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  1. Your mom's gonna whoop your ass again and call you a bitch for holding a grudge against a video game, just make HER play it instead!
  2. And all the ones that are are almost exclusively just, like, regular guns. The most regular guns with the highest DPS. I remember that bugged me so much in Borderlands 2. There'd be all this wacky bullshit that did awful damage but was interesting gameplay wise. Then you'd get a machine gun that fired normal bullets and it'd wreck shop.
  3. Billions of guns, sevens of backpack slots. Why not just make your backpack as unlimited as possible? Seems like a weird, arbitrary limitation at this point.
  4. This kinda just makes me feel sorry for them. I get that some Karens have a face that looks like they're perpetually ready to kick you in the dick, but that's no reason to be paralyzing your face.
  5. I think the game is fantastic, when did I ever say I disliked it? The terrible performance is unusual for Nintendo and a big disappointment because it mars what would otherwise be a basically perfect remake. I'm getting the vibe that some of you here legitimately believe that if you enjoy a game you're not supposed to have any complaints about it, which is just absurd. And make no mistake, the performance issues aren't "a couple drops here and there," it's every. Single. Screen. People can talk about how they don't give a shit about performance all they want, but that doesn't magically make the nonstop halving of the FPS go away. Like I said, get the Pegasus boots and use them to explore the overworld. Enjoy as the controls constantly become unresponsive as vsync kicks on and off every two seconds.
  6. "Hey why don't you want to use this" "Here's why I don't want to use this" "Yeah but who cares about that" This fuckin' conversation, over and over.
  7. Or a bootleg PSN exclusive that runs in its own app store on your PS4 and is missing a bunch of features like cloud saves, and is known for having poorer security with your credit card info (which you'll have to be entering separately than your real PSN) and is an overall shittier store, also no parties or voice chat functionality. But hey, it's free, which means it's good! How else are you gonna buy the meme goose game?!
  8. Ugh. I can't get any good footage. I've wasted like an hour trying and I don't know why. If someone has the Pegasus boots and most of the overworld unlocked, just... just run around, run from the town into the woods, into the dead forest, into the swamp. Tell me how smooth it feels. Because it's just constant frame drops on mine. If you walk around slowly or stay on a screen for a long period of time, it's fine (until you transition or until the game randomly decides to chug) but Jesus, using the Pegasus boots is not as fun as it was on the 3DS, which is not a comparison I ever thought I'd make in the 3DS' favor, especially considering that pile of shit was outdated hardware when it was new!
  9. I'm not getting those huge stutters (so far) as much as I'm getting big frame rate drops. I took a minute and a half long video and like 80% of it was the frame rate just dying as I ran around the overworld.
  10. Yeah, I skipped around a couple times in your video and it was there EVERY SINGLE TIME I scrubbed to a new position. It's unacceptable. A drop of a few frames from like 60 to 50 is a little blip, but this is just the framerate being obliterated constantly. And it gets worse later as screens get busier and you start using the Pegasus boots to sprint through areas.
  11. Yes, but on literally every single screen of the game. It never stays at 60 (or however close to 60 it is, feels like 60 though) for more than maybe 15-20 seconds, tops. So the framerate is constantly cutting itself in half.
  12. Yes, it did, but boy is it tricky without anything to set my phone up on. Basically had to hold it with one hand and just run around with the other, fell into a pit twice just because I couldn't reach the jump button in time. I think by the end of the video it had drifted up to where you're only seeing half the screen. Real professional stuff here. I'll try again in a bit when someone can hold it for me or I can figure out how to prop it up to record from my monitor. Until them, I'm sure the Digital Foundry video probably covers it very well. This isn't some hard-to-find issue, it plagues every single screen of the game. Although I guess if you're used to garbage frame rates, it'll seem normal or even really good since it actually goes back up to 60ish.
  13. I just took one, 30 seconds full of drops left and right, but since the drops appear to be near 30ish from 60, and it appears the Switch records at 30... it's just a video at 30 FPS where you can barely notice. There a way to record this at a higher frame rate or do I need a friggin' ElGato or something? I guess I could get real dumb and use my phone's high speed recording but that would just be silly.
  14. You sure took what was clearly a joke reply extremely seriously. No, it doesn't break the game, but it can cause dropped inputs at inopportune times. And pretty much any time you load in or out of a stage you can expect a few seconds of bad framerate, with exceptionally bad stuff in very specific parts, like the area near the town, where there's a heart piece surrounded by holes. That place will ALWAYS chunk up when you run through it. I'll probably take a few quick videos showing how predictable and obvious it is. You don't even need a framerate counter.
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