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  1. There was an earlier thread about the game. I really enjoyed it. I generally don't do well in games that lack a strong direction and make you find your own way, but there was something about the mystery of Outer Wilds and how you explored it yourself that I found captivating. It's really a game more focused on exploration than any I can think of. There's no combat, very few puzzles in the Zelda dungeon style, and no real progression other than what you've learned. It's very BotW like in that you can "finish" the game on your first go if you know exactly what you're doing, but unlike BotW, the only thing you gain by playing more is a better knowledge of the solar system and the mysteries it contains. It's a unique setup that I'm surprised worked so well for me. I have my issues with the game, gameplay issues that I really wish they would have sorted out, but overall it was a great experience that I'd encourage to nearly everyone to try. I do have two things that I would specifically recommend to anyone playing. First is to give it a decent shot. Especially if you're getting it on gamepass, it could be easy to play for 30 minutes and decide you're not getting anything out of it. Go out into the world and set your sights on a specific thing: a building you want to get into, a question you want answered, a thing that keeps killing you, whatever. Find something to focus on, but don't stick to it dogmatically, because in the course of trying to solve one mystery, you'll run into a bunch out of necessity. If that progression doesn't grab you, the game probably isn't for you. The second thing is to remember that there is a computer in the back of your lander that keeps notes for you. I had a bunch of hand written notes before I figured out the computer was there. Basically everything you scan gets uploaded and it does a good job of piercing the threads together and pointing you towards things that you might want to look into and ensuring you don't overlook crucial pieces to the puzzle. One last thing that I think really enhanced my playing of the game is cheating a little bit. Outer Wilds is wonderful in that you can access most areas in a number of ways, especially the "hub" areas on a couple planets. If you know the right route, it might only take you 2 minutes to go from take off to the center of one of these hubs. When you're starting out, if you don't find one of these quick entries (one in particular is very well hidden) you might spend half your loop trying to get in. I think it was fun to try a bunch of things to find my way in, but if you're in the middle of exploring a mystery, or trying to get through each nook and cranny in a hub, the travel time is unacceptable. Go on youtube, find a non-spoiler video that shows the fastest way in, and take it from there. I really think the game should surface these shortcuts to you once you have found your way in, but it doesn't really do that, so if you're like me, a little bit of cheating can make a big difference.
  2. I have no doubt that Disney is being horribly greedy and trying to bully Sony into a worse deal. I have very little doubt that Sony would make very similar money on Spider-man stuff without Disney. I also think that both the live action Spider-man movies and other MCU films would be better if Disney and Sony can make a deal here. So while I don't really want to root for Disney to suck more money out of their few remaining competitors, I do hope they can make a deal.
  3. I don't imagine that this is a change he can get through. I really don't think there's a reasonable interpretation of the 14th that could limit birthright citizenship.
  4. I agree. It's not like she's been playing it safe since The Matrix ended. Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending, Sense8. At worst her work is still crazy, exciting, and wildly ambitious. At it's best, it's unlike anything else out there.
  5. I feel like this is such a flashback to the .com boom. I look at a company like Uber, one that might never make any money, and at least there's a good idea at the heart of it that shifted a whole market. This isn't a good idea, it's not changing markets, it's just debt funded nonsense. If you're in one of their buildings taking advantage of it, good for you, but I'd keep any money far away from this whole debacle. I can't believe it's lasted this long.
  6. I love the first film and have a real soft spot for Reloaded, but I'm not really interested in a fourth film. Honestly, I'd probably prefer a reboot to a sequel. Still, having Lana Wachowski on board gives me some hope, and now is a good time for a blockbuster that re-examines our relationship with technology.
  7. After Far From Home I don't know how you take the MCU out of Spider-man without another reboot. This is a real bummer, but it's a possibility that's been on my mind ever since Venom made so much money after being so bad.
