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  1. It might be mostly true, but is it actually true that college graduates can get all the jobs of non-college graduates? Simple example, I have a lot of education under my belt, but no one would hire me to be a car mechanic, nor should they. I would have to get some other technical, but not college, education to even start that job and being this old seems like a disadvantage. I suppose you could say "college + other technical school training" has all the same access, but isn't the question about whether it would be more useful for some to get some other non-college education as an alternative, not a rejection of managing to do both? Sorry I haven't really be following the thread well, but I was curious about this statement.
  2. Yeah I dunno. Nothing in the trailer to inspire hope that they have something to say. T2 sought to make you care for a killing machine, and succeeded. This looks like more member berries.
  3. This is my dilemma. I would like a PC powered one so I can something like No Man's Sky VR when that hits, but fuck those cords! I think I'm leaning more towards Quest right now. The freedom and ease of use is too appealing.
  4. Yep, this is where I would land. It would mean that people are clearly capable of things I don't understand. That doesn't mean that how they're capable of it is the reason they claim, even if they honestly believe the claims they make.
  5. Never. But most of my life hasn't been typical jobs so it's not particularly meaningful. My jobs were/are: Teenager: Technical support and game QA College: Research intern Grad school: TA, RA, Instructor Postdoc appointment Adjunct Prof Senior research scientist at an AI start up You don't get "fired" or "let go" from most of those. I'm sure I won't get fired or let go from the start up I currently work at, but the start up might go under and that could count indirectly!
  6. Yeah but if I'm going to be maximum lazy, then if I had my druthers, I'd have that exported directly into our threads! (And actually, that histogram is wrt all games, rather than the intra-game review scores across critics. Both would be awesome)
  7. Eeeh. I worry that this score will be poorly devised and distract admissions from actually looking at context, or even better yet, finding different mechanisms than the SATs entirely.
  8. What are you talking about? Jon's ending is clearly the best of the Starks. As he said his farewell, he should have been like: "At least I will have Ghost. Do you guys still have your dire wolves?"
  9. That and perhaps Jaime if you count the last episode.
  10. I think Jon is basically headed to be king beyond the wall on top. EDIT: Seems my reply was a bit late
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