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  1. Shit like this makes me reconsider whether I should even get a Quest. Facebook is the worst tech company by a lot.
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/arts/television/best-drama-series.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur Pretty good list. While I do think there are plenty of valid criticisms against GoT, I think they should have included it in the main list. It's changed the discussion of TV shows too much to not be. I also think Halt and Catch Fire should have made the full list, but I'm glad it made the "tough omissions" list. However, the greatest sin of this article by a landslide is that there is absolutely no mention of Black Sails, perhaps the greatest TV drama ever. Seriously, if you haven't see Black Sails stop everything else and watch it.
  3. I just watched a quick look from Giant Bomb. I was sold in first 30 seconds. I will get this.
  4. There are some good craft sodas out there. But I rarely drink it at this point. Most days I only have tea or water. Every once in a while a glass of wine.
  5. Lets be honest, we're all the most aggressive on the Performing Arts Board Incidentally, that's one of my more frequented boards!
  6. I've done this for more days and in addition to switch, a laptop and ipad pro. Get the right bag and you can do a lot.
  7. Decent video describing how this movie made Miles a good character compared to how he was handled in the comics. I had stopped reading the comics before they introduced Miles. Was the original comic incarnation as boring as this video suggests?
  8. I think Quest sounds like it's getting pretty close to that point, and just misses. The main things it's missing on are resolution and FOV. So yeah, I agree that this may happen in the next few years.
  9. I think I'll get the quest instead.
  10. Latency matters more to me than the compression in the long run, because I expect in time as the internet improves, we'll get fatter pipes and better compression that minimizes the compression issue. But latency is tough to crack. The time itself is an issue, and I also worry the high variance in latency (relative to local hardware) will make for a worse experience, similar to how microstutter is worse than a consistent lower framerate.
  11. This is a decent analogy, but I would tweak it a bit: "why would I buy an inferior compressed MP3, when I could just buy the high-quality CD?" Gaming as a service doesn't bother me. I'd gladly pay a service fee for instant access to any game (no install or download) that's been optimized for the system it's running on. It's the compression and latency that worries me. DF's evaluation is promising, but I'm still skeptical of what it will mean out in the wild across regions and when there are heavy loads. If anyone can pull it off, it's google since they can afford the massive server infrastructure, but the internet simply brings too many variables for me to be confident in it out of the gate.
  12. I bought it on Amazon streaming It's surely not the best quality but these days I'm increasingly preferring my personally owned movies in the cloud.
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