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  1. Xbob42

    General Gaming Holy $#1T Hollow Knight

    Fuck Hallow Knight, I gotta play this "Symphony of the Knight" this dude's talking about!
  2. It's the hottest of trash. It would be a bad movie, which is unfortunate, because it doesn't qualify as a video game. What is it? It's David Cage taking a hot shit right on your face. Pissing all over your intelligence, and insulting the very concept of writing and subtlety. Man, I gotta host my own alternative version of the Game Awards, I'll be the video game version of Alex Jones!
  3. Celeste was fan-fuckin'-tastic. Sublime gameplay. On the other hand, some overproduced bullshit like RDR2 is the direction I absolutely don't want games headed in. Unfun, sluggish gameplay where there's literally 11-12 dead frames from the second you slam your stick in any direction and literally ANYTHING happening on-screen. Pretty and Hollywood-y and not much else, aside from typical open-world jankery that's slightly more funny because of how good the game is visually. They somehow made their newest game significantly less responsive than their last, and boy howdy the shit people will eat because it looks purdy or because of some schmaltzy-ass Rockstar story stolen straight from Hollywood. I was leaning on RDR2 being a "good" game for a while, but the more I play it, the more I think it's just legitimately terrible. The art and production values don't just do all the heavy lifting, they do all the lifting, period.
  4. Obra Dinn only nominated for art direction and "best indie game"? Man, the story in that game has hooked me more than any of the top-tier schlock we've had this year. Fucking Detroit? It's okay that you like shitty garbage, but don't try to convince us it's chocolate.
  5. Xbob42

    Nintendo Pokémon: Let's Go Reviews

    If I recall correctly, there's totally normal battles, but you catch Pokemon by seeing them and then catching them in non-combat ways. Which is fine by me, Pokemon battles against NPCs are ridiculously easy, having to fight wild ones was just tedious and only a challenge in the very early parts of Nuzlocke runs where you impose strict limitations upon yourself.
  6. I'm very excited about this. RNG bothers me less and less the more "bigger scale" strategy I'm actually in control of, or if the RNG takes effect at, say, the start of a turn, rather than simply when an action occurs. (i.e. I get +2 damage at the start of my turn, rather than my attack randomly doing 2 more damage.) I do hate a lot of the RNG in Hearthstone, but that's because it feels ENTIRELY based around RNG, and with only a single hero and 30 HP, a single bad RNG on some piece of shit mob on turn 2 can snowball into ruining the entire match. It feels awful. On either side. I know some folks are happy with a "win no matter what" kind of experience, but I like winning because I played better, winning because I got lucky and no other reason always just feels shitty and fake. Like a mechanic so that people who suck can occasionally feel the "thrill" of winning. We'll see, all I've seen so far of the game is that early gameplay footage a while back and Kripp's video rating some heroes. I'm trying to go in with as little info as possible. I haven't found a card game I've hated yet, which I guess makes me glad I never got into Magic, or else I wouldn't be able to afford video games.
  7. What do you mean by this? Are you saying the empty ass boring desert world of The Phantom Pain was somehow interesting or fun to explore?
  8. Hopefully it'll have a less boring fucking world than The Phantom Pain.
  9. I'm not really sure what it's on, considering it just says this: Platform: Windows 8
  10. ...because MS launches their stuff on PC as part of their play anywhere initiative so "losing an exclusive" to PC isn't a big deal?
  11. Xbob42

    General Gaming RIP in Peace, Prima Games

    I've never used a guide and honestly have no idea how they were ever so popular. Are these fucking things the reason y'all are so OCD about finishing and 100%ing every game? I mean, I've checked a FAQ here and there if I'm utterly stuck, and I remember calling the Nintendo hotline once as a kid, but getting guides with new games? Why? Besides collector's value, I guess. I think I remember someone saying they liked the art and presentation of the good ones, which I can get behind.
  12. I kill in the most boring ways possible, and thus have had no memorable assassinations.q