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  1. yeah credits are super long. i don’t mind shorter episodes though as long as they’re good. kinda fits the sitcom theme.
  2. first two episodes came out. thought they were pretty good!
  3. wades is by far the grossest tasting
  4. 3q3Yrdnv78wJjb5C STREAMABLE.COM Watch "3q3Yrdnv78wJjb5C" on Streamable. shaq mad at harden
  5. i think you guys got a good return for harden. i’m thinking the kyrie situation had them worried so they gave up a little more than they wanted lol
  6. it's pretty annoying how slow mlb free agency is compared to everything else
  7. im in the tier after healthcare workers and i have no idea when im getting it lmao
  8. i’ve talked to a bunch of people who defend the death penalty as “eye for an eye” which to me comes off like it’s fueled by revenge.
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