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  1. At $299 still...at this point may as well wait until the next console release or updated version of Switch before buying. Any chance they drop to 249 or *gasp* 199 for X-mas this year?
  2. It's going to come down to features. Who can off more features/tie-ins, etc. Realistically, next gen will probably be a carbon copy of this gen. Regardless...If MS can have X1 and all BC games on the next one, i'll happily upgrade. If PS5 can get my dead PS3 library back up and running, more than happy to upgrade my PS4 as well
  3. How many parts is it going to be broken up into? This could be the most expensive game in video game history for the entire thing.
  4. Preordered on my console 3 weeks ago. GIMME!
  5. You're probably the only one worse than me when it comes to buying games and not finishing them....or playing them at all, lol
  6. Resident Fable fanatic....loved all of them except that stupid cart game with the camera. Fable 4 can't come fast enough!! Missed this type of game this gen.
  7. Did the same a few months back, been working my way through the first one.
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