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  1. Always better to make your own from scratch at home. I mean you're already preparing the salad and all its accoutrements so why not whip up a dressing as well?
  2. SoberChef

    Television The Grand Tour Season 3

    Also...WTF @ those goddamned brakes!!!!??? Stops almost as quickly as it gets off the goddamned line!
  3. SoberChef

    Television The Grand Tour Season 3

    Yeah that goes to show how beast McLaren's car is, gawd dayum! That EP9 is ridiculously insane and makes me salivate at what Porsche's new all electric car will end up being like when it releases. My mind cannot even begin to wrap around what super cars will be like even 5 or 10 years from now. Still though, I was smugly smiling much like Clarkson at the petrol engined McLaren still (currently) holding the top spot!
  4. SoberChef

    Wrestling Elimination Chamber 2019

    @IdeaOfEvilyou're right!
  5. SoberChef

    Wrestling Elimination Chamber 2019

    Lashley (with his little guy with a mouth) v. Balor!
  6. SoberChef

    Wrestling Elimination Chamber 2019

    ...and here come the seeds being planted for Wrestlemania!
  7. SoberChef

    Wrestling Elimination Chamber 2019

    By this point we're just watching for WHEN Shane dies performing right? Also, Uso's win tag team gold for a 6th win
  8. SoberChef

    Wrestling Elimination Chamber 2019

    Bailey & Sasha inaugural women's tag champs! Now is Miz (having just announced he and Maryse are having another kid) & Shane O Mac v. the Usos (including James who was arrested the other night and also the fact that they have yet to sign a new contract with WWE)
  9. Also also, not sure ya'll are aware but Jericho is putting on another cruise with AEW wrestlers in January of 2020 headed to the Bahamas for 4 days (I'm on ... The List!)
  10. SoberChef

    Nintendo Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019 2PM PT/5PM ET

    Link's Awakening, I played that SO DAMN MUCH on my Game Boy in my youth. I legit almost sorta want a Switch just for this!
  11. SoberChef

    Television The Grand Tour Season 3

    Also their female driver, got to show off a bit of personality (as opposed to the muted masked man that was The Stig or that retarded redneck from season 1 that just did not work) and I appreciate them for that. Also, that Lambo Eros is wickedly stupid in all the best ways possible, must have been so much fun racing on that dick track
  12. Meanwhile Double or Nothing sold out the last of its tickets in 4 minutes earlier today, cumulatively between the pre sales and today, yet again a sell out in less than 30 minutes! Hopefully they open up the venue more to allocate more seats (potential to get up to 20K).
  13. SoberChef

    Now that's an Oreo

    Wow the going rate for a box of these is nearly $20 on Amazon now. I happen to have 8 unopened...so who wants to buy some?
  14. SoberChef

    Consumer Technology The War Over 5G

    Wouldn't T-Mobile be more ready to launch with 5G as their infrastructure is the newest?