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  1. Personally, I think this is a misfire. No tent, no discussions about cars (hell this whole thing is boat centric, WTF!?) I love the trio but moving totally away from what had always worked, just sucks!
  2. Well they worked together on Blade Trinity plus there's that whole Justin Timberlake held hands with some chick thing recently, so the meta take would just be hysterical to me!
  3. New idea, have Ryan holding Jessica Biel's hand as she tries her first Aviation Gin Martini, that'll be gold!
  4. Did NOT expect to see Blofeld at all in this, and Rami is just fan-fucking-tastic! (Have you EVEN been watching the final season of Mr. Robot!? WOW!) I was on board for this final Craig adventure regardless but the way the trailer was made, looks like I genuinely had not a clue where they were going with this and I'm definitely intrigued!
  5. I'd argue MacGyver in a small central American village
  6. So last week shortly after 3am EST, I checked and no new episode 2. Will episode 3 be there shortly after 3am EST tonight!? Tune in in less than 30 minutes to find out!
  7. Oh yeah I totally was going to go the chuck way, curious about the oxtail however...guessing the collagen adds that lip smacking mouth feel!? I have so many chilis I cannot wait to experiment with all kinds of things with them. Totally going to tweak my go to tri-bean chili in another week or so.
  8. Considering when I make my own cocoa powder mix, I add in a bit of cayenne pepper, I don't doubt it!
  9. That sound phenomenal, thanks so much @Jose
  10. If anyone has recipes to share utilizing ancho, arbol, chipotle, guajillo, pasilla, or cascabel dried peppers please feel free to share. I'm going to make chili colorado on Tuesday and a batch of tri-bean chili this weekend utilizing these peppers as a base for them. Also may test out a mole sauce perhaps!? What else ya got?
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