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Did you buy an XSX/XSS or a PS5? What are you doing with your Xbone and/or PS4?


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I just asked this in the XSX thread, but figured it could be it’s own thread.

What are you planning to do with your old console(s)? Personally, I usually keep my old consoles, BUT, with XSX and PS5 both being (almost) completely BC, I don’t see the point in keeping them. I know I could get more via eBay or whatever, but trading them in at GameSpot seems like the best option for convenience sake (I think an X and Pro are about $175 each for trade-in value :confused: - on eBay, after fees and shipping I might get an extra $50 each) and just using the store credit for PSN/Xbox/Steam cards and/or extra controllers/accessories. 
My PS4 Pro actually has PT on it, and I know that ups the value on eBay considerably, but, I think I’d also have to give the buyer my PSN account for them to be able to play it, correct?


Anyway, what is everyone else doing?

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11 minutes ago, Remarkableriots said:

I'm not sure what i will do with my PS4 because the Gamestop near me i believe is closed as far as i know. It's located in a mall and i think only a couple stores are open which have outside entrances. The mall itself hasn't been open since last March that I'm aware of. 

Nevada has a lot of pawn shops if you were planning on selling it for game/accessory money :sun:

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When I actually get one, i'll rotate. The XSX will be in my computer room, the 1X will move to the living room, and the og XBO will probably get sold or given away.


I honestly dont know who'd want to buy the og XBO. Its so fuckin slow. Works great as a media box though, as it will read movies off a thumb drive.

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I have a Switch, which I only use for like Mario Kart and Jackbox Party Pack with friends, but other than that, I don't think I'll buy a console again.


I do need to do a revamp of my PC, though, but there are other things I want to buy first. As of right now, my PC is still fine playing things in 1080p



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Gave my current gen consoles away to a local kid. He’s 8, so I had to load all the games I had on both consoles which were appropriate (Spider-Man, lego games, racing games, etc), and my wife gave him our sons old 40” flat screen, since we got him a new one when he moved. 

He was so happy, it was definitely the best day of 2020. By the time I left, he was swinging around NY like a pro and loving it. 


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    A very, very long Reply to a simple question, sorry guys. I apologies up FRONT! It's just this struck a nerve and I want to put in words. Maybe better help me and my depression issues have, along with some uplifting consequences of one of Life after such a devastating event. This Event happened early on Nov. 8th 2018 5:35 am. Our tight nit family's life was turned upside down taking everything we had every acquired % drop'n us on our cold hard concrete driveway, leaving us on a difficult path to unknown places that lasted quite some time. Yes we were safe, but it's been now 2 year and it feels like just yesterday. Thanks for you time this fine day, and either way {stay and read, or go} I appreciate it greatly . . . And to this Community! I place where I can come read and or write my way through the damn




    Hey fellow d1Patchers my friends: This is a good topic and one in not that near a past was a great fun problem I was in every year! I had a large collection of consoles from very old to just out and everything that goes with them in way. A Gaming collection spanning now 30+ yrs. I was never a hoarder, I kept not a single thing that was broken ever, and always took so very care of the stuff.  That  & coupled with having a very good job for such a long time along with my wife having an equally amazing job too for almost 30 yrs!  This allowed gaming & Electronic tech [Phones, and fancy digital clocks, all PC tech, etc] to be enjoyable hobbies that really we.....so!!     I have 10 grand kids so I think when I'm tasked with needing to find an old consoles a new resting home much like me.  Shit they all just salivate at the electronics ol'PaPa has 'or should I say had :s in his collection.

     Were all gamers in this family and I love it. Really sucks when the Camp Fire happened in Paradise Calif. November 7th. Yea it took our home, both of our cars, both our jobs, our entire Town, and my friends homes and there community. Very rough, but we were safe in the end. Just under 15000 home Gone in 2 hours. But to my Kids, PaPa {ME} was the man!! I had large TV's a home theater that most dream of, and all the current gaming shit out there. We'd play for so many hours, I have literally 1000's of Xbox and Playstation games, plus Nintendo switch and Wii, and Dreamcasts. I huge collection old consoles I grew up on. aka; The Jaguar, N64, super NES, the NES, a PS Vita, Atari 2600, and a Commodore 64. Those kids though me a god of sorts. I always sent them home with each a game and sometimes a handheld for the year, All lost, it happens, but it's a hard pill either way. Stuff is stuff but it hurts.


     They still cant wait every year to come stay with my wife and I around June usually for 2weeks or more and we just have a blast! No-a-days I have very little of those past gadgets and it's fine. I love far more important things like my job of 24 years, and my wife's job of over 27 years.


    Every-other year we would build Me...lol {Us} a brand new gaming PC. All kids had to help. I miss this the most because it taught them something maybe down the road. This last June we all built my Now Gaming Rig: my only one too, I used to donate my older PC's to the kids as much as I could. They new when there turn was coming up Oldest to youngest and my oldest Grandsons PC was to be this year. He would've gotten the one the fire took. a i5 2500k, 16 gig memory, and a 980Ti GPU. He is so disappointed. Kids only live in the now, I now that. gonna be a while before he gets this i7 9800k 32gigs DDr 3200, Zotec RTX 2080Ti. But he asks to see it all the time wen we video chat. Gaming is the glue that has kept us so very close, all of us. My wife of 27 years, my 4 kids 2girls and 2 boys! And as you know now, my 10 {YES TEN!!} grand kids. 9months - just turned 14 yesterday.


Sorry to those who took the time to read this fucking silique. I admit it did derail awhile back. To the question at hand, "what do I do to my old consoles" I just pass them down the family line with a huge smile on all our faces. Not just me from giving, or for that matter the one who's in line to receive this years gaming platform from my collection. It's also the kid just behind this years prize winner, the gleam in their eye that I'm next and it will be awesome...

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