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  1. Yeah I don’t buy the “people don’t have the money for a console” argument some people are saying. Gaming has been doing exceptionally well. These consoles will both sell out and be hard to find no matter what the launch lineup they have is.
  2. That reminded me it’s been awhile since I’ve watched Showgirls
  3. Are these archived on Shudder? Before my son was born I used to do 31 Horror movies in 31 Days leading up to Halloween. I wanna try and do it again this year and these would be perfect to play.
  4. Started Cursed on Netflix. Im pretty sure I’m gonna hate it but it’s fantasy so I’m watching it.
  5. In other news: WOW Ocarina of Time is really really good!
  6. I loved this show so much as a kid. But I really don’t need more of them.
  7. If by “Anthem Vibes” they mean it has phenomenal gameplay but the loot and end game are a little lacking so instead of 200 hours you get 60 really fun hours with your friends...then count me all in.
  8. Warrior Nun- 8/10 I really enjoyed it. Really takes a long time to get going but not in a bad way. But then the last two episodes happen and you’re like “noooooo that can’t be it” lol.
  9. So there will be a Switch 2 but they’ll call it something different so it won’t be a Switch 2. Gotcha.
  10. This reads “Because of this reason there won’t be a switch 2” ”but also Im pretty sure we’re going to get an evolved form of the switch”
  11. I don’t feel like we’ll get a true “new” system from Nintendo. The Switch feels like the culmination of everything they were working towards since “dropping out” of the console wars. I think from here on out we’ll just get uodated and better versions of the Switch.
  12. I’m excited to try it. They talked about it on the Bombcast and seemed to really like it.
  13. Would you recommend watching the DC over the theatrical if you haven’t seen either yet?
  14. It’s stupid but I loved it. I think in a lot of ways it reminded me of all the Sandler/Barrymore movies. Most of them are pretty bad but damnit I love all of them haha
  15. That looks pretty fun. How was sunken city? That’s the Lovecraft game right?
  16. Warrior Nun. Pretty fun so far and there’s a def hook to keep you wanting to watch more.
  17. I agree with this. I hate crafting. I’d rather find the weapon from a boss or in a chest at the back of or a cave or shrine or something. I don’t wanna worry about mashing X as I run through the world to pick up mats.
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