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  1. FDA has authorized Pfizer for 12-15 year olds. FDA authorizes Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for adolescents 12 to 15 years old - The Washington Post WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM Extending vaccine availability to children is considered key to achieving herd immunity, but could set off debates about vaccine mandates in school. Let's pump these numbers up. These are rookie numbers.
  2. Nuclear is the only viable stop gap to meet energy demands until renewables can do so fully.
  3. Figures that the case where I'm like 'we should probably keep the death penalty around' the guy only gets 10 years.
  4. Turns out they haven't been testing nukes but their fertilizer factories just keep exploding. That's why they have to keep building them.
  5. My wife's best friend's sister just passed away from COVID this morning.
  6. No wonder he gets so close but never quite makes it.
  7. Without Remorse - 4/10 I love Tom Clancy. Without Remorse is probably my second or third favorite book of his. I love Michael B. Jordan. But why does this exist? I understand that creative decisions need to be made to adapt any material from one medium to another. But I'm honestly wondering why they bothered to name this 'Without Remorse' and associate it with Tom Clancy's book. Besides a character with the name John Kelly, it has nothing--and I mean absolutely nothing--in common with the book it's supposed to be based off of. Why buy the rights? Were people itching for
  8. I think a lower budget movie with a bunch of unknowns and a new director beating a 70 year old franchise with a giant budget full of Hollywood heavyweights is a stomp.
  9. What you should have said here was... FLAWLESS VICTORY. Or FATALITY. Or something. Come on!
  10. He'll never do that though. The most recent thing of his I overheard was him having that pirate Congressman from Texas on. Just let the dude spew bullshit the whole time I was overhearing.
  11. Joe Rogan is the type of guy that believes whatever the last thing he heard was. He's a weak interviewer. He platforms both good people and absolute morons and barely challenges them.
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