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  1. I hope that is the outcome if anything, as shitty as that would be for Lockhart owners! I mean, we could refrain from discussing any topic until all information is completely available and certain, but that's going to kill a lot of discussion on a video game message board I also don't see anything wrong discussing things with the information we have. It's not like if they come out and show it's a stone's throw from a XSX I'd be like "Nope, I don't care, I thought it would be weaker before and that's my reality for all decisions and conclusions." I very plainly stated in my post that you quoted that PC gamers will *not* upgrade all at once (and nor will console gamers). I went on to say that Lockhart will not hold anything back at the start of this next generation. So I'm not sure what point you're trying to make? Let me make a corollary. In various other threads, I've expressed how enthusiastic and excited I am that PS5 and XSX are going all in on very high performance NVMe SSDs and what that means about bringing the bar up on that tech for everything. It will force PCs to also improve on this, because they actually will be behind for a bit of time. That's great and it's an example of how consoles setting a baseline of something better brings us all up, including PCs. That is exactly the same reason why Lockhart worries me about pulling other aspects down.
  2. I'm not sure what the relative power difference is to a X1X (gets tricky because of feature set), but it is better than a base Xbone/PS4. Hell, my 980 which I'm going to upgrade this year once Nvidia finally releases HDMI 2.1 video cards is better than a base Xbone/PS4. At launch, neither PC gamers nor console gamers will upgrade at all once and so it will be the previous generation that sets the baseline. Consequently, Lockhart won't be holding anything back *at the start.* What's worrisome is if sets the baseline for the rest of the generation. I would much rather the baseline for the rest of the generation be XSX and PS5, *not* the substantially weaker Lockhart. That is, unless MS is perfectly happy with developers not supporting Lockhart in the future, hence my comment. But I find that hard to believe.
  3. "Yes, every developer is going to find a line and say that this is the hardware that I am going to support" So is Phil saying it's okay if developers draw a line and say they won't support Lockheart because it's too underpowered for what they want to do? Because that is what happens in the great "diversity" of PC hardware. It's called "minimum requirements" and it varies by game.
  4. Great show. I found the first season kind of rough because it was just so depressing. But the story really goes places. Your perspective on everything will change. I'm really looking forward to season 4.
  5. Nice. This is the one I've been waiting for. Halo 3 easily has my favorite Halo campaign. While it won't get something like that, you do get it running at 4K 60fps, which is pretty nice.
  6. With the trajectory of the last 4 years and even 2020 alone, I don't think I'd flinch at this point if he won.
  7. I think I bought a Fortnite battle pass once or twice when I played it for a bit since it was otherwise free. Otherwise I don't pay for "micro" transactions. Nevertheless, I'll take the game industry as it is today over what it was.
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