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  1. This guy is wrong in like the first paragraph. You’re still at fault and legally liable for damages if you rear end someone without a license or insurance.
  2. Dodger

    I got Domino's

    Definitely better than most chain places
  3. Dodger

    I got Domino's

    Dominoes is my favorite shit tier chain pizza place. Well I like Roundtable more but we don’t have any in AZ.
  4. As much as I love it I want to get rid of my luxo murder truck Jason would hate because I rarely drive anymore but used car prices are nuts and I can’t bring myself to pay a ton for a relative bucket. But I should figure something out soon and start saving some money.
  5. My best friend is a professor at community colleges and practically gets off on catching people plagiarizing or cheating. “I’ve seen their work, they aren’t smart enough to have come up with that”
  6. I mean there are literally people beating these games with no leveling and no upgrading also doing no damage boss fights. Anyway this looks amazing. I’m actually disappointed with all this spirits shit. Dude is going around with like a claymore and swings it like twice the whole video.
  7. Wait there is no premium edition upgrade for games pass members? They had that with 4. I was hoping I could get that and play right now. Fucking lame.
  8. Yeah I don’t think you get early access if you’re just playing on games pass. I have ultimate and it’s passed midnight on the east coast and won’t let me play. Oh well I can wait til Tuesday.
  9. On the XSX switching between Far Cry 6 and AC: Valhalla Finally fired up the PS5 for the first time in awhile to get back into TLOU2 trying to get all the trophies. Need to do a better job of showing both consoles some love but it's hard to find the time.
  10. Makes up for all that "Oh yeah we'll get back to you" after you applied or interviewed.
  11. @sblfilms just got a lot happier
  12. Managers getting too in love with using starters as relievers this post season.
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