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  1. Typical politician dodging the question and not addressing the real issues.
  2. To be fair, Trump doesn't know the difference between countries and counties.
  3. Was really hoping for this too, tbh. Also, maybe a distinction without a difference, but they're making 007 female. Not James Bond. Edit: Didn't read the second page before posting
  4. What's weird about Elaine being attractive? I always thought she was hot too.
  5. You don't even need that racism watchdog account for this one. Holy shit.
  6. Listen everyone. If we do the half your Senate time plus 9 rule, Warren is clearly the old guard. Let's vote for the guy who was in the Senate for 40 years. And speaking of 40 years, we can't trust people who have been saying and doing the same thing for that amount of time to continue to do so. Let's give the lady who can't decide what she thinks about gay people a chance. Additionally, Harris sucks because she prosecuted the parents of black children. We need to vote for the guy whose relationship with the black community is the most questionable of all. And, if we don't think a candidate can beat Trump, we need to vote third party and do our part to ensure a Trump victory because the mythological perfect candidate wasn't chosen. Because if we don't like poor treatment of black people and minorities, people that are too old to function, nor people that can't make up their mind about a subject, then we need Trump.
  7. I can't wait for the people whose privacy was violated to get their checks in the mail.
  8. Holding true to your principles doesn't make you a good person if your principles are dog shit.
  9. The funnier parts of this are outside of this clip: "I said or something... OR SOMETHING!" "Yeah. That's a date." "You said you liked horse manure?" "Yeah. You know, about how when you break it down, it's really a very positive thing. you know, you have a “nure,” with a “ma” in front of it. MA-NURE. It's not bad." "And it was around this point that she mentioned the boyfriend?"
  10. Of the live action remakes that one looks the best. Still don't care though.
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