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  1. Internet. I can skip like one day of showering but any more than that and I feel gross
  2. It’s amazing how one person will be ignorant enough to say it and then other people (and people you wouldn’t even expect) come out in agreement. Our president may be blatantly racist but there are still so many people who keep it on the low until they feel like it’s safe to share their dumb thoughts.
  3. There are a lot of good Bond movies but I’ve never really looked forward to them. This at least peaks my interest. They also picked a great actress.
  4. I was at a party last night and a few people were NOT okay with this. “If Tiana was cast as a white person people would lose their shit”. “Black people don’t have natural red hair” “Ariel is WHITE” Me: Ariel is a drawing “A WHITE drawing”
  5. I personally do not know anybody who has voiced this belief, but if I did, I would immediately cease any communication with them and they would forever be banished from my life.
  6. There are so many people who are turned off at the idea of these live action remakes and more people are mad that this film is being called live action. That’s why I can’t take that review by Ehrlich seriously. Read his review and look at some of his tweets. He’s clearly one of those people. I don’t think his whole review is garbage and I’m sure there will be a couple things he pointed out that I’ll agree with but critics are like Supreme Court justices. Some think they might be impartial but in reality they all have their biases.
  7. Had CP3 not had to deal with injuries he would in all likelihood still be the second best point guard in the league. I hate CP3 but dude can ball. Harden froze him out a lot this year, especially during and after his run of scoring 50 points a game. His numbers with Harden OFF the court are actually pretty damn good. I think this could lead to a few more RS wins by virtue of Westbrook playing more but I’m skeptical of it really helping them much if at all in the playoffs.
  8. They trade CP3 for a pointguard that is more ball dominant, plays worse defense, turns the ball over more, and has a worse 3 pt percentage. They are both good players and they’ll still be a good team but this is a downgrade imo
  9. Don’t like this deal for the rockets.
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