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  1. I honestly prefer "Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels" myself but "Snatch" is a solid go of it!
  2. Tormund thirsty AF!!! Jamie being the one to knight Brienne = brilliant! The looming air of doom surrounding and permeating every. fucking. scene! So not prepared for next week. It's all coming full circle, all those times our hearts were torn out of our chests will be nothing in comparison.
  3. I am nowhere near to being emotionally ready for this coming week. Hell, it was a relatively "happy" episode but that looming impending doom to come for far too many of those we love is large. I was a weeping sobbing slobbery mess by the end...that end! Why leave off on all things THAT before the army of the dead comes!? WTF!!!!???
  4. The ONLY reason to save rice FTW! Sushi IS all about the rice. Also +1 for flour tortillas as well!
  5. I must say that the last 2 eps of the 3rd season really had them go out on a high note with the format that we have come to know & love. I'm intrigued by what comes next and most certainly do not want these 3 amazing men to leave anytime soon, it's just that I'm scared to lose Conversation Street, car reviews, having them go round the track, etc.
  6. Hysterically funny show and it makes me want to see the film so bad now.
  7. I feel like my 10pm screening of Thursday night is "too late" so yeah I need to do my best to stay in the dark as much as possible. What's weird is that "spoilers" for Endgame aren't nearly as bad as any/all spoilers for anything GoT related, what does that say?
  8. Here's the thing, being an optimist...IF this is the stop-gap before a next proper "Forza Motorsport" next year with the next Xbox's release, then OK...fine I suppose.
  9. Watching this Clone Wars panel...FUCK IT IS SO GOOD! Legitimately tearing up with joy that we get just a little bit more!
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