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  1. They've been pretty explicit in that they made Alyx in VR specifically to push game design forward. They felt that VR is where the greatest room for innovation existed, so that is the place they wanted to explore. I understand the frustration that people have when it comes to wanting something to exist that doesn't, but I think reading Alyx's existence as Valve's desire to push hardware forward is completely wrong. The Index represents that, but Valve went far out of their way optimizing Alyx to work with as many VR systems as possible.
  2. I'm pretty fortunate, so it hasn't been a big deal for me. Before the quarantine my days consisted of sitting at a computer in the office Monday to Friday, then sitting at my computer at home on Saturdays to do an online class. So working from home hasn't been an issue, and my wife has worked from home for years. We haven't really been low on necessities, and eggs are the biggest thing we've had trouble getting. We already subscribed to a Blue Apron type of meal delivery service, and they haven't been having any trouble, so our normal eating habits haven't really changed. I'm actually glad to be working at home in many ways. I have a nice home office, but I haven't used it much. Now I'm in there a bit too much, but I'm glad I'd carved out a nice space and new PC to work at. Even though I'm in a good position myself, I do have to admit to falling prey to a general anxiety. I have few specific issues, but I'm concerned about how bad this will get and what the long term implications will be, etc. I've unfortunately used that as an excuse to drink more and exercise less. This last week I cut down on the alcohol a bit, and my goal for this week is to get back into regular exercise. I've also been trying to get a good photo of the hummingbirds that frequent our new feeder and have yet to get anything satisfactory. Thankfully, they keep giving me more opportunities. It's nice to go downstairs for a snack and see one out there. I've got my camera on a tripod inside, so I just slowly walk over there and see if I can get anything good. I might need to move it somewhere with better light.
  3. It doesn't surprise me that some mildly playable mod happened so quickly. I haven't tried any of them, but there are a lot of accessibility options. It mirrors an undistorted display by default, complete with a HUD that doesn't exist in VR. You can play seated, with one hand, and use buttons for everything. I feel like a twitch stream of a VR player might even be a better overall experience than playing it with a mod like this, but I won't begrudge anyone who gives it a try.
  4. Yeah, but if you're rich then he might make your taxes go down, so really you kind of have to vote for him.
  5. REmake came out four months after the Gamecube launch in the US. It was always going to have a small install base to sell to, and it did numbers just under other well performing 3rd party titles at the time like Super Monkey Ball and Rouge Squadron. I don't think that makes it a bomb. RE4 on the other hand, launched years into the console cycle. By then it was clear that the Gamecube was never going to have the install base of the PS2, and porting RE4 just made sense.
  6. The one I might disagree with most is RE:make. He basically makes the argument that because the Gamecube had a low install base, it was a flop. According to this, only 11 games crossed the 2M unit mark on the GCN. If anything, the low install base on the GCN should mean the relatively 1.4M paltry 1.4M units isn't as bad as it might seem. He makes the opposite argument for Samus Returns: that given the huge install base of the platform, it should have done much better, and that very much rings true.
  7. I can only stomach about an hour of Alyx at a time, so I went ahead and bought it. Bring on the tips.
  8. I might have to pick this up. It's $14 on GoG right now. Looking at the top reviews, a lot of people complain about load times and crashes and stuff, but those are mostly from release. Did it seem stable enough to you @Greatoneshere?
  9. I completely agree. The first few episodes are a roller coaster, introducing one human train wreck after another, and it's just so fun! After you've spent enough time with them, you realize, oh, these are not just crazy people, they're bad people, doing bad things. The animal abuse is always a bit on the outside. It's rarely on screen, but even if it's not the focus it's hard not to realize how terrible and omnipresent it is throughout the series. One thing that I kept thinking of watching footage that the subjects had captured themselves was this: I mean, so much of what is on screen is illegal, right? You can't sell them or transport them across state lines. I guess the FBI has better things to do, but it really doesn't seem like it would be that hard for the Fish and Wildlife guys to take all these guys down.
  10. The second episode didn't feel quite as expansive as the first, probably due to them being stuck in the park the whole time. It kind of felt like a bottle episode, even though they moved between characters and settings, real world and simulation. Thankfully, it doesn't seem like they'll be spending too much time in the park, and I'm glad Bernard has a buddy to share his adventures with. I like that they brought back all of Maeve's crew. Just seeing them walking around was enough to make me wonder what was going on. I'm glad that it doesn't seem like they're creating season long puzzle boxes so far. The mysteries in episode two were largely revealed in the episode, and I feel like the bigger questions being asked of viewers are pretty straightforward. It's not "what is the forge" or "what is the maze," it's instead very straightforward mysteries like "who has access to the big computer and what is it doing."
  11. So Episode 2 got so big it took two years, and by that time they wanted to build Source 2, and they didn't want to repeat Half-Life 2 by building a Half Life game and an engine at the same time. Source 2 wasn't ready until ~2014, with DOTA being ported over in 2015. Alyx started development in 2016. But most of all, they didn't need to churn out Half Life games to "make the quarterly numbers," so they just never got around to it.
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