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  1. It's a perfect Switch game if you got one and you're interested, that's for sure.
  2. Specifically a great room. I currently have an empty great room which is the first room when you walk into the house. My original idea was to put a pool table in there and make it a game room for when people come over, but I don't have that many people over so it seems kind of like a waste. Tried to move the home gym I want to build over there so it'll have more room, but the misses nixed that idea. Could do a family room, but I have a pretty big living room with a huge couch so seems kind of redundant. Could move my man cave from the den to over there, that way I've have way more room to expand and do more things with it.
  3. Beat Tomb Raider 2013 (for like the 3rd time overall) last night, moving on to Rise of the Tomb Raider next.
  4. Wake the fuck up Samurai, and come see all his movies.
  5. So are you a stealth archer? I think it's pretty much a law somewhere that you end up being a stealth archer.
  6. Didn't realize that 5 month age gap made me a creep
  7. Yeah it was. I'm also assuming this eventually comes to PS4/X1 otherwise I'll never end up playing it.
  8. I'm sure I'll play it for awhile, get lost and never finish it like I did the first one. I did love the music and have the sound track on my phone for the original though.
  9. Hey my dad got his BA from there he ended up making 6 figures, though he did later get his masters from a "real school". I had a friend who taught for Westwood before they went under. He felt bad for those kids. They were paying over 20 grand a year to get degrees that were barely worth the paper they were printed on. He's also a massive hard ass who loves to bust people for plagiarism, which I always thought was pretty harsh for kids who going graduate with nearly 6 figures of debt to get a 4 year degree that's almost worthless.
  10. Police violence is a problem, but the majority of gun crime in America is black people killing other black people, and not white people with manifesto's shooting minorities because their country is being invaded just because that was one white guy. 93% of Blacks are killed by....other blacks. Not racist white people. 84% of all white homicide victims, killed by other whites. Most violence is intraracial. Not that racism isn't a problem but racism isn't what fuels most crime. You and many others seeing a problem that just isn't there, at least not nearly on the scale you perceive it to be. Link before I'm bugged about it
  11. I really need to finish 2. Also 4 is getting pretty long in the tooth at this point so some sort of remake or remaster makes some sense.
  12. WIndows central has rumored targeted specs of the Anaconda and Lockhart More details in the article. Also someone who is verified at ERA said the full reveal will be in the "very near future"
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