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  1. That would not be consistent with any other betas I've played, either, but possible I guess.
  2. Crossplay would have zero impact on whether or not to cap something. Call of Duty is all crossplay, and is not capped. Fortnite as well, along with just about any crossplay game.
  3. I did the tutorial and played a match. For some reason it's capped at 60 FPS on PC, which looks surprisingly choppy when you're used to higher, but whatever. Beyond that, while it seemed really interesting initially, a lot of the game seemed to involve people stunlocking each other until they died? Like some dude with a sword could just keep knocking you down over and over, with the evade stuff helping you up what felt like only sometimes, even when you had stamina left? The game is weirdly quiet, with no music and very quiet and sporadic sound effects, character movement feels incredibly slow for the kind of action they're selling, even your mount moves like 50% too slow. I dunno what it is with games like this and having players move like molasses, but Overwatch, as has been used as a comparison here, did not need to artificially slow you down in this way. In any case, we easily won because the enemy healer was awful, and I took the brunt of our deaths as our healer because as I said, seems pretty easy to lock someone down unless you get a conga line of other people knocking your attackers down, but even then my team knew to fall back and wait for me once I was down, so that was good. One of the enemy teammates left about 2 minutes before the match ended and never got replaced, so that had to suck for them. When we all stuck together we were basically invincible, but I dunno how I feel about a game that's so centered around locking someone down. I much prefer slows/snares, etc to just not being able to play once you're out of stamina and can't get out of stuns anymore. It legit seemed like at least one of the character's basic moveset was activating a knockdown on every hit, but maybe that was a bug or I misread what was happening.
  4. I expanded upon it for you, so you can grease it up with marketing speak. In any case, reading critiques of things you think are fine is optional, so it's all good.
  5. Weasel marketing 101. The escalating tiers of optionality. This bullshit battle pass I'm selling you is optional. It doesn't affect you. This loot box of trash I'm selling you is optional. It doesn't affect you. The game itself is optional, it doesn't affect you. Please just either buy it or never criticize it. Everything's optional. Save that basic bitch defense for someone who cares. In case you don't get it: The game shoving shit into my face to buy every time I load it up (it loads up pointing to packs I can buy) is something I don't like, and as such is inherently a negative effect. But that's the minor part, the major part that most definitely isn't "optional" is the infectious nature of "optional" bullshit that has wormed its way into 95% of games. I can't opt out of the influence shit like battle passes have on the industry, and feeling like you're missing out on something and that you don't have the full experience every time you log in isn't optional. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum of how it does or does not influence you, that is exactly why it sells. That's why all the sales have timers on them and why we have "seasons," to encourage you to play longer which exponentially increases the chances of you buying more shit from the shop on top of your battle pass. That it's "optional" is a flimsy justification that ignores the fact that some people just want to buy a fucking game and have that be the end of it. Sell me a goddamn complete product.
  6. Oh, then kindly fuck off entirely and in perpetuity. Gross. Why do you need a live service model to keep a player base consistently engaged when you sell a new game every year? The entire concept is fucking idiotic.
  7. Ah yes, a battle pass AND a store with even more DLC to purchase. Good point! At least they don't have you publicly opening loot boxes anymore, I guess, but that hardly counts for me. Aggressive monetization only gets more and more aggressive. They push a little bit farther every single time unless they receive unprecedented pushback, which is extremely rare. You might say they push it so far that they actually get people to defend dumb shit like Battle Passes because it's "not as bad." It's not segregating the community anymore, neat! But it only segregated the community because that's what they decided, so they've "solved" a problem they artificially created. And you're not a marketing executive, stop throwing the word "optional" around like it means anything. Fuck off with that shit.
  8. Hey what if they made paid DLC that didn't segregate the community? It's almost like they create problems and then sell you stupid solutions.
  10. I just can't fathom them being able to end it on a satisfying note. The end of Midgar was a fight against a fucking battle bot. You'd better be able to carry your save data over, too. I wonder... do they even include the battle bot fight? I feel like a much more appropriate ending would be taking on the Shinra President, then doing the motorcycle segment with no boss fight as the credits roll. Still nowhere near the wild concept of having the entire story you're telling in one package, but at least less of a wet fart. Seriously, that boss was dumb.
  11. Well, yes, they sell. People love technical showcases. But I don't think it's too wild to expect a game based primarily around story to minimize things like major plot holes or make motivations clear and sensible. Or just make the world make some sort of sense? Like, in Detroit for example, the only way to know if someone's an android without, like, chopping them up I guess, is their giant glowing thing on their head... but they can also just take that thing out without any hits to functionality? So they can literally just become basically humans and no one in that universe had any other way (at least up to where I got, I did not finish it as I only rented it) to be like, yo, what if they take off their things that tells us they're an android? And if the only way to tell if they're an android is a beeping light, why are people racist to them again? I think it was about jobs? But if robots do all the jobs then no human should need a job so why would you be on strike to get a job? At some point for society to survive when no jobs are available... no one would be required to do a job to survive or purchase things, because that's stupid. I'm sure at least some of these have some sort of explanation at some point (I think the last thing I asked would've been answered early on, I think it was still fairly early in the Androids-doing-human-jobs thing so it wouldn't have fully transitioned yet, but even then you have to plan for these things and not just let all the humans starve, fucking duh!) but early on it was just question after question of this weird ass world where nothing made sense and I was expected to just not think about it, but also think REALLY DEEPLY about it because David Cage thinks he's an auteur. I'm no expert on Detroit because I didn't get through it, but I could bitch to you all day about how Heavy Rain falls apart once the killer is revealed and retroactively destroys half the story you just played, and I will! Don't make me! I'll do it! Indigo Prophecy was a much more bombastic sort of falling apart, but in a really dumb way that I found much more enjoyable because it was total schlock. That kind of mood and atmosphere felt much more appropriate for the level of storytelling. Now they've amped up the fidelity to damn near top-tier but the writing staff doesn't seem to have learned a thing. Well, at least all the actors don't sound like European people pretending to be American anymore like at the start of Heavy Rain.
  12. A cornerstone of the visual novel genre (at least, good ones) is making an excellent story that makes sense, is engaging, captivating and, once again, is coherent. Not a plot hole riddled mess with nonsensical character motivations and twists for the sake of twists. I can't picture anyone playing the Zero Escape Series or even Steins;gate and then a David Cage game and thinking "Boy these sure told equally good stories." If David Cage and his team were capable of actually telling a single coherent story I'd be all over that shit. But they go for visuals and bombastic drama over nuances and detail. I mean, they get the visual detail and "looking at little bits of the environment" down just fine, but not in a meaningful way that makes the plot better, at least they never have for me.
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