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  1. If we do things right, robots will be highly intelligent entities that are not people and not something for which "oppression" is a possibility. Scifi often seems to think that the goal of AI is to make people. It's not. We can do that already. (For clarity, I'm differentiating robots, purely artificial agents, from humans who have "upgraded" themselves into silicon should that ever happen.)
  2. I haven't played the game. But based on what I've heard, I really don't want to unless I want to yell at the TV a lot. And I don't mean because it presents an emotionally compelling story.
  3. legend

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    Probably not. But sounds like there is a chance your income is in the top 10%. And I realize you were saying to contrast with the Fox News nonsense, but I point it out because it is sad how little most of the country makes.
  4. Help me... I think I might want to actually see this insane piece of work.
  5. Yeah, I meant that if you're drinking a lot because you're suffering from depression and feel you need something (to "fill the void" as described in the OP) that that's not a good way to handle it and you should see a doc to get a prescription for a drug that will actually help.
  6. I just started God of War last night and had a similar reaction. To give an example. In the last mission, RDR2 keeps spawning people behind you, literally out of thin air (I have particular pet peeves with that, but we'll set that aside). I was replaying the checkpoint and *knew* where and when they would spawn, but spinning around, shooting them, and spinning back was was still enormously clumsy. In the very first fight of God of war, I'm fighting one guy and know in my head from the flow of the combat that someone was behind me and moving up. Without any pre-planning I flawlessly executed a perfectly timed spin and attack, in between the attacks I was making on the enemy in front of me, to catch it just before it got me. I'm not using this as example of how great a player I am, because this is the kind of thing millions of gamers do all the time. Yet in the RDR2 scenario, even knowing well in advance what was going to happen, it was still a chore to pull off what I wanted and not satisfying at all. These are the basics games should have down pat at this point. Yet R* pisses all over them.
  7. I finished it today. I have never played a game for which my feelings were so bipolar. What this game does well, it does really well. And what it does bad... well, it does really bad. Ultimately, Arthur Morgan is a fantastic character with a really great story arc that ends satisfyingly. The epilogue will be divisive, much like the game on the whole, but I think was the best "chapter" in the whole game (and it *is* a whole chapter's worth of content, if not more so). It adds significance to pre-epilogue ending, and it blends things into the first game nicely, making the first game's story itself more meaningful. All that said, the greatest tragedy in the game's story is (end game spoilers) It is a deep shame that R* didn't put more effort into the core mechanics. If this game has merely competent shooting mechanics, it would rank as one of my GOAT. But as it stands, it really hurt, often making consider quitting. In the end, I'm glad I didn't, and I think on the whole it's a good game despite serious flaws. But they really tried to convince me otherwise.
  8. I ultimately got it working by playing one more story question such that there was literally nothing else on the map to do. My fingers were deeply crossed on that final try No idea why it was bugging out. But there it is. Didn't know about the skipping checkpoint thing. That might have worked since I did find that by literally running into the public crowd that would eventually get people pissed off enough to get the checkpoint to fail and I was hoping that would fix it (it didn't). So maybe that ultimately would have worked by getting the skip option.
  9. Well, I'm pretty sure I have a game breaking bug. The main quest in chapter 6 "good by dead friend" won't advance for me. I've now retried it about 4 times. It always results in Dutch stopping to "wait" and then nothing happens. It won't trigger the next scene no matter what I do. I even tried playing some other quests and coming back to it. It still won't work. I've watched videos online and its supposed to trigger immediately. It doesn't. Worse, I can't find any comments about this bug online so its just my game that's broken.