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  1. I play with controller, but I did do a hunt using KBM when I forgot to connect my controller. It actually controlled very well and all the menus were very responsive to using a mouse, which sounds like a super basic thing, but with Japanese console ports, sometimes the mouse doesn't even work in menus, or works in really stupid ways like moving the mouse down selects the next item as though you were using a D-Pad, with no cursor. That one's always fun. Anyway it seemed very well done here and if I start using any ranged weapons I will definitely play with KBM.
  2. I mean the roll attack he does where he appears to do a normal roll that leads into two attacks that he spams over the course of that fight. Either I don't know that button combo or I don't have that skill yet. He uses it quite a bit so I imagine there's good reason for that. Also good to see Hunting Horn finally get some love, depending on the game it can either be incredibly weak or just outright not be included, despite being my favorite weapon by far. At least in terms of concept.
  3. Oh I'm aware of the extra wirebugs and how to get them, just wish 3 was the default. Feels so much better than two. I appreciate the advice about roars. My problem isn't not being able to roll through them, it's just I get irritated when they interrupt me when I'm already doing something. I honestly just consider them an annoyance. Thanks for the video, by the way, good to know I'm mostly playing Hunting Horn kind of correct in an aggressive sense. I don't believe I have that weird roll attack he keeps doing, though... Unless I just haven't been using it. Kind of looks like a Switch Attack that I don't have yet. I'm nowhere near on that guy's level yet, but at least I now know I'm not going in the wrong direction!
  4. I specifically didn't buy it on Switch because starting World over after like 70+ hours just ruined the game for me, couldn't even get into Iceborne. This game is a lot of fun so far, just unlocked 5 star hunts, game honestly seems super easy so far, have been steamrolling everything first try despite being a low DPS hunting horn main playing solo for the most part, which is unusual. I'm glad the game spends a lot less time with the slow shit. I do wish games like this had a "just tell me what's new" tutorial mode for everyone super familiar with the basics. I hate every single character, so the story is about on par with other MH titles in that I enjoy it a lot more when I skip it. My favorite character is my own since I made him look like a weeb samurai with a stoner voice. Love the wirebug stuff, wish you could use it to get out of roar stuns so I could finally play an MH title without worrying about this lame mechanic I've never liked. Ah well, least you can use it to get out of most other attacks and continue your onslaught. Should start with 3 by default though.
  5. Mmm... maybe. Sometimes demos like this are representative, oftentimes they are absolutely not.
  6. I hope they ignore the party element because trying to control a party in action games fucking sucks. Even in FF7R where they did it "best" it was still janky, awkward and felt like some side addition. At most let me assign some key party abilities to some buttons and activate them like they were my own, party switching and giving orders just doesn't work right with action games. At that point it's better to just make them co-op.
  7. With the silicon shortage I imagine they're having to really crack open a lot of those mid-2009 HP Envy 13s to get those sweet, sweet PS4 CPUs out.
  8. While I'm always for a good campaign, looking at the gameplay I can't imagine a campaign being anything but hot trash. Sometimes you can tell just by how a game feels that no one really designed it with a story mode in mind. Although if it was a fun old-school challenge mode style campaign that could be neat.
  9. Ah, finally, a shooter for people that don't have the reflexes of a frozen geriatric. Looks awesome. Hope it plays awesome! Sick of all these fucking corridor shooters with .2 second TTK so people who play like trash can feel like they're doing something.
  10. I've been putting tapatio in ramen for years... I assume this is like the same thing but an official version? Sliced cheddar melts real good into top ramen and makes for a slightly more filling (and much more flavorful) meal than just plain ramen. And if you want to get extra classy, some smoked, sliced brisket really fancies it up. I've had to eat top ramen so much over the course of my life, I feel like I've got a little recipe book of ways to make it less depressing. One time I had been eating nothing but top ramen for like 2 weeks straight (at work, so I was extra hungry) and the only thing we had left was ranch. It wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either. Definitely not a contender for a preferred way to eat it, though.
  11. Well in the original the Hell House was just a random enemy. It was added to this as a bit of... well, less an easter egg and more a big callback. First game had a lot of just strange enemy design. And yes, it was strange. It's a Final Fantasy game. They're all weird. Half the fun is seeing the weird shit. (Although it's not like... Hylics 2 weird or anything. Just a kind of familiar fantasy-themed weirdness.)
  12. I swear to Christ if I never hear another British reviewer bring up the term "immersion" in regards to MMOs...
  13. It being in early access was always kind of a sticking point for me. I really wanted to play it more as I had a ton of fun, but I'm to this day waiting for it to be complete.
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