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  1. I think I would have still enjoyed them the same, but I may have had additional irritation simultaneously if that makes any sense
  2. Agreed, hard to say where it's going, but for a first trailer it got my interest. I think WW is the only DC movie property I care about at all.
  3. I got a free year of Disney+ so now I'm watching this. I binged all the available episodes yesterday. Overall, I think it's pretty enjoyable. While it is true that the last couple episodes didn't move a larger narrative forward I think they're still important for exposing us to the subworld in which Mando lives. If the show never tells a larger story, I agree that will be disappointing, but I think what they're doing so far is fine. As a point of reference, Supernatural had a lot of monster of the week episodes, but I think the whole 5 season arc was better for having had them. (And obviously they stopped Supernatural after season 5. Nothing was ever aired after that. I can't hear you.)
  4. I'm interested. Feels like Stranger Things meets Ghostbusters; they even share a star!
  5. Thanks @Biggie I did know about that fortunately! The thing that confused me, is that the screen did *not* however have the plastic film. I was looking for it and there was nothing there. That was true for both the first broken ass one they sent me and the second new hotness.
  6. I played a bunch of Halo Reach on PC today and last night. It's a pretty solid port. It's awesome to play it in 4K at 60fps.
  7. For all of Skyrim's obvious flaws, it still some how manages to entice.
  8. I never play this game consistently enough to finish the whole thing (got to the last level though!), but I really like the combat. It's my goto mobile game when I need to kill some time. At some point I just need to git gud and finish it out.
  9. If you're seeking to minimize risk, lower brightness is safer, regardless of game mode.
  10. I'd really rather not continue trying to clear this up. But that's okay, it's a trivial matter and Biggie got what he needed, so success?
  11. I'm really not quite sure why you're not understanding the claim I'm making and how that is supported by what I just posted, but I don't think we're going to make progress at this point. At any rate, Biggie now has the information at his disposal and can make an informed decision based on his habits and preferences.
  12. Yes, I know. Please see the rest of my post and everything else I've said.
  13. Here's a space of various harsh tests from the 2017 models. They are all unusually harsh tests, but still span a interesting range of problematic conditions. https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/real-life-oled-burn-in-test Despite these harsh conditions it actually holds up quite well. The constant CoD test in particular seemed remarkably resistant. Non-stop CNN was the worst. Here is there most recent conclusion:
  14. I think he'd have to be putting in truly hardcore long gaming sessions for that to matter. As I said, the tests show it being pretty robust even in worse conditions than having some long gaming sessions.
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