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  1. I thought Underwater sucked. I could never get a sense for where they are and what direction they were going.
  2. I know 30 dollars is a lot for one movie but I’ll probably watch it with my friend, so 15 each which is basically a non-matinee ticket around here. Plus on 4K with my decent sound system. Very much looking forward to Mulan because It doesn’t look like an identical remake and FINALLY a big release. I would think if Mulan meets their expectations they might be willing to do the same for Black Widow, feeling more confident about the money they would make.
  3. No. I only preorder something to have it preloaded so I can play it and not wait for downloading. I preordered TLOU2 and Ghost of Tsushima a little more than a week before they came out.
  4. johnny


    Eat the booty like
  5. I agree. The more they show of the game the less it looks like something I would enjoy. It sucks all these resources are going to another destiny type game. I’d be way more excited for a new deus ex game
  6. The 8 game suspension is fucking ridiculous. I don’t even hate the Astros as much as Manfred. Has he ever done anything right? The team that cheated got no punishment and now other players are being punished over those Fuckos cheating
  7. This isn’t the first time he missed the intended release date. He either prematurely announces it or he has it done but changes his mind and wants to change stuff. Shit, after the life of Pablo released he changed things on a few of his songs and reuploaded them on streaming services lol. Rip in pieces the original ‘feedback’.
  8. I remember watching a lot of Regis on tv because of my mom. RIP
  9. I remember thinking it was ok but visually stunning. I haven’t seen it in a really long time. Definitely not wanting all these movies and i expect them to be bad.
  10. I thought it was an okay show. I was kinda getting hyped and was thinking maybe I’ll buy both consoles on release day, but this conference definitely dissuaded me from doing that. To me the console difference is negligible it’s all about what games you’re going to have and nothing really jumped out at me that says I’m going to want an XSX at some point. Maybe that will change in the future.
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