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  1. Tf do they mean by your ears look dull
  2. My friend finally got his PS5 from my target order delivered. Don’t understand why target didn’t just change the address. Would have been so much easier instead of rerouting it and having it sit for 2 days in the fed ex distribution center near my house.
  3. I’ve put a few 4K movies in the disc drive and it’s still be quiet. It does make noise when I put the disc in but nothing that made me think it was loud
  4. So thanksgiving with my brother is going to have 5 kids and 8 adults. Ugh
  5. So there is a documentary on Shudder about The Exorcist. It’s basically just William Friedkin talking about various things from the screenplay to acting and stuff but it’s pretty interesting. If you have a shudder account you should check it out. man, really wanting a 4K release of The Exorcist...
  6. can you imagine game of thrones dumping its episodes all at once? it would have been a huge mistake. That show was appointment viewing every Sunday. You HAD to watch it because everybody at work was going to talk about it. What's annoying about releasing them all at once is you're never in the same spot as other people. You want to talk to them about the show but you're two episodes ahead of them so you have to be careful not to say too much or the person just doesnt want to talk about it at all until they finish.
  7. Friend's school district rushed back last week to return before california locked things down more. He was immediately exposed to covid and has to do a 7 day quarantine. Dunno why only 7. His school district seems like fucking morons though.
  8. I love that like 3 users have driven away at least two of our best posters
  9. She's probably going to start out by writing descriptions for characters and collectibles. Stuff like that.
  10. If I had to change a couple things about the UI I would make it quicker to access the trophy list and quicker to turn off my ps5. Other than that I have been happy with everything.
  11. You can easily do vegan thanksgiving and make bomb tasting food. Who gives a fuck about Turkey anyways
  12. I'd like to play this but I dont think my friends would be into something so time consuming
  13. lol i would have told that mom tooooooooo fucking bad. if you want to teach him BS then home school him
  14. my download speeds have been pretty good. was able to download asscreed odyssey pretty quickly instead of the whole day it would take on a ps4
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