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  1. “Yeah that looks like PI” ”ruling on the field stands” announcers: it just wasn’t egregious enough for it to be overturned
  2. Botox can actually look good if you don’t go overboard and you aren’t old
  3. Saw this yesterday. Thought it was pretty good. Definitely a slow movie and more about brad Pitts relationship with his father. Has some nice sequences and its shot *beautifully* (no surprise there though, van Hoytema has done amazing work)
  4. I’m buying ps5 day one. Ready to upgrade from launch ps4.
  5. I had a great time while I was a subscriber. Saved me hundreds of dollars
  6. Old people are screwing us over
  7. Week 2 Feature Game Philadelphia Eagles LET IT RIDE BAYBAY QUESTIONS 1) Falcons FG 2) 2-3 3) Bell 4) Winston 5) Call the winners: Green Bay Buffalo Tennessee 6) Patriots highest Dolphins lowest 7) 5 8) Zeke and Julio
  8. I disagree. The first time I watch something is usually the most enjoyable for me. Even movies I’ve watched tons of times. I still love watching it but the first time seeing it was the best. I’ve watched Hereditary several times and it’s amazing to me. But nothing compares to the first time I watched it. Though there are times when my opinion on a movie changes or I find new ways to appreciate it. Those times are uncommon though.
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