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  1. Yeah I can't even get past level 3 on E.P. (still only 356 LL)
  2. Bought my IMAX tickets when they went up, going opening night, can't wait!
  3. SoberChef

    If you don't shower everyday, you are absolutely disgusting

    I'll leave this to my main man George
  4. Also, gotta give a shout out to XBL's LFG application. Found some randoms the other night and played my 1st Leviathan raid and had a tremendous time doing so!
  5. I was actually shocked, I stepped back into Crucible when IB was on (at this time MAYBE around rank 340) and I was consistently in the top of the matches and even coming through with the game winners in the pinch multiple times. The key is to stick with your team and team shoot (which apparently seems to be the meta anyways but it just typically makes sense.)
  6. SoberChef

    General Sports Live MMA Discussion

    Full fight card
  7. Tonight is UFC 226: Stipe Miocic v. Daniel Cormier for the HW Title. Anybody watching other than me!?
  8. SoberChef

    Comics Spider-Man Co-creator passed away!

    Honestly while Lee was the frontman, just like Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Mick and Keith, etc. Ditko was there right alongside. RIP to a legend!
  9. SoberChef

    What toppings do you like and dislike on a pizza?

    My ultimate pizza would be garlic spread base, some dollops of ricotta, sausage, meatball, onion, kalamata olive, artichokes, and red pepper flakes baked into the pizza.
  10. So nobody here plays on the XB1 other than me? FUCK!
  11. So Game Informer's monthly coverage begins all around The Forsaken DLC Also 113 Rapid Fire Questions Furthermore, there have been a few mentions coming out of E3 that Bungie are taking a sort of wait and see approach before announcing another SKU closer to launch so for anyone on the fence about pre-ordering, wait for that (like me!)
  12. It speaks to the quality of asshole that Ajit embodies, @marioandsonic
  13. SoberChef

    Movies The Predator (Trailer #2)

    I got ya @JayTheToothlessNerd
  14. SoberChef

    What did you do today?

    So so far I have worked 1500+ hours this year with roughly 450 via OT, god damn! Also, yes, 3 boys & 3 girls and I'll take 100 animals over 1 child but that's just my opinion!