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  1. Aria of Sorrow is the only one I have played out of this collection and I will gladly play it again (the rest are gravy). This will be really good to play on the Steam Deck!
  2. So the FAQ came out and you can in fact use it as a controller for your PC. Nothing mentioned about using the touchscreen as a keyboard but I would he shocked if someone didn't make that happen the first day it is out (or even before then).
  3. So I dig this genre but I didn't originally post here because I normally don't shitpost (unless @Keyser_Soze brings me into a thread). I thought it legit just looked like a bad Galaxy on Fire clone. However now this shit looks legit and intense I want to play it in VR
  4. Finally! I just hope it comes out with the Pro model because I am buying a Switch for this.
  5. Ugh, I am very excited about this but my iPad is currently at the pawn shop (hopefully will get it back in a few weeks). I am pretty impressed with Apple Arcade they have made some great choices for gamers.
  6. The main character design is a bit generic but I kinda like it anyway. Looks like something I will get in a Humble Monthly one day
  7. Oh the console wars are over the Steam Deck is PC + Touchscreen clearly owners of it will be the master race.
  8. Yes lol timing worked out too kinda on my last leg financially (donating plasma for a quick buck right now actually lol). Will be getting my monthly long term disability check in a few days but feels good to finally be cleared by the doctor. I do still have physical therapy to do twice a week for six weeks but now that I have a vehicle I can finally do it.
  9. To go back to work Monday
  10. I knew about the mod but at this point I might as well wait to get the game in a bundle or free when Epic gives it away.
  11. Oh, I don't doubt it for a minute at least we have seen gameplay of this.
  12. Thankfully another developer is trying their hands at a Bayonetta game since Platinum has been mediocre lately. This looks awesome I'm totally gonna pick it up at launch!
  13. She is a bit weak but one of the issues might be a bug that gets fixed. There seems to be way too many archers... they need to change ranged champs up a bit. Also hoping that there is some cool new fire waifu soon.
  14. Got this one! Hopefully one day they do rerun banners (I requested them in the survey) so I can get Kamisato.
  15. Maybe she was trying to sneak a peak
  16. Well if she didn't barge in with the nonsense there wouldn't have been a cute girl there
  17. I got No Man's Sky and some stuff in the summer sale (I should have posted them here I think maybe I did in another thread ). Wade give aways and charity bundles have basically been all the games I have picked up in the past year
  18. I know but I'm not a big fan of people shit posting games but somebody @Keyser_Soze pulled me into this thread
  19. Yup Seriously though those graphics are crazy good! Oh, the song is catchy too! P.S. Sorry for shit posting
  20. The graphics are insanely good but I don't think this is my cup of tea... the kids definitely put a hamper on it for one. Not only that but open world games are really hit or miss for me and I'm not seeing the hooks that get me here.
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