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  1. He is his own dirty tricks campaign. He gets publicly owned so much which is weird because he's always been a champion of libertarian ideals. No wonder he's voting GOP. And I don't believe he ever didn't vote GOP.
  2. Pearl Jam's Matt Cameron and RHCP's Chad Smith Distance Themselves from Rolling Stone's Taylor Hawkins Feature, Apologize to Taylor's Family | MetalSucks WWW.METALSUCKS.NET Pearl Jam's Matt Cameron and Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith have distanced themselves from a recent interview about Taylor Hawkins.
  3. A lot of the Some Kind of Monster documentary was about his insecurities without actually outright saying it. I'll always love that guy. I hope they keep going. I love seeing them live.
  4. Yeah even then I can't seem to find a way to enter a coupon code. I think it's because I'm on the T-Mobile thing. Oh well.
  5. People say it's Californians in Utah, too. But the data doesn't support that. It's mostly people wanting to stay, their families expanding, and not wanting to leave combined with a lack of housing supply. Utah and Idaho are very similar culturally, so I'm betting it's the same thing there too.
  6. Boise is actually the highest increase in terms of percentage for home prices in the country over the past couple of years.
  7. I never want to hear talk of "pointless" if you live in the Midwest or the rust belt. Come to Utah and I'll give you a lesson in pointless. But even then! I just moved to a much more competitive district. I've always been motivated to vote but now even moreso.
  8. I heard stuff like that all the time from local leaders/congregants in the church of my youth. I agree with the sentiment of "tax all churches" because there are some very bad offenders out there in terms of grift. But there are also some "legit" ones that really do tons of actually good charitable work. Though they're few and far between.
  9. Specifically in the context of my homeland being invaded, yes. I would do everything in my power to keep my family from becoming victims of war crimes. Other "just" wars and I'd be a lot more iffy on my willingness.
  10. Way too late to this convo but whatever. I wear black t-shirts with horrific imagery on them and jeans to work (when I go into the office) and always have. It's comfortable. I would riot if I couldn't wear something comfortable and "me" to my current job. I'm a programmer. I can count on one hand the number of times I've put on a necktie, slacks and/or a suit in the past eight years. But, if I were elected to be a Senator you bet your ass I'd be wearing a tie every fucking time I walked into that chamber. I think a bland approach is best when you are representing people of all stripes. I agree with those saying that "work appropriate" dress has generally been defined by wealthy white men. But there are people--in federal office, no less--that I feel do both dress the part and represent who they are as members of a specific community fairly well. Sinema's t-shirt that wouldn't be out of place on a teenager at a sleepover isn't that, however. But also, it's not offensive either.
  11. This is awful. The guy was a staple and beloved personality in the metal community. I've always loved The Black Dahlia Murder's music, and I've never heard a negative thing about the guy. His lyrics were so good at painting a horrific image. I don't know what else to say. This one hitting me hardest so far this year
  12. The Black Dahlia Murder Frontman Trevor Strnad Dead at 41 | MetalSucks WWW.METALSUCKS.NET According to the band's Instagram, Trevor Strnad, frontman for The Black Dahlia Murder, has died. He was 41 years old.
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