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  1. Downloaded a trial of this, haven't fired it up just yet but yeah recently came onto my radar in the recent OXM I have as a "must play" game.
  2. Please could we NOT spoil Mania? It's already bad enough it has to be done in such a fashion of pre-taping without a crowd, but to ruin it even further is just a disservice.
  3. I will always be happy to hear and receive new aural from Trent Reznor! Thank you @Keyser_Soze
  4. Seeing the allegory between Kim's mom & Jimmy was enlightening and explained why she's so attracted to him. One thing that always hit me weirdly about what I perceived to be abrupt was the "war" that Gus was having Mike deal with, now after this meeting with Nacho, I'm starting to wonder where exactly in the overall timeline we happen to be?
  5. McConnell's Irish Whisky finally arrived state side and I'm a fan for sure!
  6. To be fair, I always questioned this habit in grade school growing up. Then came college with MLA documentation and all of THAT horse shit, yeah fuck all that nonsense. If there's A space, then you're welcome I took the time to do so.
  7. I am such a huge fan of Dawson & Ahsoka FINALLY coming to life by such a talent, this is all the awesome!
  8. While I watched happily from my living room alongside my wife and marked the fuck out at both reveals, that sour note really hit earlier today when I woke up. Could you have imagined the explosive pop that crowd would have made time & again, absolute elation!! That being said however, I must commend AEW on putting on a hell of a 2 hour live performance with no "previously on our PPV's" to shore up time. Having other talent present ringside was exactly what I was thinking WWE SHOULD have done over the last Raw & Smackdown shows (even pondered this aloud, like "HEY! You have other wrestlers NOT wrestling, how about having them out there for moral support at the least!?) MJF & Spears were hilarious throughout, and Sammy singing with MJF alongside Jericho absolutely corpse cringing at it *chefs kiss* just brilliant!
  9. My own worry is that considering the fact I work in a residential setting with up to 16 clients at any given time, there's a very real chance in which if/when it comes to a quarantine that I'll be remanded to my work site for two weeks. Really hard to wrap my head around that scenario for sure.
  10. I already have SO many questions after this initial episode. That sense of wonder, yet tinted with a foreboding sense of "What IS real?" throughout every scene. Next week we get Vincent Cassel which is always great, not to mention Tommy Flanagan will still be around (but WHO IS HE REALLY!?!?)!
  11. Considering the fact that I wasn't even going to jump aboard the new consoles until AT LEAST a year after launch, this is perfectly fine.
  12. So what, 50/50 between either Harper or Matt then right? Maybe slight more insight come Monday's "Being the Elite"!?
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