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  1. The main argument here is that there is no point to getting a Series console if you have a pc because ms puts all their exclusives on pc. I’m saying IMO having both consoles, the XSX is a better console and you should only get a PS5 if you’re interested in those exclusives. And those exclusives are likely to coming to pc later anyway, except Sony will charge you to buy both versions where me doesn’t. Plus you just illustrated nobody actually moves their pc/consoles around the house all the time.
  2. Spent a month restarting Skyrim characters but finally well on my way and almost ready to craft endgame equipment. Probably should stop and wait for Anniversary Edition but whatever. Also been playing Art of Rally to give me a Skyrim break from time to time. The pS showcase has made me want to fire up the PS5 but I haven’t yet. Maybe this week. Really trying to focus on a small number of games instead of spreading myself out to a whole bunch like I usually do.
  3. How often do you move consoles or your pc to different rooms of your house? He wants a console to play for whatever reason, a little bonus if he gets an XSX is he can play a lot of his pc games on it too for no additional charge which isn’t happening on a PS5. Also if you care for last gen games at all, holy shit it’s just way easier to play them on the XSX. Last thing you want to deal with if you want to play a last gen game with next gen updates is deal with all of Sony’s bullshit when you literally don’t have to on the XSX. All the PS5 has going for it is the exclusives, because the more I think it about the XSX is superior In almost every other way. So again if the exclusives interests you get the PS5. If not get the XSX.
  4. At the end of the day these boxes play 99% of the same games. Sony does have some great exclusives but they didn’t acquire a pc porting studio to not put these games on pc. Then charge you $70 for the PS5 version and $60 for the pc version a year or two later. Where as if you want say Starfield you pay $60 once and can play both the pc and XSX version the same day. Sony does have some great exclusives so you have to figure out how interested in them you are. Because if your interest is low at this point I think the XSX is a better console with a better ecosystem if you care about having your games on both console and pc.
  5. I use my XSX far more than my PS5. If you cared about Sony exclusives you’d have played them already. Quick resume and smart delivery are things that are just nice to have, once you have them it’s hard to not have them anymore. Plus you’ll get cross play on many games with your PC. The PS5 will have some different exclusives that will eventually come to PC and charge you twice for them. XSX will share exclusives it’s the pc but will only charge you once for them, or not at all if you get games pass. I think the XSS is the more convenient console with better features. PS5 has its high quality exclusives and that’s about it. It’s also butt ass ugly. I do like the dual sense controller and I know it’s not a big deal but it’s battery life is still shit.
  6. Looks like an evolution of 4, which I'm fine with.
  7. Played a lot of Art of Rally last night. I really like the cut of this games jib. I love the soundtrack, give it a play if you like electronica at all. Probably avoid it if you don't.
  8. This definitely looks to be a return to form. Can't wait to spend 100 hours on it and still not get half the trophies.
  9. Do you like the far cry games? Because I’ll take that $60 bacon was asking for to get Far Cry 6 if you do. Now that you’re rich have you blown any money on something you otherwise wouldn’t?
  10. Better call DJ Khalid and have him update grandma got ran over by a reindeer to stepee got ran over by a truck.
  11. Fuck who didn’t debut tonight. Surprised they put Punks debut on free tv after all that.
  12. Thanks I was gonna give you an upvote but I guess we aren’t doing that anymore.
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