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  1. This game is fucking fantastic. I eyeballed it a little when it first launch and saw it was getting decent reviews, but wasn't sure, there's a lot of games that kind of look like Baba, and for $15 it was a bit steep to try blindly, but this thread and reviews had only been getting me more interested, so I picked it up. If you need to know what separates it from other games, well, game objects are defined by word blocks on the screen, so it creates a really amazing puzzle atmosphere where you're only limited by your own creativity and curiosity most of the time. Some super light spoilers (like, things you figure out in the first 10 seconds but for me that was a big moment of "oh shit this is gonna be good"): I figure this stuff is probably talked about on the store page and many reviews so I'm sure if you looked at any media at all you'll already know, but I avoided it all except screenshots, which didn't tell me anything.
  2. I think that's the difference. To me it's not "letting" it spoil the game, it's the game spoiling itself with a problem that by all rights shouldn't be there. They could fix the frame pacing if they wanted to, but I doubt they actually got any real complaints about it.
  3. I'm amazed that it's possible to NOT notice it. It's like if you were playing a DVD or Blu-Ray with a bunch of little scratches. Just constant fucking hitching. It's incredibly distracting and frustrating. It's not like super long pauses or anything, but it's also super frequent. There's no smoothness to any motions or actions, and it's unpredictable, so it's always an unfun surprise. It's like the streaming hitches in open world games, but smaller. I hate it so much. It's not a problem that should even exist.
  4. Imagine the kind of intense porn you'd get with Valve's hands-off approach!
  5. As I said on Discord, I think that if these games weren't otherwise coming to PC, that this would be a valid use of "buying" exclusives, and I think would be a fundamentally way cooler selling point to the store over buying exclusives that were never meant to be exclusives and pissing everyone off. "Bringing console exclusives to PC" would be a much better header than "Turning the PC into consoles." That said, I have no idea if these were already planned and they just bought the exclusive rights or what, but I would be 10,000x more okay with the EGS if this was the case.
  6. If it's the same as the other recent titles, very poorly. The combination of frame pacing, load times and frame rate has to this day kept me from playing more than a few hours of Bloodborne. That stuff's rough in a game that demands precision. You can still do it, but it's just... shitty.
  7. Sure, but I just meant in-the-moment. You pop a weapon on, hit something with it, there ya go. Generally I don't think all that many people even really focus on a proper "build" the first time around, that's something you tend to get into once you understand everything more. Hell, I never do builds at all because the games aren't nearly difficult enough to warrant that and I find the PvP too laggy to care.
  8. Yeah and they're still bullshit and I'm still seeing it so I'm happy to call it bullshit!
  9. Yeah if you can download them then it's a lot more interesting, at least for a day or so while everyone compares performance. This video literally means nothing, though. We see bullshots and bullshit all the time in this industry. Put out the demo or go home!
  10. It was. Same with the Xbox. "What does Sony know about gaming?" "What does Microsoft know about gaming?" If you weren't Nintendo or Sega, you were viewed as some corporate outsider trying to muscle in with some gimmick bullshit. Newcomers in this industry have always been met with derision and cynicism, for fair enough reason, of course, but there it is.
  11. Expansive? The games let you put some points into stats, and different weapons had different attributes/stats, but I'd hardly call that expansive. It certainly wasn't like Diablo-level weaponry where you're comparing percentages constantly or whatever. It was pretty clear when a weapon was an upgrade.
  12. I would bet lots and lots of money that gold wouldn't be required. That'd be silly. Even when it was a lot more expected that an MS game would require gold, that PC initiative didn't make it out of its infancy before being shotgunned into a pulpy mess. You'll need an Xbox Live account, but no gold.
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