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  1. Xbob42

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    Smart man.
  2. Because the vast majority of your play time should and will be against people in the same region for latency reasons; save for games where it matters less, like Hearthstone, which ironically I think still might be region softlocked? Like, you can make an account of any region you want, but I think you play with people of that same pool. Maybe? I've never understood Hearthstone's servers. Anyway, in the vast majority of vases, region is incredibly important. It's why you see so much bitching from Oceanic players. Their servers have tiny populations and if they play with other regions their pings are fucking abysmal. So, for example, cross-play gives U.S. players a bigger practical userbase than the PS4. Meanwhile, in Japan, it really barely changes anything at all because the Xbox One has sold eight and a half units there.
  3. Actually, while that might be true for total userbase, when it comes to region, I think XBO+Switch beats PS4 handily in the U.S., for example. Let alone XBO+Switch+PC on games that aren't shooters.
  4. There's one feature I want to cater to Westerners: A story worth caring about! Square hasn't been concerned with that in a long time.
  5. I wonder, are veteran coders still doing things the old fashioned way because that's how they learned? I know that's a massive issue in Japanese development, where senior devs would hoard techniques and stuff to stay relevant and not teach newcomers anything, but also wouldn't know modern techniques and I assume that's what lead to a lot of janky ass Steam ports, as one example. Seems like keeping your skillset relevant would take some time and effort. Again, just as a guess from someone who has lightly brushed up against this, not actually worked in any dev environment.
  6. The fact that they toss around the idea of 60 FPS becoming some kind of norm next-gen as a realistic possibility that any person should reasonably expect is fucking hilarious. The games are gonna be filled with effects, sub-30 FPS and checkerboarded to shit, and Digital Foundry will keep telling us "it almost looks as good" just like they always do. Developers will continue to choose bells and whistles over literally anything else.
  7. Even in a super basic coding tutorial I did to make a little Breakout clone, you could double click on anything and it would highlight all instances of that term. If you started to type anything, if it matched existing terms, you could just select it from there, which always seemed faster than typing it outright, even for people like me who are quick typists. Did they just stop doing this? Were they in a huge rush? I imagine professional programming is a lot different than dinking around just to learn some basics, but I can't imagine not using incredibly helpful tools.
  8. Xbob42

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    You... love that? I can see not being bothered by it (I'm not), but how does one love it? It's just kind of a reminder that they didn't pay for full voice acting, because Square Enix is an indie company.
  9. Xbob42

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    As far as I know, only the Hunter characters talk in that accent. Everyone else is normal.
  10. Xbob42

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    I enjoyed the demo well enough, but nowhere near enough to justify the price tag. I'll let Gamefly decide when I play it! The prologue demo was at least more interesting to me than the first one, which put me to sleep before the first battle.
  11. There's tens of dollars being sent out via Paypal as we speak, a revolution is in motion!
  12. If you're wearing a tie, I automatically assume you're an idiot or a sucker.
  13. Xbob42

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    I haven't delved into the combat much myself, but I'm expecting a situation here where it's like Bravely default except I don't like the visuals... so worse than Bravely Default for me personally. So tired of Square Enix RPGs with shallow, pointless stories. And since I'm extremely put off by the weird art style rather than amazed by it, it doesn't even have that going for me. Is it really so hard for them to hire a few writers to come up with some really killer stories? It seems like every single RPG they've put out in the last decade and a half has had middling nonsense stories no one cares about, and as RPGs that's a huge bummer.
  14. Well, I think there's a couple things to remember in comparison to other, non-PUBG GAAS titles (non-PUBG because PUBG is unbelievably bad at updates and is its own special case of shitty): Fortnite is a fairly simple game with a single map, it's making ridiculous amounts of money, and it's built using an extremely mature game engine on top of an extremely mature game that this company owns. Fortnite didn't just pop up with Battle Royale, so I imagine they're able to be much more swift than your average developer. The game also wasn't ridden with terrible bugs upon release due to the aforementioned several thousand years in development that left the whole thing pretty damned stable. Even considering all that, Epic is doing great, but I wouldn't expect that kind of quick turnaround to become the norm elsewhere.