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  1. I live in Florida and mine had been busted for quite a while. Florida heat + Florida humidity = my house was a sauna. At least I had a dehumidifier. When the AC guy switched all the new stuff on, my thermostat read 64% Humidity
  2. I had no intention of buying all the mini/classic systems, but so far I have. Def getting the Genesis mini and possibly this.
  3. Haven't bothered hacking mine, but it seems to have an ever growing hacker community.
  4. Nothing. Dropping about 9k on a new HVAC/Air handler today for the house Might be sitting this one out.
  5. Finally started Assassin's Creed: Origins. Hell, if I do this and Odyssey back to back, these two alone could keep me busy for the rest of the year.
  6. I actually sat and watched each episode in their entirety. Didn't hate them. The game was Ok.
  7. Yeah, they've been on 14nm since Broadwell. Maybe 10nm is big quantities will be here by year's end?
  8. Nah. In typical Intel fashion, it's expected to be a new socket. Socket 1159, possibly.
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