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  1. Looks like we got another Paper Mario with no battle-based progression. No experience or other similar rewards from battle, just coins. Outside of basic jump/hammer, all weapons have durability/are consumable. I'm hoping this isn't another Color Splash. I fucking despised that game. At least this time around we get an infinite basic attack, so that's good. Going against the grain just for the hell of it is not on its own good or innovative design. But I'm holding out hope that it'll be better than Color Splash in terms of actual fun. Using attacks in Color Splash was a tedious orgy of extraneous trash. As long as I can keep earning now core abilities or other fun gameplay additions over time, I'll be fine. And as long as the world isn't just an army of palette-swapped Toads. Oh, and no luck-based rock-paper-scissors arena mini-game. Yuck.
  2. I told them that anyone asking for third-person was not only just a troll, but actively hated Resident Evil.
  3. Needs a wall run. City seems designed for it, but if one is in I didn't notice it. Shooting feels loose and kind of weird. Dunno what it is about Battle Royale games and inferior gunplay but it's becoming a really tired trend. Turning into a ball and bouncing around like an idiot was good dumb fun.
  4. Sure I do. Or rather, we do. Individually our $60s are definitely worth less, but simultaneously there are multitudes more of us buying games, so there's far more money to be made. In any case, I think it's good consumer practice in general to make a stink whenever someone asks you for more without offering more, or offering anything that you actually want. The absolute worst outcome is that you still pay whatever dumbass extra money they're asking for, or if enough people make a stink, you save $10+tax on each full price purchase for another few years. There's no losing.
  5. Outside of Sony first-party titles and I guess CDPR, just about every AAA title "abuses" the $60 value proposition. I dunno what list of AAA titles you guys are playing that aren't absolutely littered with this garbage, but they are the vast majority, not some little abuser's corner.l
  6. The value proposition is poor not because of any one issue, but because of myriad issues. And it's not just "game + season pass." It's "game + season pass + battle pass + cosmetic purchases + loot boxes (less common now) + DLC packs (many not included with season passes) + expansion packs + boosters + every game using its own currency so you can only buy the currencies in set chunks that never really line up with actual purchases so you always have just enough left over that it "seems like a waste" to leave that much left over" There is no value anymore, not when you look at the grand scheme of things. Why even charge me $60 for the game when I can buy literally unlimited amounts of "content" in so many games? When adding up all your DLCs and coming up to several hundred dollars, what's even the point of charging for the base game? They're devaluing their own games with their digital goods that cost almost nothing to produce and literally cost nothing to provide infinite amounts of, but cost more than the game by several orders of magnitude in many cases. So I say again: I would be pretty okay (but not delighted) with a $10 price hike if all the excessive disgusting, exploitative and worthless bullshit I listed above was guaranteed to be removed. But not only will it still be there, we can also expect a price hike on that stuff as well. $10 for a Battle Pass? Pfft, that's chump change. It's 2022, it's $25 for a Battle Pass now baby! $10 was way too cheap anyway, you guys were basically ripping us off. But because we're benevolent corporate abusers, we've increased them from 100 to 200 tiers. Oh, no, of course you don't get more progress per tier, but our tier skips are on sale for just 50% more than their baseline price a year ago! Never give them a fucking inch. They've been taking an inch every day for over a decade. Let them defend their own practices, we don't need to do it for them.
  7. That isn't what I meant by barebones. I meant you get the barebones version. There's already $70, $80, $90, $100 versions of games. And even those don't come with everything. Stop defending this farce as even vaguely logical or truthful.
  8. Except they don't cost $60. These days $60 is the barebones entry ticket. No one was sitting around buying Resident Evil 4's Mercenary Mode and a battle pass that unlocked hats for Leon. Again, if $60 got you all the content the game had on offer sans big expansions, and there were no other monetization efforts, sure, inflation makes sense. But that's not the reality of it. Every other big game has unlimited earning potential from each individual consumer now.
  9. Sounds like you just want to cover your pizza in salt. I have a recommendation.
  10. Uhh, I dunno where you got "insane detail" but that was a 10 minute tips and tricks video for the basic flow and function of combat. The features they're bringing do sound neat, harden in particular, which no one has disputed. But the entire time I was just watching the animations and... something about the camera moving when doing combos and it made me even more worried. Nothing I've seen from anyone has made me think the combat has a good flow to it or that the animations aren't a problem. In fact, seeing more of the details about harden makes me think they did this intentionally so that you'd be forced to use harden mid-combo to negate attacks, which seems like the absolute wrong way to go about it. You guys can be as excited as you want about this, no one's stopping you, but slow and clunky combat animations remain my #1 concern by far.
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