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  1. Hard disagreement here. Besides Predator, this is the worst movie of the year.
  2. GeneticBlueprint

    General Gaming The Game Awards nominations are out

    How not-fucked is the camera control?
  3. Any word on MS Store deals? I would prefer to avoid physical media.
  4. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/11/12/clinton-aide-2020-run-983684 https://www.wsj.com/articles/hillary-will-run-again-1541963599?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=5 From the Politico piece: May God have mercy on us all. She has not announced, obviously. But the talk around it is making me nervous.
  5. GeneticBlueprint

    ~* Tripe/Counter-Tripe *~

  6. GeneticBlueprint

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    What's the organization that grades your democracy? We have to be like a D+ right now.
  7. I've worn contacts and had lasik but this still gets a "kill it with fire" from me.
  8. GeneticBlueprint

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    I said if she wants. :P
  9. I guessed FL but they touch each other so there's probably some sort of cross contamination.
  10. GeneticBlueprint

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    She can bunk with me if she wants.