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  1. I am for the first time in a long time, optimistic about Halo! But I still haven't played any myself yet!
  2. I'm sure developers have made bad rebalancing decisions at various times. But a game without any rebalacing is probably doomed and then the only resolution is people move on to a different game or sequel. I suspect you probably don't actually need NFTs for a game. Just digitally sign whatever content you were thinking about using as an NFT and let the users hold onto their own data.
  3. Games are constantly rebalancing mechanics and it's tremendously easy for a game developer to just say the game no longer supports a certain version of an item that you "permanently" own. The whole idea is just inconsistent with how games work and are iterated on.
  4. Untold legions of scientists working in academia studying this problem who make absolutely shit pay for the level of expertise they have with no financial connection tied to vaccines vehemently disagree with you. Stop thinking this is a profit-motivated conspiracy. Your understanding of vaccines is terrible and you should stop thinking you know better. You really fucking don't.
  5. Not sure I'm sold by it. But they're clearly trying to do something with it, so that's something.
  6. I don't think that was the message anyone meant to convey. The message that was meant to be conveyed is if public adoption was aggressive and happened before resistant variants took hold, we could make it a thing of the past much like we have with so many other viruses. But that didn't happen, and the fear many of us had about that resulting in an incubator for more difficult variants to spread is exactly what happened. If you thought vaccines ought to mean you're almost surely safe from a virus regardless of what the rest of the public does, and that this vaccine in particular was unusually ineffective I think you have some misconceptions about vaccines in general, not just this vaccine. First, no vaccine is 100% effective and you should never think that just because you got a vaccine that you'll be totally immune from any infection regardless of who and how many people you interact with. If you compare to times in the past when the majority of the public gets vaccinated that might look like it makes you 100% immune only because of the compounding effect of everyone being more resistant. This is one reason why getting adoption from the whole public was so critical. The extra silver lining worth mentioning is that you are, at least, much less likely to have very dangerous symptoms if you are vaccinated and get a breakthrough infection. Second, vaccines are not able to handle all possible variations of a virus, so you often need to hit the virus hard and fast with vaccine adoption to prevent resistant variants from evolving and becoming dominant. Letting a virus evolve in subpopulations is a very concerning event. You may notice that people who get "the flu shot" vaccine still can get the flu. That's because the common flu has so many variants and evolves so quickly that the medical community has to forecast and guess what they think will be the dominant evolving flu strain in advance and give people a flu shot for that specifically. But often times they guess wrong and people get infected by something else. And of course I don't think flu-shot vaccine adoption is as high as we would like, at which point see point 1. The bottom line is medicine has *no* silver bullets for viruses that can save you independent of any public behavior. Our success at stopping a virus in its tracks can only be achieved by coordinated public effort. And that is precisely why you should be very worried: the US is filled with misinformation and people playing political games with medical health. Science can provide the road to success, but the public has to be the one to walk it.
  7. It remains in an individuals interest to get vaccinated. But everyone would have been much better off if everyone who could get vaccinated did as soon as they could.
  8. To put this another way, the way this pandemic has unfolded as made me feel like Hari fucking Seldon. Except I don't have a plan to mitigate it.
  9. The vaccine mostly met and slightly exceeded my expectations. Exceeding because they got it available so quickly. The public's gross and ignorant anti-vax position that resulted in a continued mess also, sadly, met my expectations.
  10. Seems like everyone likes it, but for some reason it did nothing for me. Maybe I'm tired of rebooting Batman, or maybe it's just my mood right now. But at the moment, meh.
  11. To be fair, this boards history has had plenty of drama, but we all stick around because we're a bunch of psychos. So welcome to the mad house!
  12. They only say her name a couple or times or something, so it's easy to miss, but as soon as I heard it I got pretty giddy
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