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  1. I loved it last year when the Reloaded series ran where Alton re-evaluated many of his most cherished episodes to see where he may have been wrong, how things have changed & evolved not just in his own cooking process but that industry wide incorporating some modern techniques without getting too frivolous about it. Really helped me grow in my own culinary adventures and thought about the ways my processes have evolved as well and why that is. Cooking is just like transcendental meditation for me.
  2. Is that young boy in the trailer not a young Bruce?
  3. One of THE VERY BEST cooking shows of ALL TIME! Thank you so much @Ghost_MH, Liked & Subscribed!
  4. "Kryton"!? ... great now you got me thinking about Crites!
  5. ^^^ Well he IS a Sox fan so...of course he'd have bad ideas!
  6. I just don't understand why in the first place Sony would want to tamper with things in what has been a lucrative & beneficial relationship since Civil War. They did see that Venom didn't do all that well, regardless of the optimism they may hold with Serkis helming the sequel & Harrelson co-starring, why not have some sort of deal wherein it's a 2 sided street and both companies profit?
  7. Also, Tom should walk out after his final picture.
  8. Spidey belongs HOME with the MCU. Sony needs to realize that the only reason behind the success of the franchise in the last couple years is A. Kevin Feige, B. Tom Holland, C. The shared universe. Meanwhile now they're going to shoehorn in Venom & Carnage more than likely (never thought I'd be writing this in such a way that I'm pissed off about this fact) and expect the same receipts at the box office. Its very short sighted of Sony ... which is oxymoronic really as that's them to a "T" but nevertheless.
  9. Refused to have Feige involved going forward...good job Sony, really smart work on your part.
  10. https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3579661/official-lana-wachowski-directing-fourth-matrix-film-starring-keanu-reeves/
  11. I think that G.I. is a solid "feather in the cap" that that company happens to have and should do all they can to further promote & support it.
  12. Like nearly half the staff seemingly laid off, WTF!? I've been reading G.I. for easily a decade at least, this breaks my heart.
  13. Considering the quality of F13th, they may in fact do a good job with Predator. Same sort of vein of 1 vs many so that's cool.
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