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  1. Shit he's still around. I remember in the beginning when it was all games I actually had as a kid that annoyed the shit out of me.
  2. There haven't been any radical advances in gun technology in quite some time, other than the coming of 3D printed guns which is probably a separate discussion. So yes, the technology of the time of the 2nd amendment was written different, but it's not appreciably any different today than it was 50 years ago. At least not with guns. We don't have personal laser pistols or anything yet. Yes, there are restrictions on what kind of guns you can own. Yeah maybe we can require background checks and a registry and red flag laws or whatever.And yes, invisibly their probably have been a few shootings that never happened because existing laws prevented someone from easily getting a gun. But at the end of the day as long as the second amendment exists, "law abiding citizens" will be able to buy guns, and people in the houses of those people will have access to those guns. Not that I'm suggesting a defeatist attitude of well the 2nd amendment exists let's just forget everything, but the right to own a gun is pretty clear. Yeah we can have some restrictions, and that probably will stop a few tragedies from ever happening which is great, but we can't solve the greater problem as long as the 2nd amendment still exists. Pretty sure in Arizona I could get a gun on my lunch break and show you all pictures of it within the hour.
  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/pgsUAjr shit apparently imgur is blocked at work. Probably not too surprising
  4. I do wonder how large that check to Insomniac was. Whatever it was, well deserved.
  5. The point is you've had the right to own a gun literally since we've had a constitution. And while "arms" have advanced over the years, again we're long past arguing whether or not you can own a tank. Now I admit I don't know your particular views and am just using you as a stand for any liberal because the views are typically similar. I apologize if yours are different. But basically, liberals treat "gun control" like conservatives treat abortion. Both just throw a bunch of restrictions on the wall and just hope that something gets to the Supreme Court and sticks. Liberals don't want anyone to have guns and will take whatever restrictions they can get, conservatives don't want anyone having abortions so they'll take whatever restrictions they can get. Now I realize that is a mile high macro view and might not encapsulate every single view point. Also, I'm suddenly realizing I've wasted half the work day without getting damn near anything done. And I wonder why I'm not rich!
  6. We're long past arguing whether or not you can own a tank or nuke or whatever. Come to Arizona and you can see people carrying a pistol on them at Walmart while you buy your socks.
  7. My math isn't all that great but the second amendment is even older than the 14th. Look, I'm not a gun nut, I just recognize the 2nd amendment exists. And your interpretation is selectively picky. You don't like guns, so your interpretation of "shall not infringe" is we we can can infringe a little bit, and by little bit you mean as much as you can get away with.
  8. "Shall not infringe" is pretty clear unless you have a liberal court and can keep it that way.
  9. @mclumber1 needs to realize he's being selectively picky about amendment wording, and to an extend so are the rest of you. When Mclumber reads the 2nd amendment, he's right it's pretty fucking clear you have a right to own guns, and it even literally says "shall not infringe" and he's right. You have a right to arm yourself and any restrictions on that right are to be extremely limited. You want gun control? Going to have to repeal the second amendment. But at the same, the 14th amendment makes birthright citizenship pretty explicit. You want to get rid of it? Going to have to get rid of the amendment. None of this well it really meant black slaves stuff.
  10. It's definitely a great feeling when it feels like you literally just shat 5 pounds. Ever look down at your work and just feel proud?
  11. I'm pretty sure Mclumber secretly supoprts Trump and just says he doesn't here so you all don't throw him in the gulag when the time comes.
  12. And when Democrats win there is a good chance they will work out a way to put white conservatives in jail for hate crimes. See how much fun this is
  13. I need to find a way to make playing 2 work for me before this comes out because I've been meaning to get through it. 3 is looking really good
  14. He's only off by a decade and probably a lot closer than the average person would guess
  15. I wish there was some sort of real competition for this. I have Cox for cable and now that I've been out here over a year My bill went up because the intro 1 year price is over. So I was going to switch to Directv and the other internet company you can get out here, but all the reviews said the service is shit and their customer service is somehow worse than Cox. Cox might be expensive and have typical cable company customer service, but at least the service works fine. I'm thinking of canceling the cable in my name and switching it over to my girlfriends name so she gets the new customer rate for the next year.
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