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  1. He does look good for his age, I'll give him that.
  2. I’m already eagerly awaiting who you will give the kiss of death to in 2024
  3. I should try to get back into the Yakuza games. Tried out 0 and didnt get into in the beginning but since they will all now be on GP I should get around to trying it again.
  4. I know he played for Colorado for a long time but dude randomly has 3 batting titles now, including one in both leagues.
  5. Trying to fight Old King Doran legit is the real final boss. Even with 29 vit on regular NG his 2h attack one shots me with the cling ring on. This is the one thing I haven't been able to do and his ring is the only thing I need for the rings trophy.
  6. Im going to get in a habit of just never buying games anymore because it’ll probably come to GP. Glad I haven’t bought this yet so hope it turns out true.
  7. I joked once that I should set up a fake online college called Southeastern New Hampshire University. Now I see South New Hampshire University commercials all the time.
  8. So my gf's family now almost all have tested positive after getting sick beginning of this month. Me and her have been fine, but these are the people we just had to go see for Christmas and I got major attitude for suggesting we don't go. Looks like we dodged the bullet since we're both fine. They are just regular sick, nothing crazy has happened yet but still. Oh and on works at a daycare and was going to work up until today when she got her test results back.
  9. I never did play the Old Hunters but I keep holding off for a patch or remaster to go back to it. Also the second "fuck you" form is mostly a crime reserved for DS3. Especially since the DLC has a fuck you third form boss. Well technically 2 if you count Gael, but he does it all with one ridiculously long life bar instead of 3.
  10. So it will be another Ubisoft Open World game with too much shit to do to pad it out to technically being a 100 hour game with a Star Wars paint coat. Assassins Creed Modern style in space will probably be fun enough once it's on sale.
  11. Taking a break from Cyberpunk because I have some audio glitches that are pissing me off. Certain characters just don’t voice their dialogue anymore. So got a hair up my ass to replay FVII original recipe. Also started Control. Not that far in but uh doesn’t really grab me so far.
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