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  1. How long was your recovery time? I took the following week off of work just in case but yeah.
  2. Yeah I have to always be doing something and having that taken away from me, just the thought of it drives me to the brink of insanity! That said, I've been so busy with work and things that perhaps I'll dive into a couple games I've neglected the last few months and just enjoy the downtime to the best of my ability?
  3. I am slotted to get a surgery done for mine next Friday and I'm freaking out a little bit and just would like to hear anybody else's experiences, thanks.
  4. Definitely share photos and such with us on here. Are you going to Starcast III as well?
  5. So with just a couple matches announced thus far, tickets had gone on sale earlier today at noon EST and in merely 15 minutes, was totally sold out! This is the PPV that will have the following matches: Jon Moxley v. Kenny Omega Chris Jericho v. "Hangman" Adam Page for the AEW Title
  6. "Chef" is a hell of an amazing film so this was a great idea that I'm happy these guys got to pursue. So far my favorite is episode 3 where not only do they revisit a lot of the recipes but Babish shows up as a guest (great cooking channel on Youtube if you wanna look him up its "Binging with Babish") Also, for anyone who loves slow roasted pork that is mouth watering, succulent, melts on your tongue when you taste it pork with an explosion of ALL the flavors, then definitely do yourselves a favor and recreate that marinated & rubbed mojo pork. You'll crave that shit constantly afterwards! It may very well be the BEST way to cook a Boston butt of pork!
  7. So I'm curious, as someone who hasn't seen the prior 3, should I go check this out!?
  8. ...and this is why so many middle aged people are offing themselves at a record pace.
  9. I may very well miss him on The Daily Show, but THIS is the kind of work I really appreciate.
  10. Looks fantastic and like it will be a lot of fun. Mostly looking at this through the lens of an avid Sniper Elite fan trying to see what and where they may go with things in the next iteration of that franchise and I am seriously impressed!
  11. Craig Ferguson was, and always will be, the king of late night!
  12. A lot of games stacking beginning of 2020, but overall there was this sense of a holding pattern before the new consoles.
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