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  1. I went with Scorbunny. I have three badges and almost all of my Pokémon at their final evolution.
  2. When I was vacationing in the Caribbean multiple people who lived there said I looked like a young nic cage.
  3. I have two badges and my current team is Raboot, Corvisquire, Pikachu (you can get this or eevee if you have a let’s go save), Pancham, Corphish, and Eldegoss. Probably gonna go back to the wild area and might change up my team.
  4. I’m pretty sure Nintendo’s rule is to not discount their major games until they’re at least 15 years old lol
  5. Were you guys able to beat that mini boss on the first place you get to explore? Cuz I got my shit rocked a couple times and noped out. Curious if it is not as difficult as it seems or if you guys went back to beat it later
  6. My republican DC Comic friend watched the first episode and of course the first thing he says is he hates the Rorschach-White supremacy link lmao
  7. The wild area is fun and it gives a ton of different Pokémon to catch in the beginning of the game.
  8. There’s no justification in that video for Garrett to hit him with a helmet. Dude took it way too far. Had it ended with a fist fight I would have been fine but Garrett brought a weapon into it. He should be done for the season (with other smaller suspensions to others)
  9. johnny

    Worst day ever.

    Dwight Schrute would open a full-scale investigation
  10. Congrats to your 2017 World Series champions the Los Angeles dodgers and World Series champion Clayton kershaw
  11. I mean he says there is still fantasy stuff in it. I just think it’s probably better to not go all out in the beginning.
  12. I hope the next time I call somebody racist they say they’re not racist, just using outdated cultural depictions
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