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  1. Yeah I always associated wood paneling with the 80’s not the 90’s. Also it’s gross.
  2. I watched the Treehouse for this...pass. Good lord the shear amount of time wasting nonsense that appears to be in this game seems never ending. The actual combat seems really fun but I don’t know if I can wade through the rest of it to get there.
  3. Let us also not forget I"ll Be Home For Christmas with JTT. Highly underrated Christmas movie which, ironically, was also the vehicle for N'Sync's amazing Happy Holidays song.
  4. How in the world does someone do a Hands On and NOT discuss the cord length in on the controller?
  5. What We Do in the Shadows(tv) - 11/10 Simply amazing. Surpasses the movie in every way. I really can’t speak enough to the performances and the chemistry between the 3 vampires and Guillermo. It’s not just the writing the gets me but all the little sideways glances and manurisms of the characters ended up making me laugh the most. Amazing show.
  6. Saw a picture of myself in the pool last summer and was...displeased haha. I’ve always been a thin guy and i was still relatively thin in the grand scheme of things. Just my gut had started to grow, back looked really soft and my face puffed out a bunch. Only 36 is just felt generally tired all the time. No stamina to speak off. Just felt gross all over. 6’2” and was up to around 205. Like I said, I know that’s not crazy big or anything. I work nights and am home all day with my 5 year old so we don’t have to use daycare so the gym hasn’t been much of a consistent option over the years. Decided to give the Beach Body stuff a try. Started out with T25 and made it all the way through with 2 rounds of Gamma before I got bored. Lemme tell you when I started, my first work out, I got 5 minutes in and had to stop lol. Altered my diet a little. Cut out all snacks after 10pm(working nights made this really tough). Cut down on the crap I was eating for lunches and tried to eat more fruits and stuff instead of chips. Lost about 20lbs in 4 months. Next I switched over to Lift4 because I wasn’t seeing much in the way of strength gains from T25. Plus I was bored of it. LOVED Lift4. Went through 2 cycles of that and gained a few pounds of muscle back and finally started to see some definition. Now I’m currently doing some hybrid calendars through the summer to try and work some more heavy cardio and body weight training back in. Ill never be able to adjust my diet enough to get an “after photo” body but I’m in so much better shape and I’m actually not embarrassed to hit the beach this summer. The Beach Body stuff has been amazing for me to fit into my time constraints and really helped me change my lifestyle. But I’m not sure I’ll ever see the gains I’d eventually like from their programs. My son starts full day school in the fall so might join a kettlebell place. They seem more fun and interesting than regular gym work. Currently not taking any supliments. I’ve steered away from the Beach Body line because it seems a bit shady. Any advice on that front? Would taking protein and creatine help at all or just I just stay the course? sorry for the long post, it’s just been a kind of solo journey so far and it was nice to type that all out to share.
  7. It’s impressive how the series that was, at one time, the absolute pinnacle of the gaming world, the absolute definition of FPS on consoles, has been reduced to a big giant pile of “meh”.
  8. The Barons night on town had me in legit tears, the chemistry between the 3 leads and Guillermo is incredible.
  9. As someone who never played this this first time around, I’m pretty psyched to get to play it for the first time.
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