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  1. I don’t get why people are upset by that line of dialogue. She’s clearly saying it tongue and cheek. I’ve said corny shit like that to my wife before to try and make her laugh 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. So this is my first MK since Deadly Alliance and I never played any of the Injustice games. I started the story mode last night and HOLY SHIT is this awesome. I’m def going back through at least the two Injustices after this. After that I’m finding the unlockables and stuff to be confusing AF. I keep thinking I unlock things after matches but then can never find them. I wish charcwtes had a flashing “new” or something over them.
  3. Absolutely. If the game is so bad you can’t finish it then say that. But those games should be few and far between. If the game is simply a little boring to you, sorry that’s your JOB. You play the whole game and give the public a summary without spoiling anything. That’s how reviewing works. I hate most of the game “media” so so much. Where did Sessler disappear to? I want his reviews back.
  4. @Greatoneshere Nope I'm still here, I keep meaning to post. I'm still one episode behind. I really enjoyed the reforging of the spear and loved how they were able to work Shadows favorite con from the book into the show. The previews for the Mad Sweeney episode looked amazing so I cant' wait to finally get to see it. I'm really really enjoying this season. Like we've both said, I miss the absolute bat shit craziness from the first season, it fit the tone of the book so well. But I'm enjoying the actual characters and the story way more in season 2. Hopefully season 3 can meet in the middle. Also, for the love of god can we please get Orlando Jones some awards. The way he moves in and out of his different accents depending on his mood is captivating to watch and listen to.
  5. Reviews make it sound like a solid and fun game with the main drawback being it gets repetitive(I always ignore story sections of reviews). I'll buy it because I can guarentee that I'll have way more fun with this 7.0 game than that steaming pile of human crap that was the supposed 10.0 RDR2
  6. To be honest, there are a lot less people that would be a soul crushing loss for me than there were a couple seasons ago. That's not indicative of any negative feelings towards the show. I love it and think its amazing. I just find its interesting that I feel more "ok" with the deaths of many of the characters than I was before. But then again that could have something to do with being away from these characters for almost 2 years.
  7. It’s the natural evolution of the show. People didn’t think they’d still be sitting around talking and taking a whole season to travel 4 miles in the final season did they?
  8. Played the new Stronghold last night and it was super fun. The sheer size of it is massive and the boss at the end is truly deserving of the word Boss. Noticed the gear level seems glitched now as everyone was listed as a “legendary javelin” even though some of us weren’t a high enough level. Also noticed that all of my Colusses components sheild and armor(masterworks) had dropped from 5k or whatever they were before down to 700/300 respectively? I need to go read the patch notes to see if this was a glitch or a real change. My Epic components had higher armor/shields than my masterworks.
  9. Same here, if I could move my progression to Switch I would def get both. Even as it stands now I still might double dip. First MK I’ve bought since Deadly Alliance and I’m loving it so far.
  10. There's an Aldi about to open in the town next to mine, it looks really small and when I looked up what it was all it said was a grocery store that mostly carries their own products to keep prices down. So is it basically a cheaper trader joes? Or is more of regular grocery store just...cheaper?
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