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  1. I don't have a PSVR, so correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding was the games tend to be those that can be played standing in place or sitting, generally facing forward. It obviously limits the design space, but was necessary due to the nature of the tracking. I guess I figured that even if the next version has inside out tracking that they'd continue catering to a similar set of experiences, in which case, wires aren't that big of a deal. Don't get me wrong, I have a quest 2 and I love the lack of wires, but I'm sure that a wired PSVR would be much cheaper.
  2. I'm very surprised to see praise for this, because to me it's one of the clear failures of the game. It's an open world and I want to be able to approach it that way, but the so many camps are designed you're forced through a specific path. Maybe there are a couple of entry points, but overall it's incredibly prescriptive in how it wants you to approach certain areas. It's one of my absolute pet peeves in open world games to run into "return to story mission area" warnings when playing an open world game. Why the hell should I not be able to flank or take the high ground? I reall
  3. I really like that provision the cops are complaining about. Has something like that been included in other state legalization bills?
  4. I've been waiting for this since they announced the first PSVR. I'll almost certainly jump on board. Kinda disappointed that we didn't get more info for any kind of look at the hardware.
  5. I'll be going back as soon as I'm vaccinated and once there are movies to see. I haven't really looked at the release schedule, but I feel like there's little that will be unavailable to stream in the near future. I suspect summer we might start seeing more big movies with a more normal release schedule.
  6. I find the Australian news thing fascinating, and I kinda hope it goes through and news stays off of Facebook there. Don't get me wrong, I think it's incredibly stupid to force Facebook to pay for links that users post to the site, and essentially blacklisting news is a relatively reasonable response to such an insane law. I'd never support anything like that in the US, even if it were somehow legal. Still, I think a world where people don't get their news from Facebook is probably a better world than one where a huge percentage of the population only gets their news from Facebook.
  7. I suppose I can't blame Apple for trying, but they couldn't possibly have expected to get all that.
  8. I'm surprised that so many here want a Last of Us series without Joel and Ellie. Plenty of games have exciting worlds that I'd love to see explored outside the events or characters of the game itself, but Last of Us is pretty much only interesting because of the specific story it tells. Otherwise it's just another zombie show with a few video game easter eggs.
  9. This isn't new info, but I only just realized from some recent articles that the entire film will be in 4:3 (1.33:1) square aspect ratio. I thought the aspect ratio in the trailer was a weird thing for instagram or something. It's just bonkers to me given that this is a film that will be seen almost exclusively on home TVs and was shot entirely in widescreen (1.78:1), but will be released only in 1.33:1. It would make more sense to me if he released the square version alongside a widescreen cut, similar to what he's doing with the black and white release, but deciding to just make it all squar
  10. It looks like a pretty low effort port to me. In the age of next gen upgrades and frequent high quality remakes, they'll have to do more to make me care about this game.
  11. I grew up playing it in arcades and at home, and while I'm aware of the movies, I guess I didn't realize it's popularity. I know the recent game sold well, but nothing that would indicate to me that it has some outsized audience. TIL I guess.
  12. I'm curious why Mortal Kombat, of all video game properties, is getting another movie. It's going to be dumb, it's just not clear from that trailer if it's going to be fun. At least it'll be on HBO Max if I get curious.
  13. I absolutely want to see both games as a medium and the conversations that surround games "grow up" and be increasingly capable of having difficult conversations. Especially in bigger budget titles. I want to see games tackle hard issues and take a larger role in defining the cultural conversation in any given topic. That said, I don't understand the idea that you'd make this specific game and not want to make a political statement. In movie terms, I think it's the difference between the Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. The Hurt Locker is what I think the devs of this
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