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  1. Went to play last night. Got the glitch where you can’t interact with anything in the VERY FIRST ROOM. So I’m done with this game till it’s 100% fixed. In 7 attempted runs only 1 didn’t end due to a glitch and me resetting.
  2. true but in 3rd person you do get a little better view of what’s next to you and to an extent what’s behind you. Even if it’s only a foot or two I enjoy being pulled back from the action a bit. I also generally dislike isometric games but I don’t know why haha
  3. Thats the best part of Roguelikes. When you find that unstoppable build it’s such a rush.
  4. You don’t have to “care” about review scores to find what the reviewers say about them interesting or helpful.
  5. Seems a bit contrary to the “Sony hates smaller unique things” narrative.
  6. I mean I’m sure they want literally anything they can claim as first party to release in 2021
  7. That last con is interesting. On the Bombcast they sorta listed that as a pro as they enjoyed the extra goals it gave you to accomplish in order to lift the ailment
  8. Finished it as well. It def has a few little quirks but overall I thought it was really really good. I could watch the grow group forever. Give me an offshoot series with just them doing heists.
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