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  1. Love it. Lots of beautiful shots in there. I especially appreciate the first one where JJ Abrams is all "damn you fine girl" to Daisy Ridley.
  2. It looks... good? Definitely not amazing. But it's not offending me as a huge Terminator fan.
  3. Dodging the draft is fine. Sending others to do something that you wouldn't is not. So I think Buttigieg's criticism is valid in this case.
  4. Skynet's creators are fashioning Terminators in their own image.
  5. I don't think he can see the future. I think he's more of a search engine. With a lot of data you can make some good guesses.
  6. Same. I could not stomach it. The body horror here is more horrific to me than in any other movie/show I've ever seen. And Legasov's description of what the firefighters and engineers were going to go through over the next few days/week was disgusting. Then seeing it play out... I had to look away.
  7. Nah. That song sounds like the more generock-fueled Slipknot songs like this or this. But it doesn't sound like a horrific amalgamation of nu-metal, hip hop, and death metal like this or this.
  8. What part of Utah? Why would you do this to yourself? Cities like Ogden, Provo/Orem, SLC (and any city where there is a university, I guess) are full of predatory towing companies that partner with apartment complexes to tag-team bone you. I'm not sure how much your fees are, but they are strategic in extorting you for the maximum amount that will make going to court over the matter cost-prohibitive for your time and/or money.
  9. That song sounds like every Slipknot song since Vol. 3.
  10. Correct. There will be one blue dot here if I move anywhere within Provo/Orem. But if I leave it will become the least segregated.
  11. And anybody complaining about physique of Pattinson while accepting Keaton... Fuckin' lol
  12. Heather Ledger. Remember how the Internet blew up back then about him?
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