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  1. I’d be interested to see Cavill as Superman in a non-Snyder Man of Steel 2
  2. Working from home for the same pay and got the stimulus check.
  3. My brothers small dog is always off leash. They don’t go to parks or anything just normal walks, but still. She’s well trained but I always thought about other dogs or if she goes out into the street for even a second and gets hit. also fuck that lady. Racist and an animal abuser. Would not be surprised if she would abuse an SO as well.
  4. I think most people dislike him. The only thing he does that’s good is he uses his clout to point out injustices against poc. I’m sure it’s a double edged sword since he’s gotta be making money off of it but it’s good to get the word out about some of the shit happening in this country.
  5. Review embargo lifted today. Most are saying this is not good. will still see for myself but that sucks
  6. I don’t wish to see this at all. Especially since we are getting a James Gunn SS.
  7. I saw some people on the internet trying to get a solo 2 rally off the ground, which I don’t think will happen. BUT IF IT DID..... what would be the best route? I think “blockbuster movie” would be too risky for Disney even if it has a normal production. So now we’re either looking at smaller budget movie or a Disney plus series. Which would be better? I think I would rather have a smaller budget movie. I rewatched Solo not that long ago and it was enjoyable. But 6-8 episodes? Idk. Could be done with the right team. then what would the plot even be about for a sequel to a movie we didn’t even really want lol. I guess you continue the storyline with Qira which would mean darth maul would likely be in it, which would get people hyped. But him and Han would never cross paths so you’re kind of limited on his usage. just wondering over here. Bored as hell. Give us fallen order story DLC.
  8. That scene with Chewbacca and Kylo could have potentially worked well. theres really nobody to blame more for TRoS than JJ. Dude made the movie he wanted to make and it fucking sucked. It could have been slightly better if he had more time to work on it but the movie is what it is. Garbage. Rian and JJ both love Star Wars. But Rian actually knows how to make a great film and doesn’t rely on people’s nostalgia.
  9. johnny

    90 day fiancé

    So what happens after 90 days? Is it like a return them to the country if it doesn’t work situation
  10. Fortunately for everybody, the Snyder cut nerds hate women and would never want this!
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