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  1. I see Bloomberg ads here all the time over here as well.
  2. I should get around to playing 7, maybe after I finish my RE2 run.
  3. The guy shouldn't even have had to apologize. Too bad we can't just nuke era from orbit.
  4. A coworker said he saw supposed video of the final seconds of the crash from somebody nearby and showed me, but I haven't seen that posted anywhere so I'm going to assume it's fake until I see it somewhere else.
  5. I'm just going to leave it at this because sbl is just going to find the handful of people who agree with him and declare victory. My personal opinion is that his post was "too soon" and in poor taste given the timing of when he made it. He and some others don't have a problem with it, which no shit not everyone is going to agree on everything. The immediate reaction that I saw didn't mention the rape, and by far and away the coverage of his death that I have seen has so far been all positive. I'm sure in the coming days there will be a shift to talk about his past and legacy in more detail, but from I've seen people have refrained from trying to tarnish his legacy up to this point.
  6. Which were all published several hours after his death, and it's not like the titles say "NBA legend and alleged rapist" no the rape part is buried in the middle somewhere for most of those. Fuck two of them you linked to are obituaries which we now famously know are mostly already written before the person is actually dead.
  7. Multiple people in this thread thought your post was in poor taste. I watched the breaking news coverage for about 2 hours afterward like I mentioned before, and the alleged rape was never mentioned. Even on racist Fox News since they had the story first who woudln't suprise me to be eager to shit all over a successful black man's legacy, didn't mention it or any taint to his legacy. Again you're post was literally within an hour of his known death, not several hours later, not today, not next week. Nothing you're posting is actually helping you and is in fact reinforcing my point. There was at least a few hour gap between the reports of his death and any mention of the rape or that his legacy is tarnished, and I'm just taking your word for it since I only watched the first couple hours after the annoucement. So no, the main media narrative noted immediately after his death is not the one you noted. Must be frustrating
  8. You seem to really like being a dick lately don't you? You made the 4th post in this thread. The guy was literally known dead for less than an hour at that point. Whatever random point you aren't supposed to be an ass about a dead person you definitely crossed. Look it doesn't matter, somebody was going to be the guy. It just happens to be you. And again you seem to enjoy being an asshole around here lately, so I'm sure it's no skin off your back. You do you boo boo. I'm not the only person around here who thought your comment was too soon. But hey when we get the alert Bill Cosby has dropped dead, you go ahead and be that guy. I'm sure you'll love every minute of it.
  9. Personally, unless the person was truly a terrible person, I think it's really tacky to speak ill of the dead right away. At least let the body get cold first. But there's always that person who wants to jump in and be edgy and mention whatever bad things they did. But hey that's just me.
  10. Kobe Bryant did a terrible thing, but by all accounts as a whole was a great person that left a tremendous positive legacy behind. It's fine if you want to have the discussion if he "made up" for what he did through all his other actions or not, but the immediate reaction by the people who actually knew him wasn't to think of the rape, it was to think of everything else he has done.
  11. Multiple people reacted that and called him out for saying that outrageous shit.
  12. The point is is that the immediate reaction to his death wasn't wow that complicated figure and alleged rapist died, at least not with the general media. And again, the coverage that I saw, it wasn't even mentioned. So it's not like the immediate coverage was all alleged rapist dead in crash. It wasn't even mentioned.
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