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  1. More than likely to allow it to be the type of match that it was, also this way it cannot end in a DQ (YOU HEAR THAT VINNIE MAC!)
  2. Skip to the 42:00 minute mark if you want to see the unsanctioned Omega/Janela 30 minute barn burner!
  3. Yeah I'd definitely go back through your quests see what you can and can not pick back up from a vendor (IE: Exotic quests) and be sure some aren't locked to specific seasons or game modes in years' past. I deleted like 10 of them myself. Also, holy balls Risk Runner SMG is the SHIT and so much fun. In a way, its sort of like
  4. First of all, wow at the cinematography! There were always shots in Breaking Bad that were gloriously pretty but in El Camino, whole other level for sure. Very happy with the story, Skinny Pete is the fucking man, and I'm happy with how everything played out. Still quite a few unanswered questions but hopefully with at least 1 if not 2 more seasons of Better Call Saul, we may have more answers coming in the years to come. A solid film, 8.5/10!
  5. Not a subscriber to Apple TV, truly sucks that HBO lost the rights but I wonder if AT&T wasn't their overlords now, would they still have passed on it?
  6. I still watch BoB every year start to finish at least once, typically around the holidays, same as I do with the extended editions of LotR. The Pacific just didn't quite hook me in like the original but its still compelling in its own right for sure. This seems so very accurate! You need to rectify that then Morty!
  7. They should have replaced Beth with Renee I feel, her and Mauro would have good chemistry in my opinion! I haven't actually watched NXT this week but I haven't heard amazing things either which is no bueno. As for the 2 hours being enough, we essentially get a 3rd hour via AEW's Youtube channel airing the dark matches the following Tuesday night which is amazing as well.
  8. I would say that week 2 of Dynamite was EVEN BETTER than it's inaugural week!! Also, allegedly, WWE uninvited Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes after they made their appearance at Dynamite...freaking petty Vince!
  9. I fast forwarded through the premiere, I just can't really give much of a shit anymore unfortunately. I really loved Rick & Carl plus now that the book itself is done, I just don't care as much unfortunately. I know that Danai is gone by the end of the season, and even though Maggie (name dropped btw in the premiere) will apparently return for next season (wouldn't write off her showing up towards the end of S10 however), I just am not nearly as invested as I once was.
  10. Plus all the bounties to grab from Ikora. Also the fact that they added the ability to buy more bounties aside from those offered day to day is super rad!
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