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  1. I really, really hate it when a show spends a significant amount of an episode's runtime going over the details of an event we have already been told about and we've even seen to some extent. This episode spent a full third of its runtime on Gaal's excommunication from her religion/society/planet/whatever. We've already seen this. It was the opening of the show. We learned nothing new about her character in this time. We learned of some actions she took. She threw a math book into their ocean and then changed her mind and went and got it. Great. But those are pretty unimportant details after the fact. And we didn't need 15 minutes to see that. Coming back to it in episode five and wasting that much time on it--again, when we've already seen it and she even talked about it in more detail in the episode--instead of spending time with her where she is now math-ing the shit out of her situation, or more time with the situation on Terminus, or more time with Brother Dawn's deviation is so frustrating to me. I've never read the books and I don't feel at all lost. And 100% agreed the emperor is a super fascinating character. The first half of the third episode that focused on the mechanics, morality, humanity, etc. of this dynastic structure was some of the most compelling sci-fi I've seen in a long time.
  2. My dad has been an engineer at Boeing for more than 30 years. He says exactly this with some frequency.
  3. Getting mining operations "off the grid" would be good. But, as per usual, a conservative's solution misses the forest for the trees.
  4. I mean, his replacement would have done the same thing. So maybe not.
  5. I see what you're saying. But I'm going to have to disagree still. Vehemently, actually. LMAO. I would rather, a million times, listen to something tuned down to drop Fuck flat on a mandolin scaled piece of shit than ever listen to something pitch shifted afterwards that's full of digital or analog artifcacting. A million times. Especially if that's downwards when said artifacting will be exponentially more apparent apparent the further down you go. That will always, 100% of the time sound worse than something not on a larger scale instrument that's been tuned down. I will agree that some older metal heads, probably some my age too--and hell even myself--are gatekeepers. But I think that correlates to age. The older you are the more gatekeep-y you are. I'm gonna go listen to Gatecreeper now.
  6. I don't think this is as much of a thing as you think it is. I mean @Keyser_Soze likes plenty of awful music. He also likes some good stuff. The best is when you get both elements: great songwriting and virtuosity. That's an extreme oversimplification. I mean I deal mostly in metal circles when it comes to music but I've never heard anybody complain about the number of songwriters or session musicians or engineers or whatever. Producer writing your music? Well it's not cheating but it's funny when somebody else gets the credit for the primary creative part in a creative process. It doesn't really matter though. Autotune is cheating? Everybody uses autotune to some degree in the studio to correct pitch. The problem is when it becomes the feature. It makes everything quiteter, especially in harmonies, because there are no clashing frequencies and it just sounds exactly like what it is. Downtunend guitars are cheating? I don't know how many metalheads you actually talk to but like 99% of metal bands don't use guitars that are standard tuned so that's the weirdest one on your list. Hell, the first metal band downtuned their guitar.
  7. Fair enough. Speaking from my own religious background I can say that this issue does exist there too. And being married is a requirement for clergy there. Maybe 'drastically' isn't the word I should have used but being in an environment/profession where sexual expression is forbidden also creates monsters that otherwise might not exist.
  8. Remove celibacy requirements and/or allow clergy to marry and this problem would practically disappear going forward. Weird how religions don't do the easy and obvious thing sometimes.
  9. Option 1. Hopefully all of the stuff left out of option 1 becomes option 1 for another administration.
  10. Yup. I feel like I've had this on "Netflix" ever since Plex came out.
  11. Glad DS9 isn't gone since I'm going through it. Just started season 3.
  12. Katalin Kariko laid the scientific groundwork for coronavirus vaccines - The Washington Post WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM For Katalin Kariko, a life in full: awe-inspiring ideas, careful experiments, unnoticed successes and the repeated sting of rejection. Awesome article.
  13. See my previous post in this thread. Forgot to mention you. I'm always happy to discuss the weirdness of Mormonism. This isn't a thing though so unfortunately there's nothing to discuss. Insert gif that's the opposite of captainamericaiunderstoodthatreference.gif
  14. Thank you for quoting my Discord response to this here. Yeah... this isn't real. I know plenty of people that would admit to this had they done it. Also, when I was leaving my faith behind I listened to tons of Mormon-themed podcasts (still do on occasion) where people talked about their time in the faith and losing their faith and challenges they had. I've probably listened to and read a few thousand exit stories at this point. Nobody is shy about the "sins" they've committed once they've left the faith. In these literally thousands of exit stories nobody has mentioned having "soaked". That's why I don't believe it's real.
  15. How is him trying to draw cartoons when he is ill different than any other day?
  16. December 31st. Also... A fifth season has been confirmed! 'Cobra Kai' Season 5 Reportedly in Production and Wraps Filming in December 2021 - What's on Netflix WWW.WHATS-ON-NETFLIX.COM Cobra Kai Season 5 is in production according to multiple production schedules seen by What’s on Netflix. The fifth season was announced a few months ago and has begun production... ‘Cobra Kai’: Season 4 Premiere Date Revealed In New Teaser—Netflix Tudum DEADLINE.COM It's time to get your karate gi's ready for battle as Netflix's Cobra Kai begins its journey to the All Valley Tournament in season 4.
  17. Word. I was thinking people were worried about representation or something. I think Chris Pratt can be very animated, he's just been stuck doing generic blockbusters in the role of generic white dude.
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