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  1. there are websites you can use that will do it for free and should even let you efile for free. They’ll charge you for your state, but you can still efile. I used Free tax USA for years. You can only do the EZ form though.
  2. $2500 on Philly 1) Philly TD 2) Philly 3> 100-149 4. Redskins, Jets 5. Houston, Tennesse, Minny 6. 7 7. Cincy 8. Fournette rushing, Michael Thomas receiving
  3. I'm definitely going with Warren getting the nominee at this point, unless Hilary does a sudden drop in.
  4. I think it's more or less down to Biden/Warren, and Warren seems to have pretty strong progressive support. The rest just aren't doing anything to separate themselves, and if anything at this point attacks against Warren are just helping Biden and not that candidate. Suddenly, it's not that early anymore.
  5. I guess go Nationals, I'm sure as shit not rooting for the Yankee's or Astros
  6. What's the October quest? Sounds like none of these chumps did anything to separate themselves and it's basically a Warren/Biden/Sanders race then everyone else as it's been for awhile now.
  7. Those dweebs are already done unless something changes quickly. Maybe Beto can drop an F bomb on live tv, edgy swearing seems to be his thing.
  8. Seems like we have a pretty consensus top 5 of Biden Warren Sanders Harris Buttigieg, and then maybe Beto hanging out around 6th. Someone from the bottom 6 needs to break out with this debate because as of right now it's just a formality they haven't been eliminated. And even then we have a top 3 of Warren Sanders Biden. Anyone not of those 3 really needs to come out swinging and go for the throat because all of a sudden holy shit, January is right around the corner.
  9. I want to know the 2% who think Bernie and Biden are too young to serve effectively.
  10. Can't believe I spent $50 getting liquored up at the local sports bar to watch the Rams play like complete shit. Goff and Mcvay have been figured out. I found out the Cardinals actually have fans, who knew.
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