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  1. A story in which Bond, a well established womanizer, meets and works with his replacement: a woman, seems like a reasonable way to stretch him and add for some interesting dynamics to me. At least as interesting as character dynamics can be in a Bond film.
  2. Voting theory is a well studied sub-area of game theory. This is known to be a bad voting strategy unless you honestly don't care whether Trump wins compared to those two. We need to learn to get over our "principles" and instead do the right thing.
  3. I'm okay with and even encourage this as long as it's for pure intel. (Of course I'm not okay with Trump running the military that has it, but that's orthogonal)
  4. I'd say the problem is these people *do* have an opinion despite it neither affecting them nor them having thought it through. There's too much going on in the world for everyone to have an informed opinion on everything. That's fine. What's not fine is insisting on policy for something you don't understand anyway.
  5. Just looking at this thumb nail makes me want to rewatch Fury Road. It's a movie where the more I think about it, the higher it gets in my ranking of action flicks. I'm not sure I could easily think of another movie that says so much with such little dialog.
  6. Sure, but even so it's a bit unusual to have a strictly worse service hanging around if it's the same price.
  7. Playing on one console at a time irrespective of which game is played, or only the same game cannot be played simultaneously? I'm guessing the former, but thought I'd check.
  8. How does the account sharing work? Right now, all my Switch games are digital only. When my wife plays, she plays under her own account, but can of course still play the games I've bought under mine and downloaded. So my question is, if I got a lite for my wife, would it be possible for her to play on the lite under her account with games I bought under my acount? And could we both play games on the systems simultaneously?
  9. What would be the reason to pay for Now rather than Max if Max does everything Now does and more? Are you anticipating that Max will cost more? Now already isn't cheap compared to other services.
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