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  1. @Brick if you're willing to drop $1500 CDN on a card, then this is probably the best time to pay the sky high Nvidia price. However, if you want to feel a bit more sane about it, maybe wait until at least one game with DLSS or some other major feature is released and people get to play with it to confirm. I'm pretty confident we know what the card is at this point, but you'll feel better with that extra bit of confirmation. That probably means waiting no longer than the end of this year, so it's not a huge gap.
  2. Me too. They were just more interactive choose your own adventure stories, and I was totally okay with that. My wife and I would "play" them together the same way we watched a show.
  3. I don't have any desire to have the X-men integrated into the MCU, but if anyone can pull it off...
  4. Not sure how directly it affects things, but I can't find PS4 Pros for sale anymore
  5. I agree that telling someone they have other characteristics is much more guilty of the "I don't see color" analogy, I must have missed that one. But that doesn't seem to be his primary claim. He seemed receptive to the importance of gay representation, but that it simply isn't the case of B&E and that we shouldn't feel the need to label them or know their sexuality. So maybe he is guilty of it while also pushing a more sensible position simultaneously.
  6. Yeah I totally understand people on a more sane budget for gaming balking at this price. But fuck it's exciting and those of us willing to spend that kind of cash on this kind of stuff should!
  7. Depends I suppose, on how fast Nvidia can miniaturize this architecture with low power demands, and how soon Nintendo might put out a successor. There is hope that miniaturization won't be too far off on Nvidia's side; at least with respect to tensors cores taking a bigger slice, because Nvidia has lots of orthogonal incentives for that. For example, there is already the Jetson Xavier which is a small low-power SoC and boasts tensor core support. That product's primary role, as you might imagine, is for those devious individuals trying to get deep learning power on robots and sensors But it also means it could be easy for them to provide something for portable devices like a new Switch successor.
  8. Also, their analogy to the Geforce 3 is precisely the point I've been trying to make. People need to look beyond the immediate results on games as they are when it releases. It's fine to have some skepticism there and want to wait a bit longer to see how strong it really is, but you have to factor it in and thus far all signs are really positive.
  9. Me too! Also, lets get VR headsets to have 4K displays and then use DLSS to make it practical!
  10. Nice. So this is indeed suggesting that that the standard way DLSS is going to be used is rasterizing at something lower like 1440 and then using DLSS to superscale it to 4K (as opposed to rasterizing at 4K, superscaling to something higher, and then downsampling it for AA).
  11. He never thought it important to convey to people their sexuality and he's questioning peoples need to label it anyway. But if people insist on knowing, he designed the characters to be best friends and that's it; they were not designed to be lovers. Speculating on my part: he might also be a little annoyed that people insist that their relationship can't be one of just friendship: the original motivation; that it has to have a sexual component too.
  12. I can see how in isolation it can be taken that way, but I also don't think it has to read that way either. Twitter is kind of awful in how its forced brevity can easily lead to multiple interpretations. It's easy to project a lot more onto what is said based on expectations, often the worst expectations. On multiple occasions on twitter I've sat there and tried to find the best way to phrase something within the limit that would avoid bad interpretations; still have people leap to the misinterpretation I was striving to avoid; and then after they talk with me a bit more realize that's not what I was saying. I think in general when we look at a tweet we need to be a little more circumspect before we morally chastise some for that reason. (I'm also guilty of not being perfect about this) Unless you're Donald Trump who (1) ought to have professionals supervising his tweets to make sure they come out well; and (2) for whom there never is anything deeper going on in his head. Also, I realize you already said you'd take a look at the other stuff, but I kind of felt like ranting about this for independent reasons
  13. Frank left a bunch of replies on twitter which perhaps helps gives some further context to his thoughts. My read of what he's saying isn't the gay equivalent of "I don't see color" it's that society insisting on knowing the sexuality is a perverse tabloid kind of thinking. It's not important to who the characters are and it would be no one's business if they were real people, but society insists on knowing and labeling them all the same. In something more grounded to real people, it parallels society's in insistence on knowing what the relationship status was between Tessa Thompson and Janelle Monae. Something I only know about because I saw people on twitter obsessed with it, despite the fact that they just wanted to be private and not have to label it themselves.