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  1. hate that trade for the A’s. luzardo is a great prospect and we had him under team control for a long time. he just got brought up too soon. all for us to lose in the wild card game if we’re lucky? smh.
  2. not surprising but still newsworthy. she is making the right call.
  3. US Women’s Gymnastics won silver in the Team Final. which i’d say is really good when you lose the best gymnast of all time at the beginning of the event.
  4. she very well could have a physical injury but i think the bigger issue for her is her mental health right now. ive been following this and Biles made a lot of mistakes in the olympic trials, the last event before the olympics. she struggled again in qualifications the other day. she seemed in her head (the media had to have played a role here). keep in mind i don’t think biles has lost an all around event since like 2013 or something absolutely stupid, so she’s definitely not used to struggling like she has. the media says shit like “simone biles is absolutely winning. the question is by how
  5. the judging in skate was really bad. a bunch of dudes were getting underscored.
  6. my friend’s boyfriend bought a truck and he was driving and admitted he can’t see shit in front of him. these things shouldn’t even be legal.
  7. the a’s aren’t that good. i think we’ve been overachieving so far this year
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