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  1. Can't decide between 4 and 7... but I'm starting to lean pretty strongly into 7. Been playing the series since the start, but while I enjoyed the older games, I never considered them really amazing or anything. 4 I played through many times, which is extraordinarily rare for me for any game of any genre (I just generally enjoy games far less after I've beaten them once, or rather I don't have the desire to play them again) -- but with 7 I played through it on Hard, and then on every other difficulty. Immediately. That's not only rare, I think that's the first and only time I've ever done that with any game, ever. With RE4 I replayed it a bit later on, and even when I do replay games, it's usually on a harder difficulty, but it was fun seeing it every different way on RE7 and I enjoyed each playthrough for different reasons, and got really fast at beating it. It just completely enthralled me. The RE2 demo did the same for me, it's only a 30 minute demo but I spent at least 4-5 hours tinkering with it using CheatEngine to see every bit of content and experimenting with everything. I was actually considering these facts the other day and while I don't think about "favorite games ever" too often outside of my default answer of Chrono Trigger since the first time I played it, I think that title might actually be Resident Evil 7 now, and that's amazing to me, because 6 was a huge steaming pile of shit, and not just because it "wasn't a Resident Evil game." I do have to say, though, that that also got me thinking back on DmC, and I played through that on every single difficulty as well, including both one-hit death ones (Both where Dante dies in one hit but so do enemies, and where Dante dies in one hit but the enemies are normal) -- so that might be up there as well. Again, I'm a fan of the "real" DMC titles as well, but something about how smooth DmC played just made it a real joy in a way I never got from any other game in the series. Same with RE7, 4 was a massive evolution, but 7 just played so buttery smooth that it was just fun to fire the gun and see enemies react, which I hear a lot about Destiny (but never felt for myself) -- the same is true of the RE2 demo. The enemies can take a lot of punishment, but it controls so well and you blow off so much flesh it's just entertaining on its own.
  2. Xbob42

    Now that's an Oreo

    I don't get too many cookies in general, and prefer fresh ones, but if I do go store-bought I guess maybe Entenmann's?
  3. I can't for the life of me remember if I've ever actually played an Ace Combat game. Dogfighting games, if I remember correctly, were much more popular during the PSX era, whether terrestrial or in space. I remember playing a few different ones and them being so mind-bendingly boring that I have never had an interest in the genre since. They always seemed so mechanically simple and visually uninteresting. Lots of shitty looking ground, regular machine gun fire, lock-on missiles, maybe some flares to get enemy missiles off, fancy maneuvers if it was a higher-end game... Was Ace Combat any different? I'm willing to give the genre another try if there's actually something to it now. I'm specifically talking about the gameplay, I can just Youtube a weird/goofy story. EDIT: Goddamn, typing this up is just bringing back bad memories of really unclear or vague mission objectives, there'll be like a tiny ass train on some random part of the map that you're supposed to protect that you don't know about until it explodes and you have to do the thousand waves of fodder enemies again and then pray you protect the shitty little thing now that you know about it. I'm gonna vomit just remembering these types of missions.
  4. Xbob42

    Now that's an Oreo

    Oreos are so fucking bad at absorbing the right ratio of milk, and the nasty ass cream is basically a sealant, so you get a bit of cookie mush and then a thick, somehow nearly greasy(???) layer of gross ass cupcake frosting with a completely different moisture level, it's just a crime against taste!
  5. Xbob42

    Now that's an Oreo

    I'm just not a fan of this type of cookie! In fact I might be a little old lady, because my favorite cookies are oatmeal raisins. I fucking hate chocolate chips, which we're not talking about, but I just wanted to get that out there. Nasty ass hard little gross chocolate chips. FUCK THAT. I want a SOFT cookie. The only good chocolate chips are fresh out the oven when they're molten chocolate. Otherwise GET THAT SHIT OUTTA HERE. I have very little to say on the topic of Oreos and cookies like Oreos because they're just weird to me. Their popularity baffles me and makes me clutch my pearls.
  6. Xbob42

    Now that's an Oreo

    While I think Oreos are awful cookies and the cream is disgusting, this is called KNOWING YOUR TARGET DEMO.
  7. The windows that the zombies bust through on a regular basis most definitely aren't bulletproof and you can't shoot through those, either!
  8. I don't think it makes sense for a remake. It's a remake, not a remaster. You can walk through doors casually now, as can zombies. I consider the loading door animations to be more "sacred" to classic RE design than... what, not being able to break stuff? I hope you can in the final release. Not being able to doesn't feel like a throwback, it feels like someone forgot to add it in.
  9. Reposting the video from above: Zombies can move AND attack with all four limbs shot off! The attention to detail on some of this stuff is great. Some misses here and there (like not being able to shoot through glass?) but you can't win 'em all!
  10. This is getting embarrassing to read. No one cares about that dude and his bad videos. Let's instead talk about this good game! At least I hope it's good. The demo sure was.
  11. ??? Last I checked, Netflix had like 137 million subs. $11 x 137,000,000 = 1,507,000,000 Per MONTH
  12. Despite being a big fan of the series, Grasshopper, and Suda 51, Jim could barely talk about this game for more than like 3 minutes before he was out of stuff to talk about and went into a lengthy chat about Count Duckula.
  13. A loot game with boring loot again? I'll pass. The loot in the first game ruined it. You're making a fucking video game, PUT SOME STYLE AND FLAVOR INTO IT.