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  1. I think Octavarium is the last album of there's I've bought. I've kind of lost track of them.
  2. Dre801

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Downloaded "Ruiner" from Game Pass. Taking a break from open world games and playing more linear titles.
  3. Yep, that's DOA. To be honest, I'm sort of fatigued by the way DOA games look. The need to switch of the graphically style a bit.
  4. 343 isn't going anywhere; their sole reason for existing is Halo. That's all they do. You're stuck with them, and Bungie ain't coming back, lol.
  5. Dre801

    PC Alienware's upgradable laptop

    2549.99 base config. . .you have to pay at least 80 more bucks to get an SSD.
  6. Even after Andromeda, I'm still a sucker for ME;. I down for more.
  7. I find myself sinking large quantities of time into OW games only to stop before seeing the end credits. I don't finish them consistently.
  8. I've been suffering from OWB(Open World Burnout) lately. So I welcome games that aren't.
  9. If it can turn in beastly performance without causing a brownout and heating up a room, cool. Hell V64 was comparable to a 1080 but took more juice and put out more heat to arrive at that performance.
  10. Dre801

    Books D1P, What Are You Reading?

    A Selenium Webdriver book. Not doing much pleasure reading these days.
  11. Dre801

    Television Surviving R. Kelly

    The main ones that continue to defend R Kelly ironically are black female fans. Black guys have no problem calling him a piece of shit.
  12. I loved the world, characters, and story of TLOU. Gameplay was adequate. I didn't play it until last year. I liked enough to play the upcoming second game, but it won't a Day One purchase.
  13. I don't think I've watched an awards show since the 90's, lol.
  14. Dawn of Dreams is the only one I didn't finish.