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  1. Right? I've never seen people be so excruciatingly obtuse. There's more selling points to the Lite than just "it's $100 cheaper." I like a smaller form factor! But I like docking! There is now no Switch product that meets those absolutely reasonable needs, and somehow I'm the asshole for calling Nintendo out.
  2. Here's a scenario since apparently this is mind-bendingly complex for some of you: Kid gets a Switch Lite because it's cheaper. Kid makes some new friends. Kid wants to play Mario Kart with his friends on a screen suitable for multiple people. Kid is told to go fuck himself because the market decided that the exclusion of the ability to dock was a desirable --nay, mandatory!-- choice and totally made sense. Or how about this wild scenario: Dude gets a Switch but finds it's bad at actually being portable. Dude sees new Switch that's much better at being portable, and will happily sell his old Switch for this new one (hope no one arguing this point likes physical games "because you can sell them") but has bizarrely destroyed the features its very name and marketing are based upon.
  3. I think it's a bad decision because it removes a key feature for seemingly no benefit. Where is the upside? Attached joy-cons I can see an upside, even if it goes against the nature of the console. Being undockable? That's just losing features for no discernible reason. Unless this fucking thing is absolutely jam-packed to every millimeter (which it likely won't be, considering my phone is dramatically smaller and more powerful) of case, I can't see it being a cost issue in terms of either price or real estate. To me, it's the same as the online multiplayer in Mario Maker 2 being shitty garbage (not being able to play with friends, the lag, not being able to just have a list of friend's stages, using long ass codes, etc) because they refuse to grow with the times. They just do shit seemingly at random and I refuse to ever give them the benefit of the doubt, because they have yet to earn that. They do well because they have good ideas that appeal to lots of people, trying to make the foundational stuff they're behind on better is not antithetical to what makes them popular and successful.
  4. Another thing I don't understand is the endless desire to defend blatantly dumb decisions by companies like Nintendo. What do you get out of it? What's the end game? I want this fucking thing to be dockable, and no amount of justification or retroactive explanation of the device's purpose is going to make me okay with the fact that it doesn't. In voicing my complaints, I hope that others who have the same point of view may also express those concerns and that Nintendo eventually hears that it's a desirable feature that people want and that they can engineer a future solution to meet my needs. It won't fix this one, but maybe it'll play some tiny part in helping fix the next one, and with Nintendo, there's ALWAYS a next one. I get it, some of you are perfectly fine with this. That's great! Neither of us benefit from you explaining to me that, yes, Nintendo DOES in fact make money, therefore cannot be wrong and couldn't have made superior decisions to potentially make even more money. I'm sure excluding the docking feature has sold so many extra Switch Lites... right? Oh, wait, missing features aren't selling points? And don't tell me none of you boys would want a clamshell version you could feel a lot better about putting in your pocket. Clamshells are where it's at for devices like this. I never felt safe putting a Vita in my pocket.
  5. I won't be getting one at all because it doesn't meet my needs. Why the fuck does everyone act like we as consumers are supposed to give a crap about a company making money as though it proves a point? I was very clearly talking in terms of my personal preferences. Oh man, it'll probably sell a whole bunch, that means I should like it I guess! Better head out and buy some Jojo Siwa albums! Nintendo selling a bunch of units does not mean they've made good decisions from any standpoint but dollar signs, which not a single person here should care about in any way unless they have significant stock in the company. Having a shitty online service, for example, is not excusable by there being a lot of Switches sold. God, I hate the default mindset we have as what, a nation? A species? To automatically assume wealth means great decisions were made, which if you couldn't tell from the tone of this reply, happens to be a way bigger point of contention for me than Nintendo shitting it up yet again.
  6. Just a couple years in and Nintendo's already fucking things up with their weird alternative SKUs that literally destroy the entire selling point and namesake of the console. You can't "Switch" it, either with joy-cons or by switching from handheld to docked. Awesome! Might be less of a big deal if it didn't literally break functionality with multiple games. But hey, I'm sure the functionality to dock the fucking thing added at least 25 cents to the dev costs, so why not get rid of it? The joy-con thing isn't as big of a deal, except you'll need a second pair for shit like Pokemon Let's Go (which is a fantastic game) because the dipshits decided to limit control schemes to a single joy-con, detached, or that Pokeball controller. And at that point if you want to play games like that they've killed the point of making it handheld only as you're now carrying extra bullshit just to make some games playable, with some still not being playable at all since they REQUIRE docked mode. Had it been exactly the same as what they've shown except I could also dock it, it'd be a no-brainer for me. Almost... I'd still prefer a clamshell design, but a more portable Switch is what I've been asking for, but not at the cost of core functionality for no apparent reason. I can't imagine the hardware required to allow you to dock it is wildly expensive, but everything about this announcement is just disappointment after disappointment for me. Standard modern Nintendo. They almost get there then trip at the finish line and fall into a spike pit.
  7. No. You don't get it. This is his entire shtick. It's not about defending him. This is how he gets attention and makes money. He won't give a fuck if he broke the law, people break laws all the goddamn time. If he's making that money and bringing in viewership and outrage clicks, that's good enough for him. If people want him to "learn a lesson," they need to stop giving this kind of thing non-legal attention. But hey, far be it from us to have a day without some dumbass internet bullshit to be outraged over. Not like there's anything else going on that's more pressing. But he's the one who must learn a lesson.
  8. Learn what lesson? He's fucking called Dr. Disrespect for crying out loud.
  9. I don't need a search engine to understand that Aldi's is a grocery chain, anyone could gather that from context. My point wasn't literally me asking what it was, but showing that we do not have Aldi's here. Also these were on sale for $5 at Safeway today, so I'll come back with results. I think I've had these a few times before and my impression was that they were basically just a frozen pizza that wasn't yet frozen. Unlike a proper take and bake place where it's a "proper" pizza that you cook at home. The way I differentiate is a real pizza will have 800 pounds of cheese, which I love, while frozen pizzas will have someone with half a bag of shredded cheese being very stingy with the good stuff. But again, when it's generally 1/2 the price or cheaper (and faster, since I live across the street from a grocery store) then I don't care all that much.
  10. What the fuck is an Aldi's? Those same styles of pizza go for like $9.99 at Safeway. I mean, I can get them cheaper at Walmart, but I literally live across the street from Safeway, so...
  11. Dude I dunno where you live that you're getting these prices but please refer me to these places.
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