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  1. Dodger

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    FFIX on the Xbox, which is something I'd never thought I'd say.
  2. Dodger

    More Homeless Die in the Cold in LA than New York

    Well it might not be Chicaco or NY, it can get down to the 40's and occassionally 30's at night in Southern California. Also, it frequently gets fairly windy in many areas. And if you're by the beach like many homeless are in Venice Beach for example, it gets chilly with some wind a lot of nights.
  3. Dodger

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    I actually support this approach as well. I want to see realistic policy proposals that we can actually reasonably implement in this country instead of good sounding pie in the sky promises like free healthcare! Free college! Jobs for everyone! without any actual plan on how we do it. It's like that guy running for class president when I was in 7th grade who promised a SNES in every classroom if he won. He won, we never did get SNES's in our classrooms.
  4. Crackdown 3 campaign is 3rd on True Achiements gameplay chart So people are still playing it.
  5. Damn this game is getting a lot of hate. I even see people calling it unacceptable. Fuck it's not broken. It's not unplayable. I would argue it's not even not fun, as many others are attesting to. It's a decent mindless action game where you don't have to think about anything or whip out some guide while you play. It's not a great game either, or worth $60. It's not the prettiest game around. It's a thoroughly mediocre game that manages to be fun for a few hours much the same way a stupid action movie can be fun if you stop thinking about it and trying to compare it to some Oscar worthy drama. Sure, MS would have liked for this to be a big win and it's not, but there are far worse games you could be playing. Shit, I'd even argue this game is more fun than RDR2, and that game got near perfect 10's everywhere. Sure it's not nearly as polished or detailed, but the main controls work without being janky and it's basic gameplay loop many find to be fun. People bend over backward to excuse RDR2 controlling like complete shit just because whatever you can manage to get Arthur to actually do is animated well.
  6. Dodger

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Far Cry New Dawn. Enjoying it so far. I’m fine with more FC5
  7. Dodger

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Good to know we actually have water then.
  8. Dodger

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Oh I thought it was a general reference to the water wars the southwest has and who gets to drain the Colorado River first.
  9. Dodger

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Arizona is remarkably green for a dry barren desert. It was actually what really surprised me when I came out here. A lot of people don't have grass in their yards, but when you drive around the cities a lot of areas are beautifully landscaped with man made lakes everywhere. So we're really sucking that water we don't have down.
  10. Dodger

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    You literally said something to the effect of well I don't spend any more time than I have to in a patients room if they have Fox news on. I'm glad to hear you aren't actually trying to kill people you disagree with. Yes I already know your response, well that doesn't mean I don't actually do my job I just don't linger and make chit chat. Which makes me wonder why you can't stop and make small talk with someone you disagree with, but hey it's definitely better than failing to do your job. Do you want an apology? WIll that make you happy? I know it won't, but since you seem genuinely upset I said that about you, I'm sorry.
  11. I think about ordering some waffles from time to time.
  12. Dodger

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    I don't have a "shitty" job. I just don't make six figures, which if you live in Southern California is a bit of a problem, because it's an expensive place to live. I love how you all completely misconstrue everything I say because you don't like what I'm saying. I've never blamed other people for my problems. I don't think immigrants are the source of all my problems and that if we just suddenly deported them all my life would magically get better. What I have simply told you is that my experience living in CA for 35 years was that as areas became heavily immigrant (and not just Mexicans) they became worse. Yes, I'm aware there are also millions of shitty poor white people here. As I've said many of times, none of you would appreciate it if all the poor white trash suddenly started moving in to your area. Skin color has nothing to do with it. I love how you all say I'm constantly projecting, when you all project plenty of shit onto me. Oh he's bitter, he hates his life, he blames immigrants for his problems, he's lazy and just lashing out at others for his failures. It's funny how you all laugh about conservatives saying poor people need to pick themselves up by the boot straps, but when it comes to the guy who says shit you don't agree with on the internet, he's lazy and motivated. I thought poor people (I'm not poor btw) weren't poor because they are lazy, they are poor because of institutional problems and lack of social and upward mobility. Or just the people you don't like are poor because they are lazy? It's funny that you all constantly bemoan how 60 millions "morons" could have voted for Trump, when you literally have someone at least sympathetic on to voting for him on this board that you could listen to and I don't know, maybe actually learn something from. But no fuck him he's evil he's racist he's dumb he's lazy he blames others for his problems he's beneath us we're all better than him. Then when he wins again we can have another 4 years of you all frothing at the mouth just not getting it.
  13. Dodger

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    I'm going to give you an example that you're going to completely miss the point of and I'll still be the evil intolerant racist but here we go Let's say you live in Niceliberalville. You dutifully vote for progressive liberals in your town and now your town is filled with educated people with high paying jobs. The streets are pristine, crime is near nonexistent, the schools are excellent, everyone has healthcare and there is a strong social safety net that is rarely used, but it's there when people need it. People don't mind the high taxes because they can see the benefits of where their tax money is going 100 miles away is Badconservativetown. They have low taxes because fuck socialism, but their population is poor, unskilled, and uneducated. There is no healthcare and no social safety nets. Poverty and crime is rampant, the streets are filthy, the schools are failing. Badconservativetown wakes up one day and realizes that Niceliberalville is a really nice place to live. Instead of trying to fix Badconservativetown to make it like Niceliberalville, they all decide to immigrate to Niceliberalville. Niceliberalville is of course tolerate and progressive, so they would never think of refusing these people. They think there is no difference in peoples and that once people come to Niceliberalville they will see how nice it is and shortly get with the progressive program and everything will work itself out. They think they will even benefit from this immigration. Nevermind that many (not all) people from Badconservativetown just want the benefits of Niceliberalville without having to bother to actually put in any of the work. Niceliberalville over the years starts to resemble Badconservativetown. Parts of Niceliberalville remain, but many areas now resemble Badconservativetown. Some of the natives wonder if letting in those people from Badconservativetown was really a good idea, but that's now illegal because criticizing Badconservativetown is now illegal hate speech because none of the tolerate people of Niceliberalville wanted to offend anyone from Badconservativetown.