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  1. Edgar Wright's "Last Night in Soho" Adam Wingard's Godzilla v. Kong Taylor Sheridan's "Those Who Wish Me Dead" Joe Carnahan's "Boss Level" Bond 25: No Time to Die Top Gun 2 Halloween Kills TeneT Ghostbusters: Afterlife Final episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars (thankfully launching in February!) What We Do in the Shadows S2 Better Call Saul S5 Mandalorian S2 D+ Marvel shows Also, @number305the LOTR show won't be out until 2021 however they do begin filming soon!
  2. That final season of Clone Wars looks absolutely stunning!
  3. I would say there are elements of that which began to present itself well before even his TV show, so I'm not surprised. Still however, pretty shitty to hear
  4. I can grab Dino BBQ in 'Cuse if need be haha Any solid Asian places with good noodles by chance?
  5. Well what do ya know @elboboI'm only a couple hours away and shall be buying my tickets to that show Friday at noon as well. By chance you happen to have any solid recommendations for food or accommodations there? Haven't been to Rochester since I went to Water Street Music Hall for a show back in like 2003 *EDIT* I was thinking about the fact that there are 8 shows + their PPV between now and then and what can happen, but bringing up the fact that Harper is FROM Rochester, I had totally forgotten that...OMFG!!!
  6. Also, worth noting that Lindemann's Album was pretty freaking great too!
  7. They actually shot the film chronologically because they knew that they couldn't "edit or cut around" to save certain moments and such. This film was out-fucking-standing!!
  8. Just in case ya'll didn't know, this is now out digitally & on physical as of this past Tuesday
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