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  1. Watched this over the weekend & I have continued to have it dance about in my mind! A quiet, contemplative, reserved film that deals with loss, grief, suffering, coming to terms with ones' own place in the world. Very moving and downright infectious as it grips hold of you & doesn't relent as Cage's presence just captivates you to see how everything plays out & others' responses to his presence in each scene. I highly recommend.
  2. Not since December & even then it was merely a week off from work, didn't do all that much. To the best of my knowledge, I won't have another until the end of September for sure.
  3. Yep, it's on CW on Sunday's & airs almost immediately after on HBOMax Definitely enjoyed it, I feel like I could really find myself falling in love w/ New Zealand in general.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if it launched during one of the remaining NBA Finals games.
  5. Rumors suggest definitely by the end of the month we will have a trailer.
  6. It's weird after all this time spent w/ the MCU that for Black Widow, I have hardly any interest in watching it. I'll inevitably view it once its free on D+ but that's besides the point. Shang-Chi & The Eternals haven't had any sort of impact on me to see them just yet. I'm only half invested in No Way Home & that's dependant on the trailer that gets stitched together soon. Thor 4, Doc Strange 2, and then GotG3 are all that's really on my "must see" of Phase 4 flicks.
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