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  1. I'll rephrase I'm sure I'll feel bad if she dies or something else bad happens to her, but it would be a wholly different emotion if Jimmy fucked her without her really being able to appreciate who he was. In that case she would be more innocent which makes it more tragic. But she now knows with plenty of warning. She gave all the reasons why she can't trust him and why it will end bad. And she's going in anyway while knowing that. It will be similar to how I feel about the bad that befalls Jimmy.
  2. Well, I no longer feel bad for whatever fate Kim will have, because she is now a fully willing participant. So there's that!
  3. The closest analog is probably Myst, but it's still fairly unique compared to that. I had a weird relationship with the game. Much of it is incredibly brilliant. But it gets marred, IMO, but a few nagging issues. Specifically, working on a puzzle may require you to wait for a narrow window of time, so that if you don't get what you were trying to do, you'll have to wait again. There were times where I left the game running and just made a sandwich to pass the time.
  4. You mean manually like a peasant? No. If formatting matters, I use LaTeX, obviously, and it will automatically do the right thing.
  5. I fixed right after posting, but it appears you caught me
  6. I just started Ori. I'm glad there is a stream of great games in this trying time
  7. I don't feel confident saying one way or the other, but I certainly haven't felt like this gen was worse than last gen. Maybe that's because the console games I have played this gen were mostly high-tier exclusives, but I haven't felt a downward trend.
  8. This is a very different beast than FPS. Developers target low FPS because most of the public doesn't actually care that much about low frame rate (unfortunately) and there is a very direct relationship between increasing IQ at the cost of frame rate on an indefinite scale, so developers target the most popular trade off. There's not an indefinite scale of trade off in this case, because the RAM is only so big and it didn't grow in capacity anywhere close to the growth in storage speed. On top of all that, SSDs like this simply make developers lives easier because there is less work to do the normal thing. No need to worry about replicating data, keeping things in continuous chunks, optimizing against variance in loading times from seeking, etc. What we're talking about here is both increasing theoretical performance and decreasing development complexity. Those two things rarely go hand in hand, but it does here which makes it one of the clearest wins; far more than almost any other technological improvement. There is good reason to be excited about this.
  9. But not always. The point is if great developers can manage with a horrible storage system now, a great storage systems is going to make it possible for more to achieve the same, and the great developers will push it even further. It raises the bar. I'm not convinced it's gotten worse. I *still* remember Perfect Dark If the increase in RAM capacity scaled with the same increase in storage bandwidth and related optimizations, I would be inclined to agree. It didn't. But I'm not sure why you're talking about frame rate. Is anyone suggesting that things like the storage will make the frame rate faster?
  10. I'm enjoying it a lot so far, but I'm not very far in. I'm also enjoying the changes made. Feels like they took some pages from Hollow Knight, but since Hollow Knight is probably my favorite metroidvania, I'm totally cool with that.
  11. Not true at all. Even with today's crap storage hardware some developers still managed good load systems. For example, The Witcher 3 fast traveled very quickly, and Spiderman was similarly quite smooth. And hardware clearly matters. Back in the day when we had cartridges, loading was a non-issue. It's also the one advantage the N64 cartridges had over the PS1 CD: virtually non-existent loading vs terrible loading. The hardware matters and developers are not actually idiots.
  12. Yeah I think I'm more excited by this next gen than the start of the current.
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