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  1. The article says that the $400M is "in potential back pay based on the wage differential between men and women at the company, excluding any additional penalties." That doesn't sound right. If it was $400M because there was a bunch of punitive fees put on Riot, that might make sense, but it's hard to imagine that they owe these employees $400M in missed wages.
  2. My feelings on the game haven't really changed much. I don't think it's bad if it's what people enjoy. There are genres and subgenres of everything that I don't love that other people do, and if something is a pretty good entry in one of those subgenres, that's probably enough. Personally, I fell a bit out of love with this particular subgenre long before most. Morrowind came out in 2002 and I was astonished. By the time Fallout 4 came out 13 years later, the novelty had largely worn off. The rhythm of the gameplay, the detached feeling of navigation, the unexciting combat systems, the unnatural interactions, the constant menu navigation, and all the assembled jank pulled me out of what is unquestionably an impressive game. I realize they're not all in the same genre, but when Assassin's Creed came out and showed such incredible fluidity of movement, and Uncharted had new levels of filmmic intensity, Rockstar iterated on their vision of open world gameplay in GTA4 and RDR, and Bioware was working through Mass Effect, the Bethesda model of RPGs had lost so much of its luster to me. That's not so much a critic of Fallout 4 or Outer Worlds as it is an observation as to how I reacted to those games. Outer Worlds is a much smaller, but perfectly fine entry into that Bethesda style of RPG that we've been seeing since Morrowind. Some genres don't really evolve too much, and that's fine. I don't play many fighting games, but I don't think anyone's really complaining so much about the formula for the latest Mortal Kombat. It seems plenty of people are perfectly happy with that type of game. Myself, I feel like they are stuck in time, beholden to a success born out of incredible innovation, but unwilling to attempt another similar leap.
  3. In tv and film, the subscription war is funding a ton of stuff just because there is so much competition, and the assumption is that not all of these services will survive. We still have more to come with HBO MAX, Peacock, Quibi, and whatever else I'm forgetting launching this year, so everyone is pumping untold amounts of cash into productions hoping that when the dust settles and cable TV revenues disappear, they're still standing with a sizable subscription base. For games, I feel like we're going to accelerate past that pretty quickly. There just isn't the explosive growth potential, and there isn't a slowly dying giant to siphon dollars from. The expectation certainly is that subscriptions will be the way forward, and I hope that weird indie games continue to find funding thanks to that new model, but the transition hasn't seen the same explosion of investment in games. If this is what peak investment looks like (and I'm not sure it is), I hope we don't see those dollars disappear in a few years.
  4. I think the shift that people are seeing is that the PC and console markets are overlapping far more than they used to. It's becoming more and more common to play games that have traditionally been seen as console games on the PC, and visa versa. So we're seeing games like Gears or HZD go to the PC, Minecraft and Fortnight on consoles, and more and more games like Destiny that launch everywhere. I think it's fair to say that PC gaming has largely been defined by PC only titles. MMOs and MOBAs make up a huge portion of overall PC market. Strategy and simulation games are often PC only. It's hard to find any numbers, but it seems like world wide the revenue from free to play PC games is roughly the size of the entire console market. However, those markets have largely been separate. Yeah, MMOs have and continue to make a ton of money, but their continuous nature kind of exempts them from the regular news cycle that dominates mainstream gaming discussion. Now we're at a point where a big, traditional AAA game like Cyberpunk will sell roughly as many copies for the PC as it will on the Xbox.
  5. Seems that the Bad Boys did pretty good at the box office. $62M opening weekend is well above predictions.
  6. Some big awards happened this weekend that are making it look like a two horse race. 1917 won the PGA award and Parasite became the first foreign language film to win the SAG award. Prediction sites still have Once Upon a Time as a likely contender, but I increasingly feel like 1917 is the default "standard Oscar film" this year, with Parasite being the one people are rooting for. I think the DGA and BAFTAs are coming up this weekend, which will probably solidify something as a clear front runner.
  7. Am I correct in that they're basically doing what the Air Force Space Command has been doing? According to wikipedia, Air Force Reserve members have been used by the Air Force Space Command. I honestly have no clue how specialized that training is. I think you're right in that Space Force existing as an effective subsidiary of the Air Force, just with it's own name, would basically ensure it survival through future administrations. If they start asking for billions of dollars more to start duplicating all the roles of the other branches, that could kill it. Then again, in an environment where defense spending is higher than it was during Korea or Vietnam and nearly double what it was during the Cold War, maybe asking for billions of dollars is the way it survives. If the Space Force decides they want to be their own autonomous branch and doing so would building new bases and schools and hiring thousands of people, it's not hard to imagine some Senators and Congresspeople getting all excited at the prospect of bringing those defense dollars home.
  8. Not the exact teams I wanted, but still probably the most excited I've been to watch a Super Bowl in a good while. Hoping for a good game.
  9. They've shot up 57 Falcon 9 rockets so far with a 100% success rate. Of the active launch vehicles, only the russian powered Atlas 5 has more consecutive successful launches (71), with it's last failure coming in 2002. Here's the replay of the launch escape test: The escape test itself happens at ~19:20
  10. This is one of those things that is either the result of lobbying, pure pettiness, or both. I really don't think there is some big national outcry against serving children healthy food.
  11. I've been very impressed by what people have been able to create already in Dreams. I imagine that PC support would dramatically increase how much quality content is created. Creation and mod tools are always terrible on a gamepad.
  12. I just upgraded my PC, so for now I suspect that I'll be playing most of my games there whenever they're available.
  13. It would be cool if this signals a new openness in how Sony might treat future games, but I won't get my hopes up. Highly recommended for everyone that missed out on it.
  14. For as much as the pro-Brexit folks like to trumpet the idea of doing the will of the people, they sure to seem afraid of additional votes, even after winning a landslide victory. From that article it sounds like this kind of refusal is effectively the last word, at least for a long while. I wouldn't be surprised if the short term answer ends up being some kind of informal preliminary vote, but either way I suspect that Scotland's Independence will depend largely on how Brexit goes. If it really is a disaster, and everyone hates the new limits in visiting/dealing with the EU, the NHS falters, the economy tanks, etc. then the long term impact on Scotland seems assured. If it's more akin to the Trump presidency, with a series of blunders and unpopular policies, but not economically disastrous, then I think Scotland won't push the issue too hard or tip too much more in favor of Independence.
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