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  1. http://collider.com//android-chrome-192x192.png Borat 2: How the Rudy Giuliani Scene Was Filmed | Collider COLLIDER.COM Borat 2 stars Sacha Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova break their silence on the Rudy Giuliani scene and how it was filmed.
  2. I watched it. Rudy comes off as kind of a creep but it’s not clear he did much. Like I don’t think anybody can really say he was tucking in his shirt or touching his dick with any certainty. He does touch her a couple times on her shoulder and then her side, which is the gross part. I don’t believe she says she’s 15 and she definitely doesn’t look 15. However they both agree to have a drink in the bedroom so I would wager he was thinking about sexy times.
  3. I feel like anytime California wants to build apartments, condos, and townhomes the homeowners want to throw a fucking bitch fit.
  4. So uhhhhh have any retailers actually said that they’re going to be able to fulfill all the preorders that were made?
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