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  1. You've seen it already right? Is it amazing? Is there end credit stuff to stick around for? Imagine after 3 hours and a large coke I'm going to have to take a monster piss.
  2. Got my tickets yesterday. Surprisingly to me for the 815 Saturday night showing, almost all seats were still available. I haven't been to the theater since the last Avengers
  3. I don't really feel old at all until I can start remembering things that happened 30 years ago.
  4. The 1X is a pretty nice console so I eagerly await to see what its sequel will look like
  5. I don't get why the Bloodlines/SotN thing didn't get released on X1. Still, it's cool to have these available. I wonder if there is anyway we can ever get a DS collection released, because I'd love to be able to play those again. Or is there no way we're getting that from Nintendo?
  6. Started FFX remaster on the bone. I’ve always liked it more than most apparently do.
  7. They specifically mentioned it would always be $50 cheaper. I imagine both consoles get a price cut before the fall.
  8. Been playing borderlands 1 and 2 all weekend so far.
  9. 0. Being bald at least saves some time and money.
  10. Sanctuary cities would be stupid not to take them. These people are net benefits to the economy who create jobs and not subtract them and commit less crime than the natives. Cities should be lining up and fighting for the right for these immigrants to come to them. Sanctuary cities should absolutely call his bluff, offer to take as many as they can get and then down the road rub it in his face with all the benefits and prosperity they gained from these additions to their cities.
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