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  1. Say what you will about the guy, I grew up watching him as Screech & it's a tragedy for anyone to battle such an unrelenting disease that in the end, most likely will take him from those that love him most.
  2. While there are numerous sins listed, Wade's preference of well done steaks can fuck ALL the way off!
  3. 5 episodes in and I see how it is absolutely world building & setting up intrigue and the like, but it does is SO subtlety, almost as though the pieces shift into their slots so innocuously and then the callbacks are almost brought forth as moot as they continue to morph & evolve. When compared to so many "beat it over your head" tropes of story telling, this is invigorating!
  4. Glad you mentioned that as it seemed to be stalling there JUST a bit, but I will absolutely persevere & push through as I have genuinely heard nothing but the best about this show the more I have looked into it.
  5. So "The Critical Drinker" just uploaded this... ...and it does sound interesting on premise alone. Then I find that it's free on Prime, so I am about to blast off into the unknown regions of space to explore a brand new show!
  6. Did you kill someone, multiple people perhaps? Did you maliciously rape/torture an individual? Guess what, that's irredeemable in my eyes and you're not fit to operate with the rest of society.
  7. Having been an avid fan during its original run & not entirely hating the two movies, I just don't have a clue as to who was clamoring for more of this!? The story has been told, furthermore not ALL of the original cast will be returning, and also what "made" the series in some part is something nobody wants to see any of them engage in.
  8. I consider myself moderate left but I am all about the death penalty, always have been, and truly wish we would go further with it. Also, Carlin was spot on!
  9. My predictions as follows: Tampa, Seattle, & Tennessee on Saturday while a shocking surprise by Cleveland, & Indy as well as New Orleans on Sunday!
  10. Tonight's Dynamite was exceptionally well done. Like @elbobosaid, total class act there. I genuinely cried 4 separate times tonight. I cannot wait for the Rochester show to finally arrive in the summer, I'll be rocking Brodie merch w/ a sign for him just to pay my respects to a hell of a class act.
  11. ...have they changed on a molecular level to change their flavor & texture within that time span?
  12. Not in a while but I have attempted to prepare them, ohhh wow like countless ways while having had them made for me in other fashions. I just think it boils down to not being too keen on cabbage...unless its red cabbage or it is cole slaw!
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