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  1. More likely they'll try all sorts of fuckery like in Wisconsin: Quickly pass new laws limiting the incoming person's powers. Luckily the Dems control the House.
  2. Una broma nada más. I just don't remember ever buying that brand is all.
  3. Yeah. I mean I've been boycotting Goya my entire life and I doubt I'm the only one in that boat.
  4. Look, it's the sound of me doing something. "Listen! You smell something?"
  5. I like the one with the fancy M except for the lettering on the bottom right.
  6. Talk about a shot to the moon though. This guy committed some crimes. The state prosecutes. He appeals saying the state doesn't have any authority since he's on native land. And it worked! Lol. This one is just so hilarious and awesome to me.
  7. Lol SCOTUS tearing Oklahoma's arguments to shreds. Also telling Congress to suck it DX style. They cannot prosecute Native Americans, no. That's what I'm gathering but I haven't parsed through it enough to know if it means anything else.
  8. We already banned him. Remember? His girlfriend was totally going to prove us wrong about evolution.
  9. I believed the Jersey Mike's thing when I saw it. It sounded like the type of meaningless thing a boomer white person would think is meaningful.
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