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  1. I expected to read that and find a whole bunch of caveats that made the announcement meaningless. Nope. Very impressive
  2. This deserves all the reactions but since I can't I won't give any.
  3. When I lived in Provo I had Comcast. The city announced Google Fiber was coming and that very same day Comcast just so happened to bump me (and others I spoke with) from our 80/5 down/up to a 250/250. These speeds were not available to purchase in Provo before that day. When Google Fiber was available in my neighborhood I signed up immediately. They came and installed and left. I called to cancel Comcast and they did everything to try and save me--lowering the price, updgrading the speed even more, free cable TV add on, etc.--Mind you this was after several years of price increases combined with stagnant service that didn't upgrade until some competition showed up (imagine that!). Now I live in a different city and I have Comcast again. But the city is expanding its fiber network and my neighborhood is due to have fiber service in 2021. The service in this city for Comcast is a joke. There is also a data cap that you can pay an extortion fee to have removed.... and the city borders Provo! I went to their store and asked to have the data cap removed or if they could make it less painful with a TV upgrade or something. Nothing. At that point I told the CSR that I knew he couldn't do anything, but that the feedback I had for people above him is that the time to save me as a customer is right now, not in two years when I come in to cancel when there will be another option available to me. Fuck Comcast.
  4. This way he can see who the libtards are most pissed about and pick that one.
  5. There is an extended action sequence in the third movie towards the beginning that might be the best of the entire series. The movie is worth it for that alone. But I agree that it's the weakest of the three for other reasons.
  6. I used to be able to. Now their website says I can't because I'm eligible for DTV. https://imgur.com/gallery/g758Mxk
  7. I am an amateur figurine collector and I can't figure out why people like Funko pops. Can a pro explain to me the appeal?
  8. I find that poll a little odd. I didn't watch this debate but based on the Internet reaction I thought Warren had an unproductive debate?
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