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  1. Tara Reid needs work, do a commercial back at Coolidge College
  2. YAY!! I finally don't HAVE to buy a Playstation....except for Spider Man, Persona, God of War, Uncharted and Horizon Sony - come on...share more :P
  3. So they went the Captain Marvel route? Worked for them, hope it works here...looks fun!
  4. Man, how this show is being analyzed, I feel sorry for the upcoming Marvel shows
  5. The entire Fallout series, just didn't do it for me. But, I am older now and don't have the time to spend on games that I used to. Outer Worlds scratches that itch. I like the limited world maps, and have explored every nook and cranny. On top of that, with Gamepass it didn't cost me anything extra. By the time I finish, i'll probably top out at about 40 hours, and that's exactly what i'm looking for.
  6. Free? Ok...the world is ending and Activision is giving us one last horah before eternal damnation
  7. I finally bought it....black friday sale Looking forward to finally giving it a shot. Have to wonder though...all these free massive updates, how are they making money?
  8. Sequel would be cool....but I would also love something based on the Mandalorian That series is getting better with every episode!
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