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  1. I forgot that new Penny Dreadful was on, so I've been watching that too, and it's F'ing confusing watching both shows at the same time because they're so similar.
  2. I'm always behind, I'm only playing DLC 2 now. But that's in part because I was doing Cartel the past few months and was bringing up an Amara character. I feel bad saying BL3 is my favorite BL because I loved 2 so much and because it's always easier to choose the newest thing, but this is the first BL where I've had multiple maxed characters.
  3. Not hard core, but I enjoy the occasional baja blast or code red.
  4. I would have bought a Vita TV just for the game, but I never got around to it, so this fit the bill. When I sold my Vita, I kept my P4G cart, cuz I got my 100+ hours out of it. The nice thing is that it's been long enough and had P5 after it that I don't quite remember everything in P4, so it's semi-new again.
  5. Didn't even bother trying KB&M, just went straight to controller as it was designed. May play it on my TV at times. Just wish I had a big OLED display now.
  6. 15.99 if you have a humble bundle subscription, gotta save that dollar! Now I have to pause it again. Are you guys using controller or KB&M?
  7. The problem with TB hot sauce is that I go to Del Taco more, and then I get all the sauces mixed up. Mainly cuz it can be confusing as to which sauce is hottest. But yeah, TB Fire is the best TB one. Their hotter one is interesting, it's got a bit of green pepper taste to it, But it's also much hotter, so I have to make sure I don't use a whole packet.
  8. The only thing I've had fail more than HDMI cables is SATA cables.
  9. I was a Sega fan boy, but had no interest in the Saturn and never played Virtua Fighter in the arcade. One day I was standing in line at a Good Guys store, dunno what I was buying, and there was an employee playing VF on a Saturn on a TV near where the line was. So I walked over and played some VF with him. And of course I decided I needed a Saturn that week.
  10. I hope it somehow leads to a 2nd season, but I wouldn't place any bets on that.
  11. A bit, don't think her newer stuff grabs me as much. I did snag a copy of her playing at Glastonbury a few years ago, that was nice. Though ELO at Glastonbury was even better.
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