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  1. Also not technically an 80’s show but it ran from 92-93 which was still that Saturday Morning era. This theme absolutely fucks!!! The toys were amazingly badass too
  2. That documentary is fantastic. Love that they actually went into the movie and the later series.
  3. That lightening perk really is so awesome. The best part is that it makes absolutely zero logical sense. There’s nothing that explains it or even hints that it should be possible. Instead “hey you know what would be cool? Fucking lightning bullets” 😂
  4. I didn’t check the options. You adjust brightness, red/blue, and turn HDR on/off before you start. I couldn’t tell if ray tracing was on. There wasn’t anything really super reflective in the village.
  5. Didn’t see a topic but for PS owners the new demo dropped. It’s only playable till 4am EST today. You get 30 min of gameplay in the Village. Next week will be 30 in the Castle. The following week it opens up to all platforms and you get 60 min to play through both. I think people bummed by the initial “demo” will be happier with this one. The mood is utterly fantastic and it looks fantastic. Curious how far everyone gets before their time runs out.
  6. Thr technomancer doesn’t have a default shield. But there’s a weapon mod that will generate a shield around you when you fire the weapon. So If you equip that you can probably combo those other mods on top of it.
  7. Lol Im Pretty much there. Both turrets set to freeze. One does pretty good damage and the other has a stackable armor lowering ability. My gun has that corpse exploder ability. So I just sit back and fire it into the frozen crowd and boom!
  8. Rail gun is the best IMO. Couple Daedalus Hammers to upgrade the special to spread rockets and you’ll clear the game in 25 minutes lol
  9. Its not that you use them more. You just use them differently in more interesting ways because the perks you unlock change what they do.
  10. Yeah I got to a point in WT6 where I was super frustrated with a certain battle. Then I took some time to change up my gear so the skills all aligned in a way i thought should help with the problems I was having and i got through the fight relatively easy. I haven't had too much trouble since. It really is all about making sure the perks on your gear line up with the skills your using and each other. It makes a TON of difference. I've really enjoyed getting to difficult parts because it means I need to step back and reexamine my set up for the fight. Loving this game.
  11. Gettysburg is fantastic. Love that move. Chamberlain FTW!!!!!
  12. Wait, was an argument just made that Jordan faced easier defenses than LeBron??? Because LOL if so.
  13. Don’t mind him. I’m sure if there was huge bouncy breasts, underage school girls and a K-Pop soundtrack he’d be super into it.
  14. This is a lie. The human parts are a mess but the monster parts are still very cool and they show you everything this time instead of that odd “Godzilla fighting on the tv in the background” choice they went with for the first movie.
  15. Nope, sneak the Democrats out in the middle of the night and throw up some walls around the whole state. We’ve gone quite long enough without Escape from NY becoming a reality.
  16. I like that they tapped into all of Warner Bros properties to give it a little bit extra.
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