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  1. I would say Reels will flop, but I thought the same about Instagram stories and it obviously didn't.
  2. I don't get why my county in NJ is so bad. 14% is the lowest I've seen and it's a moderately affluent area. Very strange!
  3. The definitive tomato sauce recipe is the NYT one.
  4. Looks great. Are you a wet hand dry hand master? I have yet to acquire the skill, but I do not deep fry often.
  5. Had it over chickpea pasta this morning. Unbelievable.
  6. Chicken Scarpariello. Haters will say it's a TV Dinner.
  7. My S8+ looks beautiful and works like a dream. Don't have a any real reason to upgrade other than my battery is getting a little shitty, but it's still significantly better than my S6 was brand new.
  8. Heyyoubetamax more like, but heyyouhd-dvd is still da best.
  9. heyyouhd-dvd would have been a way funnier name. For shame, person who created that alt.
  10. OAN is so much worse than Fox News. I would have told you a couple years ago that that is impossible, but oh boy is it ever possible!
  11. Pan pizzas are legitimately delicious. You missed out!
  12. Same, but that shit was delicious as a kid. Pizza Hut pan pizzas were the bomb back in the day!
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