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  1. Damn, you really went all out on this one. Not sure how you will top it in the future.
  2. It was closer to $40, but I did end up getting the official one.
  3. It appears I angered the Switch gods with this thread. The controller joystick was faulty lol. I sent it back and ordered the real Pro. Coming on Thursday.
  4. Your taste in food is certainly interesting.
  5. It's news to ByteDance, apparently. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-09-19/bytedance-says-not-aware-of-5-billion-education-fund-in-tiktok-deal#:~:text="The company has been committed,its official account on Toutiao.&text=Copyright 2020 Thomson Reuters.
  6. He has never attacked other models. It's just that Elliott Morris loser who has been attacking him. Silver claimed from the beginning that his model's numbers would change markedly in Biden's favor if he held his lead and we got closer to the election.
  7. Anyway, the discussion on this particular topic should have ended after this post. I'm willing to pretend last night was just an emotionally charged event all around if it means we can stop fucking talk about this. It's so bad I'm willing to read a Jason post of a Trump tweet at this point.
  8. If you weren't shifting goalposts, how could I possibly accuse you of shifting them? I was responding directly to bm for his posts saying things like "fuck her" and then pretending he was merely criticizing her. Others also acted as though I had an issue with mere criticism when the nasty posts are here in this thread for all to see. I'm sorry I don't list every single person I'm referring to when I use a pronoun. I'll be sure to let you know you're not part of a pronoun when I use it in the future.
  9. I posted right after bm posted and skillz had not even posted in at least 5 or 6 posts. Absolutely bizarre.
  10. The massive uptick in donations certainly is encouraging. Let's hope it lasts.
  11. What on Earth lmao? Bro, you weren't even posting last night. Sorry if you have a weird chip on your shoulder.
  12. They're shifting goalposts and acting like they didn't say absolutely nasty things about her on the day of her death previously in the thread.
  13. She's trailing in her race. I doubt she's just going to contradict her self like that.
  14. Collins is already on record saying she won't vote. Murkowski and Romney are probably sure-bets as well. They only need one more defection.
  15. DC is going to be a hard sell in arguing that Maryland or Virginia shouldn't just absorb the city. PR definitely though.
  16. I kinda need to know the GOP numbers in the same timespan before I decide it's lit.
  17. We can also move on from shitting on her grave and literally talk about anything else.
  18. You had the Thurgood Marshall analogy dangling in front of you and you went with the Pope lmao.
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