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  1. Just had windows try to do an update and fail, got into a loop where I couldn't boot up until it finally powered off. Then it booted and reverted back, seems ok at the moment. Yay MS.
  2. How often does it crash? Is there anything you do than can cause it to crash, for the sake of testing? It's probably not GPU, though that's a nice excuse for an upgrade. But TBF, a mb/cpu/ram starts around the same price as the video card. The GPU upgrade would be nice, but doesn't help if the computer is crashing. Course, still don't know if it's SW at this point. But if you get a new mb/cpu/ram, then you'll probably be doing a fresh windows install anyway, so that'll take care of that.
  3. Based on a quick search, weeks ago, it's on the internet.
  4. Could be the OC too. You're not doing a crazy OC, but after years of use, it can start getting poopy. I lost my 3770k OC after 5 years, don't know if it was the CPU or mobo. Just lived with stock speed for a while until I replaced it with a Ryzen 3600.
  5. Mayhem is a double-edged sword. You get loot bukkake, but then you have too much loot and so I spend time having to go through the inventory and mark what's gonna be sold, and then I get more stuff and I have to start looking for what's the cheapest thing to dump (usually pistols, shields, grenades, shotguns) to add something new. If you're lucky, you're on a map that you can use a vehicle so you can bounce to where there's a vendor to clear space and then go back to the vehicle.
  6. Zane may not be as OP as some of the others, so I've read, but he's the best personality. Who doesn't love them some Irish stereotypes??
  7. WHAAAT? You haven't gotten a Tediore SMG or Shotgun that the description says it can grab (or clamp, forget the exact wording) any surface and become a turret/suicide at an enemy? You didn't get the Smart Gun-XXL from ? That was one of the best early guns evar. https://borderlands.fandom.com/wiki/Smart-Gun_XXL Early levels, I loved having at least 1 Tediore weapon, usually the smart gun, on me cuz I could throw that out and have it distract enemy.
  8. I gave up. At least I lasted longer than I did with Simpsons.
  9. Papa John's and Shaq deserve each other, they're both PoS.
  10. Papa Murphy once shot a man just to watch him bleed. And then put it on the pizza.
  11. That optimization video helped, sorta. I don't know if it's super noticeable, but it was good to know that I can start at Ultra and move a few things down instead of starting from High.
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