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  1. Absolutely impressed by that win by my Titans last night! Texans SHOULD be a breeze, meanwhile the Steelers face a shockingly surprising Browns team the same day. IF they both win out, then week 7's rescheduled game is gonna be game of the week no doubt about that!!
  2. At this point in NYS it'll be which happens first, movie theaters reopening or marijuana getting legalized lmao
  3. Wonder if Peter Jackson will redo the orcs from the Hobbit trilogy & utilize the practical ones in lieu of CGI!?
  4. It's been since the weekend of January 17th wherein I saw "Bad Boys for Life" when I was last in a movie theater. I typically went AT LEAST once if not 2-3 times a month depending on what was releasing. This news between Bond pulling out & theater chains shutting down for the foreseeable future, alongside the fact that I reside in NYS, just was the final knockout punch I did not need this year. I had held out a modicum of hope for Bond in November, now that is shattered and it will ultimately be nearly a year and a half all told before I find myself in a theater again. Meanwhil
  5. One of THE ALL TIME GREATEST guitarists ever, another sad day in a year filled with only just that!
  6. Will update with voting status & nominations when applicable!
  7. Same goes with whenever Joe Bob's Last Drive In comes back on. Going through Shudder directly is a lot better!
  8. Took over 30 minutes but secured an XSX via the Microsoft store of all places!
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