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  1. johnny

    MLB The Mariners

    Suspensions are almost never as long as they should be
  2. I canceled mine. Hopefully it actually is canceled and doesn’t charge me in a few days.
  3. Nah she’s fine as a friend. She’s just somebody you can’t date lol
  4. My friend is like this. She basically refuses to watch movies unless it’s a Disney animated film or Harry Potter. She won’t even watch the movies that come from books that she likes because she thinks it’ll ruin the book for her (besides HP obvs)
  5. johnny

    Television Batwoman Series In the Works at CW

    this is why ruby rose left twitter leave me alone
  6. johnny

    Television Batwoman Series In the Works at CW

    yeah right like im gonna watch all those made for teens shows when there's virtually unlimited amounts of content.
  7. johnny

    MLB The Mariners

    We almost fucked it up. Melvin should have left Manaea in. Not like he has pitched that much this year since our starters usually dont last 6 innings.
  8. good thing chris hardwick is a straight white male or his career would have been over!
  9. johnny

    Television Batwoman Series In the Works at CW

    I think it's a good casting but it's a CW show so it's going to be fucking awful.
  10. I watched Batman Begins and it reminded me of the time I tried to watch that movie with an ex. She was bored after an hour and I was pissed because I love that movie. Ive never really dated a girl that appreciates movies and can sit through something that’s not a comedy or blockbuster movie.
  11. I was only able to see slenderman today so I didn’t go to the movies
  12. johnny

    General Sports Tiger is back

    Tiger Woods is golf. I never see shit about golf on social media unless tiger is doing well lol.
  13. johnny

    MLB The Mariners

    Stick a fork in the Astros