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  1. Started off with some Jack. Then finished with some cinnamon moonshine my boss gave me for Christmas which was really good.
  2. it’s pretty good. Better be for $130 a bottle.
  3. Went to total wine to get a bottle of 1942 and the guy wouldn’t shut up about Campo Roble so I got that instead. About to get started, it better be good.
  4. I got a couple pairs of AIR force Ones for my births and Christmas and suddenly I’m getting the itch. Where do you look for shoes?
  5. nothing sexier than a woman having a bigger dick than you
  6. *slaps cactus* Do I have a place for you. You could still be wearing shorts right now. Car free thing is a bit if a challenge but the hip areas like Tempe and downtown Phoenix have those little scooters you can rent, which is exactly what you want to do when it’s 110 out. You want hot, we got hot and cold weather lasts like two months.
  7. So should I actually watch it live or just wait for the trailers to be posted after and watch those
  8. This guy is wrong in like the first paragraph. You’re still at fault and legally liable for damages if you rear end someone without a license or insurance.
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