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  1. Is it time for this franchise to finally die like every other Activision hit property? Boy I hope so!
  2. Great, can't wait to see it look 50% as good in 7 years.
  3. Now imagine that but you move Knack around with a handcrank while on the shitter!
  4. Don't act too uppity, guys, most of you threw down several times the cost of this on a PS4 and Knack at launch.
  5. I'd much rather we have the industry self-regulate... if the industry were how it was in the 90s. Back then they figured out that they needed to make the ESRB to avoid government intervention. Now the ESRB is actively defending unlimited access to what is essentially a slot machine (literally designed to look and feel like one) to kids and adults with no oversight whatsoever. At some point someone's gonna say hey guys, what the fuck are you doing?
  6. The gaming industry has had years and tons of warning rumblings and have done abso-fucking-lutely nothing but defend this bullshit. I will 100% accept a price increase over this bullshit.
  7. Gambling is a heavily regulated industry for a reason. This is very much gambling except they somehow made it even shittier for the consumer, since you can't ever actually win anything of value. Which you'd think would be a deterrent (and in fact is how many places define gambling, whether you can cash out, which at this point is a distinction without a meaningful difference in regards to the conversation, in my opinion), but it turns out when you pray upon people who are psychologically predisposed (not just kids) to be vulnerable to these kinds of mechanisms, whaddaya know, the ability to win something of value isn't the draw or what keeps them addicted. And I hope everyone can skip the bullshit argument about weak wills or whatever. This stuff either works on you or it doesn't. But the ones it works on it works HARD, and willpower has got jack shit to do with it. Psychological manipulation like this is the result of decades, if not centuries of finding just the right buttons and levers to pull in the heads of certain people to get them to spend it all for your rigged bullshit. If it didn't work, they wouldn't do it. If it was a matter of willpower... well, most of you shits can't even stop yourself from pre-ordering games so don't get on too high of a horse. I'm very glad I have absolutely no desire to get any of this crap. It holds zero appeal to me. ...claw machines, on the other hand, are a fatal weakness. Luckily I only ever have a couple bucks cash on me and almost none of them take cards.
  8. I'm actually genuinely interested. Seems weird and stripped back enough that devs can focus on making fun experiences. The visuals based on the gifs seem like a real screen and not some Tiger Electronics shit. Seems a little pricey I guess, but it also comes with 12 games made specifically for it, and I like the concept of getting a new game each week. The crank isn't for charging, it's an alternate control input, which seems like it could be fun. I'm big on little additions like that so long as they're not the focus of the system, which it sounds like it's not.
  9. Do you even know what the word entitled means? They're not entitled to my money. I am very entitled to demand more bang for my buck. That's how capitalism works, ya dope. If you like it, good for you! Go fuckin' buy it and play it already.
  10. "Why can't you just suck it down like the rest of us?" God forbid we ask for more bang for our buck. Gamers truly are the worst consumers.
  11. The only reason it's not realistic is because gamers love bad deals. Go buy a Seinfeld box set and see how many seasons they randomly pick and choose. Oh, wait, you buy the collection and get the whole collection. I could understand a cutoff date to keep it to "classics" if they're still actively selling any of the modern games, otherwise it's all just ROMs, and if they want my money, they've gotta offer more. A series of smaller collections of (COMPLETE) groups of certain games, like the handheld games, the 2D console games, and the 3D games, sure. But on top of that, also include an option for a full collection, like buying a season of a show vs. buying the complete box set.
  12. I'd say any time you convert your valid-in-perpetuity cash to expires-in-one-year vouchers, it's a pretty bad way to spend money, especially if your plan relies on something being released within that window and also being added to the list. If it didn't have an expiration date, I'd feel much better about it. Release dates and video games are notoriously unreliable. But you can bet the expiration for this voucher isn't.
  13. You guys still playing this shit? How? It's so fucking boring. I just can't get over how boring it is to actually play. It's really solidly built, and very pretty. And even has some varied locales. But Jesus fucking Christ is it boring to actually play the actual video game. It's so milquetoast, so unbelievably bog standard. I think I was only able to tolerate hitting the level cap because having actual content was a real novelty coming hot off the heels of Anthem.
  14. I love how all these "collections" aren't actually proper collections, just a handful of games, filled with garbage or side-games. Gimme all the games. All of 'em. Or don't bother. I can fucking emulate all of them very easily and probably more accurately, so at least incentivize me by giving me the good shit all in one package. They're only charging $20 anyway, so just gimme everything for $60.
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