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  1. It's an Apple Arcade game so it probably doesn't have the F2P systems a lot of people don't like. Yeah I normally dislike random encounters but that looks like it could be interesting.
  2. DPCyric

    I'm sad

    I thought they were layers of squishy comfort with a nice warm interior
  3. DPCyric

    I'm sad

    I'm sad too another one of my fiancee's cats died (that's 3 dead this year). Fuck Lasagna
  4. I do the majority of my gaming on mobile now... this is actually more exciting to me than the standard remake which I still haven't played. Once I get more mobile and can sit at my computer desk I plan on making a thread about high quality mobile games.
  5. Fortunately not terribly bad looking chibi! I'm on pretty good medication right now and was kinda baffled by the thread title but upon entering found it was accurate Honestly both titles look interesting and more exciting to me than some of the stuff they do.
  6. An OnlyFans is an interesting idea for what I want to do... however if I do some adult content @SimpleG might be my only fan? Thanks for the idea I will read up on it! Thanks @Commissar SFLUFAN I am indebted to you... abuse me at your own risk Edit: Two of my coworkers have also donated
  7. I started a GoFundMe: Anthony broke his hip working and needs your help!, organized by Anthony McCord WWW.GOFUNDME.COM On February the 22nd I was delivering food for DoorDash when I slipp… Anthony McCord needs your support for Anthony broke his hip working and needs your help! I thought I was going to get help another way but that didn't pan out. Any help at all would be great even if it's just sharing this with someone who might help. P.S. please focus on the photobombing cat and not how bad I look right now
  8. I think I am working things out on immediate cash concerns might do a gofundme later. Might just need help getting my website off the ground sounds like going back to work will be a long time from now. There is a 25% chance that I'm going to have to get the hip replaced if it doesn't heal right. Edit: I am out of surgery btw.
  9. Thanks! So I broke the hip clean through at the joint and they are going to try to save the bone but might have to replace it. Funding wise I think I will be able to manage... however I am going to use my time off to rebuild my drop shipping sight to American distributors and design some shirts online. The shirts 80% of the profits will be going to charity and my webstore I will be selling stuff below the market average. My intent is to follow up with youtube videos and Twitch streaming to build multiple revenue sources with cross promotion while trying to make a positive impact in the world.
  10. Yeah I seen that on era earlier and thought about calling myself out on that but sitting in the hospital with a broken hip I thought "nah, I will let someone else call me out"
  11. I hate to ask but the past few months have been a trainwreck and now I am sitting the hospital waiting on X-ray results. I fell on the ice and I am pretty sure my hip is broken. Anyone interested in buying a 65 inch LG B9 OPED? Results just came back hip is broken surgery tomorrow.
  12. It is Fortunately it's pretty free to play friendly so your only losing all your time not your money too
  13. MTG Arena is on Android now it's slightly wonky on mobile (I think they need to increase card sizes for one) but its a full portable MTG experience!
  14. No that's for the mediocre gacha game "War of Visions". Granted it's better than FFTA and that Fire Emblem gacha game but thats a pretty low bar to cross. The demo is out so early so they can get feedback and make changes!
  15. Better how? After hearing your and Vic's impressions I am excited! With it being so far out hopefully the switch pro will launch before then.
  16. And you are asking this question in The Asylum
  17. @Chairslinger may still be salty about the second one.
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