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  1. Wait yeah it's not on X1? Was the X1 some sort of GOTY edition with all the dlc or just the base game? I haven't played this yet and need to try it out at sometime.
  2. The only MP I've done in years in Dark Souls PVP, and that's only because there are no mics for it. Oh, and a few online races with the last two Forza Horizon games.
  3. He could probably bench more than I can.
  4. Actually looks pretty good. I'm interested. Maybe not day 1 $60 interested, but definitely interested.
  5. Congratulations on the new addition to the family. I dream of the day I ditch my sound bar and get a real home theater.
  6. Dodger

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Getting near the end of Witcher 3 I think. I have the main quest Isle of MIsts. Looks like there are some quests after it but when I go it says some quests will be unavailable so I'm trying to finish all Witcher contracts and side quests before continuing. Two questions: What is the true point of no return? When do I have to start the DLC. Do I have to do it before going to the Isle of MIsts, or can I beat the final boss, and continue my playthrough and go to the DLC before starting NG+?
  7. Dodger


    Working in auto injury claims, fuck chiropractors. Can't believe this shit is considered acceptable treatment we have to pay for. Their all scam artists to trying to get insurance companies to pay for months and months of bs treatment after an accident. It's bad enough we'll pay up to 2 months, but then you get jack offs going for 6 months to a year for a minor accident and trying to get us to pay all of it. They must have a good lobby to convince anybody they are actually worth a damn.
  8. And I'll probably buy it like a sucker because I love me some Far Cry.
  9. I played XII for all of a couple of hours when it first came out and couldn't stand the battle system, and to me the battle system is the most important part of an RPG. I'll have to check out the remaster and see if the improvements click with me. X gets a lot of hate for the story and rightfully so, but I loved the combat. Hopefully once the remaster hits Xbox I'll be able to do that damn chocobo race to get Tidus ultimate weapon, because while I did it on the PS2, for some reason I couldn't beat the time on the PS4 remaster. I'm enjoying the battle system of XIII as well, but goddamn it really is wait 20+ hours for the game to get good.
  10. Dodger

    To go where no cripple has gone before!

    You should beat him up and take his place.
  11. My xbox is off, hopefully I can still download it right now through the app while I'm at work. Edit, says Qued for installation. Will have to check on it later.