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  1. yeah it’s definitely not exciting or that interesting
  2. A’s have won 8 in a row 👀
  3. a place like naughty dog isn’t really the problem, and they make different games compared to this. they have well written games (kal might disagree but he is a hater lol) not every game is going to be a masterclass in writing and storytelling like DE apparently is (i bought it, just need some time to play it). the problem is there are so many games with half assed writing. those devs need to pick it up, not ND really (of course there is always room for improvement, not saying they are perfect). but i do agree with the failure thing. almost all games make i
  4. Over the Moon 3/5 Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon 2.5/5 watched these because they’re nominated for an oscar. still need to watch Wolfwalkers for the animated category, which i’m looking forward to!
  5. no comic spoilers but damn i am very worried about the mom now. feel like she gonna get got.
  6. yeah the flag smashers have sucked every episode besides last weeks imo
  7. end credits scene was nothing special but i’m sure it’s cool for comic fans? liked this episode. think the finale is going to kick ass.
  8. LMAO i think there could be some jurors who are blue lives matter enough to create a hung jury but it won’t be because the defense showed solid stuff.
  9. i don’t think the US one looks too different from what they’ve done before
  10. i watched it! it wasn’t very good, but not as bad as i thought it was going to be.
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