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We are now in a trade war

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China’s says it is “forced to make a necessary counterattack” to a U.S. tariff hike on billions of dollars of Chinese goods but gave no immediate details of possible retaliation.


The Commerce Ministry on Friday criticized Washington for “trade bullying” following the tariff hike that took effect at noon Beijing time in a spiraling dispute over technology policy that companies worry could chill global economic growth.


A ministry statement said, “the Chinese side promised not to fire the first shot, but to defend the core interests of the country and people, it is forced to make a necessary counterattack.”


Beijing earlier released a list of American goods targeted for possible tariff hikes including soybeans, electric cars and whiskey.



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Just can't fix stupid, these people get what they deserve.




Jimmie Coffer, a machine programmer at the nation’s largest nail-making plant, voted for Donald Trump partly because he was confident he would bring manufacturing jobs back to America.

So the 39-year-old factory worker was shocked last month when 60 of his co-workers were laid off after the Trump administration imposed a 25% tariff on the steel his company imports from Mexico. Now, as his bosses cut back hours and warn they may have to let 200 more workers go in the coming weeks, he worries he may lose his job as a result of the president’s policies.

But Coffer is still gung-ho about Trump.

“I support him 100%,” he said last week. “In fact, I’d like to shake his hand. He’s doing a great job.”


Others accused the company of exaggerating the risks to workers and blamed the firm for importing steel from Mexico.

“Mass layoffs? I don’t believe it’s going to happen,” said Randy Wade, 42, a supervisor for a local vending company, rolling his eyes as he filled a cup with Coca-Cola at the soda fountain.

“If they’re going to do business in Mexico, they kind of deserve it,” he added. “They need to deal with Americans.”

Some were reluctant to publicly question Trump’s policies, afraid they’d be harassed on social media. Others were suspicious that the media — and their Democratic U.S. senator, Claire McCaskill — had descended on the town only to score points at the president’s expense.


Asked whether she would rethink her support for Trump if she lost her job at the nail plant, Brogdon said probably not. The tariffs ultimately would be good for the nation — even if it left her unemployed.

“Overall, he’s done good,” she said. “I’m not going to be selfish just because of me.”

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1 minute ago, CayceG said:

Support for Trump even in the face of current and imminent economic hardship should put the period at the end of this sentence: These people voted for Trump because they agreed with his racist policy proposals. 



That is my growing impression with these stories about Trump supporters that support him no matter how much he hurts them.


There were policies I supported Obama on because of the principle even if they were neutral or even detrimental to me personally.


But economics is supposedly what these people cared about. They put up with all the other shit because he was a businessman that could fix the economy.


When you start making excuses for that, there's really not many more possible answers for what this is really about other than scared white people.


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I honestly have no gauge for how long this kind of thing can go on. Bush's steel tariffs lasted 21 months, but those were comparatively limited and had a specific goal in mind. When you have a completely irrational actor starting all this foolishness, with no clear goals in mind, across a broad swath of industries, applying to a whole host of countries, it's impossible to predict where this could all end up.

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If you really love America, it’s time to buck up, bear down, dig deep, and eat way, way more cheese.

In a must-read report for the Wall Street Journal, Kelsey Gee and Julie Wernau detail the United States’ troubling cheese surplus:

America has built up a glut of cheese so big that every person in the country would need to eat an extra 3 pounds this year to work it off….

Supplies of cheese, meat and poultry started building as farmers decided to expand their herds and flocks two years ago when prices were high and export markets were hot. Abundant stockpiles of grain made it less risky by pushing down feed costs. But the steady climb in the dollar has deterred major foreign buyers, causing supplies to back up in the U.S. just as production is surging to records. That is sending prices for many goods to their lowest levels in years….

The glut of cheese starts with farmers such as Carla Wardin, a 38-year-old who owns the Evergreen Dairy in St. John, Mich., with her husband, Kris. They expanded from 250 to 400 cows and bought a new barn in 2014 when milk prices were soaring. Nobody is making any money now, she said, but producers respond the same way whether prices are low or high.

“You do the exact same thing,” she said. “You milk more cows.”

I ate a lot of cheese today!

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6 hours ago, darkness35 said:



Thinking about it, biodiesel would actually be interesting.

I used to fill up with B20 biodiesel at the pumps.  It was gaining traction for a while, but over time, it became more expensive than diesel and started vanishing from the pumps.  Plus, a lot of domestic truck owners quit using it when they discovered their trucks weren't rated for it unlike the European cars which were. It wasn't "difficult" to run by any means, it was just more a case of domestic auto makers using lesser quality tubing.

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26 minutes ago, MarSolo said:

I wish I could find that map MSNBC posted that showed the areas affected by Trump’s trade war that looked eerily similar to his favorite map of the United States: his electoral college victory.


EDIT: found one!




I guess next time someone posts the 2016 county map, I'll just ask them why they're showing me the counties that will be most affected by Trump's tariffs. :p 

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On 7/6/2018 at 4:42 PM, vaxick said:

Are his supporters still going to stand by him when their jobs start vanishing and beer prices start increasing.  


On 7/6/2018 at 4:54 PM, CitizenVectron said:


As long as brown people have it worse, then yes.


It's easy to say you're going to support him when you're not yet unemployed.


Trump, even if the economy craters in 2019/2020, will still have majority Republican support. McCain had majority Republican support in 2008, easily. Bush was still supported by the majority of Republicans despite 30% overall approval ratings. The key is: will enough stay home, will enough be peeled away, or will enough people who didn't vote last time/don't normally vote show up next time? That's how Dems swept 2008: huge enthusiasm, peeling off just enough Republicans, and getting people to the polls who normally don't show up to get almost 70 million votes.


Nobody can know the answer what his support will look like; it should be easy for him to maintain 90% support after inheriting a good economy and then pretending it was all him. People who are lifelong Republicans in hugely Republican areas continuing to support the Republican president is about the least surprising thing I've heard.

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12 minutes ago, PaladinSolo said:

Are people on wallstreet really dumb I literally heard this morning markets went up yesterday cause "trade war fears" subsided.




Wall Street knows what is going on, it's just the dumb media and the narrative they tell to the common folk.

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