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  1. Really want to play this but figured I should finish 2016 first. I always forget just how damn good it is until I go back and revisit it.
  2. CM Punk is such a douche. And so are the people who chant for him. Just go away already.
  3. Seriously though...LETS FUCKING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better than GoT and I’ll fight you over it
  4. LETS FUCKING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The silver lining to NY is that even though they have the second most cases, they have zero deaths so far(based on an article I read a few hours ago so that could have changed)
  6. Except it is literally impossible to tell at this point. Especially given how extremely mild the mildest form of Corona is. They thought the Flu epidemic in 2009 was severe but after it was over and they could actually calculate the data the mortality rate was less than 1%. Corona seems scary but there is nothing to really back that up other than increased media focus.
  7. It’s impossible to tell that at this point. The initial fear over the mortality rates from the initial outbreak in China are skewed in a number of different of ways. And to claim they’re exponentially higher??? That deserves a “c’mon man” of your own.
  8. How is it worse than the flu? Nearly half a million people die of the flu every year. Same group of the population is vulnerable. Why don’t we empty stadiums during flu season?
  9. I just don’t get it. I mean Right Wing media is pushing the idea that this is no big deal and that main stream media is blowing it way out of proportion. So of course I assumed they were bullshitting again. But the more I read about this the more I agree with the right(throws up). This entire thing seems like a staggering overreaction.
  10. Is this on cable FX? For some reason I thought it was only on FX through Hulu
  11. Lol this was my exact literal thought. If it wasn't for him I'd be laughing the idea out of the building.
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