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Do you do the Dew?


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Even when I drank a lot of soda, Mountain Dew always tasted like absolute fucking garbage. It's like pure liquid sugar, and as I'm not a 5 year old, I can't stand that much sugar at once. I dunno how this nasty shit caught on with actual adults.

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3 minutes ago, GeneticBlueprint said:


Same. But like once every few months I'll crave one for whatever reason and I drink it and enjoy it. But then I'm good for a few months again.

Yep. I've kinda been craving one lately, but I just want a can. The damn vending machine at work is sold out every time. Booo.


As far as other sodas go, I really, really like the new Dr Pepper with cream soda. Soooo good. Orange Vanilla Coke is great, too. I did buy some of those for home, but I'm going through them slowly. Like one or two a month, lol.

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Mt Dew was my favorite drink as a teenager, but I quickly got over it. After that I was on a coke binge for probably 10 years, literally had probably 1-2 liters a day. Realized I was getting fat and cut as much sugar as I felt comfortable cutting and lost like 30lbs. Now I just drink diet soda with the occasional Mr Pibb because its my favorite and impossible to find diet around me.

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