthrough.
  3. Saw a Steam sale and grabbed Tomb Raider(2013) - my personal fave of the new games. Hadn’t been able to play it at 4K/60 until now.
  4. May be grabbing and playing Saints Row The Third Remastered today; sounds like they put a lot into it.
  5. Glad it was a failed murder/suicide and only he died. Fuck that guy.
  6. Could be good, could be just taking a turd, making it bigger, and making it smell worse.
  7. Release game, make money and rack up stellar reviews, slip in the shit no one wants after the fact.
  8. The ratings are pretty shitty, but CW isn't gonna give up on it just yet.
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