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  1. I love arcade racers and I miss San Francisco Rush so so much. But Cruisin games usually control like hot garbage so I’ll wait for some impressions. also bummed there’s no collision physics or crashes it seems.
  2. And this weeks must have been the other one haha. I wasn’t sure how I was feeling during most of the episode but by the end I really loved it.
  3. Which is why I was curious. I live close to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and Bath Ironworks and everyone I know that works there says they’re crazy busy. So I was curious where they were gonna be built.
  4. So we’re building them and they’re buying? Or we’re helping to teach them how so they can make their own? Or both?
  5. I would like to chime in that I love they’re finishing up the story in 2 games. Trilogy’s are vastly overrated. Most game series I’m good after the sequel. By the third game I’m ready for a new story with a larger overhaul to the mechanics than a normal sequel dev cycle would allow. Give me two games, finish up the story you wanna tell. Then shelve the series for a bit so you can come with a way to freshen it up.
  6. I’ve been watching and it’s very good. Nothing earth shattering but it’s gotten me to literally LOL a few times.
  7. Doesn’t Hugo have a kid that acts? Plug them into the role. That would be more fun.
  8. That might be my favorite episode of the whole show.
  9. I think it has a chance of being good. I’m concerned with how rushed it’ll feel, that story arc is pretty long.
  10. Same. I was really into the original version. I think the mystique that so few people had completed the whole thing added to it? The American version I like as background noise but I don’t care about it at all. kinda the same thing with Iron Chef. I was WAY into the OG version. The American version just seemed lame. The chefs just seemed so meh. Honestly I think part of the problem is when they do American versions of foreign shows they over produce the shit outta them. Any charm the originals had is blasted to pieces.
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