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  1. I think I remember reading an article about how Baseball games just aren’t profitable enough. Which is why once the exclusivity contract with 2K ended, no else bothered to try and make one. I could have made that up in my head though.
  2. I wasn’t sure till Cooper, Del Toro and Fox Searchlight popped up. Now I’m def in.
  3. I believe the contract wasn’t exclusive with SDS. Just no one else decided to make a game.
  4. Where’s the Trish one!!!?!?!! Also I’ve already determined this is the greatest show of all time.
  5. That looks great! And at least it seems to be an example of “only make a sequal when you’ve got a story worthy to tell”.
  6. Jesus I can’t believe some of those were this decade. RDR(the good one) feels like ages ago.
  7. Yes. But it’s more frustrating than its worth to get it from Dathomir. After you finish the first story on Zeffo go back to the original planet and explore with your new force power. You’ll find it there too and it s much less frustrating.
  8. A) just ignore him. He gets lonely under his bridge. B) I like White Chicks a lot C) Can we please not have the Star Wars debate take over every other thread. D) Noelle 4/5 Very fun and cute for what it is. Anna Kendrick is so damn adorable in spite of her creepy legs.
  9. Lol at that second take. Just stopped watching the movie before Luke sacrifices himself to save the day I guess. What a coward. Lol.
  10. Oh god heaven help The Witcher show if it isn’t the second coming of LotR combined with only the good episodes of GoT. I can already hear the basement nerds cracking their fingers getting their preconceived critiques ready.
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