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  1. Xbob42

    PC No "headset hair" with Razer "Ifrit"

    Keep a brush or comb on your desk...? Or just shake your hair up a bit with your hands? I guess maybe if you had a super cool haircut like I did in 5th grade where you slick your hair back and use a ton of gel so it's hard as a helmet you wouldn't want a dent in the middle.
  2. I was just saying this in Discord, but it's a damned shame that with the advent of cloud saves and the rise of more multiplatform games than ever, we don't see a tide of games that just support cross-platform saves. Done with my PC version? Bam, turn on the Switch and pick up where I left off. Damn, forgot my Switch and I'm visiting family. Log in to my PS4 account on their system and continue the same save from there. It shouldn't be a pipe dream, but it feels like it will be for at least several more years, if we're lucky. You'd think developers would be pushing for this kind of functionality, because it would encourage double, triple, quadruple dipping from many people. Lots of folks already do that, I am not one of them unless the game is "console exclusive" and then has a surprise PC launch in a few years. If this were the norm, though, I could see myself picking up a few bigger titles like this for the Switch, although I don't think I'd want it to be my main version. Luckily, thanks to the GPD Win @stepee so generously sent me (along with some big mofo micro SD cards!) I can already do this and have it portable at 60 FPS, but that's not a realistic solution for... well, I'd say 99.9% of people.
  3. I could see that, but at the same time, they make damn fine games to play with any amount of extra people. They're just ridiculous enough to be hilarious for a group.
  4. Eh? These games are basically already phone games, I remember enjoying it on my iPod Touch back in like 2009 more than I did on the DS because it was less clunky. I mean, I'm glad they're branching out, the games are great! But really any version you can get your hands on is totally fine for these.
  5. Xbob42

    General Gaming Forza Horizon 4 OT

    Oh right. I keep forgetting that's a thing.
  6. Xbob42

    General Gaming Forza Horizon 4 OT

    I dunno if I'll be picking this up any time soon. Still a bit burned after I bought the $100+ version of 3 and it didn't come with the damned expansions, not to mention the performance issues never seemed to fully go away for me. Frankly I couldn't afford it either way, too many other games all releasing now. Sadly a few must get bumped in the interest of not overspending, and the bad experience I had from the last one puts this on the top of the list.
  7. A keychain Gamecube would be fucking awesome, but I know something like that wouldn't be quite that small.
  8. Looks weird. Like they turned people into dolls, as with the FFX remaster.
  9. A fantastic game and a well-earned milestone. I know they were super excited and surprised the very first day, they had some sort of bread-related bet going about 1,000 concurrent players, and the doors got blown off the fucking hinges.
  10. I also switched to Classic. Free-form just kind of makes it feel like a generic action JRPG and doesn't offer any actual gameplay changes. Classic has the dynamic camera and stuff and just feels better for a turn-based game. Free-form is actually really great if you wanna get a good look at the monsters, though, and the monsters look fucking awesome so I guess that's a big plus.
  11. You heard of sports? They're supposed to be fun, but what with all the riots and stabbings and murders you'd think it was politics! When a certain type of person gets heavily emotionally invested in something, how "trivial" it should be in the big picture becomes irrelevant.
  12. Xbob42

    General Gaming CrossCode release trailer

    Anyone who skips this one is a real piece of trash.
  13. The check-in for fucking decades-old NES games just clicked with me. BETTER MAKE SURE NO ONE IS ABLE TO GET THESE HOT RELEASES FOR TOO LONG WITHOUT TOUCHING HOME WITH MOTHER BASE. Jesus, it just seems pathetic. I get why they're doing it, but it doesn't make it seem any less stupid. What a waste of resources.
  14. Neat. I believe I got the expansion pass... maybe? Even if not, this makes me want to finish the game.
  15. I played Re:Core for a brief while and was enjoying it quite a bit, but hearing all the problems about the endgame (like... I dunno, it was a long grind that was basically where they ran out of money or had to meet a deadline) stopped me from continuing. This being the Definitive Edition, I recall they added a lot of stuff back in and fixed some other issues. I'd be more specific, but I don't remember anything besides one of the pets or transformations or whatever being added back.