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  1. Yes I was serious. She’s sounds like she’s exaggerating. Relax.
  2. I really want to see this. Looks like a blast.
  3. What an odd and puzzling turn this thread has taken. I’m honestly speechless about that take lol
  4. I’m pretty over everything apple and their entire infrastructure. This will be an easy service to pass up.
  5. That looks awesome! Voice acting is just kinda ok. I think the models look pretty good, I feel like people think they look off just because they don't look like the MCU actors. Which unless they were getting all those actors to voice themselves in the game then I think they made the right choice going away from their look. Nothing worse than actor impersonators, its always so distracting.
  6. Watched two minutes before I threw my phone out the window so I didn’t have to listen to that streamer anymore.
  7. Yeah I’m gonna disagree with this one. I’d wager a small fortune that over 50% of Americans think that Chinese Take Out is the same kind of food you find in China. Just like people think you can get Chicken Parm in Italy and Chicken Tiki Masala in India.
  8. Yeah I was really noticing last that last night. How the enemy AI is just tricky enough to make it that much harder. Despite basically just walking right at you, the way some of them dodge their heads at the last second made me miss plenty of times. The fact that the enemies can take friendly fire is great. The fact that you can shoot some enemies in their “legs” and they’ll. Trip and fall. All of that is 100% unexpected for me. Leveling is fun, the trait system is great. Everything is just so fun and clever.
  9. Woot, getting outta work early tonight so hoping to get a solid amount of time with it finally.
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