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  1. Due to global pandemic Death by long range sniper will now be @Emperor Diocletian IIs preferred method of execution going forward, thank you for your cooperation.
  2. Fuck I was really looking forward to seeing them again in September, but that will probably get canceled.
  3. Right but his tenants have organized a complete rent strike due to global pandemic, and not just 5 of them randomly became deadbeats. I mean the answer is probably still fuck off, but "global pandemic" might rise to the level of a covered event, and if doesn't they might be able to get the government to declare it such, though that's probably another bailout for insurance companies that would then have to cover the claims. I'd still be going over the policy with a lawyer to see if there is a possibility for coverage.
  4. So even if this guy isn't making the kind of monthly money I think he is, he still has the benefit of owning real estate, equity! So even if a good chunk of his monthly revenue is going to his mortgage, he's getting some of that back every month in equity which he can borrow against to get the money to keep him afloat until things get back to normal. His insurance should have loss of rent coverage, I wonder if money lost due to this crisis will eventually be covered under that for businesses. Have you called your insurance to see what's going on? You might have some sort of coverage for this, although I can imagine for now they would tell you to go pound sand maybe that gets changed with some sort of aid package or something.
  5. Your math doesn't pass a smell test. Shrink this down to a quadplex and the max profit is $5280 a year using your math, and nobody in their right mind would go through the hassle of owning a quadplex for a max of $5280 a year. If the max profit on this thing is just over $40k a year that means the average profit is probably closer to $30k since you'll never have completely full occupancy. You have this guy making the equivalent of around $15 an hour, which means this guy could quit this apartment complex and have a good chance making more money with a "regular" job. Shit you are basically telling us property managers make more money than the building owners, and this guy could probably get hired as a property manager pretty easily.
  6. But you think it's ludicrous that this guy is financially successful. Again, it's a simple thought experiment, how much money would you have to expect to make from a 32 unit apartment complex in order for you to take on the risk? We can safely say for most people it's more than the amount of money you could make working a regular "safe" day job. As far as I can tell, you are fairly successful in your own right, so answer the question, how much would it take? Probably more than 1997 Honda Civic money. You're a pretty liberal guy so I'm surprised you are taking his side, unless you're just being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian.
  7. How many of your employees make more money than you do? At least before all this Coronavirus shit happened. Dude, this guy somehow only profits a thousand dollars a month, lives with his parents, drives a 1997 Honda Civic so he can sacrifice and give these ungrateful leeches a place to live, how can you doubt this?
  8. I understand he still has expenses. With 32 units, his risk pool is pretty diversified, and as far as I know, Houston is a big, growing area. But let's do a thought experiment. How much money would you have to expect to make per month/year to take on the risk of owning a 32 unit apartment complex? You sure as shit wouldn't do it for a grand or two a month right? What if it was your only source of income? You would need to make more money than the few grand a month a regular day job pays right? This guy probably makes more per year than all but a handful of people on this board. Even with his expenses he should be at income level where he is able to put away some money every month. Forget the Coronavirus, wtf was this guy going to do if the building caught on fire? Sure he probably has insurance, but that check doesn't come the second you file a claim. Or any other kind of emergency. Remember, the 32 people renting from him no doubt have it harder financially than this guy, shouldn't he almost have an obligation to have some kind of emergency funds in case shit happens? This guy to me tests the basics of capitalism. When business is great and he's clearing 20 grand a month and leasing new BMW's under his LLC he gets to say hey I'm the business owner I assumed all the risk I get to enjoy the benefits of my profits. But the second that risk actually hits his front door, he's crying about it.
  9. I know the guy still has monthly expenses he has to meet, but he should be clearing that by a good amount with 32 units
  10. 32 units? This guy probably grosses $50000 a month. How the fuck is he living if he can’t miss a month. I mean it sucks but this guy should be making a pretty a comfortable living and have some money set aside. Not like all he has is a duplex
  11. Started a Marvel movie marathon while on lockdown so watching one of the Marvel movies a day Iron Man 8/10, still holds up for the most part Iron Man 2, 7/10. I don't know why but I didn't hate it when I saw it again like I did years ago. Thor 6/10. My least favorite of the 3 I've watched so far, just found most of it boring.
  12. I'm not enjoying the game so far. I guess I really just wanted more Doom 2016. This isn't Resident Evil I don't want to be running out of ammo all the time.
  13. wait is this why they call it a “cornhole” never thought about it before....
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