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  1. 50 - 60 typically, almost exclusively overnight shifts (as I post this while at work currently for another 5-ish hours to go)
  2. I think that M$ moving farther & farther away from Japanese titles was almost a direct retort to how THAT market almost unabashedly abandoned the platform of Xbox as a whole as time went on. It became a viscous circle that only recently has Phil been attempting to rectify & mend those bridges while looking ahead to the next-gen.
  3. I want to leave a couple things to share, one is an interview between GameOverGreggy with the voice of Abby, Laura Bailey. Quite a compelling interview for sure! Finally, a video I came across that is ... well if you feel nothing from it, I believe you to be dead inside.
  4. I was hoping someone else who had seen that film could sense the similarities of it. Totally not wrong with that @Greatoneshereand a hell of an observation!
  5. So it's been about 14 hours since I finished the game. As for time spent playing through on Moderate, I really cannot attest to (is there a way to track it?) I was just so engrossed in all of it. On top of that, I was (what I believed to be), very thorough in my exploration of the levels yet was astonished to discover that I found roughly 60% of all safes/benches/cards/coins/letters. This alone makes me want to play again on New Game+ but with as heavy as this whole thing is, I'm hesitant to revisit it at least for a while (already burdened by nightmares of this game legitimately.) As for my thoughts, reactions, etc. my $.02 is as follows...
  6. Having worked at a couple pizza joints, nothing is worse than a pie coming out stinking & reeking of fish. FUCK ANCHOVIES! As for my own personal fav pie: Garlic base w/ sausage, meatballs, onions, black olives and jalapenos are an option if I'm feeling up to it. I always sprinkle red pepper flake, garlic, & fresh cracked pepper on my pizza however before eating!
  7. IGN can "exclusively" reveal...ffs IGN comics hasn't even been a thing really remotely credible since like 2010 (sorry not sorry, Joshua Yehl SUCKS)
  8. I buy maybe, MAYBE a half dozen titles a year typically. Those that I do spend my hard earned coin on, I typically go for the all out "ultimate" or whatever edition that will include the inevitable DLC/packs/et al. So realistically, I've been spending $100/title for easily the last 5+ years when it's a AAA game I purchase at launch.
  9. Why did I just hear "The Farmer in the Del" in my head when I read that response?
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