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  1. Why did you bother asking if I minded? Curiosity? 😂😂😂😂 I had to pause the show
  2. Eh I kinda agree it should have been animated. But really we kinda already have that if you listen to the audio book while reading along in the book. Which IMO is the absolute definitive way to consume the Sandman now. A real life cast is the much more adventurous way to go. I think Gaiman learned a lot from American Gods and I’m hoping we get something really special. And hopefully people don’t flip out when stuff is different or out of order or missing. Fans HAVE to realize a straight 1:1 adaption of the comic is impossible.
  3. I’m not burned out on Marvel Stuff. Thor and Dr Strange look awesome. But I can’t think of a super hero I care less about than the Hulk. And this is Hulk adjace so meh
  4. Canada’s a little Fuzzy The Key or the Peel(Pill) 😂😂😂 this show is great
  5. It should be noted in a lot of states companies like Coke and Pepsi distribute themselves because they have to offer other services like draft installation/cooler placement etc… and they act as the distributor for all the smaller brands they own. Also, at least in the states around here, Non Alch companies can sell their product to multiple distributors to sell while Alcoholic companies have to choose a single distributor. I doubt anyone cares but I’m bored haha
  6. Finish it. The show is outstanding and the ending is perfectly fine. It’s not even close to the Sopranos ending because there’s nothing to determine. It fades to black but you know exactly what happened.
  7. Sort of random but after watching Uncharted last night…I NEED a cocktail remake with Tom Holland as Brian Flanagan.
  8. Civil War? No not at all. But if somehow we’re Ukraine to someone’s Russia. Yes I would.
  9. If you’ve seen neither Top Gun nor Cocktial you suck. It’s that simple. Watch them, love them, absorb them.
  10. Let alone that Anime division all of which are VERY hardcore and adult. That’s an area only Prime has touched and they’re just barely getting into it. You can’t complain about Cowboy Bebop if you’re also getting multiple seasons of Castlvania and He Man lol
  11. As far as I’m concerned. 24 inch pythons are the standard.
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