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  1. Yeah see I’m tryin to avoid the overhead bin because they charge for that
  2. The only time I had Vicodin was when I had my wisdom teeth out. Ngl that shit was nice. Kinda scares me because taking it for a few days made me realize how easy it is to get hooked on them.
  3. We would have been the top gaming board on the net if it wasn’t for our server. FUCK resetera.
  4. I don’t even know where we’re staying tbh my brother’s friend handled all of it. I’ll know what’s up tomorrow when we fly in lol
  5. I got a summons in the mail twice but never had to report
  6. Leaving for Vegas Thursday night. Clothes on my back are also my returning clothes Monday morning. Bringing - 4 shirts, 2 shorts, 1 pair of jeans (wearing on flight), 5 underwear (you never know) and 5 pair of socks. Need to fit it into my jansport backpack and stay within regulations. I would LIKE to also bring my laptop in case I need to do something for work (unlikely) but I don’t NEED it. Bringing my switch for the flight. I am essentially going to be at the tables and at march madness watch parties during my time there. This also presents a spillage problem on my clothing. I figure if I spill I can always buy one shirt if needed. Can i I make it fit or am I going to have to pay for a carry on? Going to attempt now.
  7. If you can’t kill a pack of coyotes with a bow then you need to hit the archery range fella. Damn piss poor hunters and your excuses.
  8. Got home from work. Sweatpants on, shirt off. Feeling good.
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