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  1. I’m going to cautiously say no, not yet. However, given what they’ve shown I’d say in the end it probably will be better to have a working knowledge of all 3. But seems like @sblfilms has seen the new one so he can probably answer that better.
  2. Dont watch it. I still don’t 100% know what this is about but the last two trailers def give you a pretty solid look at the main theme. If you like that feeling of knowing I’d imagine discovering that theme for the first time while watching the actual movie would be pretty awesome. That being said, that trailer was INCREDIBLE
  3. I enjoy PTA but I’ve seen a few trailers for this an ehh I don’t think it’s gonna be for me.
  4. White Lotus was not great with a less than satisfying ending
  5. @Kal-El814 finally taking the dive and asking for this for Christmas. Can you recommend some of the apps you mentioned? also is this a game that people can drop in and out of? Or if you start with 3 people you need to keep going with those 3?
  6. That list sucks, delete this thread immediately so no one else has to see it.
  7. Sign me the fuck up. Also I feel like the majority of Nic Cage movies coming out in the last few years, he has very little dialogue.
  8. I came here hoping only for a quote or clip from The Saint and I leave throughly satisfied.
  9. I think the insane number of people playing Warzone have thoroughly debunked the “there’s not enough maps” argument.
  10. Pirate Baseball, the fake food, Ru-fi-OOOOOOOOO!!! Movie is easily one of his best
  11. Another good episode. Obviously this one was gonna be a lot more low key coming off what happened last week. Loial was amazing. The hair is eh but not a deal breaker and I’ll miss the ears but holy crap did that actor absolutely nail the character. I LOL’d when he kept on talking after Rand stopped paying attention. The actress playing Liandrin is also incredible. That woman has subtlety down to a science. The Perrin/Egweyne stuff was ok. Little more movement. It was fine. Padan Fain being slipped in there like Where’s Waldo is brilliant. One big change. I think I would have chopped off the final scene. At that point I think they’d already established the bonds between Warders and Aei Sedai and each other well enough. A second sad funeral scene felt like too much to me. Instead I would have taken that time to maybe show the implied conversation between Loial and Rand where he tells him about Nynaeve or a scene where Nynaeve is out in the garden and Loail finds her. I would have rather seen either of those. But overall another good episode IMO.
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