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  1. I love how these absolute morons think they're making a statement or whatever but with the military there is no shortage of just-as-qualified people that are able to take your place. Just pure LMAO. Sounds like this guy got as far as he was going to go anyways since he believes all his bosses are communists.
  2. I have been summoned. The county I live in is the headquarters for like 10 of the biggest pyramid schemes. DoTerra, Younique, NuSkin, USANA, Young Living off the top of my head. My cousin, a male mid 30s army vet, got sucked into selling LLR somehow and all my female cousins followed him. Now some of them are doing some fingernail scheme. Sigh. Can't wait to watch this documentary.
  3. LMAO. Okay F-22 pilot. Do you know how many people would kill to take your place? But since you want to take care of that on your own go ahead and make it easy for them.
  4. Eh. I don't really care about college sports. Also, while I root for my alma mater I do get sick pleasure out of when they lose important games because they could be a powerhouse without their "Honor" code. But they'll always shoot themselves in the foot.
  5. Actively posting on Facebook--doesnt matter what you're saying--should be grounds for termination.
  6. I'd be curious what happens if you go to a handful of places and request the J&J. CDC website said J&J was available at a lot of places here but whenever we called they'd say they didn't have them anymore.
  7. J&J is hard to find. My FIL came to visit from Bolivia and I wanted to get him a single shot vaccine but we couldn't find the J&J anywhere in Utah.
  8. That's the one whose name I forgot and couldn't be bothered to Google. Thanks. Agreed with all of this.
  9. When reviewer consensus is positive it's a 99/100 chance I'm going to agree. When consensus is that something isn't good or is mediocre or is outright bad, I could still end up liking it. Hoping that's the case here. But it's more like a 50/50 chance.
  10. Top federal health officials warn that booster shots initially may be limited to Pfizer recipients - The Washington Post WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM The acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told a top White House official their agencies may not... Where's my Pfizer fam?
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