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  1. I'm pretty far from a legal expert, but I feel like this could prove problematic to implement. The government restricting the speech of government employees is one thing, but expanding that into the private sector seems like it opens it up to court challenges. I know the government can put all kinds of pre-conditions on companies they work with, but I don't recall another condition that was reliant on speech (though I could easily be wrong).
  2. I don't think the current system is too bad for farming a specific item, but I think it's a poor system that rewards dozens or hundreds of identical items without it being any better than what you had. My light level has gone up, but the stat rolls on my armor haven't. I can't recall another game where my level went up, and I was doing high end content, but my gear didn't also improve. One of my armor pieces is a really excellent roll I wouldn't expect to surpass. The others are fine, mid 60s. When I came across them initially they were upgrades, but nothing I was excited about. I've probably
  3. Other than Fallout/Starfield/Elder Scrolls (of which we might get 1-3 games per generation), there really isn't a single game that this deal effects that I'm that interested in. I never got into the recent Doom games, wasn't a huge fan of Prey, Dishonored, or Wolfenstein. Deathloop and Ghostwire look interesting, but both feel like they could be 6/10 as easily as 8 or 9s, and both are still going to PS5/PC. Game sales are so opaque these days, especially with a private company, it's hard to say how well any of these things sell. Maybe in 7 years this deal will have prov
  4. Like yourself, I haven't been playing for that long, so I started playing Destiny under the assumption that gear would get sunset. I think the basic idea behind sunsetting is perfectly fine. I think it's kinda weird that gear in Destiny could last so long in the first place. I also don't agree with the author of that piece that Bungie owes us a whole lot of specific info about what the loot pool will look like. I would assume that of all things, that is something subject to change before release. Personally, I wish two things were true: -First, that good rolls were easier to g
  5. I know it's petty, but I'm almost more upset about the language of the hypocrisy than the act itself. The GOP stalled on Garland because it was within their power and they wanted a chance to nominate someone themselves. They'll rush through this vote because they have the power and they would rather have a Trump nominee now than a potential Biden nominee later. If they just said "this is the power afforded to the Senate, and we get to wield it the way we want, deal with it" I'd have the slightest bit more respect for them. Instead now, just as it was then, we get an endless string
  6. I have no clue what is going on in that trailer, but I'll watch it.
  7. That DF review is rather disappointing. Especially with the missing features, art changes, and the multithreaded performance. The multithreading is a bummer, but perhaps more understandable. That was a huge limitation of the original game, and I can imagine the difficulty of changing something that could be fundamental to the the architecture. Things like the decreased physics effects and volumetric lighting are things that I really expected them to fix for the PC version. I don't really expect any of this to get fixed. I don't have a desperate need to play it right now, so I'll pr
  8. Minecraft was already out on every platform possible. The value of the thing was in being everywhere when MS bought it. As a multiplayer game it also enjoys a network effect. A new Elder Scrolls game is an entirely different proposition.
  9. Why would you expect Elder Scrolls to be the exception? If there was one franchise here that would allow MS to capitalize on being exclusive, I think Elder Scrolls would be it. Of course, it's the game that would sell the best on other platforms, but sales potential on other platforms hasn't exactly held back exclusivity before. I would expect that the only games to go to the PS5 will be the ones that they're contractually obligated to port.
  10. Anyone who was pretending that this wasn't a huge part of this election before her death was kidding themselves.
  11. I've been considering doing something similar. What's the process like and how long does it take per disc? I did this way back when with DVDs, but never tried with BDs.
  12. According to this, not only would Microsoft/Google/etc. need to create an individual app for each game, but they'd have to offer that game for sale individually. Also, all in-app purchases would obviously need to go through Apple's system. All updates to the game (even when they're done entirely server side) would need to be submitted to Apple. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple also wants them to offer the subscription itself as an in-app payment, so they can get their 30% cut of that too. I don't think this even qualifies as an Olive Branch. I think it's entirely a legal man
  13. We've tried a few of these secret saboteur games IRL like Secret Hitler and Ultimate Werewolf, and we found that my friend group is terrible at them. We've played a lot of complicated board games, but we seem to have trouble with the strategy and its seems we're bad at lying in these games. I wonder if we'd be better at the subterfuge and what not if we're not sitting across the table from each other. I didn't realize Among Us came out in 2018. I just noticed it was becoming one of the biggest games on Twitch.
  14. If AMD had anything to compete with these cards, they'd have pushed the announcement up to before the pre-order date. I'm pulling for them, but I don't expect much in the form of high end competition.
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