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  1. Conviction was pretty good...tough to get me more hyped than I already am though, lol.
  2. Just caught that at the end....AssCredd 3 remaster is free with the season pass. That makes it much better, lol.
  3. Going to wait on Div2...just not feeling it. Maybe when the price drops around black friday. I'm all in for Anthem!
  4. Only interested in the DLC...want to see the evil deeds my boy George Washington was up to
  5. ARZ

    General Gaming LTTP: Shadow of Mordor

    Same...bought the disc on sale, never opened it. They had the complete version on sale digitally dirt cheap and bought that
  6. ' It's the cost of my gamepass, so
  7. Use my gamepass to get that bad boy ready...been looking forward to this one.
  8. Man, saw Middle-Earth and thought Shadow of War. Damn them!