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  1. I'm always gaming with headphones so I guess I generally already know if an enemy is nearby, RE is pretty good about accurate sound so I rarely feel like anything has snuck up on me, but yeah for me I actually just enjoy that there's a bit of variety now with each RE. I was getting real worried after 5 and 6, but not with 7, RE2 and RE3 (although 3 got the short end of the stick, it still wasn't bad) it seems like a great time to enjoy RE no matter which style you like.
  2. Only had time to put in about 2 hours or so and got to the second area. Seems like a fun game, moves and controls nicely. Doesn't look amazing which is compounded by performance drops, but nothing too terrible. Doesn't really seem as incredibly difficult as people were making it out to be so far, but I'm enjoying it. The hardest part was honestly fighting with myself over that price tag. I really, truly did not expect this game to be $70, and if it weren't for this massive start of the generation drought, it probably wouldn't be. But here we are. Honestly the more I t
  3. I love both first and third-person RE, so there's no significant difference to me. To me, a huge ass character taking up 1/3rd of the screen doesn't magically make the game better, and the camera's so zoomed in it's not like you get a better view peripheral view, either. Always seemed like a kind of weird thing to get hung up about, but I guess I personally despise isometric viewpoints so maybe it's like that.
  4. Yeah are we using the same platform? Valve has done so much more for devs and consumers both than any of the console manufacturers. They've had better, more reliable features for FREE for years before any console adopted them (and charged for them to boot) -- Steam has been the storefront making the most advancements over the last decade by a country fuckin' mile and the consoles still lag behind by years in many regards.
  5. I really love Automata, I think it's a great game. But I think people oversell it a little bit which could lead to some disappointment. For one, it's still got a lot of Yoko Taro's... uhh... shall we say "design decisions," that are definitely considered flaws with Replicant. For example, the environments all look like low budget PS3 games. Yes, yes, they have a barren beauty to them, but they still kinda look like shit. Beyond that, the mandatory second playthrough feels almost identical to the first playthrough, which is really, really annoying. They finally change things up in t
  6. What they should instead of trying to integrate games onto the store (from a technical standpoint) is demolish their awful fucking store and just let people download a normal exe like everyone else. Windows Store apps are so terrible and closed off and despite it being their own fucking OS they seem to have more trouble than anyone just getting things working properly.
  7. How does this "shake up the PC industry?" No one gives a shit about the Windows store. Like actually nobody. Not exactly a high stakes move when they sell 12 copies a year.
  8. Gave this a shot. It's kind of absolutely terrible, but still gives a bit of nostalgic feel for that era of games.
  9. You'd think if Sony was willing to pay like $10 million to Capcom to keep RE7 from being on other VR platforms they'd be willing to pump a little money into next-gen exclusives.
  10. I personally don't care how many generations involve a shitty launch, you're selling me the new hotness, so have the fucking new hotness. I just can't imagine how we continually get the entire multi-year long development cycle of a new console, it being announced, usually around a year before it actually launches, and there being jack shit on launch and also for over 6 months after launch. You'd think Sony or MS would be making deals behind closed doors to make sure there's a healthy flow of next-gen titles, Nintendo at least usually has a few first-party things ready to go. They m
  11. Can we just have Biden talk about limiting CO inhalation? I think it's an experiment worth trying.
  12. Not quite, I just have most of them on PC so anything not an exclusive just really serves no purpose for me. I mainly just mean to say that the PS5 doesn't yet offer much that you can't get with what most of us already have, be it a PS4, Xbox 1, or a decent PC. Nice to have one, for sure, but not yet essential.
  13. Plenty to play, very little to play that you can't get elsewhere, including on a PS4. And if you haven't bought a new console in that long... a slightly shorter wait is hardly gonna kill ya.
  14. I'm just reminding them that they shouldn't feel too bad about not having one right now. It really has been months of nothing.
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