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  1. I'm never immersed in stealth games to begin with because for stealth to work in games, enemies have to basically be blind. You ever try sneaking around in real life? Shit's hard, peoples' peripheral vision is insane. Stealth is like the cheesiest genre to me because it relies on all the human characters behaving nothing like actual humans. It's not as bad when you're in vents or can turn invisible or something, but when this counts as stealth: Then I just can't take it seriously. (Luckily Deathloop functions amazingly as a blow-the-fuck-out-of-everyone game!)
  2. Oh! Aim Down Sights. Console bullshit designed to slow down combat and make shooters less fun. Only exception is scoped weapons, of course.
  3. Paladin and White Mage (my mains) both look great, and Sage, which I also plan on playing, also seems dope! My wife is a Summoner main and those changes got her ALL excited. Basically a new class.
  4. Any attack/status effect that takes control away from the player. Hate it in single-player games, multi-player games, everything. It's especially awful in MMOs because instead of crafting interesting combat they're all about just chain stunning someone until they die. Super fun to be on the receiving end of that!
  5. On the flipside, I did a puzzle extremely early on that unlocked a set of legendary pistols while still in what was technically the tutorial. I think that should be mentioned: the game tells you when you're completely set free, so lots of stuff that would normally be open is closed off for the tutorial, even though it kind of stops feeling like a tutorial fairly quickly. After that it really seems less about "objectives" since they become much broader in scope, and more about unraveling how the world works. In that way it's a lot like Majora's Mask: information is your greatest tool. Seeing what happens at each step of each area reveals so many things you can do, including tons of secrets and side quests, like the Wake Up Game, for example. You might do something in one loop, then learn of a way you could alert where someone ends up a later time, so in your next loop instead of killing them you alter the world/solve a puzzle to force them to be in a different area later on during the same loop.
  6. Mmm, my favorite, delayed audio. Bluetooth sure is a blessing.
  7. Really? I've been going hog-wild and clearing out entire camps of people. The gunplay is fun as hell and the movement feels great. It's one of those games where the stealth is satisfying, but when you finally screw up and kick one too many guys over the railing and get caught, you don't say "Shit!" you say "Here we fuckin' go boys!" Got my first legendary weapon last night after spending quite a while solving a fairly long puzzle. If I was better at mapping places in my head it probably would've taken half the time, but I was very happy that I got such a cool reward for my efforts. I won't spoil the weapon (dunno if it's set in place) but despite not being my favorite type of weapon, it's really satisfying to use and has a unique look and feature that beats the shit out of the random awful guns in Borderlands, for example.c
  8. Yeah it's a single "old-school" element (i.e. still happens with the majority of JRPGs... so it never went away), but "very old fashioned" is something I certainly wouldn't expect this particular Tales games to be called, certainly not after the previous titles.
  9. FF7RE is built the exact same way in that it's very linear, nothing open about it. The battles take place in the same space but... so? I hardly see why that matters. Just means in Tales every battle will have a proper arena without shit getting in front of the camera or annoying unintended obstacles.
  10. Old-fashioned? That's how pretty much all JRPGs are. When you say old-fashioned I think of random encounters with turn-based combat.
  11. I don't know why people think "RPG" has to be synonymous with "plays like dogshit and is actively unfun," because that simply isn't the case. Divinity Original Sin is an RPG. Tales of Arise is an RPG. They both play amazingly well. KOTOR is a dysfunctional, clunky, ugly mess that I bet 99% of people without nostalgia (either for KOTOR specifically or games that play VERY similarly from the same era) have to fight to enjoy to any degree. A game can be an RPG and fun. It's possible! Bioware specifically was total dogshit at dealing with combat until Mass Effect Andromeda, which is also when they forgot how to do the rest of the video game properly, so I guess for them it really is an either/or.
  12. As someone who has failed to start the game like 7 times because literally everything about it plays like dated trash pulled from a janky dumpster fire, I respectfully disagree! It would be decades before Bioware began producing combat approaching anything other than "well at least the story's good."
  13. Weird of you to talk about how expensive the hardware is and then literally talk about how you don't care about being charged more. That $10 adds up fast if you do regular gaming. And the PC argument isn't about the price of the hardware. What the fuck does the price of my PC have to do with the price of a video game? It's the same exact software. Why is it $10 more? The PS5 costs over twice as much as the PS4... so shouldn't it also be cheaper according to this logic? Also Tales of Arise is $60 and you get the PS4 and PS5 version. Weird, it's almost like the $10 price hike is bullshit greed and doesn't need to be defended.
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