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  1. Yeah I figured you guys are depraved enough that I can be myself around you 😋
  2. I'm mostly a lurker and I remembered you 😋 I think it's ok if you demonize the hardcore MAGA extremists just kinda avoided that thread. You need to keep posting here it's groups of people like us who need to change things in the world. Heated arguments are necessary so we can dig deep into our beliefs and convince others. Sometimes arguments will go off the rails, sometimes you will get trolled and sometimes it will feel like why should you even bother. However the people here are your friends and they either want you to agree with them or for you to convince them of your opinion. The far righ
  3. Nope, I know plenty of them that aren't religious... Trump is their God now. If Trump was moderately more competent he could be the Antichrist. His political defeat could be his mortal wound that he comes back from
  4. I'm basically considering them Muslim extremists that just have a different God.
  5. I hope RE4 on Quest is true I still haven't played it and that would be an immediate purchase for me!
  6. Easily the PS360 era Microsoft, Bethesda and Bioware were in much better shape that generation. This past generation PS4 has been firing on all cylinders but it's not made up for the poor output from the rest of the industry.
  7. I picked it up during the Halloween sale because I had an EGS coupon as well. Haven't got around to it yet but their games and this type of game is my jam.
  8. I did trick shooting growing up just never felt the need to own a gun as an adult. Personally I want an AR-10 or maybe a Ruger 10/22.
  9. Personally I would fight to protect the country from MAGA extremists but I doubt there is enough people on the left that would. I've seriously been considering purchasing a gun lately and I'm very concerned about where this country is heading. I don't think American Civil War 2 will be fighting our neighbors at least just a band of extremist militias that come together.
  10. Good fucking grief I couldn't help my self tweeted back the American people would be better off if he sits down and shuts up
  11. Not really I imagine he would be winded after 6 calls from Wade...
  12. I believe by then enough people will see how much of a failure as a businessman he truly is will be damning as well. Hopefully in the next 4 years we can educate people to the dangers of the extremist cult Trump has spawned.
  13. I suspect he already has and they ignored him 😂
  14. LG C9 65" I went from playing Bloodstained and Sundered on an old 55 inch 1080p Sony Bravia to this... It's amazing how much of a difference it made even on those type of games!
  15. The Secret Service is already protecting Biden and Harris plus the military has put a no fly zone over Biden's house. If Trump does hold onto power surely some disgruntled Secret Service agent will put him out after delivering too much fast food 😂 Joking aside I still think if things progress too far Pence will 25th the orange fuck and claim to be a hero of the democracy.
  16. I know we have a lot of new VR users here and even the $1 tier in this bundle is fantastic! Humble Fall VR Bundle WWW.HUMBLEBUNDLE.COM Grab your headset and hand sensors! Pay what you want for awesome VR games worth over $200 and support Movember, or a charity of your choice! Some of these games do have Quest native versions but for the price might as well get the superior option if your into them.
  17. Why do you think Indiana went red? Better there than here
  18. It's the most disappointing game that I played however the Kinect only Steel Battalion sequel is up there in disappointments
  19. There are a handful of games I can/do go back to ok a regular basis. Rez, Geometry Wars, FFVI, Dragon Quest, Odin Sphere, Super Metroid, Dragon's Crown, Tactics Ogre and FFT (no FFTA get that shit out of here ).
  20. Today Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, what an awesome day! Oh and some orange fuck lost an election too
  21. I think Pence is looking for a reason to 25th him. Pence has been laying low the past few days he is up to something!
  22. Don't be a fool Jo Jorgensen has got this I met another person who voted for her today watch Indiana flip!
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