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  1. Even if it's a very small minority share, if it means that Epic prioritizes PlayStation optimization that's probably worth it for Sony.
  2. The article in the OP is specifically about Manhattan, and even more specifically about removing all private cars from most of it. That's an extreme measure, but I'd be supportive of the idea as someone who has only visited. As for cities like LA, it seems to me that there is an obvious place to start: with housing. We don't have the density or infrastructure to even contemplate something like banning all private cars, but there are all sorts of big and small measures that keep LA (and other CA cites) artificially sparse. Building restrictions in LA aren't as bad as the bay area, but they're still pretty bad. In most of the county you're not allowed to build anything other than single family homes. Even where you can build something more, there are height restrictions, you're required to build parking at a very high ratio of residents to spots, and you often have to build open space as well. Local and State Bills like SB 50, which allowed increased density around transit stops are routinely killed. Build more housing, more densely, and all the sudden the benefits of commercial density and transit rise dramatically. For some reason all of CA is in the same bind, desperately needing more homes, but not wanting to build them anywhere.
  3. It means that either the feds or the tribe can prosecute Native Americans, but not the state. It doesn't change anything to non-native people.
  4. I realize that the specific case decided in Mazars didn't start at the beginning of Trump's term, but it's still kind of crazy to me that Trump was able to withhold his tax returns for his entire term, even with most courts, and now SCOTUS, ruling against him. It seems like using the courts to delay things is Trump's one real skill.
  5. That's interesting. I feel like the diversity of the casting was the most well known aspect of the show. It did get me thinking about what level of credit Hamilton deserves for more race blind / race swapped casting we've seen, especially in historical fiction. My gut is that without Hamilton's success we wouldn't see such diversity in a show like The Great, but I don't really know the history of such casting, even if I suspect Hamilton was far from the first.
  6. I picked up the Assassin's Creed bundle. Despite really liking those games, I missed a bunch of them after 3 came out. I've been playing through Black Flag and with everything turned up in 4K it doesn't look half bad for a 7 year old game.
  7. Green Planet is very much worthwhile, the rest of the DLC less so.
  8. I was very satisfied with my viewing this weekend. I've been a fan of musical theater since high school and I was extremely impressed by Hamilton. The first half in particular is astonishing. I hadn't listened to the soundtrack or seen the show before, but I felt like I had a reasonable handle on what to expect, but I was still blown away in that first half. The pace, the performances, the music, and the staging were all impeccable. I can imagine what you lose by seeing this on screen rather than live on stage, but I'll take this accessibility over not being able to see it every day of the week. I was dubious, but overall I'd say that Hamilton lives up to the hype. As far as the history goes, I'm glad for all the fact checks that have been put out there to be able to separate fact from fiction, but I don't hold most films to a terribly high standard of truth. A Broadway musical deserves credit if it's both entertaining and gets the names right. Also, while I was expecting Lin-Manuel and Daveed Digss, I was kind of surprised to see Holden Ford and Quellcrist Falconer on stage.
  9. I have the impression, not sure if it's from behind the scenes stuff I've watched or what, that Whedon is a real stickler for his scripts. I can imagine actors being told to 'stay in their lane' might not sit well with some. Still, it's no small thing to publicly call out a well known director like this. I feel like the default assumption should be that this is more than just Fisher having his feelings hurt four years ago.
  10. I suppose it's a fine IP to use for a show. They really could go in any given direction with it.
  11. I feel like we've heard this over and over again, and I always do think it makes some amount of sense, but at the same time it seems the market pushes back really hard against it. Maybe this time it will happen, but I'll believe it when I see it. When you already have enormous games like Cyberpunk selling for $60, it seems more difficult to justify a yearly sports game costing $10 more. It would also make things pretty difficult for Microsoft, where their whole deal is you buy it once and play it everywhere.
  12. As far as the insanity of the conversation that has eaten this thread whole, I'll just say that laziness is perfectly valid when it comes to enjoying hobbies. I spent a lot of money to buy a nice AV setup, and I buy the occasional 4K Blu Ray, because I care about the audio and visual quality of what I'm watching. Still, I have often streamed a movie or TV show I own on disc because it's so much easier, and when it comes to entertainment, laziness is a valid reason. If buying a console is a "worse" experience, but there's less friction in buying it and using it, then I'd argue that laziness is a fine reason to just do that. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that.
  13. Of course they want to get all the revenue they can, but just because they haven't blown up all other revenue streams doesn't suggest that Gamepass isn't their primary focus. Disney is focused on their streaming platforms, and will constantly talk about how direct to consumer streaming is the future, but they're still selling DVDs. Those two things aren't at odds. This might be a different conversation, but I think that Microsoft would be happy to get out of hardware if they could be a first class citizen on other platforms, but that's not the way it works. In order to get that recurring revenue from the software side, they're basically required to build the hardware.
  14. Makes sense. I feel like there's much more room for Discord to move into the general purpose chat client space than there is for Teams, Slack, or Meet to do the same. I'd argue those are all much better at what they do, but there's a reason that few enterprise apps cross over to personal use. Discord could be a compelling product for many consumers. My personal opinion is that the complexity of the product will be their biggest weakness. As a very casual Discord user, it's confusing as hell. There is a whole lot there, many features don't have direct analogs in other products, and the whole concept of various servers and identities is far more than many are willing to put up with.
  15. I'm sure it has to do largely with when I played all these games and how much they impacted me, but while I recall the major arc of Halo 1-3, I couldn't for the life of me tell you what happens in 4 or 5, and I haven't replayed any of them after the sequels were released.
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