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  1. I'm just excited to have a SW game that's not Battlefront....been pretty lackluster for the last few years. Probably explains why I still play Galaxy of Heroes, lol
  2. I know what you're saying, but I want a game to finish it, not a snippet I read about like a Destiny lore entry
  3. After KOTOR 2...and even after the abomination that was the MMORPG, I always held out hope to finishing Revan's story :\
  4. I broke, haven't even started Origins yet, just bought Odyssey gold version. That damn spring sale in the MS store :P
  5. Game rocks! Legendary drop in a legendary contract 3 days straight, and legendary drop in stronghold the last 2 days. GM2 for the win! Finally maxed out my Ranger!
  6. LOL - good players like him? You mean the dead guy watching his squad play? Such a humble fellow.
  7. I'm more apt to get it not having to get the season pass....but still may wait for a price drop
  8. Went male. Curious how/if any story pieces are very different because of that. Didn't consider that before.
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