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  1. And it wouldn't be an Amon Amarth single without a cheesy music video with terrible fight choreography. To be honest I think this is one of their weakest singles ever. I hope that the album as a whole has some better stuff. But this is looking like Deceiver of the Gods tier Amon Amarth.
  2. I don't know for sure. But I'd imagine that there would be an emergency convention and they'd have all the delegates vote again. And they'd likely vote for the VP nom to take over.
  3. "I can't believe my baby's old enough to drive." *Sniff*
  4. It's Disney so it will probably be called the Infinity and Beyond saga.
  5. I like her. I really don't actively dislike most of the announced candidates tbh.
  6. For reeeeaaaals. The headline makes it sound like the episode was featured in the documentary or called out specifically. Terrible.
  7. Seriously though when you do something like this you're not punishing the guest voice. You're letting the work of all the other voice actors and animators go down the memory hole and that's fucked up.
  8. It's the best getaway though. Slow acceleration along a fixed path with a fixed destination. Who wouldn't choose it as their getaway vehicle?
  9. I like how there was a line of dialog "our enemy doesn't tire" right as they showed Gendry, who rowed non-stop for four seasons.
  10. Having skipped over most of the convo in this thread I'm not sure why all the MAGA chuds were supposed to be upset but nothing in the movie seemed offensive to that world view. Anyways... I actually enjoyed this quite a bit more than I enjoy most Marvel movies. I wasn't familiar with Captain Marvel because my Marvel Comics knowledge is pretty much limited to X-Men. It reminded me of the first run of the current MCU--which I enjoy the most of all the saga--so I guess that's why I enjoyed it. I like a good origin story and I think Captain Marvel's is pretty cool. While most of the cast performed as well as any other Marvel movie I think this one leaned heavily on Sam Jackson and did so to great effect. And Ben Mendelsohn was great as always. The score was good. I think the effects in this installment are probably better than they've been in any other Marvel movie. I guess my only gripe is the typical superhero movie gripe of having a somewhat boring CG puncherific third act.
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