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  1. Oh wow that’s early. I’d love if my theaters started movies that early.
  2. only 4-5 a day? How many is normal? I always assumed 4/5 is about normal for the number of showings on a screen in one day.
  3. I feel like fun and campy is 100% the tone that trailer gave off. Looks like they’re going for that Mummy/National Treasure super fun and silly action movie vibe.
  4. Those new cameras for Smackdown were soooooo nice. Looked phenomenal.
  5. I dunno 10 years seems really light for murdering someone out of the blue. If the roles were reversed you think he would have gotten 10 with chance for parole in 5?
  6. That wasn’t bad for a first show. They need to throw every theme in the trash and start over though. NXT brought it tonight. Was the better show by far.
  7. I mostly liked it. The entrance “square” was a little odd and I wish they’d hid it a bit better. But it’s way different than what they had before which I dig.
  8. Right, exactly this. The criticism of “Luke wouldn’t have done that” makes no sense. I mean it’s perfectly fine that people don’t like how his arc progressed in the ST. But everything about his character in the ST can be a logical progression of his character in the OT.
  9. Well his behavior in the original trilogy can’t be head cannon because it’s the base for his character. And his behavior in the sequel trilogy isn’t because it actually happened. It’s actual cannon. I’m confused by your confusion haha
  10. 😂😂😂 I did notice it had been a couple weeks since D1P debated whether or not Star Wars sucked now because it didn’t follow everyone’s combined head cannon for the new trilogy. LUKE WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE THAT DAMNIT
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