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  1. Yeah it just makes the effect of that skill stronger. This fucking thread makes me wanna play again
  2. Same, I wanted to love it. But I just got kinda bored after 4 or 5 colossi 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Yep, that’s why I wanna hear his impressions when he gets to the Bloody Baron story.
  4. Doctor Sleep - 9/10 Man I really loved it. It’s super long but it never dragged for me. The villains were super interesting and I loved all the little parallels they drew to the original. Was nice to watch a horror movie where the protagonists dont do dumb shit. They’re strong and they’re up against a stronger adversary. And it plays out that way. Loved it.
  5. Figured I’d NercroBump this thread. Just watched Doctor Sleep as part of my 31 movies in 31 Days. Absolutely loved it. Im curious for those who read the book, since the movie is very clearly a sequel to the Stanley Kubrick movie which, while an amazing movie, is a terrible adaptation of the book. How much does this movie differ from the actual book?
  6. SNL is kinda like wrestling. While it’s going on you feel like it sucks and isn’t even close to as good as it was a long time ago. Then you get 5-10 years removed from it and realize there was a lot of funny shit. SNL has almost never fired on all cylinders for whole seasons at a time. But there’s always some good stuff from each cast. There’s lots of funny shit right now they just can’t seem to hit any HR complete episodes.
  7. Because you’re probably playing it right. I know that’s a cliche thing to say but in this game it really applies. Could you go through the whole game just using Quen and attack? Of course but it would be boring as hell and combat would drag on. Learning about each enemy and using the proper potions makes a huge difference in how easy an encounter is. When you slice through a tough enemy because you knew how to prepare it really makes you feel like...wait for it...a professional monster Hunter 😳 Also let us know when you get to the Bloody Baron quest line and your impressi
  8. The Hunt - 8/10 Finally got around to seeing this last night, and I really enjoyed it. The little role reversal for this style of movie was fun and refreshing. Without giving much away i really loved how unexpected some of the characters were haha. The final confrontation was also great. I guess technically it falls under horror since it has people hunting other people and Blumhouse made it but there's nothing really scary at all nor does it even every really try to be scary. Fun way to kill 90 minutes.
  9. Oh right, The Stand is really tied into The Dark Tower right? I know all of them are but this more than others?
  10. Its been years since I played it but I think one of the biggest things is to increase the sensitivity of the camera? Someone else can probably confirm this but I remember it playing really sluggish till you change the sensitivity and then it runs way better. Also don’t play the combat like a hack and slash. Use your potions before each battle, looks for openings. If you play it more like a Souls game I think you’ll enjoy the combat a lot more. Oh and #teamyennifer
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