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  1. Weird. No idea what it's issue is then! It unfortunately yields no error messages. The small splash screen comes up for bit, then disappears, and nothing happens after that
  2. 466.27 Which seems to be ahead of their requirement. If they actually want a specific older driver, then I'm probably not going to fuss with it
  3. Well, I installed a whole bunch of shit to try and launch it, and it just disappears to desktop before going. So.... yeah.
  4. I think he's back, at least for a while Enjoyed all the shows so far. I'm curious to see if he does actually make Shrek references a continuing joke through them all
  5. They were always really good to their community though and were not known for significant bugs (unlike say a Bethesda rpg). It's a significant change.
  6. Discord is way bigger than a gaming community. They've eaten slack's potential user base probably more than gaming chat.
  7. Facebook is reaching cartoonish levels of corporate corruption.
  8. Some of my favorite moments in DE are when I failed. I don't think I've ever said that about another video game. For example, on my first run through, I had a high chance of success on the karaoke singing. I was so ready. Nope, failed. But the failure was amazing as were the character reactions. Another almost complete failure was one of the very few times there's any chance for combat at all. I failed so many fucking rolls, but it made everything so much more impactful with the way they handled it. You don't save scum DE or you're missing out.
  9. Yeah, mine happened in an auto update when I turned on my TV. My system is on 5.00.30. I feel like this is the Australia page, but I'm having troubling finding the software page for the US. You can at least see the update here and directly install if you wish, and you can see it came out ~April 7th (and over the air probably took about a week longer, which lines up with when I got mine.) /us/images/tvs/md06065217/OLED65C9PUA_350_v1.jpg LG OLED55C9PUA.AUS: Support, Manuals, Warranty & More | LG USA Support WWW.LG.COM Get product support, us
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