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  1. Prolly about $1500 got a PS5 and XSX pre ordered plus gotta get some games
  2. Devin was coming to Phoenix like the week after everything shut down and it was canceled :l
  3. I just had a huge steak and it was delicious
  4. My birthday is next month on the 16th, I’m just hoping I’m sitting home all day playing the new consoles.
  5. Just reminds me I was supposed to go to la to see rammstein last month
  6. There’s only one thing left to do
  7. Fortunately no even though I’m fat. I guess now it’s a good thing I’ve never played sports.
  8. Definitely don’t let Jansen come in with a one run lead Roberts.
  9. Tampa only won Wednesday because they had their best pitcher against a bullpen game.
  10. Cereal first then milk, or milk then cereal?
  11. I better get my consoles launch day, Target keeps charging and refunding my account over and over for both of them. If I would have known it was going to be like that I wouldn't have used my debit card. I'm just glad I have some money in there so it's not fucking me over every time they charge it. Launch plans for me are on PS5 Demons Souls and most likely the new Spiderman. I couldn't get into the other one but I'll give it a try. Then on XSX, I'll get the new AC and then I don't really know. Perhaps Watchdogs if it reviews well. Oh and Gears Tactics. I enjoyed Wasteland 3 so I'l
  12. Don’t forget to save some runs for tomorrow
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