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  1. Because they were unable to whip their caucus into line for possibly the most important piece of legislation in a decade. They were ineffective at messaging its importance to the public. They were unable to apply pressure. They're useless.
  2. After a near-coupe and impending fascism this actually isn't encouraging at all. All of that should have motivated every Dem and "sane" GOPer to kill the filibuster to expand voting rights. Expected, but ultimately a disappointment still. There should be no faith in the current Democratic leadership going forward. Maybe even the mainstream of the entire party too.
  3. What's really upsetting about that is that those rules were passed by the legislature last year allowing counties to do those things while forbidding the state to do so. So these counties were playing by the rules but that still upset all of the GQP so right at the start of this session the Senate started undoing all the work they did last year.
  4. She implied that he doesn't think Jesus is a real person because of a quote where he used some word salad. It's honestly a pretty silly criticism but you can see all the yokels lapping it up. And his reaction to a 10 year old should have been "My words were a bit jumbled, obviously I believe in Jesus etc." to this girl instead of "Don't ever question my faith!"
  5. That is scary Cayce! And funny? And cool? And amazing? All at once. I'm glad he's okay though.
  6. There are people who objectively and purposefully make the world a worse place to live in for countless people. Not going to pretend that they shouldn't die.
  7. I love the meta in that Vindicators episode that they missed Vindicators 2 just like we the viewers missed Vindicators 1.
  8. Plus, there's a marked difference between "let's find and record the best teachers to learn from their methods" and "I want to record all teachers to make sure they're not teaching my children that slavery and Nazis were bad."
  9. I thought of another reason this movie was very enjoyable for me compared to the previous two. Peter Parker felt like Peter Parker. The class struggle. The dealing with heavy life situations that we all experience as a teenager. That's what makes Spider-Man so beloved and relatable to so many people and I felt like those elements were completely missing from the previous two. But they were here in spades. Damn the more I think about this movie the more I just absolutely love it. I thought the deal was three mainline flicks that Disney can make, but he can appear in "event" films pretty much any time. But Sony gets to make all the solo films from now on. Which I guess Tom Holland could do but I mean just go ahead and throw the continuity out the window at that point.
  10. What was the Disney/Sony arrangement again? Was this Tom Holland's last outing?
  11. Batman has always been my favorite super hero and Batman movies have the best batting average for me. And the last couple movies that Batman has been in have been duds while this one actually looks good.
  12. Wow that is dumb. 1. It doesn't help lower the cost of housing 2. The employers that match 401k are mostly employers that employ people that can afford housing. You think they're going to do a 401h? gtfohere 3. Most people on the lower end of the ladder can't afford to contribute to a 401k or any other savings so this doesn't help them Just real galaxy brain shit. A typical U.S. solution: Finding a "middle way" (re: heavily right leaning way) that doesn't end up helping poor people in any substantiative way while a select few get to get richer.
  13. Winter is better than summer. A response: L1: There is no limit to the amount of layers you can add but there's a limit to the amount you can remove. R1: If that's how much snow you're shoveling get a damn snowblower they're like $300 for a decent one. L2: Yes and it's glorious. R2: My colds and their symptoms always come in the spring for whatever reason. L3: When I was delivering pizza in my first year at college I loved snow days because I had an AWD vehicle while all the other guys had not that. I could do 3 deliveries in the time it took for them to do one. Because I could drive normally basically. R3: Yes. And? L4: I guess. If you don't like snow activities. I'm more likely to be indoors in the summer to escape the damn heat. R4: I don't know what a cold snap is. It does suck slipping though I'll give it that. I live in a weird place where it's an arid desert, but it does snow somewhat frequently in the winter. Heavy snows in the winter keep us alive in terms of water supply in the summer. So I'm grateful for every snow we get. Sadly, our winters are getting shorter and warmer and our summers are becoming longer and hotter.
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