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  1. 12/27 Just remember, I am a big Steven Seagal fan, his action films in the 90's are some of the best action cinema ever. So does my opinion on RoS matter? I'm sure i'll like it even if it's dog-shit
  2. Not going to bag on RoS, but wanted to add that Solo is nothing to make fun of, was a fun movie in its own right.
  3. They already had blue - Chancellor Palpatines royal guards, LOL
  4. And I'm gonna say it right now..The Galactic Empire's Stormtroopers/military is so much better and intimidating than Clones, Battledroids and New Order troops. The PT and ST "bad guys" don't ever feel as threatening or feared like the OT
  5. Or....Mando was right and IG-11 did exactly what he was supposed to do
  6. Doubt it does tie into the movie, maybe more of a "here, now go watch the movie" move.
  7. The game is fun, but I'm not ready to shell out more cash for it. Maybe when the price drops. Haven't played it in almost a year now
  8. Xbox Games with Gold right now. Anyone who hasn't bought it (despite it being worth paying for), needs to grab it for free!
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