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  1. legend

    John wick sucked

    That's too bad! I will see it soon though since it's finally available for rent.
  2. legend

    John wick sucked

    That's where I am. I also thought the movies were fairly bland on the whole (first two, I still have to see 3), but I deeply appreciated how well shot the action was. There are few movies whose action scenes can compare and I'm so fucking sick of super short cuts combined with the almost always shitty shaky cam fad. I will also give a shout out to the mid-movie long cut in Atomic Blonde as pushing the action needle.
  3. Convincing Trump supporters is mostly a lost cause. Keeping the opposition angry at the state of affairs is probably useful when it comes time to vote though.
  4. No, they were not. They're legendary PC party RPGs based on D&D rules. That said, I don't think the interface (even on the remastered versions I've played) hold up and detract from otherwise great games.
  5. They really were creepy as shit. This is truly grade A trolling.
  6. I don't know why, but I find this event particularly discomforting, and I've never been a smoker or a vaper. Maybe it's because it slipped under the cracks? Not sure but it turns my stomach into knots.
  7. I don't use one myself, but my wife does and even then I've seen her sometimes have to re-jigger it to get it to turn on or stay on. Especially if she was showing me something where it's less tuned for that, but even for herself.
  8. It allows you glance at your watch without making a motion. Also, while the on-off detection is pretty good, it's not perfect. Always on bypasses that issue entirely.
  9. Seems possible. It's also possible (depending on the hardware architecture) that the graphics card being what it is could in principle support any protocol-only feature of HDMI. Comes down to whether they have to go through a static controller that handles the HDMI protocol before outputing data on the port, or whether the programmable part of the GPU also handles how data is written to the port. The latter seems way more favorable from a flexibility stand point (enabling you do things like this without having to had foresight of the future), but the hardware logistics and cost might not be worth it in practice, and I really don't know how their GPUs work at that level.
  10. They said both VRR and HDR10. I didn't see Dolby vision stated, so maybe just HDR10. I think this is because lower framerate VRR doesn't require more bandwidth, just the right protocol.
  11. Of fuck yes! Once they started supporting other FreeSync and VRR monitors it was my hope that that indicated they might be able to do it over HDMI with VRR HDMI supported displays (since you also don't need proper fully HDMI 2.1 support to allow the feature). Very glad this has panned out!
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