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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/sondlands-bombshell-testimony-leaves-trumps-republican-allies-scrambling/2019/11/20/bf8e54f8-0bbd-11ea-97ac-a7ccc8dd1ebc_story.html He was just a low-level covfefe ambassador! I didn't even know his name!
  2. Sonland heard from Giuliani there was a quid pro quo and testified as such. GOP appears to not have expected this for some reason and got pretty deflated in the hearing. Trumpists still saying Donald himself didn't say "I want you to quid the pro of Zelinsky's quo so not guilty hoax fake news scam."
  3. That's how disinterested the software is in any of these candidates.
  4. It would appear that Trump's brain worms are communicable.
  5. Nunes: Fake News NYT rage incoherence Also Nunes, 5 seconds later: "Are you aware of the report by Vogel of the NYT and the people unfairly maligning this report and his character?"
  6. I just read this in the description of the YouTube video which makes it sound like we're not getting a weekly release
  7. I enjoyed it quite a bit even if the characters and beats were predictable and played it safe. The race sequences were genuinely exciting. And there were so many bonerific shots of that car. Christian Bale is just too good of an actor. He is top notch in this movie.
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