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  1. I think it's pretty clear that Nintendo would rather not have a competitive scene, but there are a bunch of reasons that they don't do more to actively shut it down. The bad PR the obvious cost, but I think there is a legal question that they'd rather not step into. My understanding is that while various publishers have claimed pretty broad rights to prohibit both in person events and streams of their games, I don't think it's ever been tested in court. If I were to bet, I'd guess that the publishers would likely win most of those battles, especially when it comes to using their game in any ki
  2. While I absolutely applaud Apple for cutting the rate to those developers that need it the most, in an odd way it does kind of show Apple's market power. Typically you see companies reduce rates for the biggest draws. Preferential treatment for anchor tenants, bigger studio cuts for blockbuster films, etc. Here you have Apple in a position where they don't need to keep their best sellers happy, because those companies have no choice. Unless that company is in a position to use their market power against Apple (like Amazon), Apple has no need to cater to the apps that people use the
  3. The quick bios in those stories make me think Yellen is a good choice. Someone extremely experienced that isn't from Wall St seems like the anti-Trump choice, making her an ideal candidate.
  4. If I'm reading this right, the State is arguing that they weren't targeting this guy, that they don't have to tell anyone if they were, or even if he poses a threat, but if he does, they have an unlimited right to kill him without judicial review. That seems like it comes down to "we can do whatever we want if we deem it necessary," which is probably not a great idea.
  5. I like that they made Mando part of a Mandalorian cult. It really sidesepts any issues with Mando's way and what we've seen of Mandalorians elsewhere in Star Wars. It also nicely complicates his relationships with other Mandalorians. That's not something that we've learned before, is it?
  6. I hope he does something other than just move his TBS show to HBO. I've always liked Conan, but never regularly watched his show.
  7. Dynamic resolution scaling was terrible in the last few Anvil games, so I didn't expect it to be any better here. I haven't really had many performance issues though.
  8. After looking through some reviews, I'm seriously impressed. I'm shocked they hit basically every goal you could ask for in a first release of a new architecture. It's faster, it's far more efficient (which means better battery life), and the emulation is good enough to be perfectly useable until everyone gets their native apps out. Even the IO is compatible thanks to USB4. Unless these things start to melt after a week of use or something, this could be the most successful architecture change ever. I was skeptical of the emulation performance only because I don't think it's ever b
  9. From the reviews I've read it seems the answer is that it takes something like 10min of sustained high level compute before the Air begins to throttle performance. Until then, it's just as fast as the Pro.
  10. Physical or bust for me. Thus far that has meant bust. I personally like buying physical games, as I often find more deals on them. Also, I have 4K Blu Rays to play.
  11. Got one in my Wal-Mart cart and couldn't checkout. Pretty much what I expected.
  12. Yeah. There are a ton of ways to build constellations into the game, if that's what they want to do. Origins had a whole little mini event of looking at stars and matching shapes to constellations (though I wasn't a fan of that particular activity). I would argue that unless your menu system is diegetic (like the map in TLOU2), make it functional first and foremost (and even then, a diegetic menu should still be clear and easy to use, again, like TLOU2). PC. 2080 Super, Ryzen 3800X. So far it's running pretty well for me, but I get occasional frame drops which is odd.
  13. Also, I know Apple said they would, but it’s still impressive that these machines have USB4/Thunderbolt without Intel.
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