  8. That tweet makes it sound like it could be a remake, but I'd be much more interested in a new game.
  9. Yeah, but that's tied to the device. If you want backups and you've got an Apple device, you don't have a choice. While annoying, or even predatory, I see how they get away with it. This is an actual competitive market. It's more like Apple Music, a service that gives you all the same content as its competitors for the same price. Like Apple Music, this is a service that they're trying to sell more broadly. They're making a big push to make sure you can watch Apple TV without even owning an Apple product. They haven't gone all the way to Android or Fire TV apps, but still, they're trying. They're also spending $6B on content this year. That's more than double what they spent on Beats, their largest acquisition ever (and one that came with a profitable hardware division in addition to a streaming service). Sure, it's a drop in the bucket for them, but again, it shows that they seem to be serious about this. A $10/month service with the content they've shown just isn't competitive, and I feel like they must know that.
  10. It looks like it sticks pretty well to the formula of the previous games, but while I enjoyed some of them (to various degrees), I'm also a bit concerned about a superhero game that's setup like a Tomb Raider title. In Tomb Raider the confined spaces and corridors of baddies were mostly fine (though the more open parts were generally better), but in these demos they just look small. It's one thing if you're this lone person trying to make it through a jungle of terrorists. It's another if you're freaking Iron Man, being rushed to a given location, and you're stuck in a box. Then again, the only level we've seen is this intro. It's quite possible the rest of the game opens up significantly, which would be typical of Crystal Dynamics previous efforts. The combat looks expected, but solid. They're not doing anything revolutionary here, but if it's executed well it could be a worthwhile playthrough. I agree that it's best that they don't make them look like carbon copies of the MCU characters if the game isn't in the MCU. The problem is everything is so close to the MCU. I know these are characters with long histories of mild revisions, but at this cultural moment the MCU versions are the canonical incarnations of these characters. I feel like they might have been better served by doing the "Miles Morales" versions of characters, or at least find some variations on familiar characters that are more visually distinct. The way it is, it's hard for a casual fan to escape the feeling that these are the "store brand" versions.
  11. They just released a trailer for The Morning Show. It looks fine, could be great, could be meh. It certainly doesn't scream that it's worth $10/month. I don't see how Apple thinks that this will work. How is this not going to be bundled with other stuff? How in the world do they look at the prices for Hulu and Disney+ and think, "yeah, our five shows are worth more than those libraries." My theory is that Apple "leaked" this high price but the official announcement will be lower. There's no way a $10/month price works for something with so little content.
  12. It makes sense given how aggressive MS has been at buying studios lately. I wouldn't be surprised if they already had a deal with Sony that would give Sony a chance to buy them if they got an offer from anyone else. The only bummer here is that I imagine their VR stuff will go towards being PSVR only. Stormland looks freaking amazing, and I feel like it's exactly the kind of game that would be hampered by PSVRs limitations. I really hope the PS5 launches with a PSVR2 that has better controllers and inside out tracking, making it capable of experiences that aren't always forward facing.
  13. I think the argument is that Google's algorithm produced more favorable results for Hillary than for Trump, and that bias lead to those votes being swayed. I believe it comes from this testimony from June. As a side note, I looked into that researcher's proposal for how to break Google's monopoly, and it's an interesting idea that I don't think would really work. His plan would be to force Google to publish a free api to their web index, allowing competitors to bypass the work required to build their own, effectively jumpstarting competition in the market. I'm personally very skeptical that such a solution would work though. I've never gotten the impression that Bing or Duck Duck Go or Yahoo failed to effectively index the web, especially the popular parts of it. The secret sauce of Google search is, and always has been, their ability to find what you want better than the other guys. If I put the first line of a popular Wikipedia article into Bing, I imagine it will always find the right article. If I type something vague and misspelled and slightly off topic, Google is uncannily good at finding what I actually meant, where Bing has a hard time surfacing the stuff that I want even with more straightforward queries (or at least this was true the last time I tried switching for a while). Google has the benefit of being able to look through an untold number of searches and see what people actually wanted from them. It's a network effect for intent that's so effective that its convinced people that their phone is listening to them. Getting access to Google's index won't help you with that.
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