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  1. I honestly don't know how you even lasted 10 years with regular crap like that. My faith in humanity is already low and if I had to keep witness this kind of stuff it would be zero.
  2. lol I mean, just immediately close to me my doctoral adviser and my post doc adviser and a bunch of people I've also personally worked with. (And yes, I realize you were being sarcastic. At least I'm pretty sure you were )
  3. I'm not responding to whether the US is a meritocracy -- it's not. I'm responding to whether people who went to ivy league or other elite schools can be great people and they can be. I don't really have an opinion on what happens with the Biden team or otherwise. Disqualifying people because they went to an ivy league school isn't a solution to any problems we currently have and if we're going to make a change, the change should be to do actual evaluations.
  4. The problem is you're thinking there is only a single dimension of time!
  5. This isn't true. I know a number of really great people, both intelligent and compassionate, who come from ivy league schools. Elite schools certainly don't have a monopoly on great people, but they're not devoid of them either. We do have good mechanisms to do this. It's not all that hard to do thorough interviews and investigate someone's previous work and that should be expected for these levels of jobs. The solution is to do more of that, not broad brush everyone into a tribe.
  6. The bad news is it probably won't be ready for a while. The good news is that doesn't matter.
  7. I think that's a faulty generalization and you can determine that from way better methods than what school they went to.
  8. I disagree. If you do a proper vetting of someone you don't need a coarse heuristics like "none from school x" or its inverse "only from schools x,y,z." And if you're not doing a proper vetting you're already fucked in your selection.
  9. If it makes you feel better, at least one (I think maybe all) of the original founders of Kiva robotics (which is the company Amazon bought for the warehouse robotics that then became "Amazon Robotics") no longer work at Amazon. Moreover, a lot of the the other Kiva employees moved on.
  10. I really want to yell at these idiots "that's because the democrats aren't suicidal cultists!" Of course, plenty of a democrats are dumb as fuck, but Trump really has cultivated the cultists. FWIW, this won't happen anytime soon. I mean, not unless we plan on making medical care 10000x worse than it already it is. The most you'll get is AI used to route issues to the right doctor. Depends on what you mean by collapse. IMO, the worst case of capitalism powered by AI is the rich became fewer and own more with a fleet of robots
  11. The thing I find frustrating is that it shouldn't be the case that someone as early in their political career as AOC would be a better speaker. Experienced politicians ought to be actually good at the job. But the standards in congress are so mind numbingly low that here we are. If they actually gave half as much a damn as AOC did we'd be so much better off.
  12. Sorry, mostly just hiring researchers/engineers at this point. There may be a future where we do need temporary testers for human interaction experiments, but probably not for some time.
  13. Glad to hear you are enjoying yours! I do enjoy mine a lot too. I tend to "work" crazy hours over the course of my week, because I enjoy trying to solve AI and spend much my "free" time doing it because it's fun. I'd do this job even if it wasn't my job. There are things I don't like about it of course. Being a research team lead means a fair number of work days are a marathon of meetings and I can get antsy because I don't feel like I'm making progress unless I'm doing math or coding something even though the meetings are often important. I also often find that I'm dra
  14. Fox News, being largely responsible for brainwashing its viewers, falling from that same behavior is pretty great. Except for the part that half the population is completely mad.
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