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  1. I had to read it a few times to see if mushrooms were part of the problem.
  2. Look assholes, we know the fuckin things are gonna be $500 so just tell us already. Probably not helping that neither company has anything great to launch with. Honestly I just want a PS5 to see if it eliminates the load times in Bloodborne.
  3. These days I have nothing preordered and if I do want to preorder something it will be a week or two before launch just to get the pre load ready for launch day.
  4. It really is weird there is a huge taboo in America about talking about money, and lots of businesses actively discourage it. I got a talking to one time by the store manager when I worked at Blockbuster moons ago because I asked somebody else how much they made. Just look at sports, salaries are public and guys can say I had a way better year than so and so and should get more money and it works. Regular jobs should be the same. Johnson made 50k last year and you made 40k and you can say you had better productivity you should be able to use that to get more money. But you can’t so you don’t and if you so happen to know how much Johnson makes And mention it to any sort of management you’ll be the one in trouble.
  5. Since we all need new shit to watch. Just started In The Dark on Netflix and liking it so far. Kind of like a soft Shameless. Only 3 episodes in though.
  6. I’m no booze snob so just ketel one and sprite
  7. Never thought I'd miss Bud Selig. SOmeone needs to update that "Miss me yet?" meme with Dubya to Selig.
  8. We start with 22 days most years with the option to buy 5 more. We got 23 this year because we didn't end up getting any day off for July 4th for it being on a Saturday. Or every now and then they make Black Friday a company holiday and take a day for that, but they rarely do that and Black Friday is usually a work day. I've been here 4 and a half years and I believe I get extra days after I get to 5 years, though they recently capped max PTO to 30 days. People who have been here 30+ years have like 40+ PTO days every year.
  9. Kinda fucked up for him to be calling his teammates in the major leagues minor league pitching. The Astros are supposed to be a great team and one of the favorites to win the World Series so even if those guys are rookies they must be pretty good to be called up to a World Series contending team. That's just massive disrespect to those teammates of his, and he's kind of sucked for awhile now.
  10. Pretty fucked up that Joe Kelly is getting more punishment than all the cheaters on the Astros combined.
  11. I've been seeing a lot of Games Pass success stories over at ERA, especially for smaller scale games. So it does seem to be beneficial for smaller devs with smaller games to get onto GP to get their game and themselves out there.
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