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  1. Hope they don't step in any human shit or drug needles or trip over any bums on their way to getting lunch.
  2. Too bad Powers Boothe died. Wish this would have gotten a full 5ish season run instead of being cut short.
  3. Boy you really hate me don't you. Which is weird, because I used to like you. Even sent you that game one time. But I guess occasionally supporting a politician you really hate (your title might be a joke, but it's also true) is enough to make you flip your shit and follow me around anytime I make a post you don't like and then promptly bring up everything I've ever said in the past to try and discredit what I'm saying instead of making any sort of rational point. To the point where it's frankly weird and creepy that the second I say anything remotely pro-Trump I can set a stop watch to how quickly you will respond to me by mentioning things I've said years ago. So what's your obsession with me? Show me on the doll where I hurt you. Or are you just that fucking insane? As for Trump's marriage, none of us know how happy they are because we aren't there. Plenty of marriages have survived infidelity and the people are happy. While I'm sure Melania would prefer to have never been cheated on, it's not exactly rare to see rich, powerful, high status men cheat on their wives and their marriages survive.
  4. You just deflected your deflection. Now you're personally attacking me. Ha that Dodger isn't objective at all, I sure owned him! I remember when he used to be a liberal hack, God I'm making such a great post and totally owning him. How dare he questions my motives, I bet he really voted for Trump, and then as I always do, I'm going to pretend I know all his motivations in life and why he does everything he does! Mental note: Guywhopredictsthingswrongly really, really doesn't like being called out on his bullshit. You better have a clean posting history or that time you admitted to farting in an elevator 8 years ago will be used against you as his masterfully dodges anything resembling a point and attacks your credibility to get around having any actual argument in his favor.
  5. 3rd Most Anti-Trump User Let's review. The article mentions that Trump and Melania sleep in separate beds. First reply mentions their marriage. Remarkable riots posts an article about how it's not uncommon for couples to sleep in separate beds or rooms and be happy. You immediately respond with a girl stretching, because you love to claim people are stretching or shifting goals the second anything you believe is challenged. The next 2 replies are about how the marriage must be in trouble. Yes, clearly the objectivity is all on your side.
  6. I never said anything about how happy they are. It's you guys who make remarks that his marriage must be in shambles, because you really hope that to be true. I don't buy for one second you guys are objective about it either. I read this board every day, you guys aren't objective about anything Trump does. So don't tell me you suddenly are when examining his marriage.
  7. Hilary Clinton seems to be doing fine other than the whole not being president thing.
  8. You would all agree because you all hate Trump and hope that his wife hates him as much as you guys do because you hope that he is secretly miserable and hated by those close to him.
  9. Yes because you want that to be the case, that is definitely the case. Good detective work.
  10. Dodger

    General Gaming What got you started in gaming

    I remember getting an NES for either my 4th or 5th birthday. Been hooked ever since. I got it the triple back with SMB Duck Hunt and Track and Field. I played the absolute crap out of SMB.
  11. The Witcher 3 seems to be the biggest. You get a much closer to 60 fps experience in 1080p performance mode, or a much more stable locked 30 4ps in 4k.
  12. A local realtor would tell you that in Antarctica. Last thing they will ever do is discourage you from using their services now.
  13. Fuck guess I should try to get through Rise soon
  14. He's been dancin but he won't leave her alone. She used to do a little but the little wasn't doin so the little got more and more. She just keeps trying to get a little better said a little better than before