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  1. When I was 14 I was jacking off to AOL dial up porn. Shit when I was like 12 I found a single page of penthouse that had a naked lady on one side and a forum letter on the other and that got me through like a month. Kids these days don't know the struggle.
  2. Gen X fucked up generation naming, Really, the next two gens are Y and Z? Are we going to get lazy and call the gen after Z Gen A? What year were you born, because I always associated the end of Gen X with 1979, though I have seen some shit saying Millennials start at 1985, which then make me a Gen Xer too, but I'[m not buying that.
  3. I haven't filed in 2019 yet because at least according to Turbo Tax it said both me and the gf owe money and I think I owed like 2 grand so while I would have qualified for the whole $1200 based on 2019 I would have lost money overall. I need to stop being lazy and see an accountant and see what they can do but the downfall to having no kids is my only deduction is now my house, and I bought that last May so I don't even have a full year of interest to deduct so I might finally be out of refund luck.
  4. I've been working from home with no pay increase. I got a partial stimulus of about $750 because in 2018 I got a large relocation bonus that was added to my W2. I definitely think those that were forced to expose themselves to the virus by dealing with the general public should have gotten a pay increase to compensate for that risk. My gf ended up losing her job as they closed her office and another office in the area as well and let a few other employees go. She got the full $1200 and is getting the extra $600 a week. I have no dogs and no kids, so other than my cat jumping on my desk and trying to take a nap on my keyboard working from home has been mostly fine, other than going stir crazy because apparently I do miss the office.
  5. Assassin's Creed Origins the last couple days as I kind of rotate between that and Far Cry 3 Classic and RDR2. Want to get Origins done before I start Odyssey and then Valhalla later this year.
  6. Dodger

    90 day fiancé

    Watching the Quarantine episiode and damn Fernanda made out. Got that dude to bring her over here, buy her tits and a nose job, and now she's a model in Chicago and probably has her visa situation set up well since she was married here. If any of this stuff is actually real you definitely need to be careful to make sure the other person really isn't just trying to get over here on your dime and then ditch you as soon as they don't need you anymore.
  7. Dodger

    90 day fiancé

    It did look old so who knows but he seems to be doing well.
  8. Dodger

    90 day fiancé

    They showed a picture of the dude with a Lamborghini so if it’s his dudes fairly loaded.
  9. Didn’t we make an entire thread so for you to post how much better your government is than ours
  10. have you seen the lines to get in the casinos in CA? People will come Or at least the Morongo opened, not sure if others did. Casinos are open in Az, haven’t seen anything about how crowded they are though.
  11. Dodger

    90 day fiancé

    This shit with Geoffrey and Varya is getting good
  12. Dodger

    90 day fiancé

    Anyone else watch this show? It’s gone from some annoying show my gf was watching to me getting mad if she turns it on without me.
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