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  1. They'll still be able to play all the games that people who have the Series X will so...
  2. If it was MS store then you aren't charged until the item ships. This is different than all the other retailers. What if you go to your MS account and look at your order history? Anything there?
  3. A couple guys on here pre-ordered multiple for their fellow D1Pshits...
  4. I get the appeal of standing in line. I've lined up for every Halo release. It's fun going to an event like that. I worked at the previously mentioned game store when Halo 2 released. I asked for that night off so I could stand in line with people even though I could have just got the game ahead of everybody. But I think I do prefer the online method for consoles tbh.
  5. And you got one! Gave that mouse a workout!
  6. So I guess big box retailers and not game stores are the answer, then.
  7. Walmart was the same thing. It seems like it won't be shipped until release day through them. Don't know for sure.
  8. Digital waiting room? Or are you in a store in line or something?
  9. Are you a fellow Series X purchaser? Got mine through MS too. I got an email confirmation with estimated delivery on the 10th of November. I'll post if I get any updates or delays.
  10. I added a Series X to my cart and got to the payment screen. But when I clicked to process the order it said they were out of stock. I had two friends who were going after the Series S. The same thing happened to them but when they tried again and it worked and they both got email confirmations. I tried again with the X just like they did but it said they were still out of stock.
  11. I worked at a game store when the 360 released and then when the PS3 released. I don't miss those days at all. Manufacturers would promise a certain number and consistently come up short with each new supply. It sucked for customers and employees. Everybody was always upset.
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