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  1. What did everyone think about I thought she was really good. Enjoyed her character for sure.
  2. I actually opened a small business card with Chase when I was doing contract work. But nothing like that wtf.
  3. I need to make these. Have you made Kenji’s roast potatoes? How do these compare?
  4. A lot of online leftism is just depressed people sadly.
  5. My daughter actually ate from the recalled Similac that was sent as a sample. She’s fine though. I had ordered separately three huge cans from Amazon. We opened one and even though it wasn’t part of the recall, we threw it away. The other two were donated. My daughter’s like only 20% formula because my wife can’t keep up with her ridiculous appetite that she got from her dad lol. But we definitely switched to Enfamil Neuropro.
  6. They make 43% of the formula in the US. Part of this shortage is that people just won’t ever trust this brand again.
  7. I don’t believe I’ve ever made an alt in my life. Nor would I do some lame ass anti-Biden shit.
  8. So many cringe posts in this thread lol.
  9. Yo he read Adam Smith in HS. We got a genius over here!
  10. Decision doesn’t affect me and won’t affect my family but it makes me angry for the less fortunate.
  11. How do I know if my cables are 2.1? I mean they’re probably not:
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