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    Penis poll

    Shit I jerked off reading this thread.
  2. My dad was delivering newspapers at 12 and ended up being fairly successful coming from a poor family. So if they got the desire to get their hussle on let them have at it.
  3. Couldnt get my real ID when I got my AZDL because I lost my social security card. My AZDL lasts until like 2053 and I don’t travel much so they can get fucked.
  4. Never seriously. I generally feel pretty good mentally.
  5. Watching games while I “work” is pretty sweet.
  6. I'm 38 and still don't have any kids, I need to get on it.
  7. Trying to get back into Borderlands 3 since it just had the directors cut drop. We’ll see how long that lasts.
  8. The real solution is to figure out how to get away without using condoms as much as possible. Pullout, rhythm method, whatever birth control sucks the least. Whatever you gotta do to not use them in the first place.
  9. It’s been years since I’ve bothered but you just gotta accept that condoms suck. I only got an average wang so fit was never a problem but all that bare skin light skin barely there ultra thin shit never made any real difference. They all suck. Just get whatever fits good and deal with it.
  10. One of you must work for ESPN because I see nexts weeks game is now on SNB and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t originally.
  11. I live in the middle HOA Hell. But I’m basically at the edge of civilization because beyond my community is where it gets to be as you describe. Because beyond me is some the hills have eyes territory and there isn’t much until Tucson.
  12. Yeah I get that too because fuck watching the Diamondbacks but the defending champs who currently have the best record in baseball should be getting a little more priority.
  13. I still want to know how the defending champs have no SNB games early in the year. Today’s game would be something most baseball fans would want to see.
  14. That’s all cute, Dodgers 8-2
  15. At first I read it as a TLOU2 remaster, I'm actually ok with a remake of the original as I've had the itch to go play it again. So now I can just wait for that and hopefully 2 gets an update or a remaster or something. Since Sony seems to prefer milking remasters and remakes to sell them again as opposed to giving you free update enhancements like MS does, can we get a Bloodborne Remaster at 60 fps and they can shut up and take my $70. Sony at least does have the IP catalogue to pull this off. Spiderman 2 is going to sell well, GT7 will, GOW2, HZD2. Plus I'm sure these
  16. It's not really online gaming if you aren't called the N word, F word, and made aware of just how sexually active your mother is. But we all know the greatest compliment you can ever receive is being called a hacker.
  17. I just saw that too. I’ve been watching Good Girls and made me look her up. We’re gonna have to fight for her.
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