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  1. The campaign is not even the entire game, it's maybe 1/4 of it. There's harm rooms, individual story missions, multiplayer, raids, etc. Even if you 100% the campaign, there's a ton of content to continue playing. LOVE the game. Only complaints are Handful of visual bugs, as mentioned No drop-in/drop-out multiplayer No cross play Regardless, the game is a blast, and if has long legs, i'm pretty sure all of those above gripes are things that they will address.
  2. BTW - game fucking rocks! Really enjoying the story so far, well done. It did a good job of getting you excited for the Avengers. Lots of shit to collect!
  3. If they let you toggle online play, then the hell with it, let people join at the end. If you don't like that idea, turn it off. I don't want to quit out of a mission halfway through so my friend can join, and I don't want to sit there staring at the screen waiting for them to finish.
  4. Man, my 4 year old son is going to shit himself with excitement when he sees this
  5. Tough to compare really. It's a turn based game where you collect shadows (like pokemon) and can use them in battles. There's also social games stuff, making friends and doing missions with/for them in school, tests, dating, etc. I loved 3 and 4, bought 5 but haven't started it. When I do, I know it's an easy 90hour plus fun ride
  6. Wasteland 3 comes out in 2 days - that should be GINORMOUS!
  7. They deducted the funds for my pre-order last night. I tried logging in hoping they screwed up and I could get in early, LOL
  8. Playing it now. Been a while since I played, so i'm TURRABLE! But it's fun
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