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  1. That book is tucking terrible. Like, one of the if not THE worst bios I've ever read.
  2. The job I just left is the company that makes this guy's home security/smart home automation system. He was famous on Slack yesterday.
  3. Where will Fox News correspondents go to interview real Americans on what they think about politics? All the drive thrus close to my house have signs taped up on them 'we are extremely understaffed please excuse the longer wait' and then they stuff a small flyer in your food bag saying they're hiring. "Interview now, start today" they all say. Raise your fuckin' hourly rate you morons. This isn't hard.
  4. You can say the N-word all you want but 'shit' is getting you banned.
  5. Trump getting so jealous right now. ...Because he doesn't know how to ride a bike of course.
  6. Good lord these people are disgusting sycophants. Watching some of the videos... This lady fawning over Melania "Thank you for everything you do, Melania! You're the best!" What, exactly, does she do? I wonder as I watch Melania trying to ignore this weird lady in the video.
  7. Unless you're a privileged snot like Cruz I wouldn't worry about it. I think these terrible Simpsons impressions are the worst thing he has ever done. Bar none.
  8. Eh, kind of a meaningless statement because many organizations are going to have some characteristic of a cult. Your workplace is probably a cult to some degree. But when people think of cults and what makes a stereotypical "cult" a cult Mormonism is going to check off 90% of those boxes.
  9. I resonate so much with this. "Keeping the Sabbath holy" is so different depending on the family and who is trying to be the most righteous or whatever. I know some families that only allow their kids to read or listen to things produced by the church on Sundays, never change out of their church clothes, and prepare every meal the day before and then don't do any cleaning on Sundays. Then there were the families like mine that pretty much considered the sabbath finished once we walked out the church doors. And everything in between. Also the weird rules some families have re: catch
  10. Here's what Mormon scripture has to say about the Catholic Church: And Jesus in some heaven temple? Pfft. Mormons built a temple in Ohio and Jesus himself came to the opening ceremonies. These things aren't taught as allegories. They are taught as things that actually physically, literally happened and are recorded as historical events in the Mormon church. Get on our level! (And I just want to make it clear in case it wasn't, I don't subscribe to this belief system anymore.)
  11. Bruh, our guy Joseph Smith said Native Americans were actually Jews and that one of them appeared to him in several visions and guided him to a book written on gold plates buried in upstate New York.
  12. My team's (Mariners) stadium looks the same before COVID, during COVID, and is looking the same after COVID. Nowhere near that crowded.
  13. Pretty sure I still have everybody beat on the weirdness scale.
  14. @b_m_b_m_b_m remember when I was talking shit about South Dakota?
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