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  1. johnny

    Television WWE Raw shocking news

    Roman is going to beat cancer and show up at the royal rumble with his bald head. Seriously, that sucks. Hopefully everything goes as well as it can. True lmao
  2. johnny

    Movies No Love for Halloween!?

    The biggest problem with the film is But the actual horror parts are good
  3. Lol. Yeah easier to replace the guy who has been in 3 movies and is a fan favorite vs the guy who was in one movie 10 years ago before the marvel stuff exploded. Not saying it would be hard to replace him (people would get over it p quickly), but thinking it’s an easier thing to do than Terrence fucking Howard is hilarious.
  4. johnny

    Mega millions lottery jackpot at $1.6 billion

    Definitely a lot of this. I do get attached though so it’d be interesting and probably funny if I tried to use my money to be a player. Also the usual take care of family and invest it stuff. Travel everywhere. Donate and do volunteer things. Gaming binges. Probably start some businesses but I have no idea what I would do so maybe not. If you’re that rich you can just pay for the big time celeb treatment where you skip to the front of everything. Still have to deal with people everywhere but at least there are no lines.
  5. johnny

    The Official "I Voted" Thread - GO VOTE

    Voted HARD for Josh Harder. Can’t wait to get rid of that shitty farmer.
  6. Good movie. The sequel mostly looks like the exact same movie.
  7. Good riddance. All these marvel shows on netflix are lame anyways.
  8. johnny

    Movies No Love for Halloween!?

    It was good. Worth the price of admission. I love horror but slashers are my least favorite subgenre. My friends who aren't big horror fans said they loved it, so that's good.
  9. johnny

    General Gaming Anyone else get Starlink?

    This looks cool. Already spending a lot of money on games recently though so it's gonna have to wait.
  10. This is why people in the bay area should be A's fans
  11. I’m getting digital I guess. I’m not waiting until release day to wait 5 more days for this fucking thing to download
  12. johnny

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    Filled out my ballot. Democrat across the board.