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  1. 3950X looks to be quite a bargain based on the benches.
  2. Outer Worlds. Might finally unbox my Genesis Mini and play around with that too.
  3. Yeah, the new aliens were pretty uninspired. You're in a whole new galaxy, should have had a whole slew of new aliens. Game didn't even have Quarians . New galaxy and all we get are Kett and Angarans.
  4. I don't want another open world ME game. I mean if it is, I'll still play it, but I'd really rather they not go that route again.
  5. If the next ME is a pure standalone SP game, I'll be surprised. Pleasantly, but surprised.
  6. Games we've already played or just don't give a shit about.
  7. Hadn’t had a chance to play much, finally got back to the Outer Worlds. Still on the starting world.
  8. The outrage over the original is such bullshit.
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