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  1. Why do I need a 16 core gaming CPU, when the vast majority don't even use 8, if not 6 cores?
  2. Ryzen 2 is out in a week. It can't come soon enough, I have a fevah, and the only prescription is new computer parts. I'm (hopefully) spending about $450 on cpu/mobo/ram.
  3. I'm going AMD. I feel so dirty. But by god, the venom I will spew when I run into my first AMD problem...
  4. I love my Roku Streaming Stick, last year's model. There was something in the stats for the new one I didn't like, even though I think it gained 4k? I don't recall all the info now. Anyway, happy to be on an agnostic platform, fuck Amazon and Google.
  5. Having my computer connected to this TN display and my TV (which is either VA or IPS, I think it might be VA going from memory), baby jebus cries when he sees how much better the colors look on the TV. Oh crap, I shoulda watched GoT on this display instead of my TV, it would have been less dark. :P
  6. I used to once a year, back in the day. But I haven't in probably 6 years at this point. YOLO
  7. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/30/health/vampire-facial-hiv-cases-new-mexico-bn/index.html
  8. I would have to agree with the OP, considering how often I go to TB vs CFA. The only must-have thing at CFA, for me, are the milkshakes. Especially the Peach ones when they show up.
  9. I really thought they were going to Bane Alfred there and break his back. I mean, he pretty much wrapped him around a pole. But oh well. Farewell Gotham, you were fun, even when you were silly. Props for the actress choice for Selena in the last episode, she looked pretty close. And a lot less...chubbier.
  10. I've got so many things to watch, I'll see it sometime this year.
  11. I love it when Orlando goes off on one of his rants. I was always a fan of Anansi stories.
  12. Reported for Rick Rolling me a Linus video. Fuck that guy.
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