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  1. I don't think sbl's comments were bad. I think we are/were emotional about what happened to Kobe and the people on the helicopter and thats what sparked the argument. He maybe didnt anticipate that so many people would be upset by the news as well.
  2. I’m shocked that Edge showed up. He was my favorite
  3. Man I haven’t been able to really do anything all day. This has me fucked up.
  4. Kobe was really destined to do some great things post-NBA career. He was a big advocate of the WNBA and worked hard to grow the game of women’s basketball. Dude even won an Oscar. Not to mention everything his daughter could have accomplished as well as the others on board. Doc Rivers was right when he said not many have the same DNA as him. Kobe was special.
  5. This is a huge loss for the sports world and for Los Angeles as well. Kobe was LA sports. He transcended the game. People on ESPN are crying. It’s very insensitive to not understand why people are crying over a guy they didn’t personally know, because you don’t need to KNOW somebody for them to have an impact on your life. I grew up watching Kobe play. It’s very shocking to hear this news. My thoughts with the families affected. Two families lost a parent and daughter and millions feel the loss of somebody who inspired them, or at the least enjoyed watching play.
  6. Kathleen Kennedy is fine. She understands that film is a director’s medium which is why JJ and Rian got as much freedom as they did. The only problem is that she gave JJ too much freedom to finish out the trilogy instead of worrying about whether or not what he was doing made sense. I think she has learned from the missteps of the franchise like stopping the A Star Wars Story movies. If you want more Marvel style just stick to the The Mandalorian where it wouldn’t be obvious to tell which episode Taika directed because it’s TV. Star Wars will be fine with KK in charge.
  7. I love both movies. I’m sorry you can’t look past the surface of a film.
  8. All Jonah hill wants to do in that movie is have sex. if all you look at is plot structure I totally see how you think it’s pretty much the same movie. But fortunately there is much more to Booksmart than that. Comparing it directly to a movie about horny teenage boys is pretty lame. it’s also sad that a female-led movie is being constantly compared to a male-led movie.
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