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  1. Finally got around to seeing it tonight. Holy shit did I love it. Mostly everything has been covered by other people in this thread. All the scenes were so much fun and so well done I didn’t want them to end. Brad Pitt at the ranch being the absolute stand out for me. And the ending of course. I don’t know why but at this point I mark out so hard for the inevitable, over the top, cartoon level violence that shows up at the end of QT movies 😂. Also the cigarette commercial during the credits, low key, might have been my favorite thing in the whole movie haha.
  2. Lol absolutely nothing is clear from that art work. Give me 6 random pieces of art from the movie we got without having seen the actual movie and we probably would have all shit our pants.
  3. The “when do you stop saying happy New Year” hit so close to home 😂
  4. I like this change and it makes complete sense from a branding perspective since they don’t own all of Fox. But I’m sure this will end up being “blah blah blah Disney is evil blah blah End of the world blah blah”
  5. Assassins Creed was one of my favorite franchises. Norse mythology one of my favorite topics. And yet this interests me very little. I’ve had to force myself to finish every AC game since Black Flag. Actually I think Origins is the only AC game I’ve finished since Black Flag. They’re just too damn big with not enough interesting stuff to fill it out.
  6. I’m down for it. The Spider Man sub universe is one of my favorites so I’m excited if they make kind of a connected universe within the connected universe.
  7. Lol what an especially trash year. Frozen II being left out is great. That movie was average as fuck and I’m glad it didn’t just get a nomination cause Disney. No Uncut Gems is a fucking joke.
  8. One of my favorite movies of all time. Watched it every time it’s on TV. Including two nights ago haha
  9. I mean, the games been out for months. So just like with a movie that’s been out for months. Spoilers are kinda open game at this point 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. The only time I ever bought more than one console from the same company during a generation was the 360 because my original red ringed. I have no desire to ever buy a smaller or beefed up version of a console. The only way I’d do it is if they dropped the generation model and followed the smart phone route and I was forced to do it.
  11. Lol yeah he left sort of a blank slate but also left pretty fucking clear themes and potential arcs to follow up on.
  12. almost done with the second book and can’t wait to start the show over again after I finish.
  13. You can’t understand not wanting to feel behooved to the source of your “income”?
  14. First played: NES First owned: NES First Bought with my own Money: Genesis Favorite Console: N64
  15. Am I allowed to care and be sad that this happened yet or does that still make me a bad person?
  16. I really liked the 3rd Terminator and was pissed we didn’t get a direct sequel with the same leads. Plus we all know @skillzdadirecta opinion on film can’t be taken seriously due to his opinion of Rogue One 👀😂
  17. just to play Devils Advocate. Both of those movies were a fair bit earlier in his career. Before a lot of his critical acclaim. It’s also not like he did one of those average as hell Dreamworks movies with a mega cast. One was Disney during its Golden run and the other was a Miyazaki film. Again, just playing Devils Advocate but his standards might be higher than playing a CG character in a Marvel movie.
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