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  1. Oh, that much is definitely true. They appear to be in over their heads in many ways. I do feel bad for them having to make Pokemon forever, but like I said, get a new team and have them trained by the current Pokemon veterans while they work on projects they've been dreaming up for two decades. I'd be happy to see them trying more games like Little Town Hero even if it wasn't great, taking chances is something I approve of, far more than sticking with the same formula forever. You know, I had no idea they used separate models for shinies, that makes what they said about remaking each Pokemon from scratch despite having identical models to the 3DS versions (like, wireframes overlapping perfectly identical, no changes at all) make a little more sense. Now I'm just picturing some dude printing out a wireframe of the 3DS model and recreating it instead of importing it or something.
  2. I imagine their output could be of significantly higher quality and with mainline games coming more often if they didn't constantly make remakes of older titles or re-releases with middling additions. On the other hand, they could expand their team and spend some of the tens of billions of dollars the franchise makes them, or even make one or more additional teams to handle the mid-cycle games, if they don't already. They not only made Little Town Hero at the same time as Sword and Shield, they apparently were far more interested on working on that since it wasn't Pokemon, which I can easily see them being sick to death of making. Worryingly, Little Town Hero also sucked ass, so maybe they just don't have the chops?
  3. Looks like a Chinese bootleg of Counter-Strike. No thanks.
  4. Success is really good at teaching companies that they don't have to make a better product. We see it time and time again with long-running franchises. It makes sense from Game Freak's perspective; do less work, still make insane money. But any fan using sales numbers to defend inferior design is always just really sad. If you're gonna defend a lesser product, at least own some shares in the company so your position makes some sort of sense.
  5. You're forgetting the part where this is you doing what is basically a feint on your own terms, meaning you should be using your big human brain to be moving out of the way at the same time, I imagine it'd be a surprisingly simple move, move forward like you're going in for the bind, flick on and off, keep walking forward as you were, directly past the opponent on the side, so you keep your form, momentum, etc so you're not giving away your strategy via body language. Basically you'd just step forward and to the side. I'm no sword expert, though, that's just how a lot of sword techniques work. Give away as little as possible while doing as much as possible. Indeed, sadly I mean for the main films!
  6. Hmm, have your blade essentially phase through the enemy's weapon on your own terms without them expecting it, how could that possibly benefit you? Better just keep them in the bind as you push on each other for 8 minutes, no way that could backfire! That's a solid tactic! Hell, you could turn off your lightsaber the moment the enemy expects them to clash and then you've just done fucked 'em up.
  7. How do they tie in not flicking your lightsaber on and off when two lightsabers are in a bind to bypass your enemy's defenses in terms of explanation? They don't! Like all Star Wars, nothing makes sense if you think about it for any amount of time whatsoever.
  8. I actually started to pay attention to respawn load times because everyone on console is talking about how long they are, and I notice even on PC+SSD they're far longer than usual, which still translates to only like 8-10 seconds but that's still WAY longer than most other games where we're talking 1-3 seconds. I imagine on console that difference is massively increased even further. I'm wondering if it's just optimization issues that can possibly be resolved. Most of the qualms I have with the game seem technical in nature, like the stuttering, which from what I've gathered is actually present on every single platform. People are reporting things like textures or even parts of the world not loading in, it seems more and more like they had to rush this out a little earlier than intended (polish is the last step after all) and I think that has caused significant issues in people being able to recommend this game. "It's good but the world doesn't load in sometimes, or the textures don't load in, and every time you die it's 45 seconds until it loads" -- each one on its own is a fairly annoying issue, altogether I can see it making a lot of people steer clear entirely until if and when these issues are resolved. The stuttering in particular seems to be getting worse with each patch instead of better. I'm actively not playing right now because it's starting to stutter in combat which is completely unacceptable to me. I have a sneaking suspicion the stuttering and long load times are related, but that could just be a thought I pulled out of my ass and nothing more. Anyone know why we at some point seemed to switch over from what seemed like a sensible respawn system from other games back in the day? I remember it used to be something like you'd be teleported to the spawn point, and all the enemies would reset to their positions and it'd just rollback any items and stuff you got. Why do we now seem to completely unload the world (I'm assuming here) and then reload it? It's not like there's destructible terrain or anything that needs to actually be reloaded. It's just numbers in your inventory and a few spawn locations. I'd love to be able to ask developers about specific issues like this because they always have really interesting and well-thought out answers because obviously they're far more aware of what they can do than we are, but it just seems so simple from the outside, and we've seen it the way I described above before, so what's changed? Why is simply loading from death now this huge, time-wasting affair of loading an entire world?
  9. I'm really curious as to the issues some of you are having with the combat. A few of the animal type enemies are annoying in that they read your inputs and automatically dodge backwards from basic attacks sometimes, but other than that it seems totally fine. What specific issues are you guys having? I'm just mowing through everything, you're so OP in this game, at least where I am. Maybe it gets way more annoying?
  10. Ah, you make the dangers of the Death Stranding world sound so much more interesting than they actually are. That's my main criticism of Death Stranding: Kojima takes a bunch of really interesting and seemingly cool shit and finds a way to make it unbelievably lame. Fending off an actual drunk homeless dude would be more exciting while delivering someone's dildos in real life.
  11. Can we get a second Kickstarter so they can hire a localization team that understands how to translate things in a way that makes sense for a given language?
  12. If you wanna talk about Shenmue being Shenmue, then you leave those stilted English voices on you ungrateful FUCKS. "Have you seen any sailors?" is part of our gaming lexicon, not "Sen'in o mita koto ga arimasu ka?"
  13. But I find it very fun to talk in-depth about games, what works and what doesn't. I don't find the actual game of Death Stranding to be very good at all. But how and why it's built the way it is is fascinating, and I enjoy having discussions with those that don't lose their shit and take dislike of their game as a personal affront.
  14. As a fan of Shenmue 1 (or fan-at-the-time, haven't played it since launch, and never got to 2) I am severely against the idea of the game being super dated intentionally. At launch, Shenmue was the most expensive and visually impressive/interactive game ever made. Its insane budget and tech were a huge draw and allowed them to create such a unique game. It wasn't very fun a lot of the time, but it was engrossing. As a Shenmue fan, the last thing I want is a hokey relic of a bygone era, I want this guy pushing limits like he used to. I get it - there wasn't the budget for that, but barring that, at least take the time to update the parts of the game that were actively unfun, being boring doesn't have to be a core of Shenmue's DNA for all eternity just because fans can't envision the game being a little more exciting. Take a couple bits from Yakuza as Yakuza took a few bits from Shenmue.
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