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  1. Do you have a source for this "huge" player base? Because Steam Charts shows something like a 90% drop in players since launch. It still has a decent amount of players, but hardly "huge." Yes it was given away on PSN, but I imagine that only makes the drop off even more steep on that platform, since in my experience, people who pay for a game are far more likely to play it more to get their money's worth. It seems very likely to me that Epic is aware of this massive drop off of players, hence them teasing it going free to play. The game for me was fine, but its shallo
  2. The superimposed people on those news article thumbnails are cracking me up. The blurry, too-small dude on the Segway is just too much.
  3. Why? Seems like the Among Us devs would be a better purchase. Fall Guys feels like a fad that blew by in a couple weeks.
  4. Pfft, at that point it's cheaper just to eat a driving without insurance ticket!
  5. But none of that matters. In the end, it all comes down to "don't be greedy," you just hit and move. Is it the easiest series ever? Not at all, but one of the main things that made the series so "hard" to begin with was how different it was from other modern games. That novelty is gone, and if you play a Souls game like a Souls game rather than DMC, you probably won't have much trouble. Yeah, some of the stuff around the edges can be obtuse and strange, but if you get the fundamentals of stick and move down, you'll struggle very little unless you have very poor reaction times or I guess if you
  6. As someone who has no problem "getting gud," all this does is shoehorn me into a specific playstyle that isn't tremendously difficult to get good at. Like most games by From Software, it is nowhere near as hard as people like to think it is.
  7. Definitely not the first time I've heard it, in general people I've spoken to seem to share a similar opinion, though probably not as strongly. More just like "Yeah Sekiro was really good, but I want what they used to make," which is not my stance either. Frankly I really value choice in builds and playstyle in RPGs, and especially in how I can approach any combat scenario. Once you're good at Sekiro, you're just... good at Sekiro. You don't get that moment of rolling an entirely new play style and sucking at it and building a new set of skills, all of which can come back for the b
  8. Old Zelda suuuuucked. But I do always want more Zelda clones. I dunno if I'd lump Sekiro in there. I'd rather play Dark Souls 2 ten times in a row before playing Sekiro even just once more. It really did not gel with me. In fact, I had a similar issue with Bloodborne, but not to the same extent. They really want to shoehorn players into a specific playstyle now and that sucks. Give me options and let me find my own way! Didn't help that Sekiro went from the dreamlike, fantasy-lost-in-translation strangeness of Dark Souls, or the Gothic horror of Bloodborne to fucking generic ass stoic
  9. I'd personally be down for more mobile and physics-driven combat rather than just more basic animation priority. Would love to be able to fling myself around a bit with heavy weapons, enabling crazier combos without necessarily having a combo tree based on specific inputs. I feel like I have more and more trouble sticking around each subsequent From game when they start to feel too much like "light attack, heavy attack, parry" for the majority of the time. DS3 had weapon abilities but for the most part they sucked shit and were too limited/slow. Maybe if they could streamline spell
  10. In that case I agree fully! Aside from the games-with-horses thing, sounds like you had a traumatic experience. What did the horse do to you?!
  11. You say that as though we have a large selection of high quality open world fantasy games to choose from. We've got Skyrim, which has the gameplay so bad it had to be made poorly on purpose, and we've got, like... Dragon's Dogma, where the gameplay is great and literally nothing else is. I guess we can toss Breath of the Wild into that list... sort of. Not really traditional fantasy. The Witcher counts well enough but is 6+ years old at this point, like most of these games. Games like Dragon Age Inquisition, which was a big joke. We've definitely got a few high profile open world f
  12. Nothing is more consistently disappointing to me than mobile gaming. So many good ideas squandered by awful monetization, so many games ruined by bad controls, so few games support gamepads, yet at the same time, so many seem like they were not designed with touch screens in mind. A lot of them might be interesting to me if they were just games, but then I see the auto battle button and feeding characters to other characters to level them up and 5 star heroes and stamina and oh my godddddd.
  13. Weird, I don't remember that at all. Going back and looking at screenshots I guess they had chunky ugly characters like Gears, so maybe that was it.
  14. Next time just check the receipt you came with!
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