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  1. 1. Warren 2. Klobuchar 3. Sanders 4. Buttigieg 5. Biden While I mostly like Bernie, I think he's too polarizing for the country and I don't think that will help the enormous divide that's growing here. Moreover, I am worried about his health, so I chose Klobuchar for second. I don't really trust Pete as good faith public servant. He would probably be "fine" in the end, but he rubs me the wrong way. I think Biden would only stay one term and I also think he's not operating at 100% and is fairly out of touch.
  2. My entire research group is going, which is all distributed across the world, and one of the very points is for all of us to come together in person, so I think that option is out.
  3. Not sure I wanted to read about this. I'm going to a large conference in February
  4. This is wonderful news! Because now this: I want to play Cyberpunk in all its glorly, but I really need HDMI 2.1 to make sure I'm future proofed for high-res, HDR, and VRR across bigger framerate ranges.
  5. FYI, these days CyberpowerPCs (and others) are pretty reasonably priced if you don't want to build your own. Consoles are still cheaper naturally, but are also more limited in graphical potential. So choose what works for your budget and care.
  6. Hard for me to imagine it's completely independent, but without doing further reading on it myself, I'll be happy to cede that from the list and let the rest remain.
  7. It has already resulted in many civilian deaths, further eroded our standing on the world stage, caused further divide within our government factions. And the damage is still by no means necessarily over because of what it may mean for further inspiring terrorists and future diplomatic missions. This was probably close to the best outcome given he insisted on making that choice. But the outcome we got still sucks and you also don't make decisions hoping for the best outcome anyway.
  8. I don't think ascertaining ethical blame is worthwhile. Trump took a reckless action that predictably resulted in loss of life, and there is no indication that he's learned from it or even cares enough to consider that. He's a horrible leader and the world would be better with him removed. Also, the sky is blue.
  9. I think I can support that. Ignoring concerns from your engineers is bad enough anywhere, but doing so in such a safety critical sector cannot be allowed.
  10. By the time there are are meaningful number of 8K sources, it will be small.
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