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  1. Oh man, they're gonna experience martial law at least once a month. Get the chocolate tithes ready!
  2. This is a pretty chunky update, guess it makes sense why it took them so long. PC patch notes: (I've underlined anything that I personally think is either personally interesting in a positive way or that I think will make a fairly significant impact on gameplay. All other markup is Ubisoft's.) Summary of stuff I think is very good: Performance improvements, especially that VRAM/RAM leak when alt-tabbing. I knew my performance was getting worse after a bunch of alt-tabs, which I do to switch Youtube videos that I watch in the background! AC is the perfect "watch stuff
  3. Eh, $40 is still too much for me. I'm swamped with open-world games as-is, they'd need to at least drop it to $30, which they probably will by the time my backlog is cleared up enough to try it out.
  4. I have missed threads like this. I also miss the 3DS getting games, because it was actually portable and didn't require me to wear cargo pants to fit it in a pocket. Always thought it would be kind of neat if From tried making a portable Souls game. Like, not just a port of one of their existing titles, but something designed specifically for portable machines. What would a handheld version of Dark Souls look like? What would be streamlined or simplified, what would be expanded on? Would they make compromises for convenience, or would they make it unrelentingly difficult? The a
  5. Why would they try to get something extremely useful for grifting from the terminally grifted? I can't possibly imagine a reason!
  6. The storage issue is going to get exponentially worse. I can foresee a time when 3+ huge AAA titles release within a month of each other and we might realistically not have enough space for all 3. For three games. Obviously, those games would be enormous, but games ain't been getting any smaller.
  7. That's still... bad, but better than doing it manually. There an option to just have it upload as soon as you exit the game like Steam?
  8. Wait do you still have to upload saves manually to the cloud? Please tell me that's not a thing.
  9. But you don't bear the distinction of being the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world. We usually have higher standards for such a person. Or maybe we didn't and this would've happened a lot sooner if someone just figured out they could do whatever-the-fuck with no consequences.
  10. Maybe if it could walk around my house while I'm sitting on it, like some sort of master race wheelchair alternative.
  11. I think that ultra hot memory is going to cause a lot of issues within the next couple of years. Memory at those temps is not great. They need to get some fan profiles out ASAP because I'd be doing anything I could do get temps down if my RAM was anywhere near that.
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