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  1. I’m going to make Wade a paella one day and the best I can hope for a reaction will be something along the lines of “my palette finds this substance to be somewhat agreeable.”
  2. Im thinking of trying this too honestly ñ, but for different reasons. Having a set portion to eat would probably be very beneficial to me.
  3. Allergy sufferers have nearly 40% lower risk of COVID-19 infection, study says WWW.YAHOO.COM People who suffer from allergic conditions have a lower risk for developing COVID-19, according to a new U.K. study.
  4. Yes it’s tough to compete with such masterpieces as “do you guys prefer white or blue?”
  5. Johnny is the only poster here who might guess this ingredient.
  6. I’ll give a hint. I ran out of cheese and was too lazy last night to go out and get some.
  7. I actually fried up a chorizo after because my fatass was still hungry.
  8. An omelette that hasn’t been massively overcooked. So not an American omelette basically. Also as Rachel said, I probably used half of a stick of butter lol.
  9. I waited two years for this baddie. Bought it for $2500 at BB. Two years ago it was at $3750.
  10. I noticed it for sure and then saw online that OLED’s refreshing so fast are what make it more noticeable. Apparently LEDs don’t have this issue because they suck at refreshing and also their natural blurring makes it less noticeable. Apparently MicroLED’s won’t have this issue but I think we are a ways away from those.
  11. The Real Cinema mode works pretty well in this regard. Deblur and dejudder I set to 0 to prevent soap opera effect. Honestly it’s not that bad I’m just being a baby.
  12. That’a literally what it is, but still annoying since all film and shows are 24fps!
  13. @sblfilms Basically motion is weird on OLEDs. I also hear it’s more noticeable on huge ass TVs like the 77 inch I just got lol. You don’t see it with games as Keyser mentioned but it stands out on regular 24fps TV content.
  14. Do it! Side bar: why doesn’t anyone talk about the judder OLEDs have?
  15. I make $60k a year, which is somewhat disappointing, but it’s my first job in a completely new career with amazing benefits so I can’t complain too much. Plus my wife makes more than me lol.
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