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  1. This is the only time it’s acceptable to rinse meat. I do it with vacuum sealed pork. It comes out smelling funky and rinsing gets rid of the smell.
  2. We’ve been thinking about moving to Spain for a while now. Trump winning would probably hasten the move.
  3. I will also be picking up the apnea testing package and testing at home soon. We old yo.
  4. Let’s go, you bitches. Novavax shares spike over 100% on Sanofi deal to commercialize Covid vaccine, develop combination shots WWW.CNBC.COM The deal will allow Novavax to lift its "going concern" warning, which it first issued in 2023 due to having "substantial doubt" about its ability to survive.
  5. I have been happily out of the restaurant business since 2018!
  6. So the NJ county line voting system that Kim is currently suing to abolish, I didn’t realize just how fucked up it is until someone compared to a regular ballot. I mean that’s the only ballot I’ve ever seen in my life so how would I know?! Home | Abolish the Line New Jersey WWW.ABOLISHTHELINE.ORG Making New Jersey Elections Fair. End the "Line" for representative democracy and accountability in New Jersey.
  7. Buying new is always a stupid decision. Take it from me, a guy who bought new.
  8. Eligible for the $7,500 tax rebate too! Which I believe is discounted at point of sale now.
  9. Yeah I’m North Jerz, but in Florida atm like a good snowbird. Enjoy DC brah.
  10. In terms of single dishes, England wins that round sure. But overall there’s no comparison
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