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  1. It depends on the game. I will play games for basically any of the reasons you listed. I do enjoy a challenging game but there are some serious constraints about that. 1. The challenge has to be fair -- when I fail, it was clearly my fault. 2. The challenge has to respect the player's time. 3. The player is not punished for failing, but encouraged to try and get better. You would think these requirements would be easy to satisfy but *far* too often "challenging" games will blunder one of these if not all of these. Examples of unfair challenges: Enem
  2. Is the vision she sees in the mind stone herself? Maybe from the future or something?
  3. Kameo is probably less Zelda than Kena looks to be, but it was somewhere between Zelda and say Banjo Kazooie, so not too dissimilar either.
  4. I see, but my guess would be that corporate policy and contract constraints exists for the same motivation (PR nightmare and image problem), or do you think it exists for other reasons?
  5. I think you're right that the real reason Disney got rid of her is because she was a headache and caused an image problem for Disney. But I do think that when you publicly share things on on large platform that you know your co-workers will see, you run the risk of it feeding back into the work environment like @Ghost_MH said. I don't envy HR in today's world
  6. I for one enjoy @Greatoneshere's massive posts. And I'm definitely not just saying that because I hold the record for longest posts in D1P history.
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