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  1. This Twitter version has a shitty aspect ratio, but I can't find it elsewhere yet. EDIT Okay here is a better one:
  2. Amazing that someone thought the footage labeled "story" demonstrated the existence of a story mode.
  3. legend

    Nintendo LTTP: Breath of the Wild

    Ancient arrows wreck em. But if you're early and don't have them, you can be boss and give em a taste of their own medicine.
  4. This is kind of where I stand too. AOC is going to push for things that just won't be able to be achieved. But I think it's a good thing to have voices pushing hard for big changes, thereby forcing people to consider what they may not have considered otherwise. Her being in the House which has a larger total population than the Senate seems like an ideal place for that, in fact. It's similarly a good place for someone young like her to start.
  5. Reach has the most consistent campaign. But a number of the levels in Halo 3 are better than the levels in Reach and I think the best levels in the entire Halo series are in Halo 3. Multiplayer between the two is more of a wash for me. Some things I like better in Halo 3, some in Reach.
  6. Not thought out hot take: we should write into law that if a shutdown means we can't pay a government employee that that employee cannot work for the government, essential or otherwise. This would make the effects of the shutdown more immediately impact everyone instead of just those who aren't getting paid.
  7. legend

    Movies Solo is up on Netflix.

    Yeah, I didn't find it "offensive" if that's an appropriate term to describe unlikable movies. I just didn't feel anything for anything that happened in it. It might be memorable for how unmemorable it is.
  8. legend

    Movies Solo is up on Netflix.

    Is the fact that it's a broken image meta?
  9. legend

    Movies Solo is up on Netflix.

    I also just finished it. I can say confidently that it was a series of events in which some things happened, with characters we know about.
  10. Well, I'm pretty niche, but Nvidia's Tensor Cores and RT cores means unless there is a big surprise with these AMD cards, I'm going Nvidia.
  11. legend

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    Sure, but this seem particularly tricky if the DoJ doesn't outright shut it down but effectively does. It puts the House in a weird situation if they have to start their own even though it's technically on going and I worry the House, even the new House, wouldn't have the balls to do that.
  12. https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/9/18175493/amd-announces-radeon-vii-next-generation-graphics-gpu Looks promising, but I need to read more.
  13. legend

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    It's not just that though, right? The DoJ makes decisions regarding how the investigation proceeds, not just if it proceeds.