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  1. It's taking it all in and then pushing it all back out via the intake.
  2. Cleanskin - 3/10 A movie about a British Secret Service agent hunting down a homegrown terrorist cell in London starring Sean Bean. What's not to love? Turns out: pretty much everything. The action is horribly shot, the effects are bad, the script is a convoluted mess, and the dialog is atrocious. Also Sean Bean doesn't die. WTF.
  3. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900024780/puppy-pistol-utah-gun-rights-activist-says-she-was-duped-by-sacha-baron-cohen.html A gun but in Utah got the same treatment from SBC.
  4. GeneticBlueprint

    Movies Future harassee, Keri Russell, lands role in Star Wars Episode IX

    I want Rey to do that. I want her to build a dual bladed saber out of the two halves of Luke's that she took after it was severed. And if she doesn't I'm going to spout a bunch of sexist nonsense about how Episode IX sucks.
  5. GeneticBlueprint

    Change the board names back please

    I would like to voice my support in favor of the new board names. I was actually thinking about something similar the other day but didn't think enough people would care one way or the other.
  6. I think that if it weren't for this object a bunch of Uranians would be studying our planet saying the same thing.
  7. Illegal. It was separated from its electrons and a bunch of snowflakes are protesting. I'm skimming the article, but I'm curious how they know specifically where it's from.
  8. I guess it'll need some planetary prolapse surgery then.
  9. GeneticBlueprint

    What toppings do you like and dislike on a pizza?

    I also dislike racism on my pizza.
  10. The Death of Stalin - 9/10 "... Yeah and that's why I said 'No. Problem.'" XD. God this movie was great. I loved every minute.
  11. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/ptolemaic-sarcophagus-discovered-alexandria-egypt-180969551/ Amateur historians on social media are freaking out saying it could belong to Alexander the Great. This due to its location, size, age, and being buried with an alabaster bust that represents similar busts of Alexander the Great.
  12. GeneticBlueprint

    [serious] who is the greatest pornstar of all time?

    Who is the Ken Griffey Jr.? Keep in mind he had a nice booty.
  13. Or rather, he will fund putting a water filter in your house if you email him. Not really fixing the root of the issue.
  14. GeneticBlueprint

    Music ~Rate the Last Album You Listened to Thread~

    TFW Abbath-less Immortal is no better or worse than Abbath-ful Immortal.