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  1. Watched that other clip too. My God, she savaged him so viciously that I almost felt sorry for him. Almost.
  2. Also, at my last employer, I was there for four years. In those four years we had three different insurance providers. How the fuck is anybody supposed to fall in love with their insurance when moving through providers so fast ?
  3. I would also like to rant about the scam that is the medical insurance industry. Just for simple shit it is almost impossible to price something accurately so that you can prepare financially. Let alone the major, planned items. My first son was born in 2017. My wife is super diligent and responsible with money. Much more so than I am and I consider myself pretty responsible. So for 6 months before the birth she was constantly calling our planned provider and insurance who kept sending us back and forth between each other trying to get a cost figured out. The provider and hospital said what we would be charged depends on the rates they have with the insurance and they couldn't tell us those rates directly. The insurance couldn't either and they said their rates that they contribute depend on how much the provider charges. And that didn't count anything outside of the birth itself--everything from medicines administered to epidural (which they also couldn't give us a price on) all of which could vary in rates based on the rates of each other. So, the birth comes, no complications, no extended hospital stays, nothing of the sort. Thank god. I get the bill: $4500 was our share. I was paying $390/mo for our health insurance. This all while I was making $20k less per year than I am now. I was able to pay that off in two years, thankfully. My wife is pregnant again and she is due in June (another boy). I am now on a HDHP with an HSA. So I know the share I'm going to be paying will be higher than $4500. That is the only absolute knowledge that I have: It will be greater than $4500 because I'm on a health plan that covers less of a percentage. But we still can't get any firm info from anybody on how much we're going to be paying when all is said and done. Burn it all the fuck down. Another fun story: A cinder block crushed my big toe over the summer while I was doing some yard work and getting rid of junk from the previous owners in our backyard. It was the single greatest pain I had ever experienced in my life. So while I'm writhing in pain I'm also going online to my insurance's website to find a provider that's in-network. Couldn't handle the pain so I just looked for an urgent care that was in-network instead of looking for a podiatrist. The nearest one was closed. The next nearest one was too. So I had to drive to the only one that was open on a weekend that was in-network. Which was half an hour away. With a broken and bleeding toe. It gets taken care of. A few weeks later I have to remove the toenail. I decided to do that on my own. That was fun/gross. I decided to make an appointment with a podiatrist to make sure there was no infection and that I was going to heal up okay. Again I can't get any pricing info. So I just go to the one that the insurance site says is the cheapest (on a scale of one to four dollar signs they ranked it as 1.5). The doctor checks out my foot. "No infection. It should heal up fine. Here's a bandaid." A week later a bill in the mail for $150. For what in my opinion was preventative treatment. I shouldn't have to weigh heavy financial decisions when I'm writhing in pain and can't even see straight. Nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody who is financially responsible "loves" their medical insurance. Burn it all the fuck down.
  4. Peoplethat are in a hurry to go slow are the worst.
  5. Haven't really listened to these guys before but am going through this album today. Such a cool mix of hardcore, hard rock, prog, and a dash of black here and there too. Fire.
  6. Nevahda would be closer to the original pronunciation in Spanish. But nobody cares when people say Arizona like most Americans instead of Ah-ree-SOHN-ah. So nobody should care how anybody pronounces Nevada either.
  7. Well, they didn't. The stinger at the end was a pretty clear message that he was alive. But if you meant don't give him a send off then I can sympathize with that take.
  8. The letter was a really good send-off. I mostly agree that it's lame bringing him back. But at the same time, Hopper was the best adult character in seasons 2 and 3 so in that sense I'm glad he's back. I like the kids but spending all of our time with them would be a chore.
  9. When you're on the freeway and a car forces its way between you and the car in front of you when there was miles of space behind you. When you're talking in a group and somebody decides to play the piano that's right there and everybody has to yell to speak. People who can't walk in a straight line. Where my wife is from, tardiness is a way of life. When some of her family members say they're coming over to visit or we invite them over at X hour, time of arrival = X + 2. No calls. No texts. What kept you for so long? "What do you mean?" rageface.jpg
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