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  1. If you never played 2 at all I’d say give it a shot. I’m someone that put hundreds of hours into it. So after the initial wave of nostalgia I think my insane familiarity with the game will make it get stale. But the story and levels are fun so if you never played it then go for it!
  2. If the game is good I’m gonna play. There’s a lot more “good” people that are putting a shit load of time and effort into the making this game.
  3. Its 100% not a game to watch other people play. What I love about it is how different you can attack the skill tree. You can make such totally different builds all inside the same class. And the most fun is when you find a build that works that isn’t super obvious. The loot was perfect. You got just the right number of high level/legendary stuff per run that you didn’t feel over powered and you never got annoyed that nothing was dropping. It also kept getting better in a meaningful way. So you just kept wanting to keep going. The loot in that game was legit addicting. That
  4. Yep that’s Diablo 2 alright. God the feels from hearing all those sound effects again. I never tracked it but I think D2 is hands down the game I’ve put the most hours into in my life.
  5. Hold on one sec, I gotta sweep up all this straw you left behind. To be fair, the zero movies I’ve named so far are exactly as helpful to the thread as the several completely off topic movies you were kind enough to supply. So lemme give this a shot to see if it’s as tough as you’ve made it seem. Hmmmm The Last Flight of Noah’s Arc La Tortue Rouge The Mysterious Island All three about an adventure with mysterious qualities and a sense of discovery. What do I win?
  6. I’m about halfway into Ready Player 2 and it got better. I’m curious enough about the story to finish it but good god the writing is only bearable in short spurts. The writing of Aech’s dialogue makes me want to burn the book. So I decided to start something to offset the terrible that I’ve been putting off for wayyyyyy to long. Started The Eye of the World last night. Not a fast reader so should be done with this series by the time my kid starts college. Looking forward to the journey though.
  7. By golly I did!! Although the ones where he amended what he was looking for to include horror and non adventure movies must have been deleted. Crazy times!!
  8. This game is so damn good. I can’t believe it’s over a year away from a full release 😔
  9. I wasn’t really interested in going back to Diablo 2 because I’ve already spent so much time with it growing up....until the Tristram music played in that trailer. They got me 😔 And damn that Rogue class looks fun as hell
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