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  1. Thankfully it was 20 years ago, but yeah had a blade to my throat before the police stopped me & brought me to mental health. Happy to still be here. Also, don't do suicide kids, it isn't painless & it's an awful choice to make that is nigh irreversible.
  2. G...T...F...O WOW!!! Add to that the amazing profits that lined the pockets of all those at the true head of the table which was reported just a few days ago. Like WTF
  3. Wow I am just a half hour away from the border & yet haven't heard anything from local nor national news sources (typical ones that is) about this, freaking nuts.
  4. He brings up absolutely valid points citing history of governments & their fuck ups. Not sure how old you were in 2001/2002 but I was 20/21 at the time. Hearing & seeing all the propaganda to get the masses on board with The Patriot Act was successful in their means to an end while numerous individuals, actual Patriots, had to pay dire consequences for shedding light on just what exactly the Act itself purported versus what it perpetrated. I was stoically against any & all interference in Iraq at that time yet let history tell how fucked that got. In my years since, whe
  5. Look, I am by NO means, a fan of the man, never have been. That said, what he has to say is absolutely valid & worth watching & thinking about.
  6. Bought & watched Promising Young Woman last Saturday. I have since not only rewatched it twice more but also once w/ commentary, all the supplemental materials, multiple review videos & talk/think pieces, and have absolutely not been able to get it out of my head. None of the award ceremonies were on my radar for this last year because, well you know. That being said, I am pleased to see how many nominations this film has, well deserving for sure & I have nothing but the highest of hopes that all those involved & nominated, continue to win their respective categories.
  7. Was she/him/that piece of human excrement not charged with manslaughter or something for killing a pedestrian? Or just got away with that too?
  8. @Brick The Suicide Squad Cast Adds Taika Waititi and Nathan Fillion COLLIDER.COM James Gunn is set to reunite with Nathan Fillion and director his MCU counterpart Taika Waititi in Warner Bros.' DC Comics movie, 'The Suicide Squad.'
  9. I believe I read its rated for 100,000 hours or just over 11 years. So you too can pay just about $3500/month for 11 years financing!
  10. Was always aware of the comic even though it was never on my pull list, however it was consistently ranked high month to month throughout its run. Then all the praise heaped upon the initial release of episodes garnered a peek from me a few hours ago, just by the first two episodes, I am completely on board with this show & hope it gets a full run to tell the entire story! Also, quite a fantastic voice cast for this to coincide with excellent animation!
  11. https://www.cseed.tv/en/indoor-tv/unfolding-tv.html Weighing in at over 1300 lbs, 81" tall & over 140" wide ...
  12. I mean I'd happily take a bit more Ana de Armas as well but yeah, good ole Benny B holds it down for sure. That being said, I'm dying to see Ransom get out of prison some how & come for revenge ... then we can get more Ana that way!
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