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  1. I knew about some of the the resident frogboys, didn't know there are pedos here though lol. I mention Destiny.twitch a few times and that I'm ace and bi and suddenly I start getting replies coming at me like I'm a DGG culty pervert, Morrissey, etc It's kinda funny that my don’t ask don’t tell dig got such a reaction lol. I was just goofing, I genuinely can't remember much homophobia, acephobia, other than nobody ever talking about stuff like that. I've seen comments here and there that were kinda weird, nothing recent as far as I know, and I'd guess I'm as guilty of saying occasional cringe as most here. Also I'm gonna take the L on my initial reply in this thread and say that post was a cringe way of expressing what I was trying to say/bad at communicating that systematic prejudice and invalidation towards bi and ace folks as far as I know isn’t as bad as it is w/ other forms of bigotry, It just never really gets talked about, but also I’m not the most knowlegeable source for it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discrimination_against_asexual_people No worries, apologies for the misunderstanding. I will continue keeping all sexual orientation expression in check while here!
  2. In addition to being Bi, Pan etc I'm on the ace spectrum, mainly because of the low sex drive and I'm not even sure if I'd be good at it if it got to that point. I know there's kind of a don't ask don't tell policy with discussing LGBTQA issues and gender on this board so I go to some twitch streams (no, not Destiny's or Vash's) if I want to talk more in-depth about that online, but I think it's important to note that shitty attitudes like Eggman's - prejudices, negative associations, invalidation, etc - and some other users on this board are very commonplace in the world and even though I don't let it define me, the frequency of those attitudes and how they systemically impact your daily life can be tiring sometimes.
  3. 710 Indigenous people, mostly girls, were reported missing over the past decade in Wyoming, the same state where Gabby Petito reportedly disappeared WWW.INSIDER.COM Search efforts for Petito, whose disappearance has caused a national furor, have focused on Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.
  4. Killing dinosaur aliens in Turok 2 is consistently enjoyable with all these gameplay refinements and makes me wonder what's taking so long for a new sequel to be made. Metal Gear Rising Revengence - Only played the first four or five hours back in the day. The memes/clips from this online are genuinely hilarious so I'm looking forward to seeing how bonkers it gets
  5. Lil Nas X - Montero Something that took a minute to happen - an empowered gay rapper with a surplus of songwriting talent, eye for amazing visuals that elevate gay and bi perspective beyond what generations of low budgets and gatekeeping could restrain, and a sharp sense of humor that's a healthy fuck you to heteronormative often white culture that's been laughing at negative LGBTQA stereotypes and contributing to them for lifetimes. Saying that, you can still definitely sense potential for growth (what if Industry Baby and Dolla Sign Slime were blessed with a more sky's-the-limit, state of the art production? What about more exploration of his serious side appearing in tracks like Sun Goes Down and One of Me?). Nonetheless a game changing pop album that should contribute to inspiring good art for generations moving forward. 8/10
  6. No doubt, I would've posted it back when everyone was talking about it but it was uploaded several days later and I first noticed it today. I think it's decent enough closure to that topic and is insightful with the points about widespread misinformation going on now, so though it might be worth sharing.
  7. Replaying The Last of Us Remastered, still stumped by the puzzle of Sony thinking a remake of this is necessary
  8. Pretty sure my sense of smell and taste came back completely over the past few days! I can't help but notice it. Even this frozen dinner tastes kind of amazing haha. I'm ecstatic right now!
  9. Xenogears/saga Dragon's Quest Duke Nukem Dynasty Warriors Kingdom Hearts Splatoon Watchdogs Pikmin World of Warcraft
  10. Not a skilled writer so my critique on this isn't too valuable, but I think dialogue trees with writing and acting that isn't at the level of a good movie, show or comic are absolutely pointless compared to the RDR2-style of NPC interaction. The amount of scripted events in detailed and immersive games in general will probably be a thing of the past as emergent simulation becomes more achievable. And I say this too much but I really hope we see physics systems and destructible environments become a standard feature in most 3D games starting this gen
  11. One local school has already shut its doors due to Covid, could others soon follow? KIMATV.COM YAKIMA COUNTY -- Covid has already closed one local school this year, and nearly shut down another. "I'm feeling worried. Covid is running rampant around here," says Derrick Piel, a local parent. The Yakama Nation Tribal School started classes back in person exactly a week ago, now the doors are shut for the next two weeks. So far at least 102 cases have been reported in Yakima County schools this year.
  12. BrainAIDS conversation at times, but useful in showing how skilled/clever some anti-vaxxers are at argumentation and what to say and not when engaging them:
  13. I don't think so, just hangovers. I don't drink often because how of much alcohol it takes for me to feel the benefits of drunk.
  14. Yea outside of his core audience I'm not sure he's anyone's favorite political commentator in the online left political sphere. But based on how most of the internet seems to handle discourse with the other side, a lot of people who identify as left need to watch him and take notes
  15. Norse Mythology Expert Reacts to God of War - IGN WWW.IGN.COM We got Jackson Crawford, a Norse Mythology Expert & Media Consultant for projects such as Assassin Creed Valhalla and Disney's Frozen, to react to God of War, how it portrays Nordic culture, how authentic God of War's runes are, and more! Jackson deep dives into God of War, looking at how the game digresses and interprets the lore of the Nordic gods, big thanks to him for lending his expertise and if you want to see...
  16. There seriously is a pattern in history of libertarians always wanting to start their idea of utopian societies in the middle of the ocean (like Bioshock but in real life). Why is this? It seems so weirdly specific lmao
  17. Getting burned out on cape shit, but surprisingly looking forward to this and Wolverine. I kinda feel like other than comics video games have the most potential for being a medium that does the superhero genre justice, and that potential hasn't been fully realized...yet.
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