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  1. @thewhyteboar Dude wants to make the Mariners a AAA team lmao.
  2. This is why I stopped complaining about the lack of salary cap in baseball. European soccer is just so much fucking worse.
  3. Basically for people that don't understand European bullshit soccer, each season there are three competitions, unlike in American sports. Here we have a regular season and then playoffs that determines a winner. There they have 3 different competitions basically: 1. The regular season. In Spain, it's called La Liga (the league). Like it's an actual honor to just finish the regular season in first place unlike here. This is the second most important title a team can win. 2. The league cup. In Spain it's called La Copa Del Rey. All the Spanish teams compete in a tournament to cr
  4. I love how European soccer leagues are hyper capitalist and the NFL is basically socialist. Cracks me up.
  5. I thought this was just English teams. Wow, Barca and RM too?
  6. Actually it was this MILF that he was seeing who had a daughter that was in my high school at the time. I told a friend of mine what happened in confidence and he went up to the girl’s boyfriend and gave him shit for it. Of course the boyfriend told the girl and she went home crying that her boyfriend had told her that her mom got shit on during anal.
  7. My brother literally got shit on once during anal. Just felt I had to add that to this thread.
  8. I know, but it still unfairly targets places with high COL. Median property taxes in NJ are over 9k!
  9. Lol I got into a debate with a friend over the SALT cap. He said I wasn’t a progressive because I supported the repeal.
  10. It's going to be 11 dollars an hour and she's hoping to get 60 votes this time.
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