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  1. If her contract said there would be an exclusive theatrical run and her pay was based on box-office performance, that does sound like a valid case.
  2. I think scale is a factor. There are any number of major events virtually all jr. high students know about. As an obvious example, everyone knew about WWII in jr high. Big enough events are understood by kids at that point. Undeniable evidence of supernatural entities and gods, and that they were hostile and intent on taking over the world would be one of the biggest events in all of human history, let alone America
  3. A large scale event that changes our entire understanding of reality and threatens humanity at large seems a bit bigger than 9/11.
  4. There's a lot of member berries, but I'm still interested enough.
  5. All of em, which is kind of the point Slightly more seriously, my Switch has been my go-to 2d indie platform since those often work well as travel games. There was always a bit of tension doing that for me though because even then the games often looked and performed better on PC when you were in that setting. So now I will just make PC my default and use the SD for travel with them. I am also excited that the SD will be better for doing certain kinds of games on the go; e.g., isometric RPGs will work better with the touch pad.
  6. Yeah combos are one of my favorite travel snacks.
  7. I think the motivation for sending dev kits goes beyond compatibility and performance testing. Their handheld has a lot of unique aspects about how the controller works and having one on you gives you a lot better sense of how well things will work and what combinations of the multiple input types they support you may want to use. The steam controller would get you a little closer, but even that will be different enough.
  8. Because the mere act of walking in uncertain environments alone requires far more dexterity than you realize. Showing dancing dexterity gives a good sense of how robust the robots are without having to construct many artificial test environments. And that's just walking! Never mind coupling that with carrying objects, climbing ladders, or doing any mundane thing humans do naturally.
  9. I highly doubt that is the motivation knowing the attitudes of robotics researchers toward robots which is substantially different from the general public. The motivation is probably a combination of 1. Dancing requires a high degree of dexterity making it a useful demo of the robotics control 2. Roboticists generally like robots and like having fun with them rather than being fearful of them. Doing goofy things with your robots for fun is fairly typical. And that said, right now these robots are not being used much for anything. There are concerning military application
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