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  1. I thought I turned off auto-update, but I woke up to find that an update had been applied and my game had been closed. Do you have to turn off auto-update on a per-game basis? Any tips on how to do so? Sucks because I was on a really good run. I'd decided I was going to focus on getting cubes and unlocking better artifacts in the first biome. I did that once, got to biome 3, and died right before the boss. Did it again, but got such a nice build together I was able to beat the third AND fourth bosses. Had just entered the fifth biome when I had to call it a night.
  2. The story only mentions her using the system to view grades and such. While I can understand why a stupid high school student might not realize the gravity of doing so, I have no problem expelling her for it. Firing the mother seems harsh, but justifiable. I imagine that this student probably help set her mom's password (that she probably uses for everything), so it wouldn't be difficult to imagine the kid doing this without her mother's knowledge. A felony however, seems ridiculous. When I was in high school we had this system where you could
  3. Probably not something I'd use or play, but pretty neat. Like Dreams for kids.
  4. The one episode a week schedule seems to be working for their high profile shows, but it makes sense for them to try different days out and see if it affects engagement numbers. Also, I wonder if there is other content they're scheduling around. Other shows that release on Fridays or sports or something.
  5. I took a break and ran through the first biome and this is pretty much it. You don't get a permanent buff, but you unlock new (and hopefully more powerful) artifacts for future runs. Still think they should set you to full health after beating a boss, but at least there is some benefit for repeating bosses.
  6. I forgot you can heal at the ship after the first boss. What permanent buffs do you get for putting in data cubes? I searched and couldn't find a list beyond the rewards for beating a boss the first time. Though I did learn that there is always a data cube in the first biome.
  7. I certainly see this with my immediate millennial friends and family. Most of them don't have kids and likely won't (including me and my wife). Most of those that do have kids will stick with the one. Of the folks that have multiple kids, one couple had twins, and one person had multiple unplanned pregnancies. Pretty much all of this group is well educated and making decent money. Even the contrast with the Gen Xers I know is severe, which seems to be indicated on the graph in the OP. I have a hard time imagining this being something that turns around too much anytime s
  8. You don't start off in the next biome after you die, you always start from the beginning. Often you can get to the second or third biome very quickly, but there is some value in staying a bit longer in an early biome in order to find better artifacts/parasites/consumables. As it stands, for myself there's basically no reason I'm aware of to re-fight an early boss. Maybe I find a better gun, but the odds of that aren't any better than finding the same gun in the next random chest. You do find a small health boost item after a boss fight, but odds are that if I survive it's going to
  9. My biggest issues have been surviving boss fights. I just cleared the second boss for the first time, after dying on its "final stand" a few times. I've been trying my best to build up runs where I've got a high damage weapon and some kind of health restore or revive for when I get to the boss, but I've not found a lot of success. I usually end up with a single health item and die at the end. Other than that I guess I have the most trouble with lots of flying enemies. I lose track of them all and get a single hit in the back and things go downhill from there. Things can snowball so
  10. I generally favor Epic in these disputes because I think them winning is better for customers, but I think the question Sony brought up is a good one. So what if Fortnight is the biggest thing on Playstation? If cross-play isn't good business for Sony, then why should they allow it? All the Epic points were along the lines of incentives to make the deal, none actually articulated why it would be good business for Sony to allow it, and I have a hard time coming up with reasons it would be. Maybe allowing crossplay meant that gamers would spend more time in fortnight, which meant spe
  11. Decided to put in another run last night, had a decent build going, decent weapons, and critically, had a revive or two. Even spent resin on one. Couldn't finish the run, so I put it in rest mode. Woke up this morning to a notification that the game had been updated, so I lost my run. Really hope they add some kind of save in there soon. In the meantime I think I turned off auto installation of updates, so hopefully that will help. Had a very solid run going today. Finally cleared the first boss, but died on the second while it had only a tiny silver of life left. Real bummer.
  12. Pretty mixed impressions from my first few hours. It looks great and plays great, so I don’t have many issues with the fundamentals. My first run I got to the first boss and died. My subsequent runs have not gone nearly as well. I’ve had multiple runs where I was playing at least 30 min without finding another gun, dying to rooms completely full of monsters. A better player certainly would have lived, but it didn’t feel great. Overall, I really wish there was more that persisted between runs. I wish I could level up some ability or equipment or something so
  13. So I was waiting for the reviews before buying, went to pre-order on Amazon yesterday and they said it would be here on Tuesday, so I didn't order, thinking I could just grab it at Best Buy or something. As of right now Best Buy can ship it to me by the 10th, and no stores have it available to pickup. Gamestop is pretty much the same. Amazon now does seem to have them in stock, so it'll be here by tomorrow. Still. Just seems odd that a pretty big release is so hard to find physically. I wonder if they just won't be in stores until Tuesday? Is this a nudge to just get pe
  14. I can understand calling it the first "true" PS5 game. Demon Souls is a remake, and unless I misunderstood something about that game, it's very much the same game that came out 11 years ago but with very modern graphics. I feel like Miles Morales has a slightly better claim, but length aside it never felt terribly "next gen" compared to playing Spider-Man on the PS5. At this point I don't think that there's a bright line for whatever a "true" next gen game is, but something like Returnal that is a new experience, only available on the new platform, leveraging the new tech to some d
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