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  1. I've really been ignoring the ladder since Battlegrounds became available, and for the first time in a long while I haven't been paying attention to the card reveals. Battlegrounds is a surprising amount of fun, and surprisingly addictive. I never really played any of the other autobattler games, so while I was aware of them, this is really my first. I first thought that not being able to choose attacks was going to make it far too random and far too passive. It is quite random, but it still largely feels within your control. There are also a surprising number of decisions to be made each turn, and there's a lot of freedom in how you approach the game. I think there are balance issues that need to be addressed (murlocs are way too strong right now, Brann should probably be tier 6), but they've been updating it frequently and rotating heroes quite a lot. I hope that attention doesn't disappear with the end of the Beta phase. I'm far more interested in Battlegrounds than I am in Arena. I've got 140 Arena wins, since launch. I've got 77 top 4 finishes and 22 first place finishes in Battlegrounds thus far (yay for the stats screen!). I don't expect the current MMR system is going to stay, and I hope they find a good replacement, but it's been fun seeing the number tick up over time. I'm not really sure how much time I'll be putting into each mode over time, but if the ladder gets stale, Hearthstone now has another good way to keep me in the game. I do wish you could complete quests in Battlegrounds though. I'm going into this expansion with little gold saved up because I haven't been completing my dailies. As for the standard game, so far I haven't played much, but there seems to be an obvious synergy with Battlecry Shaman and Galakrond. Who knows if it's good enough to stay in the meta, but the deck was straightforward enough to build with a bunch of new cards that it's easy enough to get wins.
  2. Overall, I think they did an excellent job of dealing with Manhattan in this episode. His very nature makes him hard to write, but I think they managed to portray it really well. I also liked that they didn't show his face while he wasn't wearing Cal's. It made it feel like Cal's face was his real face, and not merely one he adopted. They're really hinting hard that someone else (likely Abar) will be getting Dr Manhattan's powers. It seems like the obvious conclusion, but on the other hand, anything hinted at too strongly seems immediately suspect. So, Dr. Manhattan said that the 7th Cav was going to teleport him somewhere in order to steal his powers, right? Unless they're secretly being controlled or at least fed tech by Treiu, that all seems hard to swallow. Hopefully something about their ability to conjure up that kind of tech will be revealed. I feel any successful plot against Manhattan has to be better than Veidt's, and therefore you need someone more capable than Veidt to make it believable. Treiu is the only character set up that way, so either she's behind the cav, or there better be a hell of a reveal. I actually thought that the reveal of Veidt's location was a bit of a let down. For a man that was always thinking so many steps ahead, that it was his choice to go to Europa without any real knowledge of it seems odd. Of course, he'd been sitting by himself, stewing in his partial failures for decades, but we just got so little time to see him that way before he was teleported away. I really hope the finale pulls everything together. It's got a lot I'd like it to do, but I'm sure it won't do everything. This has easily been the best season of TV this year, so I sure hope it can end that way.
  3. The articles of impeachment are out. Two articles: 1. Abuse of Power 2. Obstruction of Congress
  4. The specials where always the best parts of Top Gear, and I think this is a good idea for one. They get to complain and screw things up and joke around and that's all they really need.
  5. I was skeptical of Infinite, but I liked it a lot. Still, I think I'm more skeptical that a new studio will be able to take the licence and make a compelling entry in the franchise without Levine. My guess is that it ends up looking good and gets the aesthetic right, but other than that, who knows.
  6. I'm still surprised that the case wasn't taken up by the court, and even more surprised that the law was upheld. This seems a lot like the CA crisis pregnancy center law that was struck down in June of 2018. Basically, the decision was that the state couldn't compel speech that people might not believe in. This seems like the same thing, so I don't see why that precedent wouldn't apply here.
  7. I feel like this show was really rushed out so they had something for the launch of Disney+. Not that the show is bad, but it doesn't feel like an 8 episode show. It really feels like it would be more at home with a longer season. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the plan, but they couldn't get that much ready before the launch, so they cut season 1 short and will expand it in season 2. I know season 2 is underway, but I haven't seen anything about how long it will be.
  8. Could be fun. Nothing about this movie sells me right away, but there's potential.
  9. Trailer looks fun. I don't really have much sense as to what it's about, but that's fine by me.
  10. I never saw a trailer and didn't see any other advertising for it other than a cardboard stand at my theater. Can't say I'm shocked it bombed. It could be that they knew it sucked and decided not to put any ad budget behind it.
  11. This first headset was never going to be a mass market product. Still, even for a dev kit that's pretty low. It seemed obvious to me that they were sunk when it became obvious that their AR display wasn't really any better than what MS had. Their entire valuation was based on the idea that their display was that much better, and it just isn't.
  12. But I think this is the concern being expressed here. If you're building a game for the next gen consoles and you want to take advantage of the SSD and high end CPU for seamless worlds and AI simulation and whatever, you can't really do that if you also have to support the One X or even One S. With graphics, it's somewhat straightforward to just scale things down for a lower spec. You really can't build something reliant upon SSD speed and scale that back to a spinning disc. Sony talked about how the swing speed in Spider-man was limited to how fast they could stream the world from the HDD. Put in an SSD and all the sudden you can stream it much faster and now you can change the gameplay; put more stuff in the world, allow faster travel speeds, etc. Or let's say you're building a game with a lot of real time deformation, and you need the power of these new CPUs to do it. I'm not sure how a developer would scale those kinds of things down. If it's just "make it less pretty" or "the loading screens are 10x shorter on SSD consoles" then yeah, it's easy to see how you build a game that scales with the hardware. But if MS expects devs to build for the whole range I don't see how they can also build in gameplay leaps that require the new hardware.
  13. I missed that it was only the US. That changes things quite a bit.
  14. The most important benefit to modern screens compared to CRTs is size. I can understand there are some real benefits to CRTs, but I'll take whatever minor visual downgrades for that nice big screen any day.
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