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  1. so what's the verdict on this? im not super into Halo but want to support video game stuff... but not if it's bad lol
  2. on mother's day i tried to call her and she ignored my call and then texted me that she is sick of my brother and i not doing anything special for her on that day.
  3. I thought it was the other way around until this trial started so idk what's going on
  4. my dad actually got a DNA test with me and my brother done a long time ago during his divorce. He knew my mom was sleeping around and he just had to know for his own peace of mind.
  5. i havent paid any attention to this but the entire internet seems to believe heard is crazy and depp is mostly innocent.
  6. if it was animated i probably wouldn’t even think of checking this out. now i will as long as the impressions seem positive.
  7. seems fine. i hope this has more of a hawkeye vibe to it. could be a fun show. i worry this is gonna be another 6 episodes? give us more episodes on stuff or turn it into movies ffs
  8. As a teacher, black seems to be more common than African American. Some black people in the united states don't really identify as "African-American" and instead identify more specific with a different country like Nigeria, Kenya, Jamaica, etc. Or they just don't care much for the term because they see themselves as black and/or AA as the political term for black people. I have had some students say that they would prefer non-black teachers use the term African American when talking about AA issues because it feels less odd. This is just what I've picked up on in conversations with black students about what they prefer and a few of my friends. Def not an authority on it lol.
  9. the arena is fun but after the second group of trials i turned it to easy so i could get all the tokens to buy legendary armor lol
  10. Anything over 3 days with a cat I would have somebody check on them once a day A dog I would maybe do 12 hours max.
  11. yeah the ps5 version just came out recently. they said those wouldnt be on PS+ until theyre older. I wish they would but it is what it is. They must love the numbers that the bigger games pull in.
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