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  1. I don’t see how any other team in baseball has a worse owner than the Oakland A’s John Fisher is a piece of garbage who is only rich because his parents founded GAP. - is cheap as shit. had the bones of a great team and decided to not retain hendricks and semien this last offseason. hendricks would be a massive upgrade to our bullpen which has sucked shit. literally could have paid semien only 6 million more dollars than what we offered to keep him. - took away A’s all access which was an affordable way to go to games - concessions are straight up horrible. hardly any options and it’s not that good - parking is 30 dollars and parking is a literal nightmare when a popular team comes to town. it’s easier to park in san francisco on those days - is actively pissing off fans by pushing this move to vegas when he is being a cheapass again, but this time with oakland city council - is doubling ticket prices next season this dude does NOT want people to go to the games. a lot of our shortcomings as a team are because of him.
  2. the lines are ridiculous i used to get 2 double doubles protein style. Skip the fries.
  3. affordable places to live please i shouldn’t have to pay almost half of my monthly salary to live in a one bedroom apartment 🙃 (i don’t, but i’d be broke if i didn’t have people to live with)
  4. if my weapons or armor are going to degrade, do not make it a pain in the ass to fix it
  5. i’m 27 so idk if i’ve experienced that yet. the popular child actors who are adults now are around my age lol
  6. hailee steinfeld almost certainly has to be more interesting so i’m looking forward to that
  7. the A’s bullpen has blown another lead. this is fucking unreal. our bullpen alone has cost us a shot at the playoffs by blowing games where we score 5+ runs
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