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  1. i really liked it. it made me want to go back and watch all the movies they talk about it in that episode
  2. i’ve seen a few reviews that made me really interested in this. i DIDNT like Vice AT ALL so i wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t hit for me but i’m still hopeful.
  3. i’m not saying there isn’t gun violence. but if you stay away from gun culture your chances of being in a situation involving guns is obviously going to be dramatically lower (but not impossible of course). if everybody had a gun, it’s going to go up.
  4. all guns should be required to be locked up in a storage facility specifically for guns. throw a shooting range in a place like that for people to have their orgasms. if you want to go hunting you can check your specific approved gun out to go to satiate your bloodlust. guns are evil and should be banned. if i had a kid i wouldn’t teach them gun safety. i would teach them to avoid guns. living in california i’ve never even seen a gun besides a place where you might expect one like on an officers hip. it’s actually not that difficult to avoid guns depending on who you spend your time with (at least in a state that is less psycho than others)
  5. no. he's a bartender in NYC
  6. i talk to him everyday. he's hilarious
  7. I watched the two about Jaws and animation. These things are really well done! I felt like the animation one was really informative.
  8. Watched this Sunday and it’s really good. It’s the same people that directed Free Solo and they are definitely talented at this stuff. I didn’t know about this story and it’s fucking crazy what they did!
  9. haven’t watched these yet but wanted to post because i know some of you would be interested. there are a lot of amazing youtube videos and podcasts that likely cover all of these things but it’s neat to see this stuff on netflix too.
  10. i think ME is supposed to still be in the early planning stages so it would probably be another teaser trailer with hardly any info
  11. the one time being allergic to almost everything in nature and having eczema can pay off
  12. i wear adidas ones. i have to wear it all day at work and they are comfortable.
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