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  1. All I want is for Rebellion to finally show SOMETHING about Sniper Elite 5!! An update about Hellblade 2 would be nice as it made its debut at what, the 2019 show right, so we should be well due for not only a solid update but perhaps a release date as well? As for the fact that D2 just had their 30th anniversary launch, there's an outside for a trailer for Witch Queen perhaps? Possibly something Forza Motorsport related as well? Also, let's not forget we will more than likely be seeing the next Bioshock getting revealed Thursday night as well!
  2. Well THIS is certainly interesting... REPORT: Spider-Man: No Way Home Press Screenings Hide Part of the Movie WWW.CBR.COM The press screenings for Spider-Man: No Way Home will reportedly only feature a small portion of the two-hour-plus film. Out of a 2 1/2 hour film, only 40 minutes will be shown for press screenings going into the junket. Not until the actual premiere will the FULL film finally be shown for the first time.
  3. Watched the first episode the other day finally, solid show thus far. Has anyone else been keeping up on this?
  4. Yeah that chase scene was a lot of silly fun. The potential of THAT character arriving before the end is fantastic, and now I totally understand the fanbase screaming about the Echo series in development & what that could all mean going forward! So far, definitely enjoying this series a lot more than I anticipated, here's hoping the final 3 episodes continue on awesomely!
  5. Really debating diving in & purchasing the Battle Pass for this. After having looked up that one previous post about controller setup & sensitivity, felt more responsive a few games I played earlier today so I'm getting back into the groove of it. I'm curious, with the FOV setting, I have mine at 120 degrees, what about everyone else? I merely went that route because of the FOV being the same as it is in Destiny 2 since they brought in that same feature.
  6. Watch, next week at the VGAs you'll see an announcement for Titanfall 3
  7. @LazyPiranhawith the not so lazy eye there, very good point. I did think that this was going day & date to HBOMax (regardless I am TOTALLY seeing this in a 4DX screening so it doesn't matter, however repeat viewings would be awesome after that initial viewing.)
  8. I do believe the article I shared did touch on this specific point to coincide with how many theaters also tune down the volume all in the way of saving money for speakers & bulbs - its a systemic issue that unless you are aware & attuned to such things, most average viewers would never pick up on it.
  9. I have to agree with a few others that have brought it up, not having Red v. Blue really fucks with me to the point its either A. I shoot at teammates or B. I don't shoot at the enemy because I thought they were a teammate initially ffs.
  10. Wife & I went on Monday afternoon to see it, lucky enough to be the only two in the theater no less (Yay private screenings!) There are a LOT of "remember this" call backs to be sure & that plays both to its betterment & also its detriment. Maybe if they had scaled it back JUST a bit, but I am not complaining too much about it. Been thinking a lot in the last day and a half about this film, more in terms of rewatchability & I'm not entirely sure. I think I would watch it again at least once but also I wasn't really all that surprised by the beats they went with here either. There were some heartfelt moments to be sure that I connected with both as a lifelong GB fan but also having a dead father with whom there was a contentious relationship to be had. I couldn't not cry a couple tears at *THAT* moment towards the end, but it was genuinely earned & done in a tasteful, respectful manner so I didn't take any issue with that. Overall, a solid 7/10.
  11. So I have yet to see Eternals or Shang-Chi, as for Black Widow, I let that play in the background while I prepared dinner one night & even went as far as to swap inputs to my other Xbox to check out something quick, forgot that the movie was playing back on my other Xbox when I swapped back and audibly said to myself "Wow, this crap flick is STILL going?" As for the shows, F&TWS was meh at best while WandaVision was alright, definitely better than most of Loki to be sure. Hawkeye has potential but I'm at a point where trepidation has set in & slightly evolved to apathy.
  12. Was watching the original "Child's Play" the other night & even with that Blu Ray mix, the line audio was so low whereas any sort of gunfire or action beat was exceedingly loud. Curious if in the physical media market, there's some sort of push to more or less "stay in line" with current "norms" of bad audio?
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