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  1. Mercury33

    Movies Hulk Hogan Biopic Starring Thor

    Yep that’s correct. He’s probably really referring to “Smarks” or smart Marks. Which are basically the Internet wrestling fans that like to pretend they know everything about the business because they know some of the behind the scenes stuff. Working yourself into a shoot refers to when they get so hyped up or so into a promo that they start using real(non storyline) feelings and information to go after another wrestler. Using their real name, or something that actually happened to them in real life for example. Hes basically saying you don’t know everything and sometimes a shoot is actually a work because we know you(fans) know so much already so we’re using that info against you to trick you. Lol like I said I’m not sure if I’m really getting it across in a non confusing manor.
  2. I will never forgot the frenzy he sent the old IGN forums into. E3’s used to be so awesome.
  3. Mercury33

    Movies Hulk Hogan Biopic Starring Thor

    I know exactly what he’s saying but I would have a hard time explaining it lol
  4. You looking for some kind of weird blend of Requim for a Dream and a porno? Also Straight Out of Compton was a pretty hard R
  5. Yes this couldn’t be more false. This thread has been nothing but civil. Why you trying to start shit?
  6. Lol why would a documentary about one of the biggest bands of the 80’s be inexplicable.
  7. Does the masterwork stuff look different or just a different color?
  8. This is exactly the way I play these games going back to Diablo I. Beat the SP story by myself first then get into all the MP and loot grinding after that.
  9. I got like 4 tags to check that out but didn’t make it in time 😔
  10. Mercury33

    Anyone here have experience with compression socks?

    I work in the service industry and know several coworkers that swear by them. Said their knees and legs would be on fire at the end of a shift. But since switching to compression socks it’s like night and day. I’d say their legit and it’s worth $30 to try them out.
  11. THANK YOU! I was trying to figure out what the movie reminded me of but in a bad way. That’s exactly what it’s like!!
  12. I agree with this 100%. I didn’t mind the demo but I didn’t fall in love either. But after only playing the main game for a couple hours it all just kind of clicks better. Makes more sense. Hard to describe but it’s just...clearer I guess.
  13. Downloading right now. I have a couple friends playing right now so servers must be ok.