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  1. Dude this is my mother-in-law too. We're stuck in limbo right now waiting to hear back about how to move forward. Frustrating as fuck.
  2. Not a good sign in the middle of or right after recording a new album. @Keyser_Soze But sounds like the dude is just tired AF.
  3. Utah just announced closure of restaurants effective tomorrow night. Measures like other states.
  4. I went to Costco this morning and stood in the toilet paper line. When they let us in the store there was a stack 2m x 2m x one length of the store, stretching from the entrance to the back of the store. That should get me through the week.
  5. It's the American Way. Socialism for the rich. Middle fingers for everybody else. Wish there was a way to make this money contingent on not laying off people.
  6. We have a shortage of hospital beds. In other news Marriott is announcing furlough for tens of thousands of employees and shuttering hotels.
  7. I don't disagree. Your argument is addressing oranges, but I'm addressing apples. If Biden's strategy is to go through the midwest--as was key to Trump's victory--then a midwesterner with national name recognition is a pretty smart choice. Boring for everyone outside the Midwest? Yeah. But so was Pence.
  8. Biden brings everybody except young people who don't turnout anyways. Midwest seems to be key to 270. Might as well lock it in.
  9. Amy brings the Midwest. Not the most exciting pick but somebody has to throw Biden's staplers.
